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XSpy Shield Gold

Positive side: real time protection, deep file scan, complete system scan, highly configurable

XSpy Shield is a powerful and efficient anti-spyware solution, developed by Elcor Software company. It was carefully tested on several PCs, including already infected systems. The application passed all tests and showed very good results.

XSpy Shield will help you to find and remove all sort of adware and spyware programs which can do harm to your confidential information. Our program will protect your PC against well-known Keyloggers, XXX-Dialers, Trojans, Browser Hijackers and other datamining software. If you don't wanna your computer activity to be watched by someone else then don't waste your time and get the software here right now!

The program scans the Windows registry, active processes, cookies and entire file system. It also checks essential system and networking components. XSpy Shield can perform full system scan or check only user-defined locations. It uses extensive spyware definitions database that includes more than 12,000 signatures. The database is updated on a regular basis. The program provides detailed scan reports, shows the description, exact location and other helpful information about each detected critical object.

The application comes with the integrated real-time protection tool called XSpy Monitor. This effective utility works in background monitoring running processes, cookies and browser settings. All tests showed that XSpy Monitor detects most parasites upon their installation. It prevents browser hijacks, blocks malicious ActiveX scripts and keeps malicious software out from altering the Windows registry.

XSpy Shield includes additional security tools. Immunize Wizard disables specific ActiveX items, Startup Wizard helps to modify system startup settings, LSP/NSP Manager allows to manage essential networking options and remove secretly installed third-pary Internet service components.

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v5.8.6.1021 [02-14-15]

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v4.7.6.1017 [05-12-14]

v4.6.6.1017 [04-05-13]

v4.6.6.1016 [03-26-13]

v4.6.6.1015 [03-14-13]

v4.6.6.1014 [02-12-13]

v4.6.6.1013 [06-25-12]

v4.6.6.1012 [05-25-12]

v4.6.6.1011 [04-08-12]

v4.6.6.1010 [03-20-12]

v4.6.6.1009 [02-23-12]

v4.6.6.1008 [02-01-12]

v4.6.6.1007 [12-23-11]

v4.6.6.1006 [11-23-11]

v4.6.6.1005 [11-05-11]

v4.6.6.1004 [10-22-11]

v4.6.6.1003 [09-30-11]

v4.6.6.1002 [09-17-11]

v4.6.6.1001 [09-05-11]

v4.6.6.999 [08-17-11]

v4.6.6.998 [07-30-11]

v4.6.6.997 [07-11-11]

v4.6.6.996 [06-22-11]

v4.6.6.995 [06-01-11]

v4.6.6.990 [05-09-11]

v4.6.6.900 [04-28-11]

v4.6.6.501 [04-20-11]

v4.6.6.500 [04-09-11]

v4.6.15.261 [04-02-11]

v4.6.15.260 [03-21-11]

v4.6.15.50 [03-11-11]

v4.6.15.23 [02-24-11]

v4.6.15.22 [02-07-11]

v4.6.15.21 [01-29-11]

v4.6.15.20 [01-26-11]

v4.6.15.19 [01-12-11]

v4.6.15.18 [12-17-10]

v4.6.15.17 [11-27-10]

v4.6.15.16 [11-21-10]

v4.6.15.15 [11-09-10]

v4.6.15.14 [10-26-10]

v4.6.15.13 [10-02-10]

v4.6.15.12 [09-06-10]

v4.6.15.11 [08-30-10]

v4.6.15.10 [08-16-10]

v4.6.15.9 [08-07-10]

v4.6.15.8 [07-27-10]

v4.6.15.7 [07-17-10]

v4.6.12.89 [06-30-10]

v4.6.12.87 [06-23-10]

v4.6.12.86 [05-28-10]

v4.6.12.85 [05-19-10]

v4.6.12.84 [05-13-10]

v4.6.12.83 [04-11-10]

v4.6.12.82 [02-25-10]

v4.6.12.81 [12-06-09]

v4.6.12.68 [11-13-09]

v4.6.12.66 [10-17-09]

v4.6.12.64 [08-18-09]

v4.6.12.62 [10-08-08]

v4.6.12.60 [09-16-08]

v4.6.12.57 [08-24-08]

v4.6.12.54 [08-03-08]

v4.6.12.50 [07-12-08]

v4.6.12.34 [06-21-08]

v4.6.12.32 [05-30-08]

v4.6.12.30 [05-10-08]

v4.6.12.27 [04-18-08]

v4.6.12.26 [03-20-08]

v4.6.12.25 [02-24-08]

v4.6.12.24 [02-14-08]

v4. [12-04-06]

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