HttpMaster Professional 4.3.0

HttpMaster is a development and test tool for REST web services and API applications. HttpMaster can display and validate the most common REST formats; XML, JSON, and HTML and also supports powerful dynamic parameters, response data validation expressions, flexible request chaining, and many other properties. All these core features, along with many other options, give HttpMaster capabilities for thorough web service and API testing.

HttpMaster project (hmpr file) exposes a large number of options to fine tune generated web requests, for example, to specify http method, values of http headers, URL encoding of parameters, global URL and query string values, redirections, content types, request encoding, and many more.

One of the more powerful features of HttpMaster is request chaining. It is a flexible mechanism to combine multiple requests in execution batches where every request uses some data from the previous request. This allows for complete automation of web application testing.

HttpMaster also supports definition of dynamic parameters which can be be used to simulate variations of input data or to create global values for reuse across multiple requests.

When executing web requests, HttpMaster allows you to monitor and review complete request and response data of each executed request. Response data can be validated using validation rules; if validation rules are defined for the request item, HttpMaster will asses particular execution as successful only if it passes complete validation rule.

When working with HttpMaster, you will use intuitive user interface with tabs, descriptive icons, 'quick help' buttons and integrated help file.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

4.3.0 [02-08-19]

Update existing project from OpenAPI data
Support for version 3 when parsing OpenAPI data
Support for YAML format when parsing OpenAPI data
Use project parameter value in basic request window
Use obtained authorization data in basic request window
HTML encode/decode selected data in action menu

Other versions : 4.2.0 4.1.0 4.0.0 3.9.6 3.9.5 3.9.4 3.9.3 3.9.2 3.9.1 3.9 3.8.1 3.8 3.7 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.3 3.2 3.1 3.0 2.7 2.6

v4.2.0 [10-26-18]

Ability to create new execution group in the main window
Add bookmarks when creating PDF report
Add custom report title and page footer when creating PDF report
Exclude header or request body data item in basic request window with comment
New menus in action button to escape/unescape regex data

v4.1.0 [08-18-18]

Menus to insert authorization code and access token variables
Pick file/folder with dialog in pre/post execution actions
Show/hide column in request item list
Word wrap setting applies to headers, cookies, and request body
Ad-hoc word wrap switching
Action button with regex field in chaining

v4.0.0 [06-23-18]

Get authorization code and access token from external authentication providers
Pre-execution and post-execution actions
Improvements with status code validation
Setting for autoindenting request data text
Additional execution options available in the main window
Documentation available online

v3.9.6 [04-07-18]

Set active global URL or active global query string in basic request window
'Insert GUID' command supported with actions button
Minor UI improvements and various fixes

v3.9.5 [03-17-18]

Improved display of sent and received cookies in 'Cookies' tab
Ability to rewrite received cookie domain when resending it
Improvements with entering request body (select pretty viewer, automatic indent, etc.)
Various UI improvements

v3.9.4 [01-08-18]

Ability to manage list of recent project files and recent execution data files
Action to quickly insert standard http header in request headers field
Additional http options supported in basic request window
Various UI improvements

v3.9.3 [12-13-17]

Advanced options available when searching execution data
Ability to open request body data in a separate window for enhanced editing
New action button in request item properties for quick access to execution actions
Support for creating XML body from Swagger data

v3.9.2 [11-17-17]

Create new HttpMaster project by importing Swagger (Open API) data.
Minor UI improvements.

v3.9.1 [09-07-17]

Significantly improved input field for specifying request body
Menu options for pretty formatting XML or JSON request body
Support for relative Windows paths when uploading or reading disk files
Ability to extract multiple parameter values with regular expression from disk file

v3.9 [07-20-17]

HttpMaster is now dpi-aware application.
Revamped icons for better user experience and improved high-dpi rendering.
Option to specify URL encoding behavior on each defined parameter/chaining.
Support for executing request items from the particular execution group in command line interface.

v3.8.1 [06-29-17]

Menu options to execute request items without storing execution data (pure execution)
Ability to select output content type (XML, JSON, etc.) when building request data for posting
Change timeout value in basic request window
Various UI and feature improvements

v3.8 [04-07-17]

Improved functionality for building request body
Specify initial value for parameters with manually provided value
Stop execution if chaining data cannot be obtained
Stop execution if validation of request item fails
Duplicate execution group
Compact XML/JSON when exporting execution results

v3.7 [01-08-17]

Support for conditional execution of items
Parameter type that prompts for the value before the execution
Code folding and line numbers in pretty viewers
CSS pretty viewer
Simplified opening of items in basic request window
Open execution group in basic request window
Project item description

v3.6 [11-24-16]

New viewers for pretty data display
Pretty viewer for HTML response data
Export execution results to XML or JSON file
Apply function to parameter value
Specify multiple values for global URL or query string
Improved application options window with couple of new settings

v3.5 [09-07-16]

Global request chaining support
Validation type to check for string occurrences
Parameter type to obtain value from a file
Simplified UI for parameter management
Hash data actions available with 'Field actions' button
Change font for request/response display
Change order of execution groups

v3.4 [06-22-16]

Support for execution groups
Store credentials data in project properties
Improvements to text validation types
Cookie improvements

v3.3 [04-13-16]

Validate response body with XPath/JSONPath
Extract chaining value with XPath/JSONPath
Apply function to obtained chaining value
Support for any http method (verb)
Support for custom codes with status code validation
Upload selected file as Base64 string
Improved welcome window

v3.2 [02-04-16]

Wizard for building command line commands
Validations in basic request window
Use encrypted passwords with command line
Toolbar/keyboard for managing execution order
Menu to reload project file from disk
Column widths preserved between app restarts
Setting to display warning for old projects

v3.1 [12-14-15]

List request items that use parameter, validation, chaining
Display/open recent hmex files
Send selected received cookies with the next request
Option to validate each validation row separately
Ignore item when executing
International domain support
'application/soap+xml' content type support

v3.0 [09-30-15]

Support for request chaining
Command line interface to automate execution
Save execution data to a file
Open saved execution files
Include/exclude item for command line execution
Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 security protocols
Menu to apply changes to multiple request items simultaneously

v2.7 [05-07-15]

Support for upload type 'multipart form data'
Use dynamic parameters with http headers
'Text view' for validation expressions
Align execution order with the current sort order
'Text Viewer' for response data
Custom location for temporary execution data
Reset sizes and positions for all windows

v2.6 [03-11-15]

Fixed execution order for request items
Authentication support in basic request
Create project from basic request
Open request item in basic request
PDF export in basic request
Manage authentication in execution window
Send data in segments in basic request
Time delay for the first request

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