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Fast Url Opener 3.18

Fast Url Opener runs on Windows PC (all Windows; 32-bit or 64-bit), and it is a handy productive tool for opening your daily websites. The program allows you to keep 75 URLs (your website addresses) and opens them easy and fast in any browser that is set as current default browser on your computer in clicks, one by one. Fast Url Opener can set any of the main web browsers as default browser. It can close a not responding browser as well. Fast Url Opener is a mighty marathon runner that runs fast, and using it is as easy as pie: If you click a preloaded button under the Open option, you will open your website. If you click it under the Preload option, you will open the Preload window where you can edit Title and Url. It has 75 opening buttons: 27 buttons are located in the Main window, 24 in the More window, and 24 in the Extra window. Using Fast Url Opener for opening your frequently used websites on a daily basis, along with the default browser, is more productive than using the same browser alone.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.18 [06-07-18]

- More information added to Help. - Browsers icons replaced for better ones. - Edge browser icon added. - New icon added for the program shortcut. - The Button Colors submenu renamed to Colors. - The 100% Clean Softpedia award graphic added to setup.

Other versions : 3.15 3.14 3.12 3.06 3.05 3.04 3.02 3.01 2.89 2.87 2.86 2.85 2.84 2.82 2.78 2.71 2.64.08 2.64 2.57 2.55 2.52 2.51 2.50 2.49 2.46 2.44 2.40 2.37 2.17

v3.15 [10-23-15]

- The editor icon introduced for Preload. - Selecting Open by pressing 3. - Selecting Preload by pressing 4. - More tooltips added. - 20 tips added to Help. - Exe file increased due to new features. - Help file reduced due to removing some pictures. - Setup file reduced to 1.78 MB.

v3.14 [09-28-15]

- 10 changes made to improve the program design and usability. - The Help system improved, rebuild, and decreased in size. - The size of the Setup file reduced to 1.80 MB.

v3.12 [06-20-15]

- The speed to open websites increased. - The main algorithm to open websites improved. - 1 design bug fixed. - 5 pictures in the Help system changed. - Setup file 1.87 MB.

v3.06 [03-03-15]

- Demo screen appears for 5 seconds. - File item removed from menu. - Olive background removed, white introduced. - More commands added to the context menus. - License price $10.00. - New Buynow link, the old one is valid as well. - Setup file 1.86 MB. - 12 other changes.

v3.05 [12-29-14]

- Context menu added to quickly switch to Open or Preload. - Splash screen removed. - More information added to Help. - Buy now link address changed (the old one redirects to the same location). - Size of setup file reduced to 1.78 MB. - 7 other improvements.

v3.04 [10-25-14]

- Program renamed to Fast Url Opener. - Light olive background added. - Menu made cleaner. - Edit item removed, Extra item added. - Buttons renamed to More, 1 window added. - Opening capacity increased from 51 to 75 websites. - 2 visual effects introduced. - Help bettered, 12 other improvements.

v3.02 [09-20-14]

- Light blue background added to interface. - Check for New Version added to Help menu. - 1 bug fixed in Close All feature. - Code added to change default browser for better robustness. - 1 button added to Data for Browser window. - The button provides easy find of browser exe file. - Help expanded.

v3.01 [08-14-14]

- Url limit expanded from 255 characters to 2000. - Minimize button added to the More Buttons window. - The button provides a feature minimize twice and close. - Algorithm to change the default browser improved. - 2 new topics added to Help. - Setup bettered. - 5 other minor changes made.

v2.89 [06-14-14]

- Display time for nag screen reduced to 5 sec. - Splash screen redesigned. - 1 bug fixed. - Black and red colors for button title corrected. - Help improved. - Setup file size increased to 1.50 MB.

v2.87 [05-26-14]

- The Browser menu added. - A feature to change the default browser via the Browser menu added. - A feature to show the icon of the current default browser added. - Help improved. - Setup file size reduced to 1.49 MB. - License price increased to 14.99 USD.

