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TextPipe Pro 10.7.2

Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with TextPipe Pro - a powerful text-processing workbench that combines 300+ conversion, transformation, extraction and report mining operations on UNLIMITED text or binary files of UNLIMITED size. Text mine / extract data from mainframe EBCDIC COBOL copybooks, data historians, log files, XML, HTML, delimited files. Upload Data Historian time-series data to Azure Event Hub or Azure IoT Hub. EasyPattern or perl-style regular expression search and replace. Use restrictions to control precisely where changes occur e.g. line or column ranges, XML and HTML tags and attributes, CSV- or tab-delimited fields, lines that match/do not match a pattern etc e.g. find and replace just inside the ALT text of an IMG tag, or columns 20-40 of lines 1-10). Convert files between mainframe and DOS, Macintosh and Unix line-feed formats. TextPipe can be scripted from any language using COM or automated from the command-line. Generate and modify XML, CSV, tab-delimited or fixed width database extracts. User-defined filters can be written in VBScript or JScript. TextPipe comes with an Engine that can be embedded in other applications. Audit logs keep track of the filter lists run, files modified and changes made. More than 200 example filter files are included along with a comprehensive online manual. Winner SIA 'Best Application' award

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

10.7.2 [08-11-18]

* Fixed @inputFile@ truncating last character of filename.
* Updated main memo control to fix intermittent stack overflow issue.

Other versions : 10.7 10.6 10.1 10.0.6 10.0.2 9.9.4 9.9.2 9.9 9.8.1 9.7.3 9.7.1 9.7 9.6 9.5.3 9.5 9.4 9.3.1 9.3 9.2.2 9.2.1 9.2 9.1 9.0 9 8.9.9 8.9.8 8.9.7 8.9.6 8.9.5 8.9.4 8.9.3 8.9.2 8.8.2 8.8.1 8.8 8.7 8.6.7 8.6.6 8.6.5 8.6.4 8.6.3 8.6.1 8.6 8.5.3 8.5.2 8.5.1 8.5 8.4.9 8.4.8 8.4.3 8.4 8.3.7 8.3.6 8.3.5 8.3.3 8.3.2 8.2.3 8.1.11 8.1.10 8.1.7 8.1.6 8.1.3 8.1 8.0.9 8.0.7 8.0.6 8.0.2 7.9.3 7.8.12

v10.7 [05-16-18]

* Mainframe copybook now supports JUST RIGHT clause.
* Enhanced perl regex filter to allow Unicode characters to delimit Whole
* Mainframe copybook now supplies better error message when COMP- types appear
without a PIC clause or length.

v10.6 [12-06-17]

* Field specification filters now support field names with embedded hyphens (-
), and field names with spaces can be used by surrounding them with quotes.
* A warning is now output when a field specification does not match the field
names found in a file.
* Improved error handling for script filter

v10.1 [03-23-17]

* Added 'ignore leading characters' to Mainframe Copybook filter to help
resolve common copybook processing problems.
* Added ability to save and load Shell Extension filters to tab/csv.
* Enhanced capability of search/replace list filter's edit grid.
* Enhanced log output for all filters

v10.0.6 [01-12-17]

* Fixed combo boxes being shown with a dimmed background color.
* Fixed handling of field selection when the first field is relative to the
number of fields (ie a -ve offset). Fixed handling when a relative reference
is used with a field count.
* Fixed field selection when erroneous ... used

v10.0.2 [10-14-16]

Restored Ctrl+O short cut on FileOpen.
Fixed utf-8 mode not respected on Search/Replace List filters.
Removed Buy Ribbon from registered version.
Fixed Map filter display and click-to-edit not working.

v9.9.4 [01-21-16]

Faster search/replace, UI find/replace improvements, better installer

v9.9.2 [10-02-15]

* Re-arranged UI for better user experience.
* Loading a file into the Trial Input area now does not double backslashes or
other special chars.
* Temp files used in processing Zip files, or in Convert Word/Excel/PDF to Text
are now thread-safe to avoid conflicts.

v9.9 [03-17-15]

* New Tools Menu item to search your filters for a piece of text. Perfect for
finding filters in a large filter list.

