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magayo Lotto is a powerful and yet easy-to-use lottery software for Lotto, Powerball, Thunderball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and Toto games. It recommends you the pool of balls to play and the filters to use based on the latest trends and patterns, thereby reducing your odds and increasing your chances of winning! It also offers comprehensive statistics for you to analyze every ball, groups of balls, consecutive balls, the last digit of each ball, the lapse, root sum, sum, odd and even combinations as well as low and high combinations. Visibility to the trends and patterns, plus graphical charts, are provided to help you in your ease of analysis. Based on the selected balls, you can randomly generate the lottery tickets to play. Full wheel ticket generation is also available if the total combination is not more than 1000. Alternatively, you may select a wheeling system from over 650 abbreviated wheels to generate your tickets. Multiple advanced filters are applied to further enhance your chances of playing the right combination. The draw results for the supported games can be downloaded and updated with a single click. The supported games include games in Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Vietnam & Zimbabwe. Visit us ( to see the winning tick

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [07-30-16]

Added support for Indiana Hoosier Lotto Plus, Montana Big Sky Bonus, Texas All or Nothing, Texas Triple Chance & Vietnam Mega 6/45.

Other versions :

v5.3.2.3 [07-17-16]

Added support for Austria Zahlenlotto, Canada Atlantic Keno, Malta Super 5, New York Pick 10 & New Zealand Keno.

v5.3.2.2 [06-24-16]

Recreated Irish Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 databases.

v5.3.1.7 [02-19-16]

Updated change in rule for Zimbabwe Bonus Lotto

v5.3.1.5 [02-01-16]

Added support for Colombia Baloto Revancha

v5.3.1.4 [01-23-16]

Added support for France Keno and recreated the databases for Costa Rica Lotto & France Loto.

v5.3.1.3 [01-08-16]

Added support for Ontario Daily Keno, Quebec Banco, Mexico Melate Revanchita & South Africa Powerball Plus

v5.3.1.2 [11-28-15]

Added support for Japan Loto 7 & Mini Loto, Poland Ekstra Pensje, Puerto Rico Revancha, South Africa Lotto Plus, Ireland Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 1 & Daily Million Plus, Romania Joker & Loto 5/40

v5.3.1.1 [11-24-15]

Added support for Tennessee Cash 4 Life, Argentina Brinco, Loto, Loto 5, Megabola & Quini 6, Chile Loto & Loto 4, Denmark Spil Lotto, Ghana National Weekly Lotto, Mauritius Loto, Norway Lotto, Sweden Lotto 1 & Lotto 2 and Uruguay 5 De Oro & Revancha

v5.3.0.2 [10-08-15]

Added support for Cameroon Super 4, Kenya Lotto, Kenya Charity Lotto 6/36, Nigeria MegaHammer & Quick 5, Uganda Lotto and Zimbabwe Bonus Lotto

v5.3.0.1 [10-06-15]

Updated change in rule for Powerball, UK Lotto and Croatia Loto 7/39

v5.2.0.7 [10-02-15]

Added support for New Zealand Powerball and updated change in rule for New Zealand Lotto.

v5.2.0.6 [09-27-15]

Added support for Virginia Bank a Million.

v5.2.0.5 [09-21-15]

Updated change in rules for Irish Lotto.

v5.2.0.4 [09-02-15]

Updated additional Thursday draw in UK The Health Lottery

v5.2.0.3 [08-24-15]

Added support for Australia Set for Life

v5.2.0.2 [07-19-15]

Added support for China Anhui 5/25, Fujian 5/22, Fujian 7/31, Fujian 7/36, Guangxi 6/24, Hebei 5/20, Heilongjiang 5/22, Heilongjiang 7/36, Hubei 5/22, Liaoning 7/35, Shenzhen 7/35, Xinjiang 7/18, Xinjiang 7/25, Xinjiang 7/35 and Zhejiang 5/20.

v5.2.0.1 [07-15-15]

Added support for China Huadong 5/15, Guangdong 5/26, Guangdong 7/36 and Henan 5/22.

v5.1.0.2 [06-21-15]

Added support for Wyoming Cowboy Draw and Slovenia Loto.

v5.1.0.1 [06-19-15]

Added optimized tickets with ticket selection from filtered tickets based on lapse pattern.

v5.0.2.1 [06-06-15]

Fixed bug when generating tickets with more than 1 bonus ball.

v5.0.1.1 [06-04-15]

Added support for Virginia Cash4Life and fixed bug in analyzing Sum Frequency when time bucket is less than 10 draws.

v5.0.0.1 [06-01-15]

Added Root Sum Frequency, Sum Frequency, recommendation on filters to use and full wheel ticket generation.

v4.0.3.9 [05-02-15]

Added support for India Jaldi 5 Lotto and Jaldi 5 Double Lotto.

v4.0.3.8 [04-15-15]

Added support for Pennsylvania Cash4Life.

v4.0.3.7 [04-07-15]

Added support for Costa Rica Lotto, Guyana Lotto Supa 6 & Daily Millions.

v4.0.3.6 [04-02-15]

Added support for Malaysia Grand Toto 6/63.

v4.0.3.5 [03-15-15]

Added support for Peru Tinka, Kabala & Ganadiario.

v4.0.3.4 [03-08-15]

Added support for Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto & Philippines Ultra Lotto 6/58.

v4.0.3.3 [02-04-15]

Added support for Iceland Lotto & UK 49s and updated change in Lucky for Life.

v4.0.3.2 [11-16-14]