v2.86 [02-06-14]

- Button number to open websites increased from 27 to 51. - System Colors command removed from menu, White and Red command introduced instead. - Database command added to menu. - Database window added to program. - Interface colors improved. - Setup file 1.79 MB.

v2.85 [01-10-14]

- Added feature to customize Minimize and Exit buttons in Main window according to a color selection in Color menu. - After setup default color scheme changed to white and blue.

v2.84 [12-23-13]

- Demo form redesigned. - White and Red command removed from Colors menu. - White and Black command introduced instead. - Green color corrected to display text in 27 command buttons. - Size of setup exe file reduced to 1.71 MB.

v2.82 [10-27-13]

- Renamed to Url Opener Wizard, old name My Opener disregarded. - The Tools menu renamed to Colors. - 1 command added to Colors menu, 1 changed. - 2 minor bugs fixed. - Timeout time changed from 3 seconds to 9. - Clean uninstallation added. - Button number to open websites increased from 24 to 27.

v2.78 [08-20-13]

- The Setup wizard improved. - The Sound Click commands removed from the Tools menu. - 2 icons added for the program shortcut. - 2 program tips added to Help. - One bug fixed to close all browsers in a click.

v2.71 [08-14-13]

- Program renamed to My Opener, the old name Website Url Opener disregarded. - Minimize command added to the File menu. - Large Font command removed from the Tools menu. - Area of the Main window reduced, program respond time improved. - 1 license price changed to $10.00. - Other improvements.

v2.64.08 [07-31-13]

- 2.64.08 code-embedded as the latest program version. - The program website Url added to the About window as a clickable link. - Blue color for 24 buttons slightly lightened to match that of the Google logo. - The White and Red command removed from the Tools menu. - One spelling mistake corrected.

v2.64 [07-11-13]

- The code of one procedure was rewritten for better speed. - The Standard Interface command was introduced in the Option menu. - The White and Blue command now provides better customization. - Two pictures changed in the Help system to identically explain the text.

v2.57 [06-28-13]

- Renamed to Website Url Opener (Url, not URL); - License price made complex: $11.95 [1], $10.00 [2-9], $7.00 [10+]; - Program friendliness improved; - Program tips added to Help; - One function added to simplify Url save; - New BuyNow link introduced; - Exe file size increased to 1.65 MB.

v2.55 [02-27-13]

- Setup improved. - Program start up time bettered. - Help system changed. - Exe file increased from 1.20 MB to 1.56 MB.

v2.52 [12-11-12]

- The Options command added to switch the color and size of 24 buttons. – The program design, start-up time and Help system bettered. – The program name back-changed from Web URL Opener to Website URL Opener.

v2.51 [11-16-12]

- Program interface improved. - Help system bettered. - Options menu replaced with Tools. - Click sound effect added.

v2.50 [10-06-12]

- The program name changed from Website URL Opener to Web URL Opener. - The program interface improved. - Help changed accordingly, increased and bettered.

v2.49 [08-19-12]

- The Clear button added to the Preload Button window. - More information added to Help.

v2.46 [07-20-12]

- Gentle changes to program interface for better usability.

v2.44 [07-08-12]

- Interface improved. - License added to Setup. - More explanations added to Help.

v2.40 [06-16-12]

- Nag screen display time reduced from 10 seconds to 5. - Added possibility to preload an empty button if clicked under Open option.

v2.37 [06-04-12]

As of 3 June 2012: - Program name changed from Website Opener to Website URL Opener. - Interface improved for better visibility and easiness to use. - Setup bettered. - One algorithm changed. - Buy Now URL changed (the old redirect correctly but slower).

v2.17 [05-20-12]

As of 16 May 2012: Setup icon changed; Setup design improved. Display speed within the Main window increased. The Buy License Online url changed (the old url also redirects correctly).

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