* New Replace options - replace (or skip) rest of folder. Great for websites
and other hierarchical structures.

v9.8.1 [02-04-15]

New EasyPattern [MacAddress] for firewall log processing.
Massively improved speed of filters that match against a list of patterns e.g extracting lines that match a list of 20,000 words.
Mainframe filter now detects and warns when ASCII files are processed

v9.7.3 [08-30-14]

BeyondCompare difference tool integration
Removed warning about active COM objects.
Sort function now much faster.
Removed warning about active COM objects.

v9.7.1 [08-22-14]

* BeyondCompare integration
* Sort function now much faster.
* Removed locking of TextPipe into the COM Running Object table, so COM errors
do not occur on completion of scripts.
* Upgraded PDF component.

v9.7 [05-30-14]

New EasyPatterns for file handling. Improved Mainframe conversion, Much more!

v9.6 [01-01-14]

* Trial run area now shows output progressively - giving important feedback
earlier in the filter development lifecycle.
* Now shows '(more pending)' next to the file count if more files remain to be
counted, so users aren't misled that only 1000 files will be processed.

v9.5.3 [08-30-13]

* When Utf8 Support is checked for replace filters, Unicode characters in the
search for and replace with fields are now correctly converted to UTF-8 prior
to being processed by the PCRE engine.
* Clicking [Delete] on empty areas of the Files grid no longer causes errors.

v9.5 [07-05-13]

* EasyPatterns v2.8 - new keywords EBCDICletter, EBCDICupper, EBCDIClower,
DayNameShort, DayNameLong, MonthNameShort, MonthNameLong, YearShort,
YearLong, Float, Integer.
* Mainframe copybook filter now copes with VALUES of ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES,
SPACE/SPACES and multiple comma-separated values

v9.4 [04-05-13]

* Matrix (parallel) search/replace for Exact replacements:
- now much faster - 600,000 replacements against 8MB compressed .xlsx file in
31 seconds.
* New filter to restrict processing to specified files within a compressed file.
* Handles all PKZIP compressed file types

v9.3.1 [01-08-13]

* File grid now supports Unicode characters.
* Support for Unicode pattern matches in the files grid (perl regex mode).
* Split filter now allows Unicode filenames, and Unicode file break patterns.
* Grep filters now allow Unicode patterns (when UTF-8 support mode is enabled).

v9.3 [12-20-12]

* File grid now supports Unicode characters.
* Support for Unicode pattern matches in the files grid (perl regex mode).
* Split filter now allows Unicode filenames, and Unicode file break patterns.
* Grep filters now allow Unicode patterns (when UTF-8 support mode is enabled).

v9.2.2 [09-06-12]

Fixed installer handling of x64 shell extension

v9.2.1 [09-05-12]

Bug fixes for multi-file sorting

v9.2 [08-12-12]

Performance improvements, mainframe copybook can now handle numerics only, new menus and filters, PCRE 8.30, Unicode 6.1.0

v9.1 [03-15-12]

Fixed AV's when saving or loading a file when running under Windows 7.

v9.0 [02-12-12]

Updated third-party zip DLL to improve Windows x64 support.

v9 [02-01-12]

Nex x64 Zip support, New Calculation filter, Unicode logs and much more

v8.9.9 [11-14-11]

Entering x{1234} when UTF-8 mode is enabled for a perl pattern match now does not show a validation message.

v8.9.8 [10-25-11]

Capture Text, Break on Value Change window now shows length of strings and current cursor position.

v8.9.7 [10-14-11]

Better checking for changed files with Extract matching/non-matching lines and Remove matching/non-matching lines.

v8.9.6 [09-15-11]

Windows x64 shell extension now working

v8.9.5 [09-03-11]

Fixed dimming of unavailable filters in Lite and Standard versions.

v8.9.4 [08-19-11]

Fixed Mainframe copybook filter handling of OCCURS .. DEPENDING ON .. when the Trim Fields option was checked.

v8.9.3 [07-26-11]

New search function to quickly find matching filters or external files.

v8.9.2 [07-20-11]

New search function to quickly find matching filters or external files.

v8.8.2 [04-14-11]

While loading a search/replace list, TP now responds to events.

v8.8.1 [04-11-11]

Added .ODT as a compressed file type so that OpenDocument documents can be handled just like Office .DOCX format compressed XML files.

