BurnAware Free 11.8

BurnAware Free is a full-fledged, easy-to-use, free burning software which allows users to write all types of files such as digital photos, pictures, archives, images, documents, music and videos to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. With BurnAware Free, you also will be able to create bootable or multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, make and burn disc images, copy and backup discs.

Burn files and folders to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs.
Append or update multisession discs.
Burn standard or boot disc images.
Burn ISO files to multiple recorders simultaneously.

Create boot CDs or DVDs.
Create Audio CDs.
Create DVD-Video discs.
Create MP3 CD / DVD / Blu-ray Discs.
Make standard or boot disc images.

Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs to ISO images.
Copy from discs to discs.

Verify discs byte by byte.
Recover files from damaged discs or different sessions.
Extract audio tracks from Audio CDs.
Erase and format re-writable discs.
View detailed disc and drive information.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

11.8 [12-05-18]

Added Japanese translation.
Added Slovenian translation.
Improved file sorting in Audio CD compilations.
Improved handling of long file names in ISO compilations.
Fixed bug with renaming folders in ISO level 1 and 2.

Other versions : 11.7 11.6 11.5 11.4 11.3 11.2 11.1 11.0 10.9 10.8 10.7 10.6 10.5 10.4 10.3 10.2 10.1 10 9.7 9.6 9.5 9.4 9.3 9.2 9.1 9.0 8.9 8.8 8.7 8.6 8.5 8.4 8.3 8.2 8.1 8.0 7.9 7.8 7.7 7.6 7.5 7.4 7.3 7.2 7.1 7.0 6.9.4 6.9.3 6.9.2 6.9.1 6.9 6.8 6.7 6.6 6.5 6.4 6.3 6.2 6.1 6.0 5.5 5.4 5.3 5.2 5.1 5.0.1 5.0 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1.1 4.1 4.0 3.5 3.4 3.3.1 3.3 3.2 3.1.6 3.1.5 3.1.4 3.1.3 3.1.2 3.1.1 3.1 3.0.7 3.0.6 3.0.5 3.0.4 3.0.3 3.0.2 3.0.1 3.0 2.5 2.4.7 2.4.6 2.4.5 2.4.4 2.4.3 2.4.2 2.4.1 2.3.8 2.3.7 2.3.6 2.3.5 2.3.3 2.3.2 2.3.1 2.2.3 2.2.1 1.2.9 1.2.7 1.2.6 1.1

v11.7 [11-07-18]

Re-designed "List" view.
Updated translations.
Improved file copying process in "Copy to ISO" tool.
Better handling of long file names in ISO+UDF compilations.
Improved support for M-Disc technology.
Updated data recovery method.

v11.6 [09-21-18]

Added sorting feature to Audio CD compilation.
Bulgarian translation.
Updated installer and translations.
Improved disc erasing process.
Improved drag and drop support.
Improved file extraction process (Data Recovery).
Resolved problem with memory leaks in audio and dvd compilations.

v11.5 [08-09-18]

Option to eject disc after burn in Multiburn tool.
Drag n drop support in Multiburn tool.
Updated installer and translations.
Resolved problem with "error 5" during installation.
Fixed bug with fonts and dark Windows themes.

v11.4 [06-28-18]

Option to set disc's main color (click on disc icon).
Updated installer and translations.
Improvements to file processing.
Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 updates.

v11.3 [05-22-18]

Option to add or remove shell extensions (32 and 64 bits).
New method for loading and processing language files.
Updated help file, translations and shell extensions.
Improved program's overall performance.

v11.2 [04-12-18]

Added option to load PLS playlist using command-line.
Improved Hi-Res audio track conversion in Audio CD compilation.
Improved 64-bit version of shell context menu.
Improved disc copying tool (ISO/BIN verification and log).
Resolved problem with incorrect encoding in translations.

v11.1 [03-22-18]

Shell context menu (32 and 64-bit).
Option to save Audio CD playlist in PLS format.
Saving log file (log.txt), if "-X" parameter was set in command-line.
Updated translations and installer.
Improved processing of M3U playlists in Audio CD compilation.
Improvements to command-line processing.

v11.0 [02-01-18]

New tool to extract files and folders from ISO images.
Option to associate ISO files (.iso) with BurnAware.
Support of HD audio tracks in Audio CD compilation.
Option to use original disc name for new sessions (multisession disc).
Hotkeys for Play and Stop buttons in Audio CD compilation.

