Advanced Encryption Package 2017 6.06

Advaned Encryption Package uses 20 encryption algorithms (including AES 256-bit) to protect your documents from prying eyes.

It can create self-decrypting versions of your encrypted files - the recipient of this file will not need to have AEP 2015 to decrypt document.

It also supports any kind of USB Flash Drive to store your decryption keys. The whole USB drive can be protected by single master password on your usb flash drive.

Additionally, AEP 2017 is integrated with Windows Clipboard and can encrypt/decrypt text messages in it (you can copy/paste scrambled text messages to email message or instant messaging program).

Moreover, this encryption software has special 'password quality' indicator to help you choose non-weak passwords.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

6.06 [01-13-17]

Improved compatibility with Windows 10. Removed skins support.

Other versions : 6.04 6.02 6.01 6.00 5.99 5.98 5.97 5.96 5.95 5.94 5.93 5.92 5.91 5.90 5.87 5.86 5.85 5.84 5.83 5.82 5.81 5.80 5.79 5.78 5.77 5.76 5.75 5.74 5.73 5.72 5.71 5.70 5.69 5.68 5.67 5.66 5.65 5.64 5.63 5.62 5.61 5.60 5.59 5.58 5.57 5.56 5.55 5.54 5.53 5.52 5.51 5.50 5.49 5.48 5.47 5.46 5.45 5.44 5.43 5.42 5.41 5.3.15 5.3.14 5.3.13 5.3.12 5.3.10 5.3.9 5.3.8 5.3.7 5.3.6 5.3.3 5.3.2 5.3.1 5.2.2 5.2.1 5.2.0 5.1.9 5.1.8 5.1.7 5.1.6 5.0.5 5.0.3 5.0.2 5.0.1 5.0.0 4.9.1 4.9.0 4.8.0 4.7.8 4.7.7 4.7.5 4.7.4 4.7.3 4.7.0 4.6.16 4.6.14 4.6.13 4.6.2 4.61 4.0.5

v6.04 [05-18-16]

Improved compatibility with Windows 10.

v6.02 [06-24-15]

Fixed several minor bugs (file handling issues).

v6.01 [01-08-15]

Fixed 2016-year's incompatibility with the licensing server. Fixed minor bugs.

v6.00 [11-19-14]

Minor bug fixes. Improvements in the product help.

v5.99 [10-25-14]

Minor bug fixes.

v5.98 [08-06-14]

Fixed bug: when moving file(s) from one location to another by right mouse button. The encryption/decryption operation didn't work properly when target folder had "space" character(s).

v5.97 [07-04-14]

When processing files from context menu AEP cleans all own temporary files in the temporary directory now.

v5.96 [06-04-14]

Shell context menu: if SHIFT button is pressed then the commands (encrypt/decrypt/encrypt to sfx) will become "encrypt ... (keep original files), "decrypt... (keep original files)".

v5.95 [05-16-14]

Improvements of the "Enter Password" window.

v5.94 [04-10-14]

When encrypting folder, all encrypted (.aep) files are skipped automatically.

v5.93 [03-14-14]

Improved different parts of the application interface (File Password window, File Error Window, etc). Now the password confirmation windows becomes Red when it does not match the first password. Fixed many bugs.

v5.92 [02-12-14]

Completely rewritten & redesigned the double-click / enter password / edit document / encrypt again feature. The Wipe feature (quick wipe) works 10-20x faster now.

v5.91 [01-19-14]

New look & feel of the "Encryption" & "Encryption to SFX" password window. It is displayed when encrypting files from shell context menu. Now file encryption & decryption procedure is fully unicode compatible. Bug fixes in the sfx module.

v5.90 [12-17-13]

Keyboard Window: now it saves/loads binary key to/from the .aepkey file.

v5.87 [11-29-13]

Keyboard Window: now it saves/loads binary key to/from the .aepkey file.

v5.86 [11-13-13]

Usb Key Manager: added possibility to export selected key to the external .aepkey file.

v5.85 [10-10-13]

Improved product activation scheme. The product notifies user when maintenance subscription is about to expire.

v5.84 [09-09-13]

Updated default parametes for the pki key generator: 2048-bit by default, WHIRLPOOL by default.

v5.83 [08-07-13]

The context menu in the main application is now context dependent. It displays different menu items regarding to the type of selected item (folders, files, encrypted files).

v5.82 [07-10-13]

The context menu in the main application is now context dependent. It displays different menu items regarding to the type of selected item (folders, files, encrypted files).

v5.81 [06-28-13]

Minor gui fixes. Improved product documentation.

v5.80 [06-04-13]

Added offline product activation for situation when direct internet connection is not available.

v5.79 [05-21-13]

Added possibility to cache used password when encrypting/decrypting text messages using global hot key (Tray Agent).

v5.78 [05-09-13]

Now source files are deleted by default when decrypting files from shell context menu. No application crash on Windows XP.

v5.77 [05-05-13]

Now source files are deleted by default when decrypting files from shell context menu.

