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This powerful program can remove a lot of gigabytes of garbage on your computer and recover many free disk space. In addition, it will protect your privacy on the Internet - it removes records about personal activity on PC. You will be able to delete browser history and cache, index.dat files, registry, internet cookies files, autocomplete-history, temporary internet files and many many other items. This program also erases any other tracks of personal activity which you made when used your PC, and no matter in which program: Windows, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera or any other... To prevent recovery of deleted data the program uses the following security methods: DoD 5220.22-M method, Gutmann method ( full 35 steps ), Russian GOST and other. You can also customize cleaning process and choose which items to remove and which is not. Or you can view detailed information about areas where garbage located on your computer.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2014.13 [10-03-14]

With a new release of Yandex browser 14.8 their developers have resolved very important security issue. We're happy to announce that our program will now support new version of this browser 14.8 and if you have it installed you be able to remove garbage in it. Note that Yandex browser uses Chrome

Other versions : 2014.12 2014.11 2014.10 2014.09 2014.08 2014.07 2014.06 2014.05 2014.04 2014.03 2014.02 2014.01 2014.00 2013.99 2013.73 2013.72 2013.71 2013.59 2013.58 2013.57 2013.56 2013.55 2013.54 2013.53 2013.52 2013.51 2013.47 2013.45 2013.01 2013.00 2012.18 2012.16 2012.15 2012.14 2012.12 2012.11 2012.09 2012.08 2012.07 2012.06 2012.05 2012.04 2012.03 2012.02 2012.01 2012.0 2011.15 2011.14 2011.13 2011.12 2011.11 2011.10 2011.09 2011.07 2011.06 2011.05 2011.04 2011.03 2011.02 2011.01 2011.00 2.61 2.55 2.52 2.51 2.44 2.43 2.41 2.39 2.35 2.32 2.20 2.18 2.17 2.16 2.13 1.0

v2014.12 [09-09-14]

Added support for browser Chrome 38 future version. Added support for browser Opera 25 future version. Added support for browser FireFox 33 future version. Added support for Avant browser 12 Based on IE engine, thus not too many cleaning options. You should clean IE if you wish to remove garbage i

v2014.11 [08-03-14]

Added support for browser Chrome 37 future version. Added support for browser FireFox 32 future version. Added support for browser Opera 24 future version. Added support for browser Yandex 14.7 Chrome version 35. Procedures related to installation, update and removal have been completely updated.

v2014.10 [06-25-14]

Added support for Flash Player Plugin 14 and 15 current and future version. Added support for browser Opera 23 future version. Added support for browser FireFox 31 future version. Added support for browser Torch 34 future version. Date of release 25 June 2014.

v2014.09 [06-02-14]

Added support for browser Chrome 36 future version. Added support for browser Yandex 14.5. Added support for browser Torch 33. Added support for browser SeaMonkey 2. Added support for ScreenHunter 6. Added support for FoxitReader 6. Date of release 2 June 2014.

v2014.08 [05-15-14]

Added support for browser FireFox 30. Added support for browser ComodoDragon 33 and 34 future version. Added support for browser Opera 22 future version. Date of release 14 May 2014.

v2014.07 [04-23-14]

Added support for browser Chrome 35 future version. Added support for browser FireFox 29 future version. Added support for FlashPlayer 13. Added support for browser Yandex 14. Added support for HamstorFreeArchiver 3. Added support for OneDrive 17. Date of release 21 April 2014.

v2014.06 [03-31-14]

Fixed bug when you click button "Defaults", it was causing program crashes sometimes. It is now working fine. Corrected spanish translation. Added support for ACDSee PRO 7. Added support for Daum PotPlayer 1. Added support for Microsoft Office 365 version 15. Added support for OpenOffice 4. Added

v2014.05 [03-15-14]

Date of release 14 March 2014.

v2014.04 [03-05-14]

Added support for Chrome 34 future version. Fixed minor bug which was related to program speed. Date of release 4 March 2014.

v2014.03 [02-16-14]

Improved cleaning in Windows 7 and 8 added cleaning of GDI fonts cache. Improved cleaning in FireFox browser added 2 more options permissions and session storage. Improved cleaning in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 added cleaning of feeds cache. Added support for FireFox 28 future version. Date of re

v2014.02 [01-31-14]