v10.9 [12-24-17]

Additional free space checks before burning ISO image.
Support of Windows dark themes.
Slovak translation.
Updated translations.
Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 updates.

v10.8 [12-02-17]

Number of recorders in Multiburn extended to 8.
Updated translations.
User interface improvements for high-DPI displays.
Fixed bug with potential crash during detection of USB-connected drives.
Fixed bug with writing incorrect titles in CUE files.

v10.7 [11-09-17]

New "Icons" theme (set as default).
Updated "List" theme and user interface.
Updated installer and translations.
Improvements to disc copying tools.
Resolved problem with burning big compilations (more than 200.000 files)

v10.6 [10-07-17]

Option to prevent entering sleep mode while disc erasing.
Updated and improved "Icons" theme.
Updated translations.
Improved extraction of audio tracks in Audio Grabber.
Fixed bug with setting default options.

v10.5 [09-12-17]

Option to prevent entering sleep mode while disc burning.
Updated and improved main UI theme.
Fixed bug with creating new session on single-session disc.
Fixed bug with auto disabling Direct Copy mode in Copy Disc tool.
Resolved problem with burning multiple copies in Copy Disc tool.

v10.4 [07-12-17]

New disc burning engine in Multiburn tool.
New method of file extraction in Data Recorvery tool.
Feature to check free space on hard drive prior to save ISO.
Optimized data buffering during burning process.
Improvements to user interface and program's performance.

v10.3 [05-17-17]

New boot image file (DOS 6.22).
New file sorting method.
Updated disc reading engine (Copy to ISO, Copy Disc).
Improved Span Disc tool and ASPI initialization.
Improved user interface for standard DPI resolution.
Updated icons.

v10.2 [04-04-17]

Additional view for main window - labels.
Feature to select and verify any file in any session (Data Recovery).
Feature to display track CD-Text in Disc Info tool.
New method of write speed detection.
Codepage support for ANSI translations.

v10.1 [02-23-17]

Additional view for main window - classic icons.
Option to write MP3 tags in Audio Grabber.
Updated translations.
Improved user interface.
Improved compatibility with Windows 10.

v10 [02-08-17]

New user interface.
Support of high-DPI monitors and settings.
Support of all screen readers.
Command-line support for Copy to Image tool.
%DISC_NUMBER% suffix parameter to set disc number in title.

v9.7 [11-30-16]

Updated translations.
Improvements to file processing.
Bug with hanging during file preparing stage.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v9.6 [11-10-16]

New method of audio track encoding in Audio CD compilation.
Updated installer, themes and translations.
Improved command line support.
Improved CD-Text detection for FLAC and MP3 tracks.
Improvements to track reading in Audio Grabber.

v9.5 [10-10-16]

Support of Daylight Saving Time (DST).
Option to select discs to burn in Span Disc.
Option to ask to save compilation before exit.
Option to make CUE file with CD-Text in Audio Grabber.
Support of CUE/WAV playlists in Audio CD compilation.

v9.4 [09-08-16]

Option to set number of copies in Audio CD compilation.
Auto erase feature in Copy Disc tool.
Confirmation to save compilation before closing.
Updated installer and translations.
Minor improvements to user interface and program performance.
Minor improvements to command line support.

v9.3 [07-08-16]

Lowered CPU resource usage during track extraction.
Improvements to tracks conversion in Audio CD.
Fixed bug with saving file with settings in multiple locations.
Fixed bug with cutting of MCN number in Audio CD.
Fixed bug with multiple tracks extraction in Audio Grabber.
Fixed bug with reading CD-Text in Audio Grabber.

v9.2 [05-25-16]

New method of file sorting and ordering (Span Disc).
Updated installer and translations.
Improved write speed detection method.
Minor enhancements to user interface.

v9.1 [05-06-16]

New method of drive and write speed detection.
Added new themes. Windows 10 theme used as default.
Updated themes, installer and translations.
Improvements to burning process and data verification.
Improvements to user interface.

v9.0 [03-23-16]

Full support of M-Disc format.
Added Romanian translation.
Command line option to load last session of multisession disc.
An option to change disc file system at any moment (ISO, UDF, ISO+UDF).
ISO/UDF settings were added to the Data Disc compilation.

v8.9 [02-27-16]

An option to automatically shutdown PC when done.
No advertisement (opencandy) during installation of Free version.
Stop / play track by double click in Audio CD compilation.
Improvements to algorithm of write speed detection.
Improvements to session import process.