Added support for Brazil Dupla Sena, Lotofacil, Quina & Timemania.

v4.0.3.1 [11-03-14]

Updated change in Eurojackpot and fixed error in search main balls.

v4.0.2.6 [10-28-14]

Rebuild 32-bit installation

v4.0.2.5 [10-26-14]

Added support for Czech Republic Sportka Loto, Euromiliony, Dutch Lotto and Russia Sportloto 6x49

v4.0.2.4 [10-22-14]

Added support for Virginia $1,000,000 Money Ball, Czech Republic Eurojackpot, Hungary Eurojackpot, Otoslotto, Hatoslotto, Skandinav Lotto, Portugal Totoloto and Puerto Rico Powerball

v4.0.2.2 [10-08-14]

Added support for Wild Card in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota & South Dakota and updated change in Singapore Toto game.

v4.0.2.1 [10-04-14]

Added support for Indiana Quick Draw and All or Nothing in Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina.

v4.0.1.1 [09-25-14]

Fixed error when creating a new database.

v4.0.0.1 [09-21-14]

Enhanced Recommended Balls with analysis based on 3 time horizons and improved statistics with visibility to the trends and patterns.

v3.6.2.11 [09-17-14]

Updated change in New Jersey Cash 5 game.

v3.6.2.10 [09-03-14]

Updated change in Jamaica Lotto game.

v3.6.2.9 [07-28-14]

Fixed error in Mexico Melate database.

v3.6.2.8 [07-23-14]

Added support for Florida Lucky Money and updated change in Illinois Lucky Day Lotto.

v3.6.2.7 [06-23-14]

Added support for Missouri $250K Triple Play game.

v3.6.2.6 [06-19-14]

Added support for New Jersey and New York Cash4Life game.

v3.6.2.4 [04-19-14]

Updated change in Indiana Cash 5 game.

v3.6.2.3 [02-25-14]

Added support for Greece Joker.

v3.6.2.1 [02-03-14]

Enabled maximize button in Register window.

v3.6.1.1 [12-08-13]

Remember last opened folder in Check Tickets function.

v3.6.0.1 [11-20-13]

Enhanced Random Play to avoid previously drawn combinations.

v3.5.1.2 [11-10-13]

Added support for Oregon Win For Life.

v3.5.1.1 [10-25-13]

Updated change in Mega Millions and added support for Australia Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto.

v3.5.0.2 [10-13-13]

Added support for Eurojackpot, Spain El Gordo, UK Arsenal Lotto, China Union Lotto, Super 7 Lottery and Super Lotto.

v3.5.0.1 [10-07-13]

Added Check Tickets function and support for German Lotto 6aus49, Italy SuperEnalotto and Latvia Latloto 5/35.

v3.4.0.2 [09-17-13]

Updated change in draw days for Russia Gosloto 749 and recreated all Gosloto database files.

v3.4.0.1 [09-13-13]

Enhanced Recommended Balls function to make recommendations when there are at least 10 historical draws and added support for lottery games in the Caribbean Islands.

v3.3.1.3 [09-08-13]

Added Carolina Cash 6 and Canada Western Max.

v3.3.1.2 [09-01-13]

Added New Zealand Big Wednesday, Arkansas Decades of Dollars and Natural State Jackpot.

v3.3.1.1 [07-29-13]

Updated bonus ball font size. Added Illinois Lucky Day Lotto Midday and Gimme 5 in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

v3.3.0.8 [07-21-13]

Added support for Colombia Baloto.

v3.3.0.7 [06-23-13]

Updated change in game for Swiss Lotto.

v3.3.0.6 [06-13-13]

Fixed duplicate draw results in Canada Atlantic 49 database.

v3.3.0.5 [06-07-13]

Added support for Russia Gosloto 5/36, Gosloto 6/45 and Gosloto 7/49.

v3.3.0.4 [05-26-13]

Fixed error in Montana Cash 5 database.

v3.3.0.3 [05-18-13]

Added Malaysia Sabah Lotto and South Korea Nanum Lotto. Updated change in game for UK Health Lottery and USA Hot Lotto.

v3.3.0.2 [04-26-13]

Fixed error in Connecticut Cash5 database.

v3.3.0.1 [04-20-13]

Fixed program launch issue with Java Version 7 Update 21. Updated lottery wheels. Enhanced software update checks.

v3.2.1.6 [04-04-13]

Fixed error in South Africa Lotto definition file.

v3.2.1.5 [03-12-13]

Added support for the new Australia Powerball game and updated databases for all supported games.

v3.2.1.4 [02-12-13]

Added support for Slovakia Loto

v3.2.1.3 [12-04-12]

Added support for Arizona 2by2, Arizona Weekly Winnings, Idaho Weekly Grand, Indiana Cash 5, Kansas 2by2, Nebraska 2by2, North Dakota 2by2, Rhode Island Wild Money

v3.2.1.2 [11-27-12]

Added support for Canada Quebec Max, Ireland Daily Million, UK Health Lottery, Arizona Fantasy 5, Delaware Cash 5, Virginia Cash 5 Day and Cash 5 Night

v3.2.1.1 [11-15-12]

Fixed error opening user guide in Adobe Reader version 11+ and updated all databases with the latest draw results.

v3.2.0.8 [09-06-12]

Added support for Texas Cash Five and updated Australia Monday & Wednesday Lotto results.

v3.2.0.6 [06-27-12]

Updated change in Malaysia Mega Toto 6/52 game

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