VueMinder Ultimate 11.2.7

VueMinder Ultimate is a full-featured calendar and reminder program. It combines all your event, tasks, note, and contact data into one convenient place, with the ability to extend that data with custom fields or link data items to each other. Data can also be shared over your local network - perfect for offices looking for an inexpensive and secure way to keep staff in sync.

VueMinder supports automatic 2-way event and task synchronization with Google Calendar and can show your schedule regardless of whether you happen to be online or offline. Data can also sync with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.

A calendar browser allows addition of many calendars, such as holidays, local weather, and more. You can also create your own calendars, which overlay in day, week, month, timeline, year, and list views. Items can be filtered or colored based on associated calendar, category, priority, or location. VueMinder also provides convenient access to your schedule directly from the Windows desktop via a semi-transparent calendar that blends nicely with the desktop's background image.

Data can be imported from a variety of sources, including ICS, CSV, and Excel. Data export and ICS publishing capabilities are also provided. Calendars can be saved as web pages for viewing on your website. Print features are also provided, with a large range of layout styles and a preview window that dynamically refreshes to show exactly what will be printed.

VueMinder truly shines in the way it handles the display of reminders, which can be popup windows and unobtrusive desktop alerts. Reminders can be configured to play media files or even recite text-to-speech descriptions. Reminders can be scheduled based on both the start and end of an event or task. Reminders can also be scheduled for transmission to yourself or others via email, SMS, or phone.

Despite its many powerful features, VueMinder Ultimate is incredibly easy to learn and was developed with great attention to detail.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

11.2.7 [01-26-15]

-Improved readability of event tooltips and added an option to show larger text.
-Improved performance when a large number of categories, locations, or tasks have been defined.
-Corrected problems syncing with Exchange Server.
-Corrected syncing of contact notes with Google Contacts.

Other versions : 11.2.6 11.2.5 11.2.4 11.2.3 11.2.1 11.2.0 11.1.1 11.1.0 11.0.5 11.0.4 11.0.3 11.0.2 11.0.1 11.0.0 10.1.9 10.1.8 10.1.7 10.1.6 10.1.5 10.1.4 10.1.3 10.1.2 10.1.0 10.0.1 10.0.0 9.1.3 9.1.2 9.1.1 9.1.0 9.0.3 9.0.2 9.0.1 9.0.0

v11.2.6 [01-05-15]

-Corrected a problem with the "Add Google Calendar" command not adding the selected calendar to VueMinder.
-Corrected pasting events, tasks, and notes that have links to other items.

v11.2.5 [01-02-15]

-Added Greek translation.
-Added option to control who can delete events in a shared calendar.
-Improved performance when sharing calendars.
-Improved entering SMS reminder recipients to allow filtering by partial name.
-Corrected performance when deleting categories.
-Other fixes and improvements.

v11.2.4 [12-21-14]

-Added Catalan translation.
-Added the ability to export contacts to the Google Contacts CSV file format.
-Improved time picker to reduce scrolling.
-Corrected syncing of reminders with Exchange Server.
-Other bug fixes and improvements.

v11.2.3 [08-11-14]

-Added a Russian translation.
-Added a Sync Now button to the Sharing Options.
-Updated to use the latest Google Calendar API.
-Corrected syncing with MySQL Server. In some cases, VueMinder would freeze or duplicate events would appear.
-Other corrections and improvements.

v11.2.1 [07-19-14]

-Added ability to enter times using 24-hour format without colons.
-Corrected problems sharing calendars over local network.
-Corrected problems syncing calendars with Exchange Server.
-Corrected sort order of Duration column in Event and Task Lists.
-Other minor corrections and improvements.

v11.2.0 [06-20-14]

-Translated to Polish and Croatian.
-Added the ability for shared calendars to also be published or synced w/ Google Calendar.
-Improved reliability of calendar sharing when simultaneous changes are made or changes made while offline.
-Corrected syncing of categories, locations, and priorities.

v11.1.1 [05-03-14]

-Added an option to not include reminders when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected syncing with Microsoft Exchange.
-Corrected syncing of event locations when calendars are shared through MySQL Server.
-Corrected a problem with tasks not appearing in the task list on the Desktop Calendar.

v11.1.0 [04-26-14]

-Improved calendar sharing to use a new mechanism for syncing data. Calendars will now sync instantly and be 100% accurate.
-Improved syncing of reminder status when sharing calendars.
-Improved the Sharing Options with a "View Log" button.
-Many other improvements and corrections.

v11.0.5 [03-04-14]

-Improved the task tray icon to make the date easier to read.
-Corrected duplicate instances of recurring events when importing or subscribing to an ICS file.
-Corrected a DST problem syncing with Google Calendar in the GMT+00 time zone.
-Corrected meeting requests when sent as email reminders.

v11.0.4 [02-24-14]

-Corrected daylight savings time problems when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected events appearing at the wrong times when imported from some ICS files.
-Corrected calendar colors not importing from ICS files.
-Corrected recurring event deletions/variations in exported ICS files.

v11.0.3 [02-17-14]

-Added the ability to send meeting request reminders.
-Added the ability to schedule email/SMS reminders after events or tasks are due, instead of only before.
-Corrected a problem waking from sleep mode to send email/SMS reminders.
-Corrected exporting/importing ICS files.
-Minor corrections.

v11.0.2 [02-12-14]

-Added the ability to copy/paste mailing addresses in the Contact Editor.
-Added a right-click menu for data fields in the Contact Editor.
-Added an option to show a Location column in the popup reminder window.
-Added an option for voice reminders to speak each letter of acronyms.
-Bug fixes.

