DarkWave Studio 5.8.0

DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an ad-hoc fashion. The installer ships with both a 32-bit and 64-bit version.

Darkwave Consists Of The Following Main Parts:

Studio (Work With Machines)
Pattern Editor (Create Pieces Of Music)
Sequencer (Arrange Patterns Into A Song)
Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder (Master Your Music)

The Following Plugins Are Included With Darkwave:

ES Audio Input (Allows For Input From Sound Card)
ES Arpeggiator (Play Arpeggios With A MIDI Keyboard)
ES ControlChange Mapper (Map Control Change Events From One Index To Another)
ES MIDI Input (Use MIDI Keyboards With DarkWave Instruments)
ES MIDI Output (Sequence External MIDI Synthesizers)
ES AntiAlias (32x Digital Oversampling)
ES SpatialVerb (Room Modelling Reverb Unit)
ES Stomp (Rave Kick Generator)
ES BassHead (Subtractive Virtual Analog Synthesizer)
ES DGenR8 (Virtual Analog Drum Machine)
ES QuadDelay (Echo And Chorus Effect)
ES Mixer (8 Track Mixer With 2 Auxillary Tracks)
ES Distort (Basic Overdrive Distortion Effect)
ES Crunch (Limit Bits Per Sample Anywhere From 16 To 1 Bits)
ES StereoSplitter (Split An Input Stereo Signal Into Left And Right Output Mono Signals)
ES StereoJoiner (Combine Left And Right Input Mono Signals Into A Single Output Stereo Signal)
ES Scope (View Generated Waveforms In Realtime)
ES Control Monitor (View Control Messages)
ES DownStepper (Sample Rate Reduction Filter)


Highly Optimized 64-bit Double Precision Precision Audio Processing
Incredibly Fast And Small Download
Low Latency ASIO And DirectSound Audio Output Support
SSE2 (Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions) Optimizations.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.8.0 [02-12-19]

Updated installer with new code signing certificate.

Other versions : 5.7.9 5.7.7 5.7.6 5.7.4 5.7.3 5.7.2 5.7.1 5.7.0 5.6.5 5.6.4 5.6.2 5.6.1 5.6.0 5.5.9 5.5.8 5.5.7 5.5.6 5.5.5 5.5.4 5.5.3 5.5.2 5.5.1 5.5.0 5.4.2 5.4.0 5.3.0 5.2.0 5.1.2 5.1.1 5.1.0 5.0.2 5.0.1 4.9.8 4.9.7 4.9.6 4.9.5 4.9.4 4.9.3 4.9.2 4.9.1 4.9.0 4.8.9 4.8.8 4.8.7 4.8.6 4.8.5 4.8.4 4.8.2 4.8.1 4.8.0 4.7.0 4.6.7 4.6.6 4.6.5 4.6.4 4.6.3 4.6.2 4.6.1 4.5.2 4.5.1 4.5.0 4.4.3 4.4.2 4.4.1 4.4.0 4.3.9 4.3.8 4.3.7 4.3.5 4.3.4 4.3.2 4.3.1 4.3.0 4.2.0 4.1.9 4.1.8 4.1.7 4.1.6 4.1.5 4.1.4 4.1.3 4.1.1 4.1.0 4.0.9 4.0.8 4.0.7 4.0.6 4.0.5 4.0.4 4.0.3 4.0.2 4.0.1 4.0.0 3.9.7 3.9.6 3.9.3 3.9.1 3.9.0 3.8.9 3.8.8 3.8.7 3.8.6 3.8.5 3.8.4 3.8.3 3.8.2 3.8.1 3.8.0 3.7.9 3.7.8 3.7.7 3.7.6 3.7.4 3.7.2 3.7.1 3.7.0 3.6.9 3.6.7 3.6.6 3.6.5 3.6.4 3.6.3 3.6.2 3.6.1 3.6.0 3.5.7 3.5.6 3.5.5 3.5.4 3.5.2 3.5.1 3.5.0 3.4.3 3.4.2 3.4.1 3.4.0 3.3.6 3.3.5 3.3.3 3.3.2 3.3.1 3.3.0 3.2.9 3.2.8 3.2.7 3.2.4 3.2.2 3.2.1 3.1.9 3.1.8 3.1.7 3.1.6 3.1.5 3.1.4 3.1.3 3.1.0 3.0.8 3.0.7 3.0.6 3.0.5 3.0.4 3.0.2 3.0.1 3.0.0 2.9.9 2.9.8 2.7.6 2.7.3 2.7.1 2.6.9 2.6.8 2.4 2.3 2.1 1.7 1.6 1.4 0.7 0.1 20071027

v5.7.9 [01-09-19]

