Easily Convert CSV, Excel Files to Professional OFX

Your professional Accounting Software uses OFX files. That
means you can't import those incredibly common CSV and Excel
files. That is until NOW! Clever CSV2OFX instantly converts
CSV and Excel to OFX for easy import. Download and try it for
free. Expert support is available.

Download CSV2OFX Now!

More details: CSV2OFX supports OFX for various software packages, such as Microsoft Money, PeachTree, Sage, Sage 50, Wave accounting, AccountEdge, EasyAccounting and others.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [09-26-18]

added cryptocurrencies

Other versions :

v3.3.5.0 [07-19-18]

improved date parsing

v3.3.3.0 [06-23-18]

maintenance release

v3.3.2.0 [05-23-18]

improved handing for special characters and added reference

v3.3.1.0 [05-06-18]

parser improvements for certain edge cases

v3.2.9.0 [03-28-18]

improved parsing for dates

v3.2.6.0 [03-24-18]

added option to allow empty name

v3.2.5.0 [03-04-18]

improved debit/credit detection

v3.2.2.0 [02-17-18]

improved parsing

v3.2.1.0 [02-10-18]

maintenance release

v3.2.0.0 [02-04-18]

improved mapping

v3.1.7.0 [01-15-18]

improved name mapping

v3.1.5.0 [12-30-17]

added JAD currency

v3.1.3.0 [12-10-17]

improved column detection

v3.1.1.0 [12-07-17]

added support for utf8 in excel files

v3.0.8.7 [11-18-17]

improved CSV parser

v3.0.8.5 [11-15-17]

updated translations

v3.0.8.3 [11-08-17]

improved total lines detection

v3.0.8.2 [10-28-17]

maintenance release

v3.0.7.6 [10-06-17]

added payee mapping

v3.0.7.2 [09-04-17]

improved debit/credit column detection

v3.0.6.9 [08-09-17]

added credit card option for the parser

v3.0.6.8 [07-21-17]

improved layout detection

v3.0.6.6 [07-18-17]

improved parsing for certain layouts

v3.0.6.3 [07-07-17]

improved file naming

v3.0.6.1 [06-28-17]

improved date format detection and overall parsing

v3.0.1.5 [06-04-17]

improved parsing for certain dates

v3.0.1.4 [05-31-17]

improved parsing for certain dates

v3.0.1.3 [05-24-17]

added a new credit pattern

v3.0.0.9 [05-17-17]

improved check extracting

v3.0.0.7 [03-02-17]

fixed an issue with mixed currency column

v3.0.0.3 [03-01-17]

maintenance release

v2.3.6.1 [04-04-15]

fixed last opened directory

v2.3.6.0 [03-28-15]

improved parser

v2.3.5.9 [03-26-15]

maintenance release

v2.3.5.7 [03-12-15]

improved parser for confusing layouts

v2.3.5.5 [02-03-15]

added PLZ currency

v2.3.5.3 [01-27-15]

added optional end balance

v2.3.5.2 [01-21-15]

maintenance release

v2.3.5.0 [01-15-15]

improved parsing for non-US CSV files

v2.3.4.9 [11-26-14]

improved parsing for certain decimal layouts

v2.3.4.7 [11-04-14]

improved parsing for certain layouts

v2.3.4.5 [10-25-14]

added ability to use coma as decimal separator

v2.3.4.3 [10-15-14]

open after save and non-numeric checks are set by default

v2.3.4.2 [09-24-14]

improved parsin for txt files

v2.3.4.1 [09-04-14]

updated reference generation

v2.3.4.0 [08-25-14]

added switch to turn off credit card detection

v2.3.3.9 [08-15-14]

hotfix to remove debug message

v2.3.3.8 [08-13-14]

added support for separate minus sign

v2.3.3.3 [05-21-14]

added option for alternative parsing

v2.3.3.1 [05-10-14]

improved credit card detection

v2.3.2.8 [04-30-14]

added ability to adjust default year

v2.3.2.7 [03-29-14]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.6 [03-14-14]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.5 [03-12-14]

maintenance release

v2.3.2.4 [02-28-14]

improved parsing for excel files

v2.3.2.2 [02-22-14]

CSV parser improvements

v2.3.2.0 [02-20-14]

maintenace release

v2.3.1.8 [01-23-14]

improved header detection

v2.3.1.7 [01-15-14]

parser improvements

v2.3.1.5 [01-08-14]

improved parsing for Dutch CSV files

v2.3.1.3 [11-23-13]

added option to allow non-numeric checks

v2.3.1.2 [11-01-13]

added setting to output only checks

v2.3.1.0 [10-12-13]

fixed the print button

v2.3.0.6 [09-26-13]

improved amount detection

v2.3.0.2 [08-27-13]

fixed the issue with default account

v2.3.0.1 [08-17-13]

improved support for direct excel import

v2.2.8.8 [07-22-13]

added optional switch for mandatory closing tags

v2.2.8.5 [06-14-13]

fixed empty tags

v2.2.8.4 [06-10-13]

added closing tags

v2.2.8.3 [06-06-13]

fixed memo limit

v2.2.8.2 [06-04-13]

increased memo field in the OFX file

v2.2.8.1 [05-23-13]

Maintenance release

v2.2.8.0 [05-21-13]

Reverted optional balance feature

v2.2.7.9 [05-13-13]

added deterministic reference

v2.2.7.8 [05-09-13]

fixed issue with slow file dialog

v2.2.7.7 [05-03-13]

improved parser for headerless files

v2.2.7.2 [04-13-13]

improved loading for excel files

v2.2.7.1 [04-09-13]

added support for the branch number

v2.2.6.9 [04-07-13]

improved automatic column detection

v2.2.6.8 [04-02-13]

updated file dialog interface

v2.2.6.7 [03-29-13]

added support for dates like Jan 2 2012

v2.2.6.0 [03-07-13]

added support for split transactions

v2.2.5.2 [02-07-13]

Added MXP currency

v2.2.4.7 [01-23-13]

fixed the issue with special characters

v2.2.4.4 [01-03-13]

improved column detection for column names with dot

v2.2.4.0 [11-28-12]

improved parsing for confusing CSV layouts

v2.2.3.8 [11-24-12]

fixed currency formatting

v2.2.2.9 [11-14-12]

updating error reporting system

v2.2.1.9 [09-11-12]

Major release, lots of improvements, added printing and pdf export

v2.1.0.5 [04-05-12]

Major release, lots of improvements, added printing and pdf export

v1.0.3.0 [09-23-11]

Added detection for multiline headers

v1.0.2.3 [06-27-11]

Added detection for multiline headers

v1.0.1.7 [05-22-11]

Added CSV mapper with profiles

v1.0.0.2 [02-17-11]

Improved compatibility with PeachTree, added paste from clipboard (direct copy and paste from Excel)

v1.0.0.1 [02-11-11]

Improved compatibility with PeachTree

v1.0.0.0 [02-01-11]

New Release

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