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APS Accounting & Stock Control

APS combines powerful multi currency client/server multilingual accounting software, Human resource and stock ( inventory) control and Point of Sale features with deferent types of transactions such as Cost Centers, Journal Entries, Receipt & Payment Vouchers,printing cheques with custom design and wide range of reports such as general ledger, profit and loss, trial balance, statement of account, aging report, Taccounts and balance sheet and a simple human resource (payroll) application with an attendnace, abscent and delays system with a salary report calculates salary deduction and much more and a complete Stock (inventory) Control features such as item production, Item Card, Vendor Card, Checking Stock, item freight tracker on google maps, printing sales invoices,Generate barcodes reports, calculated indirect tax fields and transactions reports guaranteed to insure satisfaction from all users of the systems. Data entry operators to managers alike will appreciate the simplicity of the products, also Global features such as easy to select between standalone , network and web installation, Unlimited Companies & Financial Years, Visual Account Tree, Visual Stock Tree (simply drag & drop to create invoices) , Exporting Financial Reports to Excel, Skinnable User Interface, user custom reports can be posted to excel, centralized database control tool, Menu Security, live update wizard, remote/local Backup & Restore option, language editor to add your own language, remote database connections over internet, import/export wizard (from 19 deferent sources) ,Multi Currency, a complete third party report designer and data repair option make APS the ideal choice as the central accounting software and stock control for small to mid sized firm

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [01-21-18]

- Adds security check for stock quantity in invoice

Other versions : 2.7.2

v4.3.3.12 [12-06-17]

- Fixes Orders Report parameters values- Adds Order No to Store Card Report- Disable Order No on Invoices transactions for posted invoices- Disable enter button for empty items lines in transactions

v4.3.3.11 [12-05-17]

- Fixes Orders Report parameters values- Adds Order No to Store Card Report- Disable Order No on Invoices transactions for posted invoices- Disable enter button for empty items lines in transactions

v4.3.3.9 [12-03-17]

- Fixes Orders Report parameters values- Adds Order No to Store Card Report- Disable Order No on Invoices transactions for posted invoices- Disable enter button for empty items lines in transactions

v4.3.3.4 [07-22-17]

- Fixes bugs

v4.3.2.2 [09-14-14]

- Fixes bug when using fractions in items quantity- Fixes bug in item production transaction and reports

v4.3.2.1 [12-15-12]

- Fixes bug when using fractions in items quantity- Fixes bug in item production transaction and reports

v4.3.1.6 [11-25-12]

- Fixes small bug in average cost formula

v4.3.1.4 [11-14-12]

- Adds new skins

v4.3.1.2 [08-19-12]

- Fixes bug in item google map tracker - Adds new skins

v4.3.1.1 [08-02-12]

- New database build - Adds new skins

v4.3.1.0 [06-04-12]

- Adds item freight tracker on google maps

v4.3.0.1 [04-08-12]

- Fixes bug in item production Onhand calculation

v4.3.0.0 [04-05-12]

- Fixes bug in item production Onhand calculation - Updates/Adds new skins

v4.2.4.0 [02-18-12]

- New database build - Improves application and reports overall speed performance

v4.2.3.6 [02-07-12]

- Increase stock items transaction posting performance- Fixes bug in items lookup dialog (items font does not appear in som skins)

v4.2.3.5 [01-10-12]

- Adds new human resource applications - Updates skins

v4.2.3.3 [12-23-11]

- Adds new human resource applications - Updates skins

v4.2.3.1 [10-31-11]

- Adds new multi-level categories for items with a visual tree - New database build - Fixes minor bugs

v4.2.3.0 [10-30-11]

- Adds new multi-level categories for items with a visual tree - New database build

v4.2.2.4 [10-20-11]

- Fixes small bug when changing unit kind in purchase transaction- Updates skins- Adds cost centers lookup dialog to reports

v4.2.2.3 [09-21-11]

- Fixes small bug in items transactions lookup dialog- Adds sort by to quotations form

v4.2.2.2 [09-16-11]

- Adds two new custom reports for itemcard -Adds new skins

v4.2.2.1 [09-12-11]

- Fixes bug in item card's calculated onhand

v4.2.2.0 [09-07-11]

- Adds new improved license registeration system - Updates skins

v4.2.1.0 [08-22-11]

- Adds new dock bar - Adds new aimated listbox to itemcard

v4.2.0.1 [08-08-11]

- Fixes small bugs in internal system onhand calculations and posting

v4.2.0.0 [07-29-11]

- Improves internal system onhand calculations and posting- Fixes small bug in item card report- Fixes small bug in Accounting chart of accounts- Updates skins

v4.1.1.2 [07-13-11]

- Adds new advanced search option in entire APS data- Adds show accounts tree view option to vouchers

v4.1.1.0 [07-04-11]

- New database build-Updates Skins

v4.1.0.2 [05-31-11]

- Fixes small bug when changing unitkind on stock invoices- Fixes small bug in item card report

v4.1.0.1 [04-04-11]

- Fixes small bug in items search dialog language files

v4.1.0.0 [02-07-11]

- Modifies item records to use (10) itemcode instead of one for whole sale packaging- Fixes bugs in skins system

v4.0.3.7 [01-15-11]

-Updates Skins -Adds vendor name to item card report

v4.0.3.5 [12-20-10]