Updated installer with new code signing certificate.

v5.7.7 [08-16-18]

Updated installer with new code signing certificate.

v5.7.6 [07-12-18]

Better fonts in rename dialog and project info. Updated installer with new code signing certificate.

v5.7.4 [03-06-18]

Installer is signed with an updated code signing certificate.

v5.7.3 [08-28-17]

Installer is now signed with a digital code signing certificate.

v5.7.2 [07-11-17]

Updated installer.

v5.7.1 [06-21-17]

Updated installer.

v5.7.0 [05-28-17]

Removed InstallCore from installer.

v5.6.5 [04-21-17]

Fixed two small problems with project merging, leaving project title and save target as original project, and leaving the project info the same.

v5.6.4 [03-10-17]

Added a 'Merge Project' feature to the File menu allowing users to load machines from a project without deleting the machines from the current project.

v5.6.2 [01-08-17]

Added a new machine called 'ES DownStepper' which is a sample rate reduction filter.

v5.6.1 [12-21-16]

Improved ASIO support.

v5.6.0 [12-10-16]

Improved compiler settings for faster processing.

v5.5.9 [11-12-16]

Updated installer using NSIS 3.0 release (stable).

v5.5.8 [10-12-16]

New installer using NSIS 3.0 release (stable).

v5.5.7 [10-01-16]

Code signed installer.

v5.5.6 [09-03-16]

Code signed installer.

v5.5.5 [07-16-16]

Improved font readability and rendering code for HD recorder tracks.

v5.5.4 [07-14-16]

Fixed a bug causing installation to not work on some Windows XP systems.

v5.5.3 [07-07-16]

Fixed a problem causing MIDI CC messages not being sent to VST instruments when controlling machine parameters with the Pattern Editor.

v5.5.2 [05-30-16]

New digital certificate.

v5.5.1 [04-25-16]

New signed trusted installer.

v5.5.0 [03-31-16]

New signed trusted installer.

v5.4.2 [02-22-16]

Fixed a bug in the new font rendering with ES BassHead.

v5.4.0 [02-07-16]

Added a new machine called ES Control Monitor. With this you can view control messages from MIDI input and other machines that output control messages.

v5.3.0 [12-31-15]

Removed OpenCandy.
Replaced DownloadAdmin.

v5.2.0 [12-26-15]

Removed DownloadAdmin.
Replaced OpenCandy.

v5.1.2 [12-11-15]

Improvements in multithreaded performance and stability.

v5.1.1 [11-27-15]

Decreased the CPU usage of ES Scope by only drawing when new data has been written to the audio input port.

v5.1.0 [11-14-15]

Added a new machine called ES Scope for viewing generated waveforms in realtime.

v5.0.2 [10-30-15]

Disabled full duplex (audio input) by default with the DirectSound driver.

v5.0.1 [10-21-15]

Fixed download issues.

v4.9.8 [10-11-15]

Project upgraded from Visual C++ 2013 to Visual C++ 2015.

v4.9.7 [10-09-15]

Fixed a bug causing the input connector of the Audio Output machine to intermittently not display text.

v4.9.6 [10-02-15]

Fixed a race condition causing audio output skipping to occur when an attempt to connect incompatible machine ports caused a warning dialog box to display.

v4.9.5 [09-09-15]

Added support for MIDI messages other than note on, note off, and control change.

v4.9.4 [09-03-15]

Added warnings for when a user attempts to connect two ports of incompatible type.

v4.9.3 [08-30-15]

Updated NSIS From 2.46 To 3.0b2.

v4.9.2 [08-23-15]

Reverted to NSIS 2.46 from NSIS 3.0b2 due to false positive with Microsoft Security Essentials.

v4.9.1 [08-20-15]

Updated installer to NSIS 3.0b2.
Changed lots of fatal exits to warnings instead.

v4.9.0 [08-12-15]

Fixed a bug causing the program to close when an attempt to save a project fails.

v4.8.9 [08-07-15]

Fixed a bug causing the text in a machine connector to not draw, resulting in black empty connector boxes.

v4.8.8 [07-22-15]

Added a small volume meter to the connector for each audio port of each machine.

