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Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition 14.0

Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition (AMSSE) is a powerful and easy-to-use eMail sender & scheduler, you can use it to send eMails automatically at anytime and any frequency as you expect. You can set various sending schedules, such as yearly, monthly (by day number, day name or last day), weekly, daily and any other schedules you can think of. AMSSE provides all the traditional eMail elements/functions and some distinctive elements/functions such as sending schedule, sending one-by-one, repeat sending, resending if failed, macro supportable and has some built-in macros, folder attachment supportable, SMTP accounts list and automatic selecting the available one, custom sender/read receipt receiver/reply receiver/sending time, using recipients files to send eMail directly, selecting/saving receivers from/to txt/csv/xls(x) files, creating the popular SMTP accounts directly, auto-complete SMTP account settings, and so on. You can inform yourself or others, submit work logs or documents, and send the routine business eMails, surely, make ads and greet your family members or friends at their important day (for instance: birthday) through use of AMSSE.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

14.0 [05-16-18]

Can directly use a file as the receivers source. Uses the new version of our own SMTP component, more powerful and stable! Can get a notice by eMail when the license is about to expire, with "How many days in advance?" setting. Supports to add attachments by drag-and-drop. And many more.

Other versions : 13.0 12.0 11.0 10.0 9.0 8.0 7.0 6.0 5.22 5.20 5.11 5.10 5.02 5.01 5.0 4.24 4.23 4.22 4.21 4.20 4.10 4.04

v13.0 [11-06-17]

Fully supports native Slovene. Supports to select any valid audio as background music. Supports to select any valid images as background picture. Integrated the following functions to the toolbar of HTML email editor: insert horizontal line, add/remove background color/sound/image. And more.

v12.0 [08-04-17]

Fully supports native Russian. Macro related data will be automatically updated. More perfect for any DPI settings. Recorded time in the Service log (service.log). Only allows No. 28 for February. Supports to select the recipient by mouse-click when typing. Optimized the input prompt. And more.

v11.0 [04-27-17]

Can copy out all 'Failure' receivers for a selected log on the "Logs" interface. Can delete two or more templates in one time. Fully supports native Turkish. Changed the default font of eMail content/editor from "Courier New" to "Verdana". Categories all options better. And more.

v10.0 [10-01-16]

Made the automatic sending feature (core function) as a Windows Service. Adds the "Hourly" schedule. No longer ask you the number of columns when you import receivers from the recipients file. Supports to input the recipient by click the item of input prompt when you typing. And more.

v9.0 [06-30-16]

Optimized the (E)SMTP component to get the faster sending. Updates the license offer spent instantly after registered license successfully. If the content, attachment or inner picture are big, some email servers may reject the message (will get "500 5.5.0 Line too long" bounce message). And more.

v8.0 [05-19-16]

New integrated main interface. supports multi-language. Uses the Segoe UI font for all interface. Complete Unicode supported. Uses the stronger exception processing algorithm and removed the debugger. Do not need to input the delimitation characters ({}) for [Macro name] again. And many more.

v7.0 [03-03-16]

Integrates templates/schedules/queue management and template opening/editing in one interface. New and powerful log management interface. Supports to display and manage the eMailing queue. Supports multi-threading in one-by-one mode. And more dozens of important features / improvements / bug fixes.

v6.0 [03-03-16]

Supports the long subject. Optimized the Internet connection checking and license key verifying techniques. Fixed: on Vista or later systems: it may cannot save new templates or delete the existing templates, and many other important features and fixes. In short: this is a VERY IMPORTANT release.

v5.22 [11-02-11]

Improved TLS protocol implementation (specially, supports Office 365 SMTP server ( Provides online web help, important feature. Optimized the logic of macros replacement. Writes a file to the empty folder attachment, else, the receivers cannot open this folder attachment, and so on.

v5.20 [07-29-11]

Features: supports emptying folder after sent it successfully (very important). Works perfectly under ANY system language/format settings, especially weekly scheduling (very important). Simplified the self-recommendation word. Optimized some texts for help document, program and official site. Updated some screenshots for help document and official site. Fixed: sometimes, cannot work on Win7 perfectly due to the permissions of data files (very important).

v5.11 [12-06-10]

Optimized some texts for help document and official site. Sometimes, cannot modify your settings on Windows Vista+ systems (important fixed for Vista+ users).

v5.10 [11-24-10]

Supports TLS security connect (such as Hotmail SMTP server, important feature). Upgrades license offers: Free license (20 -> 50 e-mails monthly), Personal license (200 -> 300 e-mails monthly), Home license (600 -> 900 e-mails monthly). Important feature. Provides more detail about licenses introduction. Provides more detail if you can not connect to the Internet. Provides upgrade service. Fixed: inappropriate icon on upgrade question box.

v5.02 [10-12-10]

Sometimes, new version checker and updates message are incorrect. Sometimes, the tooltips of the toolbar buttons cannot show.

v5.01 [09-27-10]

