Icecream Screen Recorder 5.993

Icecream Screen Recorder has everything you need for effortless screen capturing and screenshots taking. The program creates screenshots and screencasts, records full screen or selected areas, captures video with audio and microphone, supports scheduled screen recording, and features drawing tools and additional options for controlling the recording.

The program features several recording modes modes that are Custom area, Fullscreen, Last area, Area auto detection and Around mouse. Zooming in and out is available during the screen capture.

There is a drawing panel with a number of basic drawing tools like brush, rectangle, oval, arrow, text and step tool. Using these tools, you can comment on the screenshot or video, highlight important information and make notes. Besides, there is a standard text tool with the ability to choose font color and size. Use the step tool to add numbered markers to the videos or screenshots.

The program supports multiple additional options such as audio recording, particularly, it is capable of recording system sounds and microphone, setting minimum disk space and max file sizes, hiding desktop icons, showing or hiding mouse cursor, showing countdown before recording, disabling screensaver, highlighting mouse cursor and even more.

Videos are saved in WebM, MP4 or MKV format. Screenshots can be saved as images in JPG or PNG format (customized in Settings), URL, or copied to clipboard.

User may add webcamera window of custom size and location within the selected recording area.

Uploading of user watermark along with setting of its opacity level and position in the video is available.

Icecream Screen Recorder supports recording scheduled tasks, all you need to do is set the time for the start and stop and the program will record video within selected area for you at the needed time. Note that the screensavers and Windows sleep mode will be blocked automatically.

The program is available on multiple languages.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.993 [09-08-19]

2 types of crashes fixed

Other versions : 5.98 5.92 5.89 5.83 5.79 5.78 5.77 5.76 5.75 5.64 5.55 5.50 5.32 5.31 5.30 5.20 5.10 5.09 5.02 5.01 5.0 4.98 4.96 4.95 4.94 4.92 4.90 4.89 4.88 4.87 4.85 4.82 4.80 4.76 4.75 4.74 4.73 4.72 4.71 4.70 4.60 4.58 4.57 4.56 4.55 4.53 4.52 4.50 4.30 4.24 4.23 4.22 4.21 4.10 3.70 3.68 3.67 3.66 3.65 3.61 3.60 3.51 3.50 3.40 3.30 3.21 3.20 3.13 3.12 3.11 3.1 3.0 2.73 2.72 2.71 2.70 2.69 2.68 2.66 2.65 2.63 2.62 2.61 2.51 2.5 2.25 2.24 2.22 2.2 2.1 2.0 1.50 1.49 1.48 1.47 1.46 1.45 1.44 1.43 1.42 1.41 1.40 1.39 1.38 1.37 1.36 1.35 1.34 1.33 1.32 1.3

v5.98 [08-26-19]

WEBM compatibility improved

v5.92 [01-17-19]

Potential audio stuttering on 'weak' machines fixed

v5.89 [10-19-18]

Stop-start recording crash fix

v5.83 [08-28-18]

- Edit 'wrong input parameters' bug fixed;
- Area selection UI improvements.

v5.79 [08-15-18]

- Additional fix for 'rename' crash;
- Output formats check fix

v5.78 [08-11-18]

- Hotkeys UI fixes;
- Start-rename crashfix;
- Game capture engine update

v5.77 [08-05-18]

2 crash fixes

v5.76 [07-29-18]

- Hotkey setting for 3d game capture added;
- UI fixes.

v5.75 [07-14-18]

- Audio device compatibility logics improved;
- 'Last area' and 'Area auto-detection' fixes;
- 'File rename' window crash fix;
- 3D game capture multiple fixes and improvements

v5.64 [06-13-18]

- 'Switch' function removed for better user experience;
- Welcome screen with major settings added;
- Default record/stop hotkeys changed;
- Minor changes and fixes

v5.55 [05-13-18]

- More stability for the new recording engine;
- Additional fix for custom file name window

v5.50 [05-09-18]

- FPS improved considerably for Windows 10 and 8.1;
- Highlight mouse feature fix, highlighting improved;
- Resolution presets added;
- Custom file name window potential crash fix.

v5.32 [04-02-18]

- 'No settings' bug at startup fixed;
- Webcam disabled when N/A.

v5.31 [03-23-18]

Potential crash fix (different stop recording variations)

v5.30 [03-05-18]

- Low volume output audio fix;
- Quicker output files naming;
- 'Click through' at countdown fixed;
- Potential crash fix

v5.20 [02-26-18]