v4.8.7 [07-20-15]

Made the connectors on the machines to become lighter and change the mouse arrow to a cross to indicate a connection can be made by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

v4.8.6 [07-18-15]

Optimized the DirectSound driver's audio capture and render buffer floating point conversion code.

v4.8.5 [07-16-15]

Selected compiler options for faster performance.
Made the machine 'ES Audio Input' to always have an output port, even when the driver doesn't support full duplex.

v4.8.4 [07-13-15]

Removed BetterInstaller.

v4.8.2 [07-09-15]

Restored OpenCandy.

v4.8.1 [07-03-15]

Corrected a small bug in the DirectSound options dialog which was causing the program to crash when the options were newly creation, after a fresh install or when the 'Clear Options' Start Menu item had been used.

v4.8.0 [06-30-15]

Added full duplex (audio input in as well as the usual audio output) support to the DirectSound driver.
Renamed 'Master' (the machine with which all others ultimately connect with) to 'ES Audio Output'.
Added 'ES Audio Input' machine to connect the audio input stream from the sound card to effect

v4.7.0 [06-17-15]

Removed The Hugely Unpopular OpenCandy. DarkWave Studio Is Now Pure Freeware With No Advertising Bundled With The Installer.
Help File Which Was Not Much Good Removed. Help Will Be Available Through An Online Help Site.
Added Several Additional Sample Projects.

v4.6.7 [06-15-15]

Default Beats Per Minute Reduced From 140 To 80.
Default Ticks Per Beat Reduced From 16 To 4.
Machine To Machine Mixing Audio Signals Limited To Valid Range Of Values.

v4.6.6 [04-03-15]

Removed BetterInstaller From Setup.

v4.6.5 [03-21-15]

Fixed Minor Problem With Installer.

v4.6.4 [03-19-15]

Integrated Setup Package. No Separate Download Required.

v4.6.3 [03-07-15]

New Setup Downloader.

v4.6.2 [03-02-15]

Improved Speed Of Machine To Machine Volume Mixing By Eliminating Denormalized Values When Adjusting Volume.

v4.6.1 [02-24-15]

Removed OpenCandy. Installer Does Not Require Separate Download Of Installation Files.

v4.5.2 [01-16-15]

Fixed A Bug With The 8-Bit Audio Output Code Which Caused Severe Distortion.

v4.5.1 [01-10-15]

Simplified Audio Output Code Providing Better Stability.

v4.5.0 [10-31-14]

Removed OpenCandy From Setup. Changed BetterInstaller Integration With Installer To No Longer Require Separate Download Of Setup Package. Installation Will Now Work On Computers Not Connected To The Internet.

v4.4.3 [10-18-14]

Signed Setup Downloader.

v4.4.2 [09-18-14]

Improved Web Based Installer.

v4.4.1 [09-14-14]

Fixed A Bug In The Audio Output Driver Drop List Causing A Selection To Be Made (Silent Driver) When Not Selecting An Item From The List.

v4.4.0 [09-10-14]

ASIO Support Disabled By Default.

v4.3.9 [08-22-14]

Adjusted Compiler Settings For Increased Speed And Smaller Size.

v4.3.8 [08-20-14]

Removed BetterInstaller.

v4.3.7 [06-12-14]

Fixed A Plague Of Timing Bugs Affecting ES Arpeggiator.

v4.3.5 [06-08-14]

Restored BetterInstaller Client.

v4.3.4 [06-03-14]

Fixed Intermittent Crashes Caused In BassHead, Crunch, Distort, DGenR8 And Stomp.

v4.3.2 [05-02-14]

Upgraded Project To Visual C++ Express 2013

v4.3.1 [04-01-14]

New Improved Somoto Installer.

v4.3.0 [02-22-14]

Licence Changed To Freeware. Removed BetterInstaller.

v4.2.0 [10-27-13]

Fixed The Play/Pause Button In The Sequencer ToolBar To Pause When Clicked During Playback.

v4.1.9 [09-01-13]

Fixed A Memory Alignment Bug In The VST Adapter Which Was Causing A Crash On Startup.

v4.1.8 [08-22-13]

Improved ASIO Compatibility Preventing Crashes On Startup.

v4.1.7 [04-11-13]

Changed ES Mixer Machine To Use Same Volume Indicators As The Programs Main Toolbar.

v4.1.6 [12-17-12]

Fixed Drop Menu Controls Not Ticking Selected Item When Previously Selected Item Was In Place Of The Newly Selected Item Before Deletion.

