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AlbumMe is a software that is easy to use to create slideshow from your photos and videos, complete with ready-to-use animated templates, stunning transition effect, text captions, music etc. You can publish your slideshows as SWF Movie/Executable/Screen Saver/Video Files/HTML5 video in local disk, or embed your favorite published flash into your blog, Myspace, or other ordinary web pages to show off.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.8.3 [02-13-18]

No longer need flash player installed.

Other versions : 3.8.1 3.7.9 3.7.8 3.7.7 3.7.6 3.7.5 3.7.4 3.7.3 3.7.2 3.7.1 3.7.0 3.6.9 3.6.7 3.6.6 3.6.5 3.6.4 3.6.2 3.6.1 3.6.0 3.5.8 3.5.7 3.5.6 3.5.5 3.5.4 3.5.3 3.5.2 3.5.1 3.4.2 3.4.1 3.4.0 3.3.0 3.2.1 3.2.0 3.1.6 3.1.5 3.1.4 3.1.3 3.1.2 3.1.1 3.1.0 3.0.9 3.0.8 3.0.7 3.0.6 3.0.5 3.0.3 3.0.2 3.0.1 3.0.0 2.9.8 2.9.7 2.9.6 2.9.5 2.9.4 2.9.3 2.9.2 2.9.1 2.9.0 2.8.9 2.8.8 2.8.7 2.8.6 2.8.0 2.5.2 2.5.1 2.3.1 2.3.0 2.2.0 2.0.6 1.5.0 1.4.3 1.4.0 1.3.3 1.3.1 1.3.0 1.2.0 1.1.0 1.0.0

v3.8.1 [08-18-17]

Add a guide about how to add html5 video to webpage.

v3.7.9 [06-08-17]

Greatly improve video output quality.

v3.7.8 [04-01-17]

Optimize random photo frame feature.

v3.7.7 [01-27-17]

Update copyright information.

v3.7.6 [11-27-16]

Fix some bugs.

v3.7.5 [09-29-16]

Fix some bugs.

v3.7.4 [08-23-16]

Update compatibility setting with Windows 10.

v3.7.3 [06-10-16]

Allow import gif file to a slide.

v3.7.2 [05-13-16]

Update HTML5 resource.

v3.7.1 [03-29-16]

Add music button on setting window.

v3.7.0 [01-24-16]

Add new feature: locate log file

v3.6.9 [09-09-15]

Supports latest flash player

v3.6.7 [05-11-15]

Fix decorate page bug.

v3.6.6 [03-13-15]

Fix open project file process bug.

v3.6.5 [01-16-15]

Fix main window display bug.

v3.6.4 [12-14-14]

Optimize video import, project saving; Allow minimize during slideshow publish.

v3.6.2 [10-29-14]

Optimize register process; Optimize Multi-Language feature

v3.6.1 [07-06-14]

Fix project path bug.

v3.6.0 [05-20-14]

Supports standard users. No UAC window popup when running program.

v3.5.8 [03-20-14]

Fix window position bugs.

v3.5.7 [01-30-14]

Supports adobe flash player under Win8.

v3.5.6 [12-02-13]

Supports adobe flash player 11.9.900.152 under Win8.

v3.5.5 [11-02-13]

Fix some bugs in video output.

v3.5.4 [10-01-13]

Update template sort method.

v3.5.3 [08-26-13]

Update registration messages.

v3.5.2 [07-21-13]

Fix some bugs in video publish.

v3.5.1 [06-21-13]

Add 4 new transition effects.

v3.4.2 [05-23-13]

Optimize flash to video conversion.

v3.4.1 [04-23-13]

Add BGM config when playing videos. Optimize html5 output.

v3.4.0 [03-24-13]

Allow add motion effect to photos.

v3.3.0 [02-03-13]

Optimize register process.

v3.2.1 [12-26-12]

Executable file and Screensaver install file support multi-language.

v3.2.0 [11-18-12]

Allow add video file

v3.1.6 [10-08-12]