v5.76 [05-01-13]

Several bugs fixed. Improved product activatio scheme.

v5.75 [04-11-13]

Improved product documentation. Added articles about new command line utility switches.

v5.74 [03-07-13]

aepcmd: added -LOGTO switch. PKI keygenerator dialog is closed automatically when private/public key pair is generated.

v5.73 [02-21-13]

Hot fix in aepcmd: fixed problems with command line switches -recurse and -outputfolder.

v5.72 [02-17-13]

Minor bug fixes in the Tray Agent (Clipboard Encryptor).

v5.71 [01-21-13]

Minor bug fixes in the Tray Agent (Clipboard Encryptor).

v5.70 [12-19-12]

Several minor changes in the file encryption dialog (called from Windows Explorer menu).

v5.69 [11-01-12]

Several minor changes in the gui.

v5.68 [09-26-12]

[+] Added Options / Interface / Launch Tray Agent on Windows startup option.

v5.67 [09-01-12]

Improved product documentation, fixed several minor bugs in the software. No crash when closing application

v5.66 [08-29-12]

Improved product documentation, fixed several minor bugs in the software.

v5.65 [07-18-12]

Improved help file. Some minor enhancements in the program interface.

v5.64 [06-16-12]

Fixed bug in the gui code - it truncated used password to 32 characters when using Blowfish 448 bit encryption & decryption.

v5.63 [05-19-12]

Added ability to copy/move AND encrypt file in single action by dragging the file by right mouse button from one location to another

v5.62 [04-28-12]

Several improvements in the uninstaller

v5.61 [04-07-12]

Improved some visual parts of the application (Nag screen and etc).

v5.60 [03-23-12]

Fixed bug: sfx module crashed when decrypting it from the command line using the line "encryptedfile.doc.exe decrypt password_for_decryption"

v5.59 [01-09-12]

Several minor improvements in the "Text Encryption Tool"

v5.58 [12-27-11]

Several minor improvements in the application interface and product documentation.

v5.57 [11-28-11]

Fixed bug. The application damaged passwords.xml file on usb flash drive when setting very long master password (>35 characters)

v5.56 [10-28-11]

AEP 2011 has been renamed to 2012. Several minor improvements in the application interface (added ability to prolong the subscription for free upgrafes from the about window directly. Some other issues).

v5.55 [09-27-11]

SFX Module: improved interface (changed main icon and some other minor enhancements in the interface).

v5.54 [08-24-11]

SFX Module: no more error message "Cannot read parameters from sfx file" when the option "delete this .exe file after decryption" is set.

v5.53 [07-29-11]

Significally improved Clipboard / Text Encryption Assistant. Now it looke like Windows 7 Print Picture Wizard.

v5.52 [06-14-11]

Sfx Module: added ability to cancel decryption process by pressing close [x] button.

v5.51 [05-14-11]

Added ability to decrypt sfx module from the command line prompt using the 'document.doc.exe decrypt "password"' command.

v5.50 [05-02-11]

Fixed bug in crypto.dll (program crash on start).

v5.49 [04-27-11]

Dramatically improved interface of SFX module. Now it has interface of aero wizard. SFX module now has additional option: "Open document after decryption".

v5.48 [03-27-11]

Fixed bug in Sfx module. The flag "delete this sfx file after decryption" now works fine when the sfx executable path has white spaces.

v5.47 [02-18-11]

When encrypting/decryptin files AEP displays overall progress in the Windows 7 Task Bar.

v5.46 [01-22-11]

Changed file is reencrypted automatically, without asking permission from user. Improved design of several parts of application.

v5.45 [12-23-10]

Fixed bug: AEP main window size is descended on several pixels on every program start. Improved design and behaviour of the nag screen.

v5.44 [12-04-10]

Added more information to progress window when wiping files. Fixed bug: now it is possible to cancel operation when the pause button was already pressed in the progress window. And other interface enhancements.

v5.43 [11-28-10]

Improved visual style of the files tree. Now it has win7 explorer's tree style.

v5.42 [11-01-10]

Fixed bug in live update module causing attempt to downoad instalation package of new version on press ESC key even when there is no such new version at all. Fixed several minor bugs in the installation package.

v5.41 [10-16-10]

Fixed bug in sfx module (it crashed in some rare situations). Improved installation module.

v5.3.15 [09-27-10]

Some minor enhancements in the Live Update feature.
Bug fixed: it was not possible to set output folder for processed files.

v5.3.14 [09-11-10]

Bug fixed: it was not possible to set output folder for processed files.

v5.3.13 [08-30-10]

When decrypting file from windows explorer with very very long password, AEP shown the error message "password is too long for "desx algorithm". Several other bugs have also been fixed.

v5.3.12 [08-16-10]

When encrypting files from context menu of Windows Explorer, the progress window was overlapped by another windows sometime. This bug has been fixed.

v5.3.10 [08-02-10]