v4.1.5 [12-15-12]

Drop Menu Controls Now Check The Selected Item.

v4.1.4 [12-10-12]

The Master Volume In The Main Tool Bar Is Now Persisted Between Sessions.

v4.1.3 [12-07-12]

Fixed Bug In New Drop List Controls Which Replaced Combo Boxes.

v4.1.1 [11-14-12]

Fixed A Bug Causing Portamento And Glide Features In ES BassHead (A Subtractive Synthesizer Bundled With DarkWave Studio) To Work Incorrectly.

v4.1.0 [11-02-12]

Fixed A Bug In ES BassHead Stopping The Formant Filter (Vocal Effect) From Working.

v4.0.9 [10-04-12]

Added Features To Pattern Editor: Duplicate Pattern, Transpose Pattern Up, Transpose Pattern Down.

v4.0.8 [09-30-12]

Improved Timing Accuracy For Null (Silent) Audio Output Driver.

v4.0.7 [09-22-12]

Fixed A Bug In ES DGenR8 Which Caused DarkWave Studio To Crash When The Amount Of Samples In The Audio Output Options Were Changed.

v4.0.6 [08-30-12]

Updated Visual C++ 2010 Express To Service Pack 1.

v4.0.5 [08-23-12]

Fixed A Program Hang Which Sometimes Occurred When Loading A Project If A Project Is Already Open.

v4.0.4 [08-02-12]

Fixed Race Conditions Causing Intermittent Crashes Reading And Writing Control Message Buffers.

v4.0.3 [07-31-12]

Fixed Main ToolBar Master Volume ToolTip Display To Read Correct Level In Decibels.

v4.0.2 [07-29-12]

Master Volume Slider In Main ToolBar Now Sets Volume To Complete Silence When Moved Completely To The Left. Added A New Sample DarkWave Project Called 'RaveTech.dwp'.

v4.0.1 [07-12-12]

Fixed Bug Reading Control Tracks In Projects Written By v3 Of The Program.

v4.0.0 [06-27-12]

Converted Project To Visual C++ 2010. Added DirectSound Output Support. Bug Fixes.

v3.9.7 [06-14-12]

Added Desktop Shortcut Creation Function To Installer.

v3.9.6 [06-08-12]

Fixed Mute Button In Mixer From Staying Lit.

v3.9.3 [05-31-12]

Restored Code To Check For And Zero Denormalized Floating Point Numbers. Improved Speed Of Machine To Machine Audio Port Mixing Routines.

v3.9.1 [05-12-12]

Fixed Failure To Assign Project File Name And Window Title When Loading A Project From The Command Line. Added A Sample Project File Called PsyRave.dwp.

v3.9.0 [04-20-12]

Fixed Bottom Row Title Column Flicker In Sequence Editor.

v3.8.9 [04-12-12]

Fixed Drawing Glitches In Sequence Editor.

v3.8.8 [04-08-12]

Fixed Timing Bug With Sequencer And Arpeggiator Which Caused Dropped Notes

v3.8.7 [02-02-12]

Improved Scheduling With Higher Application And Machine Work Thread Priority.

v3.8.6 [01-12-12]

Add Machine Menu Was Not Being Grouped By PlugIn Format And Folder. Fixed By Changing GCC Optimization Back To -O2 From -O3.

v3.8.5 [01-03-12]

Improved MIDI Input And Output Timing. Increased GCC Optimization Level From -O2 To -O3. Changed About Box Graphic.

v3.8.4 [12-30-11]

Fixed Crash On Loading Project With Missing PlugIns. Fixed Incorrect Use Of VST PlugIn Unique ID. Warn On Save Old Format Project In New Format.

v3.8.3 [12-18-11]

Better Loading Of Correct VST PlugIn On Project Load When VST Unique ID Is Not Unique. Quick Playing Of Notes On Pattern Editor Keys Fixed. Fixed Possible Bug In 64 Bit WaveOut Driver.

v3.8.2 [12-16-11]

Music Keys In The Pattern Editor Can Now Be Played With The Mouse To Hear A Note Or Voice Play Without Having To Add A Note To The Pattern And Play The Pattern To Hear It.

v3.8.1 [12-08-11]

Fixed Garbage In Add Machine VST Menu. Add Machine Menu Now Sorted Case Insensitive. Added Support For VST MidiKeyName.

