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Project Timer is a simple but powerful windows application in the taskbar notification area to manage how much time you've spend on your projects. The use of colour will give a fast overview of which timer is running in the taskbar notification area (tray icon). This way you can quickly but non-intrusively see if the timer for the project you're working on is running.
Activities can have different pricings per hour and the program keeps up the amount of money earned per project, as well as a summary for all your running projects.
You can export your data into reports using the browser or import it in Excel and a simple backup of the data can be zipped, mailed and imported to keep your data safe. Project Timer Pro also allows you to import hours spend by co-workers or freelancers and features extra import and export methods. Sometimes you need to edit your hours afterwards. This is no problem using the administrate panel. You can remove, add and edit activities to your projects.
Project Timer is a light, fast, simple, non-intrusive Windows taskbar application to assists you with your workflow for administrating and billing hours. It features an easy installation and clean uninstall.
The application areas are: advertising, small business, design, web design, healthcare, consulting and accounting, as long as you are working on a Windows machine.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [08-25-19]

New: ProjectTimer is free software
New: Cloud team subscription added (paid service)
New: Two new invoice templates available
New: Two report print/pdf templates available
Fixes: +5 small fixes in new Major
13 More changes. See

Other versions :

v1. [02-28-19]

- Option to start project with default task
- Additional setting to filter projects on activity in 1 month
- Minor bugs resolved

v1.23.4.0 [11-24-18]

- Option to start project with default task
- Additional setting to filter projects on activity in 1 month
- Minor bugs resolved

v1.23.3.0 [08-23-18]

- Reverse Sort for Client drop-downs
- Set local project into cloud
- User notification fixed (optional enabled)
- Cloud subscription 'lost' when off-line fixed
- Default reminder interval to disabled.
- Project search with F3
- Minor bugs resolved

v1.23.1.0 [05-26-18]

Changes (13-05-2018)
- Show project empty status in add-project dialogs
- Decimal time resolution in reports

More on

v1.23.0.0 [04-14-18]

Changes (13-04-2018)
- Issues fixed when internet connection is unavailable
- Bug toggle timer in past Fixed
- New icon for project settings

Many more on

v1.21.0.0 [02-17-18]

- Paste password with spaces fixed
- New icons in interface
- Project icon follows project color
- Save detailed report CSV format update
- Option to not open PDF
- New invoice opens all settings

Many more on

v1.20.8.0 [11-15-17]

- Option for showing budgets in reports
- Single instance issue fixed to prevent data loss when starting new Project Timer
- Workaround for tray-icon issue.
- Feature to drag project to top by dragging to divider
- Fixed issue with cloud

Many more on

v1.11.0.0 [07-30-17]

- Issues fixed of save procedure
- automatic rotating backup with three archives.
- cloud logon prepared for future cloud update
- exception on cloud gracefully catched

v1.10.1.0 [03-20-17]

Save of data on QueryEndSession to prevent data corruption when closing Windows
Prevent exceptions from cloud operations

v1.10.0.0 [02-10-17]

Task description changed not applied fixed
Idle time warning setting
Text in activity in popup not saved fixed
Option to delete report settings
Stopping an activity resets the 'default' status
Option to include local projects in report filtered on the current cloud user
Many other bug fixes

v1.9.0.0 [11-02-16]

Bugfixes and features see
- Create invoice directly from report
- Hamburgermenu for projects in administrate screen: Report, Change Icon, Settings
- Option to collapse activities in invoice view
- Create invoice dialog...
... And 8 more bugs fixed see site

v1.8.0.0 [08-24-16]

Bugfixes and features see
- Feature: Rename cloud-project (#735)
- Feature: Lock closed activities for users with 'personal' rights. (#698)
- Feature: Delete project completely from cloud (#697)
And 7 more bugs fixed see site

v1.7.0.0 [06-10-16]

Bugfixes and features see
- Feature: Suggest a doubleclick on projectname in trayicon jumps to project>activities (#745)
- Feature: Mouse wheel functionality in Invoice page (#744)
- Bug: Full month names in reports (#742)
And 12 more bugs fixed see site

v1.6.0.0 [03-09-16]

Bugfixes and features see
- Bug: Invoices > Report > Paid invoices: x days overdue for paid projects (#691)
- Feature: Purchase order fields in Invoice (#336)
- Feature: Per project task list option
- Improved interaction of project task list

v1.5.2.0 [12-26-15]

7+ Bugfixes and features see
- Bug: Indicate that projects are filtered (#684)
- Bug: DEL key in project windows does not work (#682)
- Bug: Filter archived project also starts activity by mistake and uses prefill activity from 3 lines ago (#681)

v1.5.0.0 [12-06-15]

+11 Bugfixes and features see
- Feature: Invoices by default enabled
- Bug: url of cloud upgrade not retrieved correctly (#648)
- Bug: Invoice summary per project (#645)
- Bug: Issue with scroll wheel functionality in reports (#644)

v1.4.0.0 [11-06-15]

+21 Bugfixes and features see
- Filter projects on client
- Add 'budget' to your projects
- Group projects by category or client
- Arrange projects by drag and drop
- Correct handling of font scaling in Windows
- Report per client

v1.3.0.0 [08-10-15]

+200 Bugfixes and features see
- Ability to run Project Timer in the Cloud
- Added invoicing of Project Timer data
- Extra features and filters in bugreports
- Added client connection to invoicing
- Now Windows 10 compatible

v1.1.4.0 [03-24-15]

+100 Bugfixes and features see
- Feature: Project connected to client database (#429)
- Feature: Invoices connected to client database (#428)
- Feature: Client database added (#427)
- Feature: Show seconds in ProjectTimer (#432)

v1.1.2.0 [01-17-15]
- Moved templates to dlls
- Made templates for report printing
- Added sync of tasks to the cloud
- Cloud Project user options

v1.1.1.0 [10-23-14]
- Bug fixes
- Feature: Signed setup executable
- Feature: Roll out cloud feature
- Feature: Invoicing in Pro version

v1.1.0.2 [08-09-14]

First release

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