v8.8 [03-25-11]

New context menu items for filter list, to duplicate, demote or promote filters. New file date and file size filters to help select files to be processed.

v8.7 [02-14-11]

New macro @outputFilename, Filter lists are now freed on completion, memory leaks fixed and more

v8.6.7 [11-10-10]

Backup mode now operates correctly on the input file

v8.6.6 [10-22-10]

New 'atomic' keyword allows EasyPatterns to match either all or none of a group

v8.6.5 [09-13-10]

Shell extension now supports Unicode filenames – fixed error with only the first letter of menu options being shown.

v8.6.4 [08-25-10]

Improved Unicode file handling, fixed problem where status messages were occasionally lost or doubled up.

v8.6.3 [08-14-10]

Partial support for Unicode filenames, Fixed bug with output files causing file rename errors.

v8.6.1 [07-09-10]

Uninstaller now does not require explorer.exe (Explorers and Task bar) to be closed

v8.6 [06-22-10]

File list is generated in parallel with processing - so work commences immediately, even with millions of files to process.

v8.5.3 [05-20-10]

Fixed bug in MultiCPU version with Split CPU filter stopping output files being written.

v8.5.2 [05-12-10]

Improvements for handling network connections becoming unavailable

v8.5.1 [04-15-10]

Fixed bug with HTML filter when 'Include text' is unchecked, and the open tag has no attributes e.g. ...

v8.5 [04-10-10]

Improved operation under Vista/Windows 7 - restored drag/drop etc. Database filter now copes with multiple record sets from a single query

v8.4.9.1 [02-25-10]

Mainframe copybook filter - alpha fields now have quotes added around them, and existing quotes are doubled up to escape them.

v8.4.9 [02-23-10]

Mainframe copybook filter - alpha fields now have quotes added around them, and existing quotes are doubled up to escape them.

v8.4.8 [12-10-09]

Added [alphanumeric] and [numeric] to EasyPatterns, fixed validation bug

v8.4.3 [11-05-09]

Fixed shell extension not starting filters correctly.

v8.4 [10-08-09]

Pre-compiling of replace expressions for faster replacing, UTF-8 grep support, simultaneous search for 300,000+ phrases, break on change debug for globals

v8.3.7 [07-17-09]

Simultaneous search replace, remove empty output files, Mainframe Copybook enhancements

v8.3.6 [07-03-09]

Fixed trim performance for mainframe copybooks

v8.3.5 [05-12-09]

Fixed memory leak, VBScript/JScript code generation, blank field handling

v8.3.3 [04-15-09]

Logging changes, set global variables on command line etc

v8.3.2 [03-10-09]

Now allows %Environment Vars% in filenames and more.

v8.2.3 [12-16-08]

Now recognizes the new Office 2007 format .xlsx (e.g. search/replace lists).

v8.1.11 [10-08-08]

Fixed buffer underrun problem with search/replace filter, where maximum match sizes larger than 4KB were not correctly performed.

v8.1.10 [09-15-08]

T-filter and other improvements

v8.1.7 [08-02-08]

Fixed problem loading replace filters from versions 7.8.3 and older with @ or $ in the replacement text.

v8.1.6 [07-12-08]

Added new filter to Restrict to UTF-8 files

v8.1.3 [06-19-08]

Fixed bugs, discrepancies and enhanced internal patterns to prevent stack overflow errors

v8.1 [05-10-08]

Globals can now be set on the command line using the syntax @name=value with a space between each set of values.

v8.0.9 [04-18-08]

New extended logging for Remove Blank Lines, Remove Blanks from Start/End of Line.

v8.0.7 [03-15-08]

Zoned decimal conversions now allow positive and negative signs.

v8.0.6 [02-26-08]

When run from the command line, TextPipe now does not show a dialog on errors such as a filter file could not be loaded. An exit code is set and the log file written instead.

v8.0.2 [02-02-08]

Task Menu filters now open a status window so that progress and/or errors can be reviewed.

v7.9.3 [07-09-07]

New COM functions, shred filters, pattern matching supports up to 99 named expressions and more!

v7.8.12 [11-29-06]

New COM functions, shred filters, pattern matching supports up to 99 named expressions and more!

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