v8.8 [02-05-16]

Support of bitrate type to Audio Grabber.
Option to use MS-DOS date and time format.
Support of CUE/FLAC playlist.
Command-line support for Audio CD.

v8.7 [12-02-15]

Support of WAV format to Audio Grabber.
Selection of read speed in the Copy and Recovery tools.
Improvements to disc reading and copying.
Improved setting of file date and time.
Bug with launching from command line.
Bug with saving audio tracks in Audio Grabber.

v8.6 [11-13-15]

Option to set number of copies to Media Disc.
Display of progress for each file during verification.
New method of data arrangement to Span Disc tool.
Updated Span Disc tool and "About program" dialog.
Improved disc reading and write speed control.
Improvements to disc burning performance and verification.

v8.5 [10-07-15]

SPTD detection and ability to start / stop SPTD service.
New icons and minor improvements to user interface.
Added Bulgarian translation.
Support of drag and drop for M3U and PLS playlists.

v8.4 [09-10-15]

Support of PLS playlists in Audio CD compilation.
Support of PLS and M3U playlists in MP3 Disc compilation.
Compatibility improvements for Windows 10.
Bug with burning DVD-Video that cannot be played in some cases.
Bug with encoding file time on some systems.

v8.3 [07-12-15]

Option to use lowercase characters in ISO file names.
Improvements to burning process and handling of files and folders.
Bug with cropping track titles in MP3 compilations.
Bug with dropping file extensions of long file names.
Bug with applying file system restrictions to file names.

v8.2 [06-12-15]

User interface improvements.
Updated translations.
Disabled form and controls animation.
Improvements to program performance.

v8.1 [05-12-15]

New verification method for data compilations.
Compatibility improvements for Windows 10.
Updated translations and help file.
Minor improvements to user interface and burning process.
Bug fixes.

v8.0 [04-23-15]

Disc spanning tool.
BDMV/AVCHD support.
New file processing system with exceptionally fast and stable engine.
Ability to move files among the folders within compilation (drag & drop).
New user interface and few new themes.
Fully customizable Main Window.
Autoset of Hidden attribute and dates.

v7.9 [02-12-15]

Added Audio Grabber tool to Premium and Professional Editions.
Updated translations and installer.
Updated Data Recovery tool - Make CUE button moved to Audio Grabber.
Improved file loading and sorting in Data Recovery tool.

v7.8 [01-15-15]

Updated installer and translations.
Improved ISO copying method, to handle Blu-ray Disc 25 GB and more in size.
Improvements to preparation dialog, to avoid of hang on big compilations.
Fixed possible bug with incorrect placement of Cancel and Advance buttons.
Minor fixes and improvements to copying and burning engine.

v7.7 [11-28-14]

Added options for verification - check files byte-by-byte or compare checksums.
Added support of extended CD-Text tags - arranger, composer, message etc.
Added new library to expand support of audio formats.
Updated user interface, main menu and translations.

v7.6 [11-13-14]

All program modules and disc burning engine have been rewritten and optimized.
Improved program loading speed, file processing and disc reading speed.
Resolved problem with hanging on verification on some CD/DVD/BD recorders.
Updated disc-to-disc and disc-to-image copying methods.

v7.5 [10-09-14]

Added checksum verification to Data, MP3 and DVD-Video compilations.
Added byte-by-byte verification after burning disc image.
Improvements to user interface and main menu.

v7.4 [09-17-14]

Added new skins/themes.
Added feature to set hidden attribute and priority to multiple files.
Added WAV and FLAC format support to MP3 Disc compilation.
Added command-line support to Make ISO compilation.
Added Summary tab to Disc Info tool and button to copy information to clipboard.

v7.3 [07-30-14]

Added skin/theme support to graphical user interface.
Added 12 skins/themes, both transparent and non-transparent.
Added feature to disable skin/theme (select "None" in "Skins" list).
Updated installer and translations.
Minor improvements to user interface.

v7.2 [07-03-14]

Verify Tool has been updated and now provides byte-by-byte verification.
Added new CD-Text detection method, to avoid incorrect FLAC and MP3 tags.
Main window has been adapted for high screen resolutions.
Updated burning engine and translations.

v7.1 [05-27-14]

Added File menu to Welcome Screen.
Added new method of write speed detection.
Added option to use lowest write speed as default.
GUI was adapted for users with reduced visibility.
Optional AVG offer has been removed from installer of Free version.

