Prepare images and create thumbnails for your web photo albums, thumbnail galleries and slide shows. It converts batches of images from any graphic format to JPG and PNG, edits them and creates appropriate thumbnails.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 8, 2004 • Downloads : 289 • Cost : $24.95

Our award

Pics Print is a Windows application that makes it simple to format and print high-quality photos, greeting cards, calendars, contact sheets, and family albums.

License type : Free to try. • Released : September 24, 2010 • Downloads : 410 • Cost : $39.50 Buy Cheap

Dream FlashSee is a powerful tool to browse, find, convert (swf to exe, exe to swf, swf to screen saver) and Manage Flash Movies quickly and easily! Now you can browse Flash movies in your computer, view them in list, detail or thumbnail form

License type : Free to try. • Released : February 20, 2005 • Downloads : 305 • Cost : $34.95 Buy Cheap

Our award

This WireFusion add-on makes it easy to create a slide show for your web site from a series of images. 16 transition effects are available, for example a 3D liquid effect and one where an image is folded into an airplane and flies away.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 1, 2004 • Downloads : 304 • Cost : $49.00

Want an easy way to generate HTML pages of all your digital images? Get AllMyPix and see how simple it is to catalogue your images on the web. AllMyPix has template support to integrate into your existing website.

License type : Free to try. • Released : October 31, 2004 • Downloads : 263 • Cost : $19.95

PictureRelate compares pictures by similarity. Of course computers can't understand what's in a picture. Pattern recognition and image analysis has tried for many decades and has failed, so far. But there are some basic image ...

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 5, 2012 • Downloads : 320 • Cost : $0.00

Process a list of full size images into thumbnail pictures. Easily set the thumbnail picture size along with automatic renaming options. Start processing so you can do more important tasks. A real time saver. Web Masters this is a must have program!

License type : Free to try. • Released : December 14, 2004 • Downloads : 222 • Cost : $9.95

Photo Shaman is a complete solution for creating web galleries with cool stylish thumbnails. Add picture frame, bevel, mask and other effects. Handy realtime preview. A collection of professional-looking stock gallery templates.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 15, 2006 • Downloads : 268 • Cost : $24.99 Buy Cheap

Foto Filer provides a simple method of assigning meaningful names to digital photos and does not use a proprietary database. Foto Filer also allows the user to create albums as well enhance photos using tools such as cropping and red-eye reduction.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 26, 2006 • Downloads : 326 • Cost : $19.00

SuperLib is a drawing/picture library management software. Buildin support for (dwg bmp jpg jpeg gif png mng jng ico cur tiff tif tga pcx wbmp wmf emf j2k jp2 jbg jp2 j2k jpc j2c pgx ras psd pic pnm pgm ppm) file format.

License type : Free to try. • Released : September 29, 2007 • Downloads : 243 • Cost : $199.95

Our award

Catalog your digital photo files automatically, just let Photo Collector scan your harddisk for images. Acquire images directly from your camera or removable media (memory cards). Catalog photos by Location, Event, Category, Subject, Keywords, etc...

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 9, 2009 • Downloads : 313 • Cost : $49.95

AD Picture Index is the digital image and photo cataloguing and management tool. It`s builds a database of your image and photo collection that include a small preview copy of added images that allows you to explore you collection.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 28, 2007 • Downloads : 292 • Cost : $25.00

Our award

Photo Slideshow Builder allows you to create photo albums and screensavers using your own photos and music in any file format. You can burn your presentation on CD and DVD discs. It is very easy to use pictures slideshow creator. Try it for free.

License type : Free to try. • Released : October 25, 2004 • Downloads : 347 • Cost : $29.90 Buy Cheap

Our award

Photo keywording and cataloguing tool to create an indexed database fom folders of images retrieving automatically descriptions and other IPTC annotations. Locate, select pictures by keywords, author, classification. IPTC XMP editor, thesaurus.

License type : Free to try. • Released : September 1, 2006 • Downloads : 395 • Cost : $47.00 Buy Cheap

Browse your photo CDs while you keep them on the shelf. Build in full-screen viewer with variable slide-show speed and direction, powerful search function by name or date, user defined thumbnail size and quality and more.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 8, 2005 • Downloads : 273 • Cost : $24.95 Buy Cheap

Pics Organizer is one of the most complete software that may assist you to organize on hard disk and prepare for store on your preferred media pictures acquired with a digital camera. Find duplicates,advanced exif filters,change name,move,copy +more

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 9, 2005 • Downloads : 237 • Cost : $29.95 Buy Cheap

Turn your photos easily to a slide show on a Web page. Use the sharpness of your photos: first show a full scene and then a "zoom in". JShowBuilder shows you thumbnails of images and has easy editing functions, like Drag&amp

License type : Free to try. • Released : December 13, 2005 • Downloads : 256 • Cost : $24.95

Our award

Photo Gallery is a tool, which helps you to create gallery from your digital photos. Program works with JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) files. You can use different page templates, resize and rotate your photos.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 15, 2006 • Downloads : 301 • Cost : $0.00

Our award

PicaJet is a picture database software that helps you automatically manage 1000s of your digital photos in seconds. If you have a large photo collection and need an efficient way to organize it, you must have this digital photo album software.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 17, 2013 • Downloads : 451 • Cost : $59.95 Buy Cheap

Never again forget which picture belongs to which place. Picopolo, the innovative software for travel and GPS, not only organises digital images but also links them to the place where they were taken, e.g. with exact coordinates from GPS receivers.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 6, 2008 • Downloads : 453 • Cost : $0.00

Kalimages Basic retrieves descriptions and other IPTC/IMM meta data from your image folders and imports these annotations into a searchable database. Find images by keywords or any other information, analyse occurrences, export to XML or HTML.

License type : Freeware. • Released : September 9, 2004 • Downloads : 258 • Cost : $0.00

Our award

ABCFastDirectory allows you to easily create professional looking directories in minutes! You can create telephone-like directories, or directories with family photographs for church groups, softball clubs, or other organizations!

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 1, 2004 • Downloads : 256 • Cost : $0.00

PixMatrix allows you to quickly create web photo albums and web pages.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 13, 2005 • Downloads : 342 • Cost : $0.00

Orange Photo Editor is an easy-to-use program that allows you to view, manage and publish photos on your website. It create thumbnails, resize photos and generate HTML pages.

License type : Freeware. • Released : June 24, 2004 • Downloads : 316 • Cost : $0.00

Award winning software that lets you quickly, easily and conveniently share, print, edit, manage & archive your digital photos.

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 22, 2005 • Downloads : 268 • Cost : $0.00

Our award

This freeware program creates your own on-line galleries with your favorite pictures. Just select the images and the software will make a nice gallery with thumbnails and upload it to the internet to your web page! Now with gallery preview!

License type : Freeware. • Released : March 19, 2002 • Downloads : 405 • Cost : $0.00

Adsen Thumbnailer is a simple image thumbnailer used to speed up the process of thumbnailing pictures within an entire folder. In addition, it allows you to rename these images if selected during the thumbnailing process.

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 7, 2012 • Downloads : 336 • Cost : $0.00

This simple program allows you to find and remove duplicate images in any format. An important advantage of this utility is its simplicity. This program can be used by both professionals and ordinary PC users on your home computer or laptop.

License type : Freeware. • Released : March 1, 2017 • Downloads : 62 • Cost : $0.00

With this very simple and user-friendly program can search for duplicate images on your computer or laptop. This simple tool will be especially useful for users who often use in their work image editors.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 27, 2017 • Downloads : 133 • Cost : $0.00