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Download videos and audio from thousands of sites with fast download speed. Steaming content is automatically detected and downloaded. Convert downloaded files to MP3, AVI, iPad, iPhone, Mp4, H264, Xvid. Download engine is optimized for fast download speeds. VSO Downloader works independently from web browsers, so therefore it works with all of them, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and more. An ad blocker is integrated so that only relevant content is downloaded. Various settings allow you to fine tune the program to fit your needs. Files are smartly renamed or easy organization. Best of all it is FREE!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [07-01-17]

extraction update 2017.06.25 and languages update

Other versions :

v5.0.1.42 [06-01-17]

supports more websites via autodetection method, fixes playing downloaded file with default media player installed and other minor corrections

v5.0.1.28 [03-09-17]

better detection of file name, fixes conversion problems, fixes some music downloaded with extension being ext rather than mp3, improved support for facebook videos and other improvements

v5.0.1.16 [01-21-17]

Supports tons of new websites (HTTPS support added), interface updated, conversion to other file formats integration improved and other improvements

v4.5.0.16 [11-21-15]

Download engine updated in preparation for new major version, user interface updated, a renaming bug is fixed, unfinished downloads are picked back up when app is reopened, and other corrections.

v4.4.0.8 [09-23-15]

Improved compatibility for Windows 10, fixes runtime error and includes other bug corrections and improvements.

v4.3.0.22 [06-27-15]

Conversion remux setting added, more accurate calculation of remaining time, other bugs corrected and general improvements and translations updated.

v4.3.0.17 [06-05-15]

more sites supported, integrates a new proxy driver which adds support for USB modems and 3G Keys, supports h265 decoding, other bugs corrected

v4.2.4.1 [12-09-14]

Various corrections some of which include: better detection embedded videos, translations updated, interface improved

v4.2.2.3 [11-01-14]

Fixed problem where downloads were deleted if detected as a secure stream, fixed conversion profile bug, manual file renaming improved and other various improvements and corrections

v4.2.0.9 [09-21-14]

Improved support for YouTube, Web page title renamer updated for unicode compatibility, default settings of HTTP downloader updated, and other minor corrections

v4.2.0.7 [09-19-14]

Improved support for YouTube, Web page title renamer updated for unicode compatibility, default settings of HTTP downloader updated, and other minor corrections

v4.1.1.25 [09-03-14]

HTTP components upgraded, HTTP code 416 supported, memory used by network engine improved, Renamer from webpage title updated: all charsets and unicode characters supported, converting engine updated with fixes and other changes

v4.1.0.18 [08-05-14]

unicode support improved, RTMP: Invalid Byte detection updated, F4V fragments: duration check removed, detection stops is fixed, user interface updated in settings and detection status

v4.1.0.13 [07-30-14]

network engine upgraded, live recorder fully redesigned, better unicode support, interface updated, list of ignored extensions added in settings, other minor changes made and translations updated

v4.0.0.19 [05-23-14]

New sites supported, improved support of previously supported sites, preview added to see what you are downloading, added new audio conversion formats: FLAC and M4A, Auto file renaming improved among many other minor changes

v4.0.0.18 [05-15-14]

New sites supported, improved support of previously supported sites, preview added to see what you are downloading, added new audio conversion formats: FLAC and M4A, Auto file renaming improved among many other minor changes

v3.2.0.6 [02-21-14]

various improvements including more sites supported and more computer configurations supported and user interface improved including smart file renaming

v3.1.2.6 [12-07-13]

sleep mode improved, IP channel: manual relocation supported, merger: delete compatibility updated, HTTP handles socket error 11004 when the main adapter is disconnected, HTTP restart updated for multi streams, translations updated and other minor issues fixed, check for update on every use

v3.1.2.3 [11-27-13]

automatic smart renaming of files downloaded improved, new network engine code updated, other minor bugs corrected

v3.1.1.13 [11-15-13]

IP channel improvements: detection of duplicates updated, better support of FLV, more sites supported, progress bar added, F4V merger updated, ffmpeg merger: single fragment supported, MP4 ISOM: HD support added, HTTP recording updated, network dissector updated, user interface improved

v3.1.1.9 [11-05-13]

Webm IP channel supported, Lumberjack updated, network protocol support updated, RTMPT dissector updated, among other changes

v3.1.1.4 [10-16-13]

Webm IP channel supported, detection of IP channel extension updated, MP4 merger: thread safe completed event, and other minor updates

v3.1.1.1 [10-08-13]

More sites supported (IP channel updated for new servers), minor interface updates, translations updated, error corrected when downloading some large files, lumberjack updated, download buffer improved, and other internal changes

v3.0.3.5 [05-02-13]

HDS protocol integrated (more sites supported), EVE driver parameters updated for better performance, new dialogue to add url to secure stream list when download fails, items reloaded fixed, and translations updated

v3.0.2.1 [02-27-13]

HDS protocol integrated (more sites supported), EVE driver parameters updated for better performance, new dialogue to add url to secure stream list when download fails, items reloaded fixed, and translations updated

v3.0.0.15 [01-25-13]

new EVE driver added: better compatibility with USB modem/3G..., added support for IPv6, subtitles can now be added to conversion, RTMP dll updated, SLL support improved, minor issues in user interface corrected, and theme compatible with Windows 8 by default

v2.9.14.7 [12-14-12]

shoutcast meta data supported, translations updated, fixed HTTP request path on some XP, detection of HTTP recorder improved, Iphone 5 conversion profile added, UI & settings cleaned

v2.9.13.14 [11-28-12]

live recorder added meaning more sites supported, always on top option added, new log integrated, youtube and download accelerator modules removed, AMF parser extended, HTTP expiration increased to 30s, prevent loop with 1st RTMP download that only supports live mode, columns saved in main interface

v2.9.12.1 [10-25-12]

more sites supported: slacker.com + kanalia.eu

v2.9.12.0 [10-17-12]

support of HTTP bandwidth limitation updated, RTMP socket callback added, conversion selector compatible with all themes, and iPad conversion improved

v2.9.11.7 [10-05-12]

