Guarded Key 1.4.0

Guarded Key is the most secure password manager which uses encrypted database to store all your online identities. Data is encrypted with 4096-bit key and 8 layers of encryption. Encrypted database can only be accessed via username and password (this is the only password you have to remember). Database is protected so well, that breaking 10 character password would take on a personal computer 8 billion years. Touch screen and task bar icon with popup menu provides easy navigation in the list of online accounts. Password generator provides easy way of creating strong password for each account. Password can also be defined manually. Touch screen tap or one click in task bar popup menu decrypts information about an account and performs automatic sign in. It starts web browser, navigates to login url and enters username and password. When done, data in memory is shredded (overwritten with zeros) so that it is not exposed to potential viruses or spyware. The application keeps decrypted information in memory only as long as necessary and the data is shredded as soon as possible. When you select an account for viewing or editting, it is decrypted and after selecting another account or minimizing the application, the data is shredded again. This keeps all your online identities safe, but ready for use. The application uses per database licensing (not per computer). This allows you to use your Guarded Key on any computer (and even any OS platform) without installing the application or paying for additional licenses. Just plug-in your USB flash drive or memory card and launch Guarded Key. Forget all your passwords and get Guarded Key, your strong password to the Internet! Top Features

  • One-Click Sign In - sign into your favourite web sites with one-click

  • One Password - use one password forever and forget passwords for your online accounts

  • Cryptographic Security Token - dynamic security token based on Certificate/RSA Signature

  • Portable License - manage your online identities on USB flash drive on any computer/platform

  • Strong Encryption - protect your accounts with 4096-bit key and 8 layers of encryption

  • Touch Screen - use touch screen and finger gestures to browse online accounts

Other Features

  • Browser independence - use with any web browser of your choice

  • Universal license - use one license on unlimited number of computers and on all OS platforms

  • Auto-generated password - let Guarded Key generate strong password for each account

  • Custom password - choose password, if you don`t want to use auto-generated password

  • Optional info - your other data is encrypted (membership Id, PIN, expiration date etc.)

  • Computer management - enhance safety by authorizing computers for Guarded Key sign-in

  • User management - add users with their own passwords for access to shared online accounts

  • Copy & paste installation - copy executable file and your encrypted database where you need it

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

1.4.0 [04-25-14]

  • Added new field "Category" in Online Accounts tab. This field is optional. We recommend using it with new feature "sorting and grouping".
  • Sorting and Grouping - when sorting records by Category, Group or Date, the app will organize records in the list into groups. Check out screenshots on our Facebook page. Get organized with Guarded Key!
  • Sorting options are saved - the app will remember sorting options. The next time you start the app, you will have the view setup as you left it.
  • Phone number - field length increased to 60 characters. Great for phone banking when using Guarded Key on iPhone! Add account number, client ID, PIN, password etc. into the phone number field in following format:
    Option A: +1-800-123456,,,1,987654321,112233 or
    Option B: +1-800-123456;1;987654321;112233.
    Note: Comma - wait for 2 seconds and continue dialing, Semicolon - wait until user presses "Dial" button, then continue dialing. How does that sound? Phone banking cannot be any easier.

Other versions : 1.3.6 1.3.4 1.2.2 1.1.8 1.1.6 1.1.4 1.1.2 1.1.0 1.0.10

v1.3.6 [01-02-14]

  • Added more options for automatic sign in - for example if web site requires to enter user name, password and then captcha, the app can enter user + password and then wait.

v1.3.4 [11-28-13]

  • Guarded Key now supports Mac OS X Mavericks
  • Guarded Key introduces iCloud synchronization! Sync Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad. Note: iCloud only works when the app is downloaded from Mac App Store, because of security restrictions.
  • New menu item "Settings" - enable/disable cloud service.
  • Database Backup - added menu item which helps to create a backup
  • Create Portable Guarded Key - added menu item which helps you to install the app and data on USB stick or Memory Card.
  • App automatically erases password from Clipboard/Pasteboard after 2 minutes.
  • New tab appearance, changed font to make passwords and other text easier to read.

v1.2.2 [04-05-13]