v7.0 [05-15-14]

Added new user interface to all tools.
Added option to detect read/write speed.
Added option to apply skin for form.
Added option to adjust recorder cache.
Added multi-erase tool to erase discs simultaneously.
Added BIN format to Copy to Image module.
Updated Multiburn SDK and user interface.

v6.9.4 [04-06-14]

Updated shell SDK libraries.
Updated translations.
Resolved problem with slow verification.
Fixed bug with opening tray when burning multiple copies.
Fixed bug with verify error if file size 0 bytes.
Fixed bug with access violation error on closing Data compilation.

v6.9.3 [03-05-14]

Added new verification method after burning.
Added new method of disc reading and type detection.
Improved external verification (Verify Tool).
Optimized speed and performance of verification, added retry in case of error.
Resolved problems caused by improper detection of disc information.

v6.9.2 [02-06-14]

Updated the file sorting feature.
Updated disc detection and data gathering methods.
Minor interface improvements.
Resolved problem with opening tray after burn from command line.
Fixed bug with random "no respond" error after verification.
Fixed bug with random "access violation" error on application closing.

v6.9.1 [01-21-14]

Updated translations and help file.
Fixed bug with locking drive after burn.
Fixed bug with burning multiple copies of same compilation.
Resolved problem with launching Verify Tool after burn.

v6.9 [01-09-14]

Added the read modes (ISO, RAW, RAW+SC) for disc-to-disc copying.
Updated File Browser and shell SDK.
Updated translations.
Fixed bug with "no disc" while direct copying.
Resolved problem with opening tray after burn on some drive models.

v6.8 [11-29-13]

Added new method of data size calculation.
Added option to switch FileBrowser layout (View menu) between vertical or horizontal.
Added option to skip folder size calculation (View menu) to speed up folder opening.

v6.7 [11-07-13]

Added new method of verification.
Added log with details of verification.
Updated installer and translations.
Improved performance and speed of verification.
Updated file browser, improved compatibility.
Fixed bug with opening tray after verification.
Fixed bug with locking drive, if verification was cancelled.

v6.6 [10-10-13]

Added CD 650MB option.
Updated built-in file manager.
Optimized verification and data recovery process.
Improved file caching.
Resolved the problem with launching under Windows 8.1.

v6.5 [09-16-13]

Added Blu-ray XL support.
Added feature to store CD-Text in CUE image.
Added support of new disc image formats: BIN, NRG, IMG, DMG.
Added support of RAW mode for disc image recording.
Added new method of verification.

v6.4 [07-02-13]

Added Turkish translation.
Added button to copy track list of Audio CD compilation to the clipboard.
Added prefix and suffix options for disc label.
Added feature to edit format of date and time for disc label.

v6.3 [06-01-13]

Improved verification performance and speed.
Modified the method of file checking and caching.
Now program remembers position of the Main Window and size of columns in File Manager.
Minor user interface improvements.

v6.2 [04-24-13]

Added an option to set priority for any file or folder.
Added a new file manager into the main window.
Improved the process of burning and copying.
Preserve date and time of files and directories during import.
Modified the method of adding and processing the data.
"Browse for Folder" dialogs have been updated.
Updated user interface and translations.

v6.1 [03-19-13]

Burning engine has been updated.
Installer and translations have been updated.
Few improvements in user interface have been applied.
Improved data buffering during the burning process.
Optimized data transfer during the copying Audio CD to CUE image.
Optimized buffer usage during the copying from disc to disc.

v6.0 [02-06-13]

Home Edition has been renamed to the Premium.
New menu to switch the size of the Main Screen.
New tool to check the disc for the read errors.
Drop-down list with the paths of previously opened folders.
Option to specify the cache size.
Support for importing multi-extent and UDF embedded files.
800MB CD option in the Disc Type drop-down list.
Log window in the Copy Disc tool and the Copy to Image tool.

v5.5 [11-30-12]

Added "DVD-Video" mode to the file system selection of ISO compilation.
Added support of BIN image format in BOOT disc.
Disc burning SDK has been updated.
Translations have been updated.

v5.4 [11-13-12]

Disc burning SDK has been updated.
Added Norwegian translation.
"Remember write speed" checkbox moved to the Options.
Fixed the bug with UI under non-standard screen resoltion.
Fixed the bug with changing of the write speed value after burning of the first copy.

v5.3 [10-25-12]