- Uploading to Dropbox fixed;
- Uploading mechanism files major upgrade;
- Potential crash fixes.

v5.10 [12-27-17]

Few potential crash fixes (audio, recording toolbar)

v5.09 [12-09-17]

Possible crash at start fixed

v5.02 [11-20-17]

HiDPI 'area size' fix

v5.01 [11-16-17]

- Task mode fix;
- 'Empty filename' fix.

v5.0 [11-13-17]

'Capture audio' mode added
Export videos to GIF
Highlight, Blur added
Audio levels control improved
Screenshots post-upload to URL
Upload files to Google Drive,Dropbox
Change video resolution in Edit mode
Draw mode:press Ctrl+Z to undo;press 'Enter' button using Text tool to down a line

v4.98 [10-22-17]

Output video better quality for converting operations

v4.96 [09-30-17]

Audio recording '8 channels' fix

v4.95 [09-10-17]

Debugging service updated

v4.94 [08-27-17]

'Trim video' fix

v4.92 [08-01-17]

- Major audio system update;
- Multi channel audio devices support;
- Sound cracking and stuttering issues fixed;
- Other minor audio issues fixed.

v4.90 [07-19-17]

'Old History' fix.

v4.89 [06-16-17]

- Draw mode 'background' fix;
- Installer minor changes.

v4.88 [05-30-17]

Initial program launch fix

v4.87 [05-28-17]

- Activation fix;
- Installer UI fix;
- Other minor bug fixes.

v4.85 [05-21-17]

Recording engine update: recording optimization + 'black screen' fix

v4.82 [05-15-17]

- '1 sec video' issue fixed;
- Program size reduced.

v4.80 [05-14-17]

- AVI and MOV output formats added;
- MKV output format removed;
- Output audio compatibility improved;
- Minor GUI changes and bug fixes.

v4.76 [04-25-17]

Installer improved

v4.75 [04-17-17]

- 'Black screenshots' bug fixed;
- Minor UI improvements.

v4.74 [04-10-17]

Installer bug fixes

v4.73 [03-31-17]

UI translations fixes

v4.72 [03-22-17]

- Settings UI fix;
- Minor bug fixes.

v4.71 [03-14-17]

Webcam additional fix

v4.70 [03-07-17]

- Trim and/or convert videos after recording;
- Webcam 'white borders' fix;
- Custom names fix for screenshots.

v4.60 [01-31-17]

- Audio devices initialization improved;
- Destination folder rights notification added;
- 'Hide desktop icons' functionality improved;
- Crash fix;
- Other minor fixes.

v4.58 [01-12-17]

Security improved

v4.57 [12-19-16]

Albanian language added

v4.56 [12-16-16]

Albanian language added

v4.55 [12-02-16]

- Drawing mode: using Shift while typing text fixed;
- Recording hotkeys used fix.

v4.53 [11-24-16]

Installer updated

v4.52 [11-09-16]

- Audio recording mechanism upgrade;
- Around mouse recording fix;
- Minor fixes.

v4.50 [10-26-16]

- Cursor capture mechanism improved;
- Watermark issues while zooming fixed.

v4.30 [10-03-16]

Main window major UI improvements

v4.24 [09-27-16]

- History view improvements;
- Draw panel 'text' mode: CTRL+V and hieroglyphs support;
- Draw panel 'pencil' mode improved;
- Countdown fix;
- Updater fix;
- Debugging service fix;
- Security additional improvements.

v4.23 [09-20-16]

Security improved

v4.22 [09-14-16]

- Output video quality for WEBM format fixed;
- 'Hide desktop icons' feature fix

v4.21 [09-07-16]

- Debugging service fix;
- Activation system additional fix

v4.10 [09-06-16]

- Selfie mode optimized;
- Drawing arrows improved;
- Webcam additional crashfix;
- Youtube upload crashfix;
- Program size reduced.

v3.70 [08-03-16]

Recording custom cursors fixed

v3.68 [06-30-16]

Irish language added

v3.67 [05-17-16]

Burmese language added

v3.66 [04-28-16]

Bosnian language added

v3.65 [04-15-16]

Selected area size bug fix

v3.61 [04-06-16]

Filipino language added

v3.60 [04-01-16]

- Installer upgraded;
- Debug system upgraded;
- Few minor bugs fixed.

v3.51 [03-24-16]

Additional installer UI translations added

v3.50 [03-21-16]

