Bank2QBO is an useful utility to convert your OFX, QFX, QIF, OFC files to the QBO format. Simply browse for your file(s), review transactions, select all or less and save it to the QBO file and then load into your financial software.

QBO files are Web Connect files importable QuickBooks, QuickBooks for Mac, Quickbooks Online. Many other accounting software packages import QBO files as extended OFX files, like Wave Accounting, YNAB, Simple Home Budget and others.

Bank2QBO offers several important tuning options to make sure the QBO file is importable into your software.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [02-22-19]

improved PDF parsing for certain layouts

Other versions :

v3.4.8.0 [02-20-19]

fixed the issue with payee mapping

v3.4.7.0 [02-18-19]

fixed an issue with output structure

v3.4.6.0 [02-15-19]

improved account mapping

v3.4.5.0 [02-13-19]

improved parsing for certain layouts

v3.4.4.0 [01-27-19]

improved parsing for certain pdf layouts

v3.4.2.0 [01-25-19]

improved amex and commonwealth parsing

v3.4.0.0 [01-14-19]

improved payee mapping

v3.3.9.0 [01-12-19]

improved pdf parser

v3.3.6.0 [01-06-19]

maintenance release

v3.3.5.0 [12-15-18]

improved PDF parser

v3.3.3.0 [12-13-18]

improved PDF parser

v3.3.2.0 [11-30-18]

maintenance release

v3.3.1.0 [11-22-18]

maintenance release

v3.2.9.0 [11-18-18]

added dynamic account mapping

v3.2.7.0 [11-09-18]

improved payee mapping, added payee-category mapping, added category remapping

v3.2.3.0 [10-31-18]

improved PDF parser

v3.2.1.0 [10-20-18]

added switch for payee and memo

v3.2.0.0 [10-18-18]

added PDF support

v3.1.6.0 [07-15-18]

added partial transaction selection

v3.1.5.0 [05-11-18]

added privacy link

v3.1.3.0 [02-21-18]

maintenance release

v3.1.2.0 [02-14-18]

maintenance release

v3.1.1.0 [02-01-18]

fixed issue with payee/name

v3.0.9.0 [12-11-17]

added support for splits

v3.0.8.1 [11-05-17]

added payee mapping

v3.0.8.0 [10-25-17]

added support for non-spec QFX files

v3.0.0.6 [05-31-17]

maintenance release

v3.0.0.3 [04-15-17]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.5 [01-25-17]

maintenance release

v2.3.3.4 [01-18-17]

maintenance release

v2.3.3.3 [12-21-16]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.9 [10-26-16]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.4 [06-03-16]

fixed start date

v2.3.2.1 [04-01-16]

improve balance handling

v2.3.2.0 [03-19-16]

added remapping for QIF category

v2.3.1.8 [03-02-16]

added more cleanup rules

v2.3.1.6 [02-27-16]

maintenance release

v2.3.1.5 [02-25-16]

maintenance release

v2.3.1.4 [02-10-16]

fixed issue with split transactions

v2.3.1.3 [02-05-16]

added option to swtich payee and description

v2.3.1.2 [01-31-16]

maintenance release

v2.3.0.7 [01-27-16]

updated digital signeature for Windows 10

v2.3.0.5 [12-06-15]

fixed installer

v2.3.0.4 [11-25-15]

multiple account ids are saved

v2.3.0.3 [11-23-15]

fixed self update

v2.3.0.6 [10-14-15]

fixed the registration issue

v2.2.2.5 [03-24-15]

maintenance release

v2.2.2.3 [01-21-15]

maintenance release

v2.2.2.1 [11-19-14]

added switch for the amount sign

v2.2.1.9 [10-09-14]

fixed column sorting

v2.2.0.7 [09-30-13]

fixed the issue with forced account type

v2.1.2.2 [05-02-13]

improved parsing for the numbers with minus at the end

v2.1.2.1 [03-23-13]

special characters are removed from payee and memo

v2.1.1.6 [09-12-12]

Bug fixing release

v2.1.0.9 [04-05-12]

Bug fixing release

v2.0.0.7 [09-13-11]

Fixed minor interface issues

v2.0.0.2 [07-28-11]

Added printing for transactions

v1.0.0.5 [05-24-11]

New Release

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