Added Indonesian translation.
Added Option to specify number of copies.
Fixed bug with stop while copying from disc to disc.
Minor fixes and improvements have been applied.

v5.2 [09-14-12]

Added Greek translation.
Added Command-line support for ISO/CUE burning.
Added Option to configure file/folder dates in compilation.
Updated "Waiting for disc" dialog, now program automatically detects the disc.
Fixed bug with displaying hidden file in built-in file manager.
Minor user interface improvements have been applied.

v5.1 [08-08-12]

Disc burning SDK has been updated:
- Improved burning process and copying process.
- Fixed bug with random "access violation" error while burning or copying data or ISO images.
- Fixed bug with date/time encoding on some systems.
- Resolved problem with writing DVD-Video and CD-Text.
- Few other bugs introduced in version 5.0 were fixed.
Updated installer and translations.
Increased speed of adding files.
Lowered usage of CPU resources while burning data.
Minor improvements in UI were applied.

v5.0.1 [07-20-12]

Updated installer and translations.
Fixed bug with random "access violation" while burning.
Fixed bug with date/time encoding on some systems.

v5.0 [07-09-12]

User Interface has been modified.
Disc burning SDK has been updated.
Added "Hidden" attribute setting for files and folders.
Installer has been replaced with Unicode version.
Added Georgian translation.
Many other improvements and fixes have been applied.

v4.9 [04-30-12]

Updated audio and burning components.
Fixed the bug with random stopping while burning Audio CDs.
Resolved problem with reading of some MP3 Tags for CD-Text.

v4.8 [03-29-12]

Prepared for Windows 8.
Speed buttons replaced with standard toolbars.
Fixed bug with unicode translations in some labels and buttons.
Fixed bug with flickering while resizing/moving forms.
Fixed bug with displaying update notifications.
Few minor improvements were applied.

v4.7 [03-07-12]

Updated burning SDK, translations and the Options dialog.
Added Chinese translation (Simplified and Traditional).
Added option to customize recorder's buffer size (from 0 to 8MB, 4 MB by default).
Added ability to burn Blu-ray Discs with ISO, UDF and Bridge file systems.
Added feature to remember last used recorder, if more than one recorder installed.
Added feature to check and use additional ASPI driver, if recorder wasn't detected.
Added ability to remember the preferences of the Add Files dialog (size, path etc.).
Modified the method of session loading. Program forced to load session, ignoring additional checks.
Replaced default file system for Blu-ray compilation from UDF 2.5 to UDF 1.02.
Increased speed of gathering information from disc and drive.
Resolved problem with preparing Blu-ray compilation (error 4).

v4.6 [02-10-12]

Added Misc tab to Options.
Added option to choose method of speed detection (predefined values or detection).
Added option to fill bad sectors with blank while copying disc to image.
Reduced time of processing files and adding files to compilation.
Resolved problem with wrong drive selection, if more than one drive installed.
Minor improvements were applied.

v4.5 [01-26-12]

Updated Shell SDK.
Increased speed of files addition.
Resolved problem with hanging up while loading big ISO image files.
Fixed bug with calculation of average BD write speed.
Fixed bug with launching under Windows 2000 and NT4.
Minor fixes and improvements were applied.

v4.4 [01-02-12]

Updated installer.
Added 12 date/time templates and option to customize disc name.
Added option to remember write speed for all disc types.
Speed detection is replaced with predefined set of write speed values.
Resolved the problem with false error message "A write-error occured" while burning BD/DVD discs.
Few minor improvements were applied.

v4.3 [12-17-11]

Updated translations and burning SDK.
Multisession dialog replaced with standard message box.
Resolved problem with hanging up while determining write speed.
Few minor tweaks and improvements were applied.

v4.2 [11-17-11]

Added verification of digital signature.
Added new Options dialog.
Added calculation of directory size.
Added taskbar progress for Windows 7.

v4.1.1 [11-10-11]

Added Catalan translation.
Added ISO Level Romeo.
Resolved problem with launching Copy Disc tool.
Fixed bug with disc reading while copying.
Fixed bug with erasing file time stamps.

v4.1 [11-07-11]

Digitally signed installer and all .exe files.
Updated burning SDK and translations.
Added new method of data detection of DVD-RW/+RW.
Added feature to update existing data on DVD-RW/+RW/BD-RE.
Added "Move Up/Down" buttons in menus of Audio CD compilation.
Resolved problem with false positive from Kaspersky.
Resolved problem with loading sessions of multisession disc.
Fixed bug with disc reading while copying.
Fixed bug with saving/loading pause value.
Fixed bug with opening drive tray.