In this update we have added support for 7 popular browsers and few other applications. Added support Chrome 33 future version Added support Opera 20 future version Added support WebFreer 1 Added support TorchBrowser 29 Added support Comodo Dragon 31 Added support Comodo IceDragon 26 Added support

v2014.01 [01-21-14]

New year tree has been removed from the program background. Sad, but winter holidays passed. Improved cleaning of Windows OS added cleaning of the crash reports. Added support for PicPick 3. Added support for PDF Converter PRO 5. Added support for YouTubeDownloader 4. Added support for Instagram D

v2014.00 [01-01-14]

This update will change version number of our program. May be you didn't noticed, but today is a first day of a new year, so Happy new year, friends! This update also includes minor improvements which will extend cleaning. Improved cleaning in Windows Vista Improved cleaning in KLite MediaPlayer

v2013.99 [12-19-13]

New function you can now hide any program from the list!We have added feature so you can completely remove any program from the cleaning list and you wont see it again. And our program will never detect it again. How to use? In the advanced list you'll see link "Options" located on the right side

v2013.73 [11-19-13]

Translation into french language has been improved. New translation of the program interface into ukrainian language. Fixed minor problem. Some words in many languages take more space than english original. That's why we reduced size of the texts in the program settings and in the list. Now text i

v2013.72 [11-05-13]

This is completely new release of "WIPE" program. It's a biggest update which we made within past 3 years. All program codes has been rewritten, program interface has been changed, applied new policies, many conceptual changes. Over 500 changes was made!Here is some new features New, clean and bett

v2013.71 [10-30-13]

Removed notification about beta version when you close the program. Added support for Google Earth 7. Added support for browser FireFox version 24, 25 and 26 future version. Added support for browser Opera 18 future version. Added support for browser Chrome 31 future version. Fixed problem with lo

v2013.59 [10-02-13]

Program code revised for completely new release.

v2013.58 [09-02-13]

Added support for future version of FireFox 24 browser.

v2013.57 [07-28-13]

Added support for new version of Opera 15 browser and future version of FireFox 23 browser. Corrected polish translation.

v2013.56 [07-08-13]

Added support for new version of FireFox 22 browser

v2013.55 [05-22-13]

Added support for new version of FireFox 21 browser

v2013.54 [04-16-13]

Added support for newest browser FireFox 20
Added digital signatures

v2013.53 [03-23-13]

Added support for newest Internet Explorer 10

v2013.52 [03-17-13]

Added support for newest Internet Explorer 10

v2013.51 [03-09-13]

Security patch

v2013.47 [02-27-13]

Added support for FireFox 19

v2013.45 [02-08-13]

We have launched new site and this version contains correct links to new site. Also interface language translation has been updated.

v2013.01 [01-14-13]

Added support for FireFox 18

v2013.00 [12-12-12]

Added support for: AVG Secure Search 13, uTorrent 3, YTD Downloader 3, Skype 6, VLC Media Player 2, Download Accelerator Plus 10, Camfrog Video Chat 6, GOM player 2, KMplayer 3, Wise Care 365, UMPlayer, RipTunes 1, HotSpot Shield 2, HotSpot Shield Toolbar 1, CUDA Video Convert, Chrome bug fix

v2012.18 [11-20-12]

Added support for FireFox 17

v2012.16 [10-25-12]

Added support for FireFox 16

v2012.15 [10-17-12]

Minor bug fix

v2012.14 [09-13-12]

FireFox 15

v2012.12 [08-27-12]

Added support for the following programs: Flash Plugin 11.3, Google Toolbar 7, Photoshop 9 (CS2)

v2012.11 [07-30-12]

Added support for FireFox 14. Removed support for Babylon software because it was in conflict with some antiviruses.

v2012.09 [07-20-12]

Minor bug fix

v2012.08 [06-18-12]

Added support for browser Opera 12

v2012.07 [05-23-12]

Added support for future release of FireFox 13

v2012.06 [05-06-12]

FireFox 12

v2012.05 [03-18-12]

Added support for FireFox 11, fixed problem during installation.

v2012.04 [02-28-12]

Polish language added. Fixed bug during setup.

v2012.03 [02-13-12]

