BAAC offers ZUD, for Zero Unscheduled Downtime, a CMMS database program for small to midsize organizations and manufacturing who want to gather history on equipment maintenance or inventory, then use that data to reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

BAAC, Inc. makes there revenue by supporting our clients with low cost annual support or clients may opt to purchase our services as needed. There are various levels of annual support as well as individual pricing such as network setup assistance to use the program on a network with multiple users.

The ZUDInstall.exe file is a winzip executable file that installs all files to C:UD, no other hidden files are installed. To remove the program from your computer only requires deleting the C:UD folder.

All the below features in one data file for easy backup

Complete Users' Guide
Communication Logs
Vendor Management
Task/Work Order Management
Inventory Management
Equipment Management
Preventive Maintenance
Repair Maintenance
Equipment/Inventory Relationship
Equipment/PM Relationship
PM Auto Creation
PM Planning
PM Scheduling
Base PM's on Days/Cycles/hours
Assign work orders
Equipment Specifications
Document/Media Control
Self Learning Troubleshooting
Sub Equipment
PM Data Recording (Up to 6/PM)
Over 30 built in reports
SPC charts on Equipment Downtime
MTBF and MTTR reports
Base PM's on Days/Cycles/hours
Employee/User Management
Employee Time Card Management
User Security
Training Management

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

J3-16-D [01-01-19]

Highlighted Priority in Open Work Orders, added ability when viewing selected PM master assignments to EDIT the PM master to a different one (eliminates need to completely redo it)

Other versions : 06-16-2017 02-26-2017 08-15-2016 07-28-2016 03-16-2016 09-02-2015 01-12-15 01-01-15 10-02-2014 2614.04 2614.02 01-25-2014 01-22-2014 01-16-2014 11-18-2013 09-21-2013 09-04-2013 09-02-2013 08-19-2013 07-25-2013 06-12-2013 05-15-2013 05-13-2013 04-22-2013 03-25-2013 02-02-2013 12-31-12 12-04-12 11-28-12 11-15-12 11-06-12 10-09-12 10-02-12 08-20-12 08-01-12 06-30-12 05-29-12 05-04-12 04-09-12 04-09-12B 04-09-12A 03-12-12 03-02-12 02-29-12 02-27-12 02-09-12 01-09-2012 01-05-2012 01-04-2012 12-09-2011 11-24-2011 11-17-2011 10-30-2011 10-3-2011

v06-16-2017 [06-28-17]

Enhanced All History Report for Equipment to include Hours and Costs with a total Work order cost. Also top of report includes totals for All Work Orders

v02-26-2017 [03-09-17]

3 new Equipment Cost Reports, standardized formatting of Equipment Cycle/Hours

v08-15-2016 [10-24-16]

Improvement to WO calendar

v07-28-2016 [08-02-16]

Ability to email assigned employee changes to Work order schedule/assignments/priority. Ability to email closed Work order summary as an attachement to one email address.

v03-16-2016 [03-19-16]

Several small improvements/enhancements to existing functions, added calendar view for open work orders

v09-02-2015 [09-06-15]

Improvements to a few processes, new reports, 64 bit version

v01-12-15 [01-15-15]

New Installation Files for all Versions, new Equip Spec and configuration reporting

v01-01-15 [01-07-15]

New Versions for Access 2007-2010 (32 bit and 64 bit), ability to build inventory "Kits" from current inventory parts

v10-02-2014 [10-07-14]

New ability to record Reminders for for the next PM (PM Work Orders) or Equipment Related (Non PM Work Orders), new capability to recored Equipment Rental, Costs and Labor

v2614.04 [04-28-14]

Corrected issue with viewing repeat work orders when auto creating review

v2614.02 [02-28-14]

Added capability when auto issue inventory is set that it will update the Master Inventory On Hand qty but will never go below zero

v01-25-2014 [01-25-14]

Improved the WO closed detail form with command buttons to Vendor Activity, and checks before going to equipment detail if the WO is not equipment related

v01-22-2014 [01-23-14]

Default WO sort not working, any setting beside WO descending would produce an automation error. This has been corrected

v01-16-2014 [01-17-14]

Added View Parts Issued (Equip Detail History, then WO detail), Locked WO Vendor assign IF activity logged, new Vendor Report for selected Vendor WO activity

v11-18-2013 [11-19-13]

Added Vendor Category to Master List, can now filter by this category. Added Cycles(Miles) and hour readings for WO history from Equipment Detail

v09-21-2013 [09-22-13]

2 Reports in Master Reports Menu and Master Area/Client List for Open and Completed Work Orders

v09-04-2013 [09-06-13]

Minor changes for some formatting issues from last update

v09-02-2013 [09-04-13]

Enhanced the Line Area to include Client Management for Service Organizations. Button name changed from Line / Area to Area / Client.

v08-19-2013 [08-27-13]

corrected error when closing a repair work order, it would not set status to closed

v07-25-2013 [07-28-13]

