CryptoExpert 8 Lite 8.27

CryptoExpert Lite is a free encryption software. It uses an on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data. Data is stored in the encrypted form, but when it is requested by any application, it gets decrypted on-the-fly. Conversely, unencrypted data to be stored is encrypted instantaneously and then stored. The CryptoExpert system mounts a volume file to create a "virtual drive" that appears to applications and users like any other physical drive. Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted by CryptoExpert, encrypted, and written to the volume file. Attempts to read from this volume are also intercepted, and the relevant data is read by CryptoExpert from the volume file, decrypted, and presented to the application trying to read the data.
Dismounting the CryptoExpert "virtual drive" ensures that data cannot be read from or written to it. All data is stored encrypted within the "container". As far as windows is concerned, there is a 'new' disk that has suddenly appeared. When the program exists or the volume is unmounted, the file system stays encrypted and there is absolutely no way anyone can recover/get the data without the pass phrase.
The latest version includes special tool to erase all personal traces on computer.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.27 [04-11-13]

Improved module detecting applications locked virtual drive.

Other versions : 8.24 7.16 7.15 7.14 7.13 7.12.1 7.12.0 7.11.0 7.10.01 7.10.0 7.9.17 7.9.16 7.9.13 7.9.9 7.9.6 7.9.4 7.9.3 7.9.2 7.9.0 7.8.8 7.8.7 7.8.3 7.6.4 7.6.3 7.6.2 7.6.1 7.6.0 7.5.10 7.5.8 7.5.6 7.5.4 7.1.1 7.0.8 7.0.5

v8.24 [02-03-13]

Improved Vault Creation Wizard. Added vault size slider and other parts. Fixed several memory leaks and bugs.

v7.16 [04-15-11]

Improved visual design of the tray menu.

v7.15 [03-07-11]

Improved some visual parts of the main window. For example "About program" window.

v7.14 [02-02-11]

Improved design of some application parts like "Enter Password" window.

v7.13 [12-21-10]

Several minor enchancements in the internal subroutines. Improved stability.

v7.12.1 [07-20-10]

Added additional information about selected files/folder in the status bar when pressing CALC button.

v7.12.0 [05-26-10]

Added new option: Miscellaneous / Keep file date on unmount.

v7.11.0 [02-28-10]

Now cryptoexpert changes date & time of the container file files on encrypted disk were changed. It allows to use any backup programs to backup container files when these files are changed.

v7.10.01 [02-16-10]

Some changes in autoupdate module (it didnt work in the previous version).
Also the installation package is digitally signed now.

v7.10.0 [02-08-10]

Now CryptoExpert Lite can update itself to more recent version(s) using menu item Help/Check for Newer Version

v7.9.17 [02-01-10]

On pressing "Size" button, it shows not only the summary size of the selected folders, but the detailed statistics about file types (file extensions)

v7.9.16 [12-27-09]

Program was renamed to 2010 version. Some other minor changes

v7.9.13 [10-25-09]

Improved function "Create New Sub-Folder". Now it works in Windows Explorer's style

v7.9.9 [09-13-09]

Tray Icon's context menu items were regrupped & reorganized

v7.9.6 [07-09-09]

Bookmarks menu is displayed when user double-clicks on the title of the files pane.

v7.9.4 [07-09-09]

Create Container Wizard now contains option "Mount container after creation"

v2.0.1.0621 [06-28-09]

Version may include unspecified updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.

v7.9.3 [05-20-09]

Columns of file panes are autoresized now.

v7.9.2 [04-16-09]

CryptoExpert's tray icon is always created on Windows start. CryptoExpert waits for appearance of the tray notification area and then creates icon there.

v7.9.0 [02-27-09]

Now checkbox "Create container wizard: check presence of password in a dictionary of common words" works. When creating container cryptoexpert checks entered password.

v7.8.8 [02-03-09]

Program interface was locked when trying to create new container file in read-only folder (for example: root folder on hard drive on Vista 32/64 system). Now, in this situation, CryptoExpert shows error message and this operation is cancelled

v7.8.7 [01-09-09]

[+] Encrypted Images panel is automatically activated, when new container is created.

v7.8.3 [11-06-08]

many major changes.

v7.6.4 [08-24-08]

Added new tolbar button "Move Files". Added new item to the tray menu: "Help"

v7.6.3 [08-02-08]

Completely improved the Copy/Move files process.

v7.6.2 [07-12-08]

Tray Icon. Added new menu item: Explore Z: to open mounted virtual drive in Windows Explorer.

v7.6.1 [06-20-08]

Added new feature: the ability to unmount all drives on power hibernate.

v7.6.0 [05-30-08]

Added "Privacy Master" program to the Encryption Package to clean all traces on your computer (IE, FireFox, etc).

v7.5.10 [05-09-08]

Drive image file is selected on "Go to file location" .
Added "Open X: in current files pane" context menu command for mounted virtual drive.

v7.5.8 [04-18-08]

Added Tools / Find Drive Images... menu item to search and add drive image files on current PC.

v7.5.6 [03-13-08]

Version 7.5.6 (March 9, 2008) - Minor
[+] Local drives are sorted by drive letter, not drive label now [*] Drive image files located on network drives are mounted without error message [+] GUI Program. "Read Only" text is added to the "Mounted" column, when file is mounted

v7.5.4 [02-25-08]

Version 7.5.4 (Februay 24, 2008) - Minor
[+] Added "Size" button to the status bar of each files pane. Now it is possible to get size of files located in selected folders.
[*] Bug fixed: "Unmount" command was not displayed in the shell context menu when selecting mounted hahard drive.

v7.1.1 [02-08-08]

Version 7.1.0 (August 14, 2007) - Minor

Added ability to dismount drive (not only container file) from shell context menu. Works on 32bit/x64 bit platforms. Bug fixed: Command line argument /UNMOUNT works with containers file names of different letter case.

v7.0.8 [08-19-07]

Vista 32 bit and 64 bit: no error message "unable to initialize firewall driver" at OS start up (sometime)

v7.0.5 [06-24-07]

Shell context menu (mount or dismount container) works on x64 platform now

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