- Fixes exception when using direct custom invoice print- Updates skins

v4.0.3.3 [11-22-10]

- Fixes minor bugs in stock transaction reports

v4.0.3.1 [11-08-10]

- Fixes bugs in Credit/Cash/Free invoices report

v4.0.2.9 [10-29-10]

- Fixes an exception error with report preview

v4.0.2.7 [10-08-10]

- Adds a jpg format to items image loader- Makes the Unlock Entry Price option permanent

v4.0.2.6 [09-10-10]

- Adds a button link to excel file in customers and employees records-Updates Skins

v4.0.2.5 [08-25-10]

- Adjusted receipt& payment vouchers to post invoice number for each account in JE for aging report- The invoice's number and date can now be modified

v4.0.2.4 [08-06-10]

- Adds query to accounts lookup form- Adds post vouchers as invoice to JE option- Fixes bug in sales return trans. entry price- Adds search to employees combo box on stock trans.

v4.0.2.3 [07-25-10]

- Fixes small bug in stock transaction- Adds remarks & Category to stock transaction report- Fixes smal bug in accounts JE report (sometime ni values appears)- Fixes small bug in temporary client field in invoices- Updates skins

v4.0.2.1 [05-17-10]

-Updates skins - New database build - Extend default order numbers up to 9 dig's on report dialogs

v4.0.2.0 [05-01-10]

-Fixes bug in master items record with tree view option - Updates skins

v4.0.1.9 [04-04-10]

-New database build

v4.0.1.8 [03-29-10]

- Fixes small bug in saving skin selection

v4.0.1.6 [03-04-10]

- Fixes small bug in F12 function in stock transaction

v4.0.1.5 [02-26-10]

- Fixes small bug in unit kind selection on the invoices and exceeding stock warning message

v4.0.1.4 [02-12-10]

-Minor bug fixes in aging report

v4.0.1.2 [01-19-10]

--Fixes bug in creating invoice ad unlocking invoice process

v4.0.1.0 [12-31-09]

- Adds show cost price option to A4 Invoice- Adds Hot Keys to stock control sales trans.- Updates Skins

v4.0.0.9 [12-11-09]

- Fixes small bug in JE balance warning message- Adds new skin

v4.0.0.0 [10-09-09]

- Complete new interface screen with sidebar-Can access all screens and reports at the same time- Adds new XML option to reports (clickable elements inside reports and search option)- All reports can be saved as PDF,XML,TXT and HTML

v3.1.5.5 [08-24-09]

-New build for APS Database Control Center-Fixes small bug in remote database connection session

v3.1.5.2 [07-05-09]

-Updates database -Updates skins

v3.1.4.7 [05-13-09]

- Fixes small bug in the items tree view list- Other minor bug fixes

v3.1.4.2 [04-17-09]

- Updates Database - Updates skins

v3.1.3.4 [03-23-09]

Fixes bug in credit/cash report in stock control

v3.1.3.0 [02-27-09]

- Updates database- Adds magnifier- Adds JE number to vouchers reports

v3.1.2.7 [02-04-09]

- Fixes bug in visual account tree selection

v3.1.2.5 [01-11-09]

- Fixes small bug in the stock control logo field- Fixes small bug in master items (closed dataset for empty record)- Fixes small bug when using tabs in arabic mode in vouchers- Fixes small bug in visual accounts tree- Fixes small problem in invoice type

v3.1.1.8 [12-18-08]

- Fixes small bug in store card report in arabic interface - Updates Skin Files

v3.1.1.5 [11-25-08]

- Fixes color bugs in dialogs screens

v3.1.1.3 [11-01-08]

- Fixes small bug in import wizard skins- Fixes bug with startup dialog options menu

v3.1.1.0 [10-08-08]

- Fixes bugs in stock control transactions (selecting items and prices methods)

v3.1.0.7 [09-16-08]

- Updates skin files- Adds direct connect to the new APS live support system- Fixes smal bugs

v3.1.0.6 [08-24-08]

- New design for Store Card report- adds initial quantity field to items reports- Adds report description memo to report builder- Updates license files

v3.1.0.3 [08-03-08]

- Adds a a new custom invoice with a redesign option to the stock control

v3.1.0.1 [07-12-08]

- Fixes small bug with the arabization in the visual accounts tree- Fixes bug when using the chart of accounts templates in the accounts screen- Fixes small bug in the item report

v3.1.0.0 [06-21-08]

- Adds a a memo field to accounts and reports- Adds a new system alias for company data- Adds a new picture field to the items- Adds new master items report to stock control with redesign option-Adds a Tax Rate for each item in stock control

v3.0.1.2 [05-31-08]

Adds a an initial value to accounts opening balance =0 (caused some errors whn printing accounts reports)- Adds a direct function call (F7) to the statement of accounts from the accounts transactions (je, rv and pv)

v3.0.1.0 [05-10-08]

- Fixes small bug in the applications interface

v3.0.0.9 [04-19-08]

- Adds two direct call buttons to the quickstartup screen (change skin & watch video tutorials)

v3.0.0.7 [03-26-08]

-Adds skin selection and save option to the color dialog

v2.7.2 [02-01-08]

-Adds price selection to be posted to the cost GV in purchase/purchase return trans.- Fixes small problem in the items tree view- Adds stores/productons transactions to item card report

v2.4.0.5 [02-07-07]

- Made some small modifications to general ledger & statement of account reports

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