v3.8.0 [11-27-11]

Fixed A Timing Bug With Null (Silent) Audio Output Driver.

v3.7.9 [11-18-11]

Fixed A Bug Where Choosing ASIO Audio Output When No ASIO Devices Are Detected That Would Crash The Program.

v3.7.8 [10-26-11]

Fixed A Bug Where ES Arpeggiator Would Not Initialize Correctly And Not Generate Notes.

v3.7.7 [10-24-11]

Fixed ES Arpeggiator Timing Bug. Made Studio Area And Scroll Bars Update When Activating A Machine's GUI. Icon For VST Machines And VST Path Options Changed To VST Logo.

v3.7.6 [10-20-11]

Fixed ToolBar Borders Not Drawing On Window Resize. Changed Text Color Of Some Controls. Adjusted Edit Text Borders.

v3.7.4 [10-13-11]

Fixed A Bug Causing A Crash When Loading The ES HD Recorder Track Machine When The DarkWave Studio Window Is Small.

v3.7.2 [10-07-11]

Categorized 'Add Machine' Menu Into Native And VST PlugIn SubMenus. Both Are Now Sorted Alphabetically. VST PlugIns Are Grouped Into SubMenus Judged By Which SubFolder Of The VST Path They Reside In.

v3.7.1 [10-02-11]

Fixed A Bug In ES BassHead (Polyphonic) Which Would Sometimes Cause Notes To Sustain After A Note Off Control Message And Keep Playing.

v3.7.0 [09-28-11]

Fixed Bug In Pattern Editor Where Deleting A Machine With More Than One Pattern Would Leave Patterns In Memory And Cause The Program To Crash While Saving The Project And Write A Corrupt Project File.

v3.6.9 [09-25-11]

Added Start Menu Items To Enable Or Disable ASIO Support As A Workaround For Systems With Incompatible ASIO Drivers Which Crash DarkWave Studio.

v3.6.7 [09-09-11]

More Audio Output Bug Fixes.

v3.6.6 [09-03-11]

Improved ASIO Output Support Compatibility, In Particular Detection And Selection Of Supported SampleRates.

v3.6.5 [08-27-11]

Added Machine 'ES StereoJoiner' Which Left And Right Mono Signals Into A Combined Stereo Signal.

v3.6.4 [08-25-11]

Added Machine 'ES StereoSplitter' Which Splits A Stereo Signal Into Left And Right Mono Signals.

v3.6.3 [08-16-11]

Fixed Bug In VST Adapter Which Caused A Crash When Changing Audio Output Latency Settings With A VST With Single Precision Audio Input Or Output.

v3.6.2 [08-05-11]

Updated Installer Integrated OpenCandy.

v3.6.1 [07-09-11]

Added ES Crunch PlugIn.

v3.6.0 [07-02-11]

Added ES Distort PlugIn. Fixed Some Project Loading / Saving Bugs.

v3.5.7 [06-07-11]

Fixed Non-Display Of Tracking ToolTips In 64-bit Version. When Adding A Control Change In The Pattern Editor The Tracking ToolTip Displays Immediately And You May Adjust The Control Change Vertically Straight Away. Better Handling Of Loading Projects Using Machines Which Are Not Loaded.

v3.5.6 [06-01-11]

Fixed Non-Display Of Main Volume Slider ToolTip.

v3.5.5 [05-29-11]

Restored SSE2 (Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions) Optimizations.

v3.5.4 [05-25-11]

Restored ASIO Audio Output Capability.

v3.5.2 [05-04-11]

Removed ASIO Support.

v3.5.1 [04-29-11]

Minor Graphics Bug Fix.

v3.5.0 [04-25-11]

Updated Graphical Interface Of Bundled PlugIns.

v3.4.3 [04-16-11]

Fixed Bug Causing Crash When Adjusting Audio Output Latency And Using 64-Bit Double Precision Floating Point Capable VST Instruments And Effects.

v3.4.2 [04-15-11]

Removed SSE2 Optimizations.

v3.4.1 [04-13-11]

Fixed Crash In 32-Bit Version When Loading ES Arpeggiator.

v3.4.0 [04-11-11]

Ported Project To MinGW / GCC / MSYS / NetBeans IDE.

v3.3.6 [04-08-11]

Fixed Pattern Editor Display Bugs. Fixed Deleted Pattern Left In Sequencer.

v3.3.5 [04-06-11]