Added ability to log employee miles, other usage when updating cycles/miles/hours. Added ability to deactivate a PM for all equipment assignments

v06-12-2013 [06-14-13]

Minor mods to Open WO list, report selections changed to green command buttons. Prevent same PM to be attached to Equip from Detail form, Added Equip Location to View Change Log

v05-15-2013 [05-21-13]

Added new fields to show times used for Symptom/Failure/Action/Cause codes. This greatly helps in cleaning up the codes for transfer to FMEA and troublshooting assistant

v05-13-2013 [05-11-13]

Added new command button to set trusted location for new Access 2013, added unit ID/serial number or VIN to PM's due this week report

v04-22-2013 [04-23-13]

Added ability to set trusted Locations for Access 2007/2010 with command buttons. added a equipment keyword filter for on the view equipment log hours/cycles (miles) form

v03-25-2013 [03-25-13]

New WO completion requirements if Cycles (Miles) or Hours are tracked for PM triggers, recording these is required if needed on closing Work Order. Added these fields to many Equipment/Work Order Reports

v02-02-2013 [02-06-13]

Corrected Auto Issue option when using Access 2007/10. Removed add qty on Inv Master, replaced with Move Inventory function when same part is stored in multiple locations

v12-31-12 [12-29-12]

Enhanced Project Tracking Reports, New custom WO summary reports for Clients with support, New Option for Auto Issue Inventory to Work Order

v12-04-12 [12-06-12]

Enhanced Project Tracking with new fields and ability to assign work orders to be grouped by project. Next update will include Reports/Exports

v11-28-12 [12-02-12]

Added Project Assignment to open and closed WO detail, Next update will have reports for WO's grouped by Project

v11-15-12 [11-16-12]

Added new feature to assign inventory to PM's and qantity required, new reports generated to view PM's with insufficient or suffecient quantities on hand to complete the PM

v11-06-12 [11-07-12]

Added year and make for those clients tracking Vehicle Maintenance, current cycle field can double as current mileage.

v10-09-12 [10-10-12]

Added a formsizer option for many of the main forms to fit the users screen size

v10-02-12 [10-02-12]

Added Global Values for Org Downtime cost/hr and Labor Overhead rate, minor improvement to many downtime reports. Added Check on install for Critical MS Access Reference, Halt if missing with instructions

v08-20-12 [08-27-12]

Added Single Order Detail Report to Open/Closed Summary forms and Detail Forms

v08-01-12 [08-02-12]

New function for assigning craft/skill to employees with standard rate. New reports for equipment maintenance costs to augment reports for downtime/labor hours-Scheduled and Unscheduled

v06-30-12 [07-03-12]

Rearranged Data Utility Menu to prevent accidently Restoring Data prior to a Backup Data

v05-29-12 [05-30-12]

Added new capability for client custom inventory barcode modules, must subscribe to support

v05-04-12 [05-21-12]

Expanded Location field for Equipment from 20 characters to 100 characters

v04-09-12 [05-04-12]

Minor formatting changes

v04-09-12B [04-24-12]

Minor change to Program Description

v04-09-12A [04-22-12]

New Release for fee based version to limit support / program capability reminders to 1/week

v03-12-12 [03-12-12]

New Option to Auto Assign Pri Employee when Auto Creating PM's, New View/Report to view the Work Order History for a Selected PM in the Equip/PM master list

v03-02-12 [03-06-12]

Added Equipment Assigned Employee to the Master Listing for easier assignments. This employee is designated as the primary person responsible for the maintenance of the list equipment. If permissions are set to view only Work Orders where they are assigned to, those work orders assigned to the ite

v02-29-12 [03-01-12]

Added new reports / options for Open Work Orders by Line/Area

v02-27-12 [02-28-12]

Fixed assign employee date, fixed assign to work order in employee detail, added hyperlink for PM detail, new capability to bump all users off in a network environment

v02-09-12 [02-13-12]

Fixed Exporting of PM Performance, problem was due to last change in PM Performance Reports

v01-09-2012 [01-07-12]

Corrected PM performance Reports for Percentage and Quantities. There was an issue when going from last year to the new year

v01-05-2012 [01-04-12]

Added new function to set a PM as Daily and Record completion each day, new reports added also for open and closed summaries of daily PM's

v01-04-2012 [12-27-11]

New Vendor Reports for Hours worked

v12-09-2011 [12-11-11]

Modified Completed Work Order Report by Date Range to show total Work Order Count and Hours worked including overtime

v11-24-2011 [11-24-11]

Added Preview Auto Create PM's Prior to creating WO's, New Reports-View Repeat WO's and History, Volunteer vs. Paid Hours

v11-17-2011 [11-17-11]

Corrected Auto Log In Issue resulting from last update that added filtering for open Work Orders

v10-30-2011 [11-05-11]

New Features to filter Open Work Orders, New function to track Vendor Assigned WO's time and material costs

v10-3-2011 [10-04-11]

View Open WO's by Line/Area, Assign Employee/Log Hours on WO Detail/Complete form

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