Spell-Mell distribution permissions

The Spell-Mell Distribution Rules

You are allowed and encouraged to upload the Spell-Mell installation
archive, as presented on the Family Games web-site at
http://familygames.com, to a bulletin board service or other software

You are also allowed and encouraged to publish the archive as part of
a software collection on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or the like, provided that
no individual disc in the collection contains more than three games by
AHA! Software Inc., unless by explicit permission of same; and
provided also that the documentation accompanying the collection
clearly and prominently states that the software is for evaluation
only, and that a registration fee is required in order to unlock its
full capabilities. Notice of inclusion in CD-ROM and similar
collections, by email or in writing, is requested but not required.

You are NOT allowed to distribute any individual file or files from
within the archive, or from the installed program.

AHA! Software Inc.
Victoria BC Canada

Clarifications/permissions: Nick Sullivan (email: njs@familygames.com)

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