v11.0.1 [02-04-14]

-Corrected a problem with some computers being unable to sync with Google Calendar.
-Corrected a problem with some recurring events not syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected a problem with SMS reminders not being sent to all the specified recipients.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v11.0.0 [01-25-14]

-Added the ability to automatically sync with Google Contacts.
-Improved the Contact Editor to support multiple email addresses, phone numbers, and other data types with custom labels.
-Improved selection of email, SMS, and phone reminder recipients.
-Improved Google Calendar sync.
-Much more.

v10.1.9 [04-19-13]

-Improved the 'New Event for Contact' command to include the contact as a default recipient for any email, SMS, or voice phone reminders.
-Corrected a problem with multi-day events overlapping other events.
-Corrected several problems related to recurring events when publishing and/or subscribing.

v10.1.8 [04-06-13]

-Added default settings for event titles and recurrence patterns.
-Improved the day tooltip/details to indicate recurring events.
-Corrected syncing of reminders with Google Calendar.
-Corrected publishing of calendars.
-Corrected printing the Monthly layout when fonts are larger than 100%.

v10.1.7 [03-17-13]

-Added an option to show tooltips when hovering over events in generated web page calendars.
-Improved performance.
-Improved phone reminders with an option to press 9 on the keypad to repeat the reminder.
-Improved emailing of events to automatically include any attached files in the email.

v10.1.6 [02-23-13]

-Translated to Armenian, Czech, and Norwegian.
-Improved the Weekly print layout with an option to span a single week across multiple pages.
-Improved the daily recurrence pattern to support intervals up to 999 days.
-Corrected selection of an end date for a recurring series.
-Minor corrections.

v10.1.5 [02-10-13]

-Added a "Quick Color" command.
-Added the ability to lock items so they can't be accidentally edited or deleted.
-Added an appearance theme that looks similar to Office 2013 and Windows 8.
-Improved performance.
-Corrected permissions on shared notes.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v10.1.4 [01-19-13]

-Added toolbar buttons for copying and pasting item appearances.
-Improved the display of contact information in the Details Pane.
-Added the ability to print contact information.
-Improved the mini calendar to show a box around today's date.
-Corrected an error when entering times via keyboard.

v10.1.3 [01-11-13]

-Translated to Chinese (Traditional).
-Improved time picker.
-Improved deletion of events from calendar subscriptions.
-Improved handling of past reminders in a recurring series.
-Corrected syncing with Microsoft Exchange.
-Corrected snoozing of reminders.
-Minor corrections and improvements.

v10.1.2 [01-02-13]

-Translated to Finnish.
-Added ability to sync with Outlook 2013.
-Improved popup reminders to make snoozing easier.
-Corrected copying/pasting of events, tasks, and notes.
-Corrected syncing of individual event colors with Google Calendar.
-Many minor corrections and improvements.

v10.1.0 [12-02-12]

- Improved the event tooltips to be less intrusive and allow easier enabling or disabling.
- Corrected the default snooze time of reminders to match the snooze time previously specified.
- Corrected opening of recurring events from the Today summary.
- Other minor corrections and improvements.

v10.0.1 [11-20-12]

- Improved the event tooltips to be less intrusive and allow easier enabling or disabling.
- Corrected the default snooze time of reminders to match the snooze time previously specified.
- Corrected opening of recurring events from the Today summary.
- Other minor corrections and improvements.

v10.0.0 [11-13-12]

- Translated to Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, more
- Added ability to sync with Microsoft Exchange
- Improved Details Pane to show Today summary
- Improved content of tooltips, Details Pane, and popup reminders
- Improved text editor to support tables, lists, clipart, etc.

v9.1.3 [06-24-12]

-Added a search button to the Desktop Calendar and task tray icon menu.
-Improved Google Calendar authentication and offline operation.
-Corrected problems syncing recurring events from Google Calendar.
-Corrected snoozing and dismissing of recurring event reminders.
-Minor bug fixes.

v9.1.2 [05-26-12]

-Improved Google Calendar syncing authorization.
-Corrected syncing with Google Calendar after creating a new recurring event in VueMinder. The event was sometimes duplicated.
-Corrected missing events in the Upcoming Events list on the Desktop Calendar.
-Minor corrections and improvements.

v9.1.1 [05-21-12]

-Improved reliability of calendar sharing over local network.
-Corrected a number of problems with Google Calendar syncing.
-Corrected high CPU use while offline or connection is blocked by a firewall.
-Corrected dismissing secondary reminders.
-Corrected web page output to include date colors.

v9.1.0 [04-30-12]

-Added ability to select background images for dates.
-Added new options for overlaying calendars in day, week, and month views.
-Added color sidebars to show item categories or priorities.
-Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v9.0.3 [03-05-12]

-Improved printing to default the date range based on what is currently displayed.
-Improved the popup reminder window to accept Alt+S and Alt+D shortcuts for snoozing and dismissing.
-Corrected a number of problems related to Google Calendar syncing.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v9.0.2 [02-22-12]

-Corrected a number of Google Calendar syncing problems.
-Improved snoozing of multiple reminders when closing the popup reminder window.
-Corrected resizing of events in the Day and Week views.
-Corrected undoing (Ctrl+Z) event deletion.
-Corrected auto-sorting of contacts when filtering.

v9.0.1 [02-11-12]

-Added the ability to zoom the calendar via the Ctrl key and mouse wheel.
-Added support for scrolling the Details Pane by using the mouse wheel.
-Improved the appearance of events.
-Improved the popup reminder window to match the font size of associated events.
-Minor fixes and improvements.

v9.0.0 [01-30-12]

Initial release

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