Check the network connection when starting AMSSE, in order to verify your license key properly. Sometimes, the Scheduler can not get your license offer. Sometimes, AMSSE will change your default email client setting, now, never.

v5.0 [08-05-10]

Supports at the same time to set more than one sending (accurate to the minute), email content, signature and subject support Unicode characters, includes loading, displaying, editing, previewing and sending actions. No matter which encoding specified, it can display non-ASCII attachments name always. Provides more auto-complete fields on the 'Add/Edit SMTP Account...' interface to get more friendly operations. Optimized all actions that under the 'Edit' menu.

v4.24 [06-30-10]

Features: supports custom sender completely (important feature). Checks duplicate when attach files (important feature). Canceled maximizing feature for the subject box (does not need). Uses the shorter license key. Fixed: when restore the content area, if the attachments box is maximum, the interface will be a little messy. The attachments box is too narrow, this will cause that can not through double-click to maximize it and can not see the attachments list properly. Can not attach too many files (30+) to the attachments box once.

v4.23 [06-17-10]

Features: new menu item: 'Retrieve Your License Key' under the 'Help' menu. Made the friendlier license key verifying method. Provides more functions in the tray icon menu.Fixed: a few email servers or email clients can identify and display the BCC addresses (important bug). The case issue of support email' subject.

v4.22 [05-25-10]

Features: Checks the network environment strictly before checks the latest version. Fills email subject and content automatically after clicked the support link in the help document. Lets 'Last Day' schedule option as the first option in the 'Monthly' list and added a few notes for this option in the help document. Added some explanations for licenses. Sets the property of AMSSE data folder as normal, so that users can send it to us easily for support request. Renamed 'Auto Mail Sender' to 'Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition' due to product line development needs. Fixed: Sometimes, monthly sending schedule will be chaotic (important bug).

v4.21 [04-08-10]

Features: supports folder attachments (important feature). Supports debugging (important feature). Improved the UI response speed. New help chapter - "Start, exit and debug AMS". Added the 'Subscribe to AMS Blog' RSS Feed' feature to the help menu. Added some notes about attachment and AMS blog to the help document. Fixed: the validity check of email template is not rigorous. No existing check for attachments when saving, opening and sending email. If attach multiple files once, sometimes the attachment icon does not display properly. In the manual sending mode, if there are duplicate attachment names, then the sent email only displays the first duplicate name properly.

v4.20 [03-16-10]

Features: made the scheduler as a single process (AScheduler.exe), so as to: make the noninterference in manual sending and automatic sending, separate the UI, data and automatic sending process, avoid the UI does not respond or slow response when send emails automatically and close the UI but retain the schedule. Some notes for the SMTP Accounts setting in the help document. New menu items: 'Close UI' and 'Exit Completely' under 'File' menu. New menu item: 'AMS Official Blog' under the 'Help' menu. New payment method - PayPal. Fixed: some inappropriate text on the 'About Auto Mail Sender' interface.

v4.10 [01-25-10]

Features: new UI. Includes new toolbar, splash interface, license logos and main icons. Some optimizations UI and document. Fixed: restore options will reset license type. On the 'Options -> Signatures' tab page, press will prompt to delete current item.

v4.04 [12-10-09]

Features: Repeat sending supportable. Macros supportable. Proxy servers list. SMTP accounts list. In the automatic sending mode, select the available SMTP account to send email automatically if the saved one is unavailable in the email template and select the available proxy server to connect to the SMTP server automatically if the default is unavailable. Data export/import (includes importing data from v3.xx of AMS) supportable. Supports selecting sheet(s) from Excel/previewing workbook when select recipients from Excel document. Supports selecting recipients from Excel 2007 document. Supports sending interval control for OBO mode to disencumber the frequency limitation for a few (E)SMTP servers. New splash interface. New program icon. New toolbar buttons. Supports sort for 'Custom Senders' and 'Signatures' lists. Supports Windows Vista and Windows 7. Supports 'Copy' for 'Proxy Servers', 'SMTP Accounts' and 'Custom Senders' lists. Supports display online manual directly on every interface. Supports shortcut for the all the text with icon buttons. Provides the bigger font size for all lists to get the friendlier UI. Supports double-clicking to edit data and pressing to delete data for all lists to get the friendlier UI. Provides the prompts before deleting data thoroughly. Checks the new version automatically. Supports creating the popular SMTP accounts directly, such as Gmail, Hotmail. Provides the all-round, friendly and powerful help document. Provides the operation flowchart. Fixed: If there is invalid row in the txt/csv recipients file, importing action will terminate when select recipients from file. Uses the identical icon for the button. Can not display tooltips for toolbar buttons sometimes. Improper initial location of 'Add/Edit Sender' interface. Can not switch to 'SMTP Accounts' page properly when call this option page in other modules. The input prompt can not work properly after started. Can not set the format and font of content editor after started sometimes. Uses the bold label for some ambiguous interface elements. Some wrong/unsuitable text and prompts of program.

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