- Mode selection UI improved;
- German UI translation improved;
- Audio settings bug fixed;
- Installer upgraded

v3.40 [03-15-16]

- Maltese language added;
- 'Paths' bug fixed;
- Space limits bug fixed.

v3.30 [02-29-16]

Easier access to recording panel in full screen mode

v3.21 [02-24-16]

Georgian language added

v3.20 [02-15-16]

- Audio volume control bug fixed;
- Activation fix;
- Free disk space and file size limits fixed;
- Debugging service updated;
- Few potential crash fixes.

v3.13 [02-09-16]

Kazakh language added

v3.12 [01-27-16]

Slovenian language added

v3.11 [01-22-16]

'Start crash' fix for the systems without default devices

v3.1 [01-19-16]

- Audio toolbar UI improved;
- Version number added in Settings Panel;
- Activation fixes;
- H264 recording issues fixed;
- Additional audio sync problems fix;
- Exit action popup fixed

v3.0 [01-14-16]

Zoom In/Out tool
4 recording/screenshot area selection modes including “Last area used”
Step tool for steps highlighting for any tutorial
Record around mouse
Display hotkeys being pressed while recording
Recording area selection assistance:magnifying glass and auto-detection of windows or zones

v2.73 [01-14-16]

Mongolian language added

v2.72 [12-16-15]

Armenian language added

v2.71 [12-11-15]

Belarusian language added

v2.70 [11-30-15]

Performance much improved for 64-bit systems

v2.69 [11-24-15]

Serbian language added

v2.68 [11-11-15]

Lithuanian language added

v2.66 [11-03-15]

Vietnamese language added

v2.65 [10-28-15]

Indonesian language added

v2.63 [10-16-15]

Malaysian language added

v2.62 [10-01-15]

Ukrainian language added

v2.61 [09-25-15]

- Select output video codec MPEG4 or H264 - in PRO version;
- Minor UI fixes

v2.51 [09-23-15]

Croatian language added

v2.5 [09-21-15]

Recording technology improved: record Full HD at 25 fps
Webcam-crash fixed
Audio synchronization problems fixed
Multi-monitor support logic improved
Windows XP is not supported from now on

v2.25 [09-03-15]

Latvian language added

v2.24 [08-31-15]

Icelandic language added

v2.22 [08-20-15]

- Minor audio bugs fixed;
- Minor UI bugs fixed

v2.2 [08-13-15]

- 'Settings' and 'start recording' crashes for some PCs fixed;
- Problems with USB audio devices solved;
- Watermark usage bug fixed;
- Debugging service updated;
- Auto UI language detection;
- Minor UI bugs fixed;
- Change output format

v2.1 [07-16-15]

- Bulgarian language added;
- Crashes on start for some PCs fixed;
- GUI bugs fixed

v2.0 [07-09-15]

- Choose audio devices for recording and set volume directly in the Settings panel
- Problem with confusing multiple monitors on some PCs solved
- Add your own watermark to the video
- Add webcam video to your recording
- Set video output quality
- Program size considerably reduced (x3 times)

v1.50 [07-08-15]

Estonian language added

v1.49 [07-02-15]

Thai language added

v1.48 [06-25-15]

Afrikaans language added

v1.47 [06-12-15]

Sinhalese language added

v1.46 [06-02-15]

Hungarian language added

v1.45 [05-29-15]

Finnish language added

v1.44 [05-15-15]

Danish language added

v1.43 [05-06-15]

Norwegian language added

v1.42 [04-28-15]

German GUI translation improved

v1.41 [04-24-15]

Arabic language added

v1.40 [04-15-15]

Swedish language added

v1.39 [04-08-15]

Turkish language added

v1.38 [04-02-15]

Czech language added

v1.37 [02-18-15]

Dutch language added

v1.36 [02-04-15]

Japanese language added

v1.35 [12-09-14]

Korean language added

v1.34 [11-26-14]

Slovak language added

v1.33 [10-30-14]

Polish language added

v1.32 [10-22-14]

Greek language fix;
Multiple monitors support bug fix;
Several bug fixes.

v1.3 [10-01-14]

Several monitors support;
Task manager added: set timers for recording;
Blocking screensaver+Windows sleep mode while recording;
Choosing screenshot format – PNG or JPG;
Ctrl+C now copies selected area to buffer;
Minimum recording area: 30x30px;
'Start with Windows' added;
Several bug fixes.

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