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ZWCAD 2019

ZWCAD 2019 is powered by a superior engine to ensure the better .dwg compatibility and code-level API ability. Whats more, it comes with new dark theme UI and many significant new features in some areas of the product.

New Dark Theme UI
This is the first time ZWCAD adopts dark theme UI. Daniel Huang, the ZWCAD product manager stated, Users deserve a fluid and better design experience, so thats why we provide a brand-new dark theme UI in ZWCAD 2019. The lower brightness and higher contrast of such design can greatly reduce the visual fatigue from long time drafting.

Empowered Customization for User Interface
ZWCAD 2019 highly improves the Customization function, not only tosupport Ribbon tabs and panels as before, but also support to customize toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus. Whats more, Partial CUI is supported now for users and developers to build their own Ribbon inside of ZWCAD.

Speed Up 146% and Improved Stability
The drawing efficiency of ZWCAD 2019 is improved by 146% compared with the last version and the stability is also significantly strengthened under the automated testing procedure with thousands of drawings. Charles Zhao, the director of R&D stated.

New Features and Enhancements

There are many new features and enhancements in ZWCAD 2019. For example, the Quick Calculator not only allows users to do the mathematic, scientific, geometric, engineering calculations, but also create variables and text calculation. New command AIDIMFLIPARROW can flip dimension arrows for some specific designing works in many areas.

Better API, More Applications
ZWCAD 2019 supports LISP, VBA, ZRX and .NET interfaces, and more and more applications are already ported to ZWCAD, such as CAD Profi, MDT. To better support the developers to build the bridge with ZWCAD, now they can use the LISP compiler to compile .lsp file to .zelx formats with compile-zelx method.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2019 [09-13-18]

New features:
Create and Modify Dynamic Block Definition
PDF and DWFx Underlay
Annotative Object

Improved features:
Custom Color Scheme
Layer Properties Manager Palette

Other versions : 2018 2015 2014 SP1 2014 2012 2011 2010.5.31 2010 2009 2008i 2008 2007

v2018 [09-03-17]


v2015 [10-13-14]

1. Seamless compatibility with other CAD software, superior DWG 2013 support
2. Make Every Word Tell with Unicode Upgrade
3. Realistic Design with 3D model features Sweep & Loft
4. Speed up Your Design with Ref Manager & Super Hatch
5. Create in the Real World with Google Earth
6. Cleaner UI

v2014 SP1 [12-08-13]

1. Newly support DWG/DXF 2013 and DWF files

2. Advanced block editing with Dynamic Block.

3. Online Module for file sync and mobile design

4. Easily load .Net applications using NETLOAD

5. Save your voice information as an entity in drawing with Smart Voice.

v2014 [09-20-13]

1. Newly support DWG/DXF 2013 and DWF files

2. Advanced block editing with Dynamic Block.

3. Online Module for file sync and mobile design

4. Easily load .Net applications using NETLOAD

5. Save your voice information as an entity in drawing with Smart Voice.

v2012 [11-10-12]

1. A new engine empowers you with new possibilities.

2. New memory optimization make the complex tasks easier with CAD Software.

3. A new UI with a clean and optimized Ribbon.

4. Code-level API compatibility.

5. SmartMouse redefines the way of interaction with customization features.

v2011 [01-26-11]

1. Productivity Breakthrough - Parametric Drafting
2. Effective and Efficient Tools - Table, Field, MLeader, PDF Plotter, and Solprof
3. Better User Experience - Snap, Refedit, Raster Image, Dimension Break and Online Help
4. Optimized Application Programming Interfaces

v2010.5.31 [06-10-10]

Faster drawing and editing through memory optimization
New Features: DWG 2010 File Format Support, In-place MTEXT Editor, Drawing Compare, 3D Features: Loft & Sweep, Enhanced APIs, plus new ZRX (ZWCAD Runtime Extension), Support for Window® 7

v2010 [02-04-10]

Fully compatible with Windows® 7, ZWCAD 2010, the latest CAD software, is greatly improved with memory optimization, newly-developed in-place MTEXT editor and enhanced APIs, plus new ZRX (ZWCAD Runtime Extension).

v2009 [02-05-09]

Greater Stability
Faster Speed
Easier Operations: Aerial View Window, eTransmit, Jogged and Arc Length Dimensions, Multiple Grips Editing, Filter and Improved UndoRedo
Better DRX

v2008i [07-28-08]

Highly increased processing speed
Perfect and powerful Hatch function, with brand new Gradient Hatch feature
Precise display of Proxy object, and better edit functions
Advanced DRX with Custom Object support

v2008 [04-09-08]

ZWCAD 2008 has been released with a number of obvious improvements and new features. Speed of boundary search with Hatch has been increased at least 15 times. A lot of new features are provided, such as Desgin Center, Quick Calculater, etc. Better APIs, while DRX Programming interface is available.

v2007 [05-17-07]

ZwCAD 2007 has been greatly improved by a number of new features, including Publish, PLTPLOT, Plot Style, Multiple Line Edit, Vista style interfacea new set of user interface and enhancements to MTEXT, Viewports, Hatching, Trimming, 3D Modeling, and so on.

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