RTMP detection extended, video/audio remuxer added, auto bitrate adjusted, generic MP4/H264 profile added, Xvid profile fixed, and Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, Russian translations updated

v2.9.10.6 [09-17-12]

many corrections: updater fixed, option to delete real file fixed, youtube detection problem corrected, and conversions corrected, NIC detection supports application to be minimized, languages updated

v2.9.10.0 [09-08-12]

driver and network card items improved, deleting items improved, file name enhancer improved for short name & brackets supported, and Italian translation updated

v2.9.9.28 [08-31-12]

New audio normalization feature added to integrated file converter, file name enhancer improved: all HTML entities supported, Unicode supported in RTMP, and bug corrected regarding audio sometimes being poorly converted.

v2.9.9.24 [08-22-12]

Selection of the conversion profile fixed, special characters support improved for the RTMP handshake and German, Italian and Turkish translations updated

v2.9.9.22 [08-10-12]

RTMP: Ultra buffer added, converter updated, document name enhancer improved, protocol not supported added in UI, HTTP socket fixed for special cases and translations updated

v2.9.9.13 [07-28-12]

Setting to launch app minimized added, user interface improved, more sites supported, auto file renaming improved, queue manager improved

v2.9.9.5 [07-20-12]

Added custom conversion profile for each downloaded file, all traffic is now analyzed except ports listed in the settings, conversion with VP8 engine improved, conversion: resume & stop fixed , minor fix for download accelerator, support new site with specific range, and translations updated

v2.9.8.7 [07-15-12]

More HTTP sites supported, RTMP resume improved, overall performance improved, fixed extension from probe and detection of the filename improved

v2.9.7.8 [07-09-12]

Recorder improved and More sites supported

v2.9.6.3 [06-18-12]

Manual file renaming improved (using F2) and LibRtmp updated

v2.9.5.9 [06-09-12]

detection of RTMP duration fixed

v2.9.5.8 [06-05-12]

correction for some downloads that stopped before being complete

v2.9.5.7 [06-01-12]

Conversion priority added,Size & position of the application saved, Apple profile now uses MPEG-4 codec for better compatibility, Mobile Phone conversion profile added (3GP), and Taiwanese translation updated

v2.9.5.5 [05-19-12]

more RTMP sites supported, Apple conversion profiles added (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV) and Czech, German translations updated

v2.9.4.1 [05-12-12]

New support added for: RTMP HD, RTMP playlists and RTMP cams. The librtmp.dll was updated meaning new sites are supported and zlib1.dll added.

v2.9.3.2 [05-06-12]

can now convert to AVI H264 and MPEG4, RTMP & HTTP recorder added, HTTP recorder supports new sites, fix and setting to handle detection of duplicated streams, simultaneous download limitation removed, and Czech translation updated.

v2.9.1.4 [04-20-12]

downloads stopping at 75% fixed, RTMP reinforced, German & Arabic translations updated

v2.9.0.4 [04-13-12]

various adjustments for better stability and smoother downloading

v2.7.2.0 [03-31-12]

Youtube detection improved and do not automatically download corrected

v2.7.0.4 [03-23-12]

new audio converter engine, ads detection improved, new RTMP sites supported, new features added to tray icon, port 182 & 8080 added by default, and translations updated

v2.6.8.1 [02-21-12]

ad blocker improved and languages updated

v2.6.8.0 [02-17-12]

RTMP now supported, part size improved, network driver status improved, transparency when uninstalling in regards to network driver, ignored extension improved, and Brazilian & Arabian languages updated

v2.5.1.2 [02-01-12]

Last file downloaded is now always visible, recording multi HTTP stream in a single socket fixed, ignored extensions improved, all forms centered from the Main one, and German, Dutch and Czech updated

v2.5.0.9 [01-24-12]

minor updates including mp3 tags and download engine improved

v2.5.0.5 [01-21-12]

Downloading engine improved, method POST implemented, YouTube compatibility improved, themes corrected for XP, unable to close application fixed, language added: Spanish and Turkish language updated: Czech, Chinese, Estonia.

v2.0.2.2 [12-20-11]

New mp3 conversion added, languages updated and various minor bugs corrected

v1.6.8.0 [11-25-11]

New languages added, better support for WinPcap

v1.6.7.0 [11-23-11]

Translations updated

v1.6.5.0 [11-17-11]

Youtube downloader HD added, translations updated, extension list updated

v1.6.1.0 [10-29-11]

new interface, improved network detection, translations updated

v1.5.0.50 [10-19-11]

logo updated, polish language updated, improved serialization of the download items

v1.4.0.37 [09-29-11]

spanish updated, ignored extension improved

v1.4.0.22 [09-27-11]

interface imported and new translations added,others updated

v1.3.1.14 [09-22-11]

various items updated, some include: translation module updated, new translations added and increased compatibility with windows firewall

v1.3.0.33 [09-08-11]

translations updated

v1.3.0.13 [09-02-11]

interface improved, added Chinese and Portuguese translations, original file name detected

v1.2.0.78 [08-26-11]

interface improved, VPN usage improved, tutorial integrated

v1.2.0.40 [08-12-11]

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