Add BGM Loop config; Fix clip sound bug in video

v3.1.5 [08-28-12]

Supports publish as HTML5 video; Add more text config

v3.1.4 [07-23-12]

Add useful template: Numeric

v3.1.3 [07-02-12]

Add useful template: Spot; Supports preloader config

v3.1.2 [05-26-12]

Add new feature: Burn EXE to CD/DVD.

v3.1.1 [04-23-12]

add french Language file.

v3.1.0 [03-24-12]

fix 120 dpi display bug

v3.0.9 [02-22-12]

add options config

v3.0.8 [01-29-12]

optimize no remove text effect

v3.0.7.1 [01-07-12]

change upload url; fix thumbnail bug

v3.0.7 [01-01-12]

optimize photo quality

v3.0.6 [11-24-11]

optimize template loading

v3.0.5 [10-30-11]

New feature: Executable password

v3.0.3 [09-23-11]

optimize album loading

v3.0.2 [09-02-11]

optimize videolog, button display

v3.0.1 [08-09-11]

fix blank frame slideshow bug

v3.0.0 [07-17-11]

Add 20 new templates

v2.9.8.4 [06-21-11]

template config on setting window

v2.9.8.3 [05-26-11]

New feature: clipart no remove; add more clipart

v2.9.8.2 [05-07-11]

fix bug when publish as video file

v2.9.8 [04-11-11]

New feature: full fill photo frame

v2.9.7.2 [03-29-11]

fix custom slideshow size bug

v2.9.7.1 [03-20-11]

Add music fade in fade out

v2.9.7 [03-01-11]

Supports Google Adwords

v2.9.6 [02-09-11]

optimize thumbnail templates

v2.9.5 [01-26-11]

optimize select photo window

v2.9.4 [12-28-10]

optimize text config window

v2.9.3 [12-03-10]

Fix the end slide clipart bug

v2.9.2 [11-05-10]

New feature: Import user clip sound.

v2.9.1 [10-14-10]

Support 125% DPI

v2.9.0 [09-22-10]

Allow photo and text hyperlink.

v2.8.9 [09-06-10]

New feature: Show photo index. Show additional templates.

v2.8.8 [08-08-10]

New feature: preview in browse.

v2.8.7 [07-20-10]

Add 6 more templates. Allow select icon when publish as exe file.

v2.8.6 [06-28-10]

Supports .wmv format and HD video.

v2.8.0 [06-08-10]

New feature: Add blank frame; Publish as video file.

v2.5.2 [05-05-10]

Fix browse page dispaly bug.

v2.5.1 [03-30-10]

Add feature: templates group by date. Add 6 more templates.

v2.3.1 [02-26-10]

Add feature: open project on main menu page.

v2.3.0 [01-31-10]

Add 27 more cliparts.

v2.2.0 [01-14-10]

Higher photo quality for output. Add 11 more templates.

v2.0.6 [11-22-09]

New feature:use start button, disable preloader. Add 7 more templates.

v1.5.0 [10-06-09]

New feature: Custom Intro,End background.

v1.4.3 [09-17-09]

fix up preload frame bug.

v1.4.0 [08-25-09]

New feature: Auto check additional templates; Add 3 more templates

v1.3.3 [07-19-09]

Add 6 new text effect; Add 2 Intro text effect

v1.3.1 [06-17-09]

Add 6 new text effect

v1.3.0 [05-12-09]

New template mode: Player Mode.

v1.2.0 [04-16-09]

Add 4 additional templates.

v1.1.0 [03-22-09]

New feature - Share Online
You can upload the show to server for free. A Link will be returned after upload successfully.
It will be too easy to share your show to your friends, just copy and paste the link.
Also, you can embed the show into your web pages,MySpace profile to show off.

v1.0.0 [02-15-09]

20+ templates with preloader,photo frames, control buttons.
60+ stunning transition effect
Controllable transition and photo duration.
Support all major audio as a background music.
Publish as Flash movie, HTML, executable file (EXE), screensaver.

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