Hot Lines distribution permissions

README for Hol Lines ver. 1.2

The information about new versions, upgrades, etc could be found
on the Web at

This software is copyright (c), 2003.

- Pentium 2 Celeron class processor
- Video accelerator
- DirectX 8.0 installed

Hot Lines is distributed as a self-installing program
containing the following file:

linessetup.exe - self-installing executable file

This game is freeware, you should under no circumstances sell
or trade this game. You may pass this game on to as many people
as you like so long as no money changes hands, and the original
game is not altered in anyway. This game has been fully tested and
checked for virus. The author takes no responsibility for any
damage or loss caused to you by running this software.

If you would like to include this game on a cover cd or website
please email the author for permission at

Copyright (c), 2003

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