Some minor changes in the program interface: 3 radio buttons for "destiny of source files" have been replaced to 2 checkboxes "Delete files after encryption" and "Securely Delete". Some minor changes in the USB Key List window. Some controls are now disabled when no usb pendrive is connected

v5.3.9 [07-18-10]

The message "Do you really want to wipe all selected files?" is not overlapped by other windows anymore on Windows 7/Vista when shredding files from windows explorer's context menu.

v5.3.8 [06-05-10]

Since this version, every popup window, like the Progress Window, the Ask Confirmation window, the Log window has own button in the Windows Toolbar when processing files (encrypting,shredding and etc) from context menu of Windows Explorer. Many other enhancements.

v5.3.7 [05-16-10]

AEPCMD: Added new command line switch -SHOWFULLPATH (-SFP) to disable the truncation of the displayed file path to 50 characters.

v5.3.6 [04-25-10]

The message "The file has been changed. Would you like to reencrypt it?" is shown always on the top of other windows under Windows 7 now.

v5.3.3 [04-04-10]

Improved behaviour of function click/decrypt/edit/reencrypt (all this is in single mouse click).
Now it automatically deletes decrypted file when it was opened in the associated application, but was not changed.

v5.3.2 [03-14-10]

AEP PRO received logo "Compatilbe with Windows 7" from Microsoft. The logo verifies that AEP PRO passed thorough quality testing given by Microsoft-authorized technical experts and was found to meet all requirements of compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 7-certified hardware.

v5.3.1 [02-21-10]

The software can now upgrade itself to the newer version from website.

v5.2.2 [02-03-10]

"Get File Size" function (Ctrl-Space hot key) now displays more information.

v5.2.1 [01-13-10]

"Get File Size" function (Ctrl-Space hot key) displays additional statistics about file types in the selected folder(s). For example: "345 JPG (34%), 300 TXT (29%)..". The speed of enumerating files in the selected folders was increased in 40-50 times! Many other changes.

v5.2.0 [12-22-09]

The application was renamed to 2010 version. Some other minor changes

v5.1.9 [11-29-09]

Removed green image from the start button. Now this button shows the current operation's status: "Encrypt Now", "Decrypt Now", "Encrypt by PKI", "Securely Delete" and etc.
Fixed some bugs in "detect new version" feature.

v5.1.8 [11-08-09]

Now program checks for the newer version(s) automatically on every program start.

v5.1.7 [10-18-09]

Bug fixed: "About/Check for New version..." displays all changes in product's version of website correctly.

v5.1.6 [09-25-09]

Improved compatibility with Windows 7

v5.0.5 [07-08-09]

When wiping files from shell context menu, the progress windows is always on top of other windows. Some other minor bug fixes

v5.0.3 [07-04-09]

Now, by default, the USB engine is activated by default on first program installation. Also, Clipboard Encryptor (tray icon) has "Help" item in the tray notification area context menu.

v5.0.2 [05-23-09]

Now the program window can be maximized, not only resized.

v5.0.1 [04-05-09]

No program crash when decrypting files from shell context menu and using option Find Password on USB in situation when any connected USB stick has no stored passwords.

v5.0.0 [02-01-09]

Added ability to decrypt files/folders automatically using keys located on USB sticks.

v4.9.1 [12-30-08]

SFX Module - added checkbox "Delete this exe file after extraction".

v4.9.0 [12-08-08]

Some small improvements in sfx module.

v4.8.0 [08-24-08]

Added ability to use virtual keyboard when decrypting files from shell context menu.

v4.7.8 [08-02-08]

On uninstall: tray agent (in the tray notification area) is closed properly.

v4.7.7 [07-12-08]

Some bug fixes (program crash)

v4.7.5 [06-20-08]

Added documentation for Clipboard Encryptor

v4.7.4 [05-30-08]

Added "Privacy Master" program to the Encryption Package to clean all traces on your computer (IE, FireFox, etc).

v4.7.3 [05-09-08]

Decrypt Window from Shell Context Menu is displayed on the top of other system windows

v4.7.0 [04-18-08]

Added Tray Agent with icon in the Tray Notification Area. It allows to encrypt/decrypt text in clipboard by pressing global hot key.

v4.6.16 [03-02-08]

Version 4.6.16 (March 1, 2008) - Minor version

[+] Main Program Window, encrypt&decrypt dialogs called from shell context menu are open on the top of other windows

v4.6.14 [02-17-08]

Version 4.6.14 (January 20, 2008) - Minor version

[+] Custom output folder. Now it keeps the list of recent folders.

v4.6.13 [12-12-07]

Some minor enhancements

v4.6.2 [12-03-06]

[+] Windows Explorer Context Menu Encryption: it is displayed the total size of selected files.
[+] Windows Explorer Conterer Context Menu Encryption: the detailed list of selected files is available in "Files" window

v4.61 [12-02-06]

Version 4.61 (October 16, 2005) - minor update

[!] Changed registration mechanism

v4.0.5 [11-30-06]

Version 4.0.5 (July 11, 2006)

[*] Program Settings (SFX title, etc) are remembered now.

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