With Pulse Master musicians can slow down music, so they can learn new songs and techniques. Independent control of music speed and pitch is made in real-time by playing it from a CD, MP3 , WMA, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, WAV , Ogg Vorbis and more.

License type : Demo. • Released : July 13, 2011 • Downloads : 376 • Cost : $29.90 Buy Cheap

Record and edit MP3 audio the fresh and fun way. Powered by Event Marks technology, multiple events are saved together with audio data, allowing you to navigate freely to the exact moments for playing back or advanced editing.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 22, 2011 • Downloads : 304 • Cost : $29.98 Buy Cheap

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Density is a new real-time software designed especially for LIVE asynchronous granular synthesis and sound file granulation, a genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 9, 2011 • Downloads : 242 • Cost : $57.60

Audio Recorder Titanium can record any sound passing through any line of your sound card. For example, you can record sound being played back by an external program, sound from a microphone, an external LP, cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM. etc.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 15, 2017 • Downloads : 427 • Cost : $29.95

Akram Audio Converter lets you convert RAM, RMVB, RA, RM, RMJ to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files. The program also supports extracting audio from Real video files and ripping audio CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR, and OGG files.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 14, 2017 • Downloads : 898 • Cost : $24.00 Buy Cheap

With Direct MP3 Recorder you can record high quality audio in 6 formats (MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4, Wave) from internal or external sources via sound card. You can do speedy recording by hot keys or signal detection, or scheduled recordings by timer.

License type : Freeware. • Released : January 12, 2011 • Downloads : 542 • Cost : $0.00 Buy Cheap

SoundCopy records audio through your soundcard to a WAV file, on demand, or automatically to a schedule. It also converts from WAV to mp3. Useful for recording meetings, conversations, dictation, backing up cassettes, recording radio programs, etc.

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 25, 2003 • Downloads : 384 • Cost : $0.00

An all-in-one pro software for podcasting that is completely integrated. Record, edit, create RSS feed, and upload all from a single program. Built-in teleprompter, Voice FX,CD ripping and burning, most complete editor available.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 8, 2006 • Downloads : 239 • Cost : $99.95

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MP3 Audio Recorder is a powerful sound recording and playing program. With it you can record sound from microphone, line-in, streaming audio from the Internet or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, DVD player, Flash

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 28, 2016 • Downloads : 281 • Cost : $19.95 Buy Cheap

WebRadioPlayer plays music from Internet radio stations (shoutcast- live stream)

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 29, 2004 • Downloads : 371 • Cost : $0.00

Easy Audio Recorder can record every sound from your computer such as microphone, line-in audio, streaming audio from online radio station, audio played by media players, DVD audio directly into high quality MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, WAV audio file.

License type : Free to try. • Released : February 12, 2017 • Downloads : 1627 • Cost : $16.95 Buy Cheap

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Start streaming live audio content with SAM Cast - The #1 Live Streaming Solution. All in one solution for your live streaming needs: Professional Sound, Stream in multiple formats and Stream live! Be up and running in 10 minutes. Download Now!

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 24, 2016 • Downloads : 571 • Cost : $199.00

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Free your audio from its limitations. Convert audio files other programs can't into MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, FLAC, WAV and many other formats. And since it converts your audio files super fast, you can spend less time waiting and more time ...

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 16, 2016 • Downloads : 484 • Cost : $18.99 Buy Cheap

Powerful editing and recording of audio files. The various filtering and sound optimization methods allow you to create individual audio files quickly and easily. Also offers numerous improvement functions for recording from tape or vinyl records.

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 1, 2016 • Downloads : 98 • Cost : $0.00

Keep written notes along with an audio recording to fully document any event. Easily transcribe the recording for a complete written record of the event. Search feature allows you to search all records for a specific word or phrase.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 28, 2014 • Downloads : 82 • Cost : $24.95

MediaProSoft Free MP3 Cutter is a practically-named program that enables you to cut & edit audio files in MP3 & many other audio formats. It provides simple visual cutting and editing that can be done just by clicking the mouse.

License type : Freeware. • Released : January 6, 2017 • Downloads : 200 • Cost : $0.00

NowSmart Talkin is designed for recording from Speakers and Microphone at the same time. It is easy to record your voice over background music, record calls on PC, record anything playing on the computer.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 1, 2012 • Downloads : 132 • Cost : $19.99

SoundTap lets you record just about any audio that plays through a Mac OS X to either wav or mp3 format including streaming radio, VoIP calls and Instant Messaging conversations.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 7, 2015 • Downloads : 299 • Cost : $34.99

Guitar Tuners lets you tune your guitar in seconds for free using a microphone so that you guarantee the perfect pitch of your instrument every time. Just play a note, and Guitar Tuners will display which note you're playing, and how close ...

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 1, 2011 • Downloads : 151 • Cost : $0.00

Ants Sound Recorder is designed to record audio streaming into audio files MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC. Then you may transfer the audio files to your iPhone or iPod with Apple iTunes software. You may also edit, play,burn the audio files on your PC.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 26, 2010 • Downloads : 214 • Cost : $14.95 Buy Cheap

Now you can easily record your voice or any other sound being played on your computer directly to the MP3 format with MP3 Recorder. Mp3 Recorder also allows you to set a bitrate of your choice.

License type : Freeware. • Released : March 15, 2010 • Downloads : 196 • Cost : $0.00

Virtual Audio Streaming lets you Broadcast/Record/Connect all kinds of sounds, no matter whether the sound is from your PC or from online audios. It adds a virtual sound card on your system and becomes an enhancement of your real sound card.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 27, 2012 • Downloads : 445 • Cost : $29.95 Buy Cheap

Abyssmedia Multi-Channel Sound Recording System (MCRS) designed for recording audio infromation from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically.

License type : Free to try. • Renewed : February 19, 2017 • Downloads : 235 • Cost : $49.95

Audio Recorder Platinum is an useful audio recorder that lets you record any audio you can play on your computer directly into MP3, WAV, OGG files. Ability to record VoIP calls. Provides build-in timer, silence detection.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 15, 2012 • Downloads : 306 • Cost : $34.95

This RCN Deezer downloader is a professional software to download Deezer music. Believe it or not, you can download any sound you like with this Deezer downloader.

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 8, 2009 • Downloads : 924 • Cost : $0.00

With friendly interface and lots of useful features provided, Tunbit MP3 WAV Converter is absolutely an excellent MP3 converter to convert WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, VQF audio formats to the most popular audio formats MP3 and WAV.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 11, 2008 • Downloads : 209 • Cost : $19.95

DRM Protection Removal. Convert DRM protected music files to plain MP3, AAC (M4A), WAV etc, at high speed and high quality. Enjoy your music and audio files on MP3 Player, CD Player, iPod etc, without any restrictions or DRM protection.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 1, 2011 • Downloads : 182 • Cost : $19.99

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Power Music Editor is a visual audio editor and recorder software solution. You can use Power Music Editor to record your own music, voice, or other audio, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts.

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 24, 2009 • Downloads : 181 • Cost : $29.95 Buy Cheap

Super Audio Grabber Pro is an easy and powerful audio grab software. You can make your own WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG files from sound card, media files ,audio CD and Internet Streaming Media perfectly!

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 10, 2007 • Downloads : 216 • Cost : $34.95

Acoustica is a comprehensive solution for audio recording, editing and mastering. The intuitive user interface was designed with speed, accuracy and ease-of-use in mind and gives access to a large set of powerful tools.

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 18, 2010 • Downloads : 335 • Cost : $39.90 Buy Cheap