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Batch It Ultra 5.78

Batch It Ultra is our flagship Batch Image Processor. Now available in Native 32 and 64 Bit. It is a tool which helps you batch resize, change format, rename, add up to 3 text captions, add up to 3 watermarks, apply special effects and adjust photo settings. It also has support printing and saving of photos in a contact sheet.

* Batch Resizing - You can resize by pixels, by percentage, by ratio, by cropping and also by frame. The By Frame method allows you to keep the same ratio aspects and pad the smaller side. You can resize up to 3 sizes in a single run.

* Format Change - It supports import of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG 2000, Windows HD Photo, GIF, Targa, DIB, RLE, PIX, Truevision and other formats & export to JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PCX, PBM, PPM, PGM and Windows HD Photo.

* File Renaming - You can keep the same file name, add a zero-padded running number, tag prefix and suffix or even adjust the filename to what you want with the available macros.

* Text Captions and Watermarks - Add up to 3 text captions or PNG/GIF watermarks such as a description or a copyright tag. You can set the watermarks and text captions to appear anywhere on the image with the various alignments option provided and have the option to refine the location through the X and Y offsets.

* Special Effects & Photo Adjustments - Supports Sharpen, Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Old Photo Effects, Emboss, Negative, Grayscale, Auto Equalize, Red/Green/Blue Adjustment, Drop Shadow Effect, Red Eye Removal, Round Corners, Borders and create Tiled Images.

* There are 3 different licenses which includes the standard version and the Command Line and Server versions which can support command line parameters.

* There are two versions, a native 32 Bit and a native 64 Bit version to take advantage of your operating system. Both are available for download from our website.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.78 [02-01-19]

Supports 48 Bit TIFF

Other versions : 5.59 5.56 5.52 5.43 5.42 5.33 5.32 5.26 5.25 5.24 5.21 5.18 5.17 5.10 5.08 5.00 4.14 4.10 4.09 4.0 3.9896 3.9895 3.9894 3.9893 3.9891 3.9888 3.9887 3.9886 3.9885 3.9884 3.9883 3.9881 3.985 3.984 3.981 3.980 3.979 3.977 3.975

v5.59 [01-14-18]

Supports 48 Bit TIFF

v5.56 [09-17-17]

Supports 48 Bit TIFF

v5.52 [09-14-17]

Internal Bug Fixes

v5.43 [11-05-16]

Internal Bug Fixes

v5.42 [10-01-16]

Internal Bug Fixes

v5.33 [07-30-16]

Internal Bug Fixes

v5.32 [07-22-16]

Internal Bug Fixes

v5.26 [01-30-16]

Improved Memory Management

v5.25 [11-20-15]

Improved Memory Management

v5.24 [11-13-15]

This update contains several new Text Captions Macros which can be used.

These includes


v5.21 [10-10-15]

Bug Fixes

v5.18 [06-13-15]

Fix Bug which causes the 2nd Resizing from not saving processed images.

v5.17 [04-01-15]

Fix Bug which causes the 2nd Resizing from not saving processed images.

v5.10 [05-14-14]

Fix Bug which causes the 2nd Resizing from not saving processed images.

v5.08 [04-03-14]

Fix Bug which causes the 2nd Resizing from not saving processed images.

v5.00 [11-20-13]

New Version

v4.14 [09-30-13]

Bug Fixes

v4.10 [07-15-12]

Bug Fixes

v4.09 [07-10-12]

Bug Fixes

v4.0 [03-24-12]

Total Rewrite of the application. Major Upgrade.

v3.9896 [10-22-10]

Fixed Frame Bug

v3.9895 [06-12-10]

Improved Windows Vista and 7 Compatibility

v3.9894 [12-27-09]

Added Resampling Method and JPEG Quality for HTML Thumbnail Gallery
Fix bug which causes 'New Folder' option not to appear under Windows Vista

v3.9893 [11-03-09]

Move Default Settings to System Registry

v3.9891 [09-17-09]

Add Drag and Drop feature
Add Reload Folder function
Add Suppress Warning control

v3.9888 [01-22-09]

Enhanced Font Properties in Text Caption

v3.9887 [01-11-09]

Fixed Bug with Image Slicing Module

v3.9886 [12-21-08]

Fixed Bug with Image Slicing Module

v3.9885 [09-23-08]

Extend Color Adjustment to support both negative and positive adjustment

v3.9884 [07-07-08]

Bug Fixes

v3.9883 [05-31-08]

Fixed Watermark Transparency Bug

v3.9881 [05-10-08]

Fixed Bugs

v3.985 [04-24-08]

Add Function to Batch Add EXIF and IPTC Copyright Tag
Re-themed Interface
Improved Quality of Before and After Preview Images

v3.984 [04-18-08]

Add option to disable File Date Checking

v3.981 [03-17-08]

Bug Fix with Filename Changer

v3.980 [02-01-08]

Bug Fix with Filename Changer

v3.979 [11-01-07]

Updated Image Engine

v3.977 [06-20-07]

Fix Filename Changer Append Date Option when working with Control Center

v3.975 [04-04-07]

Added File Date Time Sorting and Enhanced Filename Changer Features

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