Added support for FireFox 10

v2012.02 [01-28-12]

Price for registered version reduced from 12 to 9.

v2012.01 [12-28-11]

Added support for FireFox 9

v2012.0 [11-22-11]

Updated support for FireFox 8

v2011.15 [11-03-11]

Updated support for FireFox 7, Safari 5, Flash player 11, YouTubeDownloader 3. Fixed problem with system library.

v2011.14 [09-29-11]

Added support for FireFox 7

v2011.13 [08-18-11]

Added support for newest FireFox 6

v2011.12 [08-09-11]

Improved support for Internet Explorer 8 and 9 cleaning: history, forms autocomplete, saved logins and passwords.

v2011.11 [07-05-11]

Added support for new FireFox 5, fixed issue with activation.

v2011.10 [06-29-11]

Added support for new FireFox 5

v2011.09 [06-18-11]

Light improvements.

v2011.07 [05-03-11]

Added new plug-ins for: Chrome browser 11, Real Player 12 (14), WinRar 4, LastPass password manager.

v2011.06 [03-24-11]

Added new plug-in for FireFox 4.

v2011.05 [03-11-11]

Added new plug-in: Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 9, added new option in FireFox cleanup, improved detection of Flash tracks.

v2011.04 [02-08-11]

Added new plug-in: Chrome 9

v2011.03 [01-27-11]

Updated program links.

v2011.02 [01-01-11]

Added new plugins: Opera 11

v2011.01 [12-06-10]

Added new plugins: Chrome 7, Chrome 8, Adobe Reader X, Google Earth 6, iTunes 10, WinZip 15

v2011.00 [09-24-10]

New interface. Many new functions. Many light improvements, bug fixes. Added new plugins to support many new programs, updated support for existing programs.

v2.61 [06-10-10]

Added support for the following programs: Google Toolbar 6, Chrome 5, Ask Toolbar 5, updated Speedbit Video Downloader support.

v2.55 [04-18-10]

Many light improvements

v2.52 [02-18-10]

Added support for the following program: Chrome 4

v2.51 [01-07-10]

Added support for the following program: Chrome 3, Windows 7 compatibility test passed!

v2.44 [10-18-09]

Added new language to the program interface: Swedish, Finnish.

v2.43 [09-29-09]

Added new language to the program interface: Turkish, Japanese, Dutch. Updated interface translation: Portuguese, Korean.

v2.41 [08-22-09]

Minor bug fix: AOL toolbar cleaning, updated interface translation to German and Portuguese. Added support for the following programs: Yahoo Toolbar 8, SpeedBit Video Downloader 1.

v2.39 [07-01-09]

Added new function (option): Background picture change, Close list, Clear Windows paging file, Quality Improvement Program. Minor bug fixes: 120 DPI support. Added support for the following program: Babylon 8, Babylon Toolbar 4. Added new language to the program interface: German.

v2.35 [05-13-09]

Updated interface translation: Portuguese (Brazil). Added support for the following program: CCleaner 2, Camfrog Video Chat 5, Download Accelerator Plus 9, SpeedBit Toolbar 4.

v2.32 [04-17-09]

Fixed French translation. Added support for Microsoft Office Outlook 11, Windows Live Writer 14, Live Messenger 14, Live Toolbar 14, Live Mail 14. Added Chinese and Korean translations. Fixed accent problem with French and Spanish translation. Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation.

v2.20 [03-24-09]

Added support for RoboSoft.
Updated Italian translation.
Updated French translation.
Updated Spanish translation.

v2.18 [02-04-09]

Added plugin for iTunes

v2.17 [01-11-09]

Added 4 algorithms of secure erase (Simple, DDOD, Guttman, Russian GOST);
Added plugin for DivX player, converter, web player;
Added plugin for VB6;
Added plugin for Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4;
Fixed bug with user assist cache;
Added double click in tracks preview area to view files.

v2.16 [12-18-08]

Added supprot for Dr.Watson, Picasa 3. Added tray agent function. Light changes in setup procedure and scan folders procedure. New deletion algorithm. Fixed bug with removing index.dat files in IE7.

v2.13 [11-25-08]

Added support for Office Picture Manager, Picasa 2, RegEdit 5 and 6, Internet Explorer 8

v1.0 [09-12-08]

New release

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