v4.0 [10-27-11]

Added ability to copy Audio CD to disc image file.
Added additional method of disc copying - direct or on-the-fly copying.
Added option to skip detection of write speed.
Updated user interface and burning SDK.
Improved stability and performance on all Windows platforms.
Improved burning process of all media types.
Main COM-based DLL replaced by static DLL. Registration of DLL is not required anymore.

v3.5 [09-06-11]

Updated translations.
Fixed bug with importing M3U playlists.
Fixed bug with MP3 tags detection.

v3.4 [07-26-11]

Updated shell SDK and audio libraries.
Minor GUI improvements and fixes.

v3.3.1 [06-09-11]

Updated License Agreement and translations.
Fixed bug with enumeration of drives in "Burn Image" compilation.

v3.3 [05-11-11]

Added progress bar for verification.
Added option to add BurnAware to AutoPlay menu.
Added M3U playlist support to MP3 Disc compilation.
Added disc image details (files count, disc label and file system).
Resolved problem with launch under x64 systems.

v3.2 [04-19-11]

Added new disc copying method.
Added option to enable/disable multisession for DVD-RW/+RW.
Updated installer, package size reduced to 4 MB.
Resolved problem with copying DVD Video.

v3.1.6 [03-21-11]

* Added "Exit" switch to command-line option.
* Added ability to move tracks by drag and drop in Audio CD compilation.
* Fixed bug with adding pause between tracks.
* Fixed bug with detection of empty status of DVD+RW discs.
* Fixed bug with showing Advance button

v3.1.5 [03-11-11]

* Added data verification after ISO burn.
* Burning process and verification were improved.

v3.1.4 [02-23-11]

Updated translations.
Added detection of used space, if new session was selected.
DVD-RW/+RW multisession was replaced by Autoerase feature.
Fixed bug with random "access violation" while burning.

v3.1.3 [02-08-11]

* Updated translations.
* Added checkbox to remember current disc label.
* Default disc label generated from current date/time (hhmm_ddmmyyyy).
* UDF v2.5 is set as default for Blu-ray compilation.
* UDF settings for Blu-ray compilation stored separately.

v3.1.2 [02-01-11]

* Added support of M4A and AAC audio file formats.
* Added new method to import sessions from multisession discs.
* Added new method to detect free space of multisession discs.
* Updated translations.
* Updated multisession dialog.

v3.1.1 [01-08-11]

* Added option to specify temp folder for Copy Disc module.
* Added option to enabled/disable Unicode for CD-Text.
* Added new method to detect write speed.
* Added command line support for Data Disc compilations.
* Now user is able to cancel verification process.

v3.1 [11-15-10]

* Added "Add VIDEO_TS" button to quickly add DVD-Video layout.
* Now registered users have an option to download any previous version, if subscription has expired.
* Updated "Copy Disc", "Copy Image" and "Erase Disc" tools.
* Improved program performance and stability.

v3.0.7 [10-24-10]

Added Ukrainian translation
Fixed bug with copying Audio CD

v3.0.6 [09-27-10]

* Added Italian translation
* Fixed bug with skipping sectors value in Boot options
* Fixed bug with booting from boot disc

v3.0.5 [09-15-10]

* Added German translation
* "DVD padding" option returned
* Improved DVD-Video compatibility wth standard DVD players
* OPC option enabled by default

v3.0.4 [09-01-10]

* Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
* "Write method" option returned, DAO set as default
* Resolved issue with detection of some recorders
* Fixed bug with "Disc is empty" message while disc contains data in Copy Image/Copy Disc tool

v3.0.3 [08-16-10]

* Now you can add files to DVD-Video compilation, besides VIDEO_TS folder
* Added verify option to DVD-Video compilation
* Added 30 seconds time limit for "Gathering information" procedure
* Fixed bug with free space detection after autoerase

v3.0.2 [08-04-10]

* Added ISRC and EAN Codes
* Added option to set pause in frames
* Updated audio track properties
* Updated translations
* Fixed bug with unicode CD-Text and incorrect track CD-Text

v3.0.1 [07-20-10]

# Added multilingual user interface
# Added write methods to Audio CD compilation (DAO, DAO/96, TAO)
# Added Finalize option to MP3 and ISO compilations
# Added ability to burn and save empty projects
# Added ability to select DVD-Video folder with any name, not just Video_ts

v3.0 [07-05-10]