Added Ticks Per Beat Control. Fixed Timing. HD Track WAV File Persisted. Pattern Shows Play Bar When Triggered By Sequencer.

v3.3.3 [03-29-11]

Added ES Arpeggiator Machine To Easily Play Arpeggios With A MIDI Keyboard.

v3.3.2 [03-11-11]

Further Fixes To Stop Intermittent Display Corruption In Sequence Editor.

v3.3.1 [03-10-11]

Fixed Sequencer Intermittent Display Bug And Selection To Left Of Sequence Track Headers.

v3.3.0 [03-03-11]

Updated Installer Integrated OpenCandy (Again).

v3.2.9 [03-01-11]

Updated Installer Integrated OpenCandy.

v3.2.8 [02-17-11]

Fixed Background Drawing Bug Causing Text Labels On ToolBar Controls To Draw Inconsistently.

v3.2.7 [01-26-11]

Fixed A Bug Which Crashed DarkWave When Resizing A Pattern With Control Tracks.

v3.2.4 [01-15-11]

Fixed A Problem Where The Default GUI For Machines Would Not Show Changes To Values When A Program Preset Was Selected.

v3.2.2 [01-07-11]

Fixed Bug In ES BassHead Synthesizer Causing Portamento And Glide To Not Work.

v3.2.1 [12-31-10]

Changed Method Of Detecting 64-Bit Windows OS Used By Detect64 During Installation.

v3.1.9 [12-18-10]

Major Changes To ES QuadDelay Machine.

v3.1.8 [12-10-10]

Improved Drawing Of Connections Between Machines. Fixed A Bug Causing The ASIO Audio Output Options Not To Resize Properly.

v3.1.7 [12-03-10]

Added Null (Silent) Wave Output Driver. Fixed Problems When No Sound Card Present. Fix ES QuadDelay Property Value Strings.

v3.1.6 [11-20-10]

Fixed CPUID Bug And Simplified CPUID Code

v3.1.5 [11-10-10]

Optimized Graphics Compositing Performance.

v3.1.4 [10-31-10]

Fixed Problem Where Machine Locations Were Saved Off-Screen When Studio Was Scrolled Away From Top Left Corner

v3.1.3 [10-18-10]

Added New Machine: 'ES ControlChange Mapper'. This Allows You To Map Incoming Control Changes (for example from ES MIDI Input) From One Index To Another.

v3.1.0 [10-01-10]

Fixed Problems With Selection Mode, Fixed Column Width Of Control Change Tracks, Disabled Moving Of Machines Off The Edge Of The Studio, Ability To Resize Patterns

v3.0.8 [09-22-10]

Updated OpenCandy. Improved Machine Menu Button.

v3.0.7 [09-06-10]

Copy And Paste Of Notes In Pattern Editor.

v3.0.6 [07-18-10]

Many Improvements To MIDI Input + Output. Default Velocity Track Settings. New About Box.

v3.0.5 [07-05-10]

Fixed bugs in AddValueToBlock and MixBlocks functions which are used by the synthesizers in the ES CoreMachines default machine package included with DarkWave Studio.

v3.0.4 [06-27-10]

Added support for sequencing external synthesizers via MIDI using the new included ES MIDI Output machine.

v3.0.2 [05-01-10]

Installer Upgraded

v3.0.1 [04-06-10]

OpenCandy Updated

v3.0.0 [02-04-10]

OpenCandy Integrated

v2.9.9 [10-24-09]

Major visual appearance upgrade. Lots of bug fixes.

v2.9.8 [08-27-09]

Major visual appearance upgrade. Lots of bug fixes.

v2.7.6 [07-31-09]

Better ASIO Support + Fixed "Unsupported Format" Bug In WaveOutDriver

v2.7.3 [04-17-09]

Removed Yahoo! Toolbar

v2.7.1 [03-23-09]

Major Update

v2.6.9 [02-26-09]

Added Project Notes Page

v2.6.8 [01-11-09]

Added Project Notes Page

v2.4 [12-18-08]

Major Update

v2.3 [11-25-08]

Major Update

v2.1 [11-01-08]

Major Update

v1.7 [10-08-08]

Made Hard Disk Recording Feature Work With Sequencer

v1.6 [09-16-08]

Made Hard Disk Recording Feature Work With Sequencer

v1.4 [08-24-08]

Major Update

v0.7 [08-02-08]

Major Update

v0.1 [07-06-08]

New Release

v20071027 [02-07-08]


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