  • Internationalization - enabled use of Non-English languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc). Guarded Key now allows to store text typed using keyboard with other than English character set. This change is an important step toward future translation of Guarded Key into other languages.
  • Improved UI design - Desktop/Laptop version of Guarded Key has now similar design as the version for iPhone/iPad. Scrolling list of records was added to the left side of the app's main view.
  • Added new field "Last Update" - Online Accounts, Financial Info, Contacts, Products
  • Added new field "Last Password change" - Online Accounts
  • Added new field "Job title/Position", "Class/Course/Degree" - Contacts (field is available only when selecting group "Work" or "School".
  • Drag & drop photo - drag & drop images to automatically add photo to the currently selected Contact. This currently works only on Windows and Linux, but will be added into Mac OS X version in the future.
  • Improved download of icons
  • Improved performance when loading data and updating "Touch Screen" with list of online accounts.
  • System bar app icon - menu has a new item "Online Accounts - Sign in", which contains all online accounts for automatic sign in.
  • Data export - you can now export data. By default exported data include header with names of all fields. Exported text file can be imported into Guarded Key with one click, because the app detects names of the fields in the header.
  • Computer identification changed - Mac OS X version no longer uses computer serial number for computer id dependent authorization. Hardware id (GUID) is now being used. This change is needed for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. Users who never set per computer authorization through the dialog "Add Users/Computers" are not impacted. We take advantage of this change and also change how computer identification appears in the dialog "Edit list of users and computers" - computer name is shown first, followed by hardware id, which is more practical on mobile devices. Example "MacBookAir-01;49753F485D34344C2919A056". Users who used per computer authorization, will have to select menu item "Edit list of users and computers" enter user name and master password, which was used during database initialization, and then remove records which specify computer id. Then select menu item "Add User/Computer" and add credentials with new computer id.

v1.1.8 [07-10-12]

  • Mac OS X - this update resolves backward compatibility issue on Snow Leopard, where the app license verification could fail and trying to open Product Registration window could cause crash. There is no impact to Lion users.
  • All platforms - disabled close button on "Touch Screen" window. This prevents users from accidentally closing the application while scrolling through online accounts. The application can be closed by closing the main window or from main menu.

v1.1.6 [02-03-12]

  • Import from CSV/TXT file - import your online accounts, contacts, bank accounts, credit/debit cards, product codes/serial numbers/activation keys from other applications (password manager, email client, spreadsheet etc.)
  • Added "Skype id" field under "Contacts" tab - allows to specify Skype username for each contact in the address book.

v1.1.4 [01-09-12]

  • Financial Info, Contacts, Products - added button "Call" to each "Phone number" field. This button starts Skype (if installed on the computer) and dials the phone number.
  • Contacts - added "Copy All" button on the "Address" tab. Clicking the button will copy full name and entire address with city, state, postal code and country into clipboard. This is useful when user needs to send address via email, copy address into another document or print.
  • Email, Phone number - added "Copy" button. Clicking the button copies text to clipboard.
  • Touch Screen - increased maximal speed of auto-scrolling. When user presses down mouse button in the touch screen window and drags mouse fast, app initiates faster auto-scrolling. This is useful when having lots of online accounts in the database.
  • Automatic sign-in - improved automatic entering of username and password in web browser. After entering username, some web pages need a little delay (up to 100ms) to handle the input before entering password (needed on Mac OS X).
  • Account management window - on Mac OS X added icons on following tabs: Online Accounts, Financial Info, Contacts, Products (makes the application look better).

v1.1.2 [11-05-11]

  • Mac OS X - new version 1.1.2 released on Apple App Store. Guarded Key is available under category Productivity or Utilities.
  • Touch Screen bug fix - When user clicks on icon, the application starts browser and executes automatic sign in. If user doesn't wait, switches back to Touch Screen window and starts clicking rapidly multiple times on an icon, the application might crash. This version resolves the issue.
  • Sign out after Database Initialization bug fix - If user starts application for the first time, completes database initialization, adds new record into the database and then instead of closing the app selects "Sign Out" from main menu, the application could crash. This version resolves the issue.

v1.1.0 [10-07-11]

  • Financial Info - Bank Account and Credit/Debit card management. Allows to add bank account numbers, with routing number, SWIFT code, IBAN number, credit/debit card numbers with security code (useful for online shopping), PIN (ATM access code), expiration date, billing address or address of the financial institution, phone number, email, website address.
  • Contacts - Address book which allows to enter name, birth date, home or work address, cell/home/work phone numbers, personal/work email address, website, social network links, web address pointing to a photograph, download photo to local storage and display photo when contact is selected in the address book.
  • Products - Product code management allows to maintain information about software licenses, software activation codes, expiration date, hardware/software product codes or serial numbers, contact information, phone number, email address, website and social network links.
  • Mac OS X - added icon into the system menu. Clicking icon opens menu with list of all online accounts. Clicking an account opens browser and attempts automatic sign in. Popup menu was only available on Windows and Linux, now it has been added into Mac OS X version.
  • Added "Touch Screen" menu item into taskbar icon popup menu (all platforms). Clicking this menu item opens Touch Screen with icons representing online accounts.

v1.0.10 [10-07-11]

  • Fixed loading of icons into combobox for account selection - some web sites provide icon (company logo) of different size than 16x16 or 24x24. Adding such icon into the combobox works, but applciation reports an error. This fix addresses the issue by resizing icons to avoid error message.

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