New graphical user interface
New burning engine
1-3% of CPU usage while burning
Supports AHCI ATA/SATA drives
Supports all UDF versions (1.02-2.60)
Supports extended ISO options
Supports ISO/CUE/BIN disc images
Supports DVD padding
Supports multisession DVD-RW/DVD+RW

v2.5 [06-24-10]

• Fixed problem with displaying field for temporary folder.
• Fixed bug with log window.
• Updated installer.

v2.4.7 [05-27-10]

• Fixed problem with displaying field for temporary folder.
• Fixed bug with log window.
• Updated installer.

v2.4.6 [05-09-10]

• Fixed problem with displaying field for temporary folder.
• Fixed bug with log window.
• Updated installer.

v2.4.5 [04-07-10]

• Fixed problem with displaying field for temporary folder.
• Fixed bug with log window.
• Updated installer.

v2.4.4 [02-13-10]

• Added option to specify temporary folder for copying.
• Updated translations.

v2.4.3 [01-13-10]

• Added ability to create boot images in free version.
• Improved 64-bit systems compatibility.
• Updated installer, help and language files.
• Fixed possible freeze while preparing image.
• Fixed bug with saving DVD to temporary image, while copying.

v2.4.2 [12-05-09]

• Updated EULA.
• Modified method of gathering information from disc.
• Fixed bug with launch Data compilation from command line.
• Fixed possible freeze after burning DVD-Video.

v2.4.1 [10-29-09]

• Updated installer.
• Minor GUI fixes.

v2.3.8 [08-11-09]

• Changes in BurnAware Free:
-> Setup file size reduced to 5 MB.
-> Launch time increased for every compilation.
-> No more false positives from Avast and AVG.
• Fixed bug with DVD-Video compilations introduced in v2.3.4.
• Fixed bug with "access violation" message if no recorder connected.

v2.3.7 [07-24-09]

• Modified BD media detection method.
• Fixed bug with verify results after burning some data compilations.

v2.3.6 [07-04-09]

• Added option to set pause between tracks in Audio CD compilation.
• Added 'Options...' button in main window of Audio CD compilation.
• Updated translations.
• Fixed bug with creating MP3 CDs with long file names.
• Fixed bug with setting of incorrect CD-Text in case if track was skipped.

v2.3.5 [05-12-09]

• Fixed minor bug with update notification.
• Fixed minor bug with installation.

v2.3.3 [04-17-09]

• Now the program automatically sets hidden attribute to file/folder if source file/folder is hidden.
• Added "Options" dialog:
-> It combines Compilation Properties and Preferences.
-> "Remember options" option removed. Now all options saved by default.
-> Added "Default" button to restore default

v2.3.2 [03-23-09]

• Fixed bug with incorrect detection of BD-RE discs.
• Fixed compatibility bug with DVD Video created by BurnAware and some DVD players.

v2.3.1 [02-27-09]

• Added feature to save/load file list of MP3 compilations.
• Fixed the bug with adding Unicode files and folders.
• Cosmetic fixes.

v2.2.3 [02-03-09]

• Added Windows 7 support.
• Added "Don't show" option to the Update window.
• Boot options can be saved and used as default for data compilation.

v2.2.1 [01-04-09]

• Added Hebrew translation.
• Fixed the access violation error in Copy CD/DVD compilation.
• Fixed the bug with skipping system or read-only files and folders.
• Cosmetic fixes

v1.2.9 [03-12-08]

- Added the shortkey for quick erase.
- Fixed the bug with long file names.
- Now while using Blu-ray discs the program automatically switches to UDF mode.
- Minor GUI changes.

v1.2.7 [02-23-08]

- Modified DVD+RW media detection method.
- Fixed writing of Multi-session data to DVD-RAM.

v1.2.6 [02-16-08]

- Now you can add files from Windows Explorer context menu.
- Modified DVD+R DL media detection method.
- Added the new installer.
- Fixed writing of Multi-session data to DVD-RAM.
- Fixed the problem with HP laptops.
- Fixed the problem with autierase feature.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.1 [01-12-08]

- Added the hardware info tool.
- Added the erase tool to the start screen.
- Fixed the issue with launching under Windows 2000.
- Improved the disc name field.
- Added the small button to quickly open the options dialog.
- Added the small button to go to the parent folder.

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