DetachPipe 8.0

Make Microsoft Outlook faster, more stable and easier to backup with DetachPipe - the email attachment processor. DetachPipe detaches email attachments, leaving a clickable link in place. You can specify a detach filename manually, or use filename placeholders to generate a new name automatically. DetachPipe identifies duplicate files, saving even more space! Just like a normal email, DetachPipe re-attaches the files when the email is forwarded, and offers to delete the files when the email is deleted. With DetachPipe you can save, delete, compress or re-attach attachments, and even set DetachPipe to detach incoming attachments or delete outgoing attachments. It has an AutoDetach mode where attachments over a given size and age are automatically detached every XX minutes or at a given time each day (e.g. before work). Try It Today!

* Upload large attachments to simplify sharing and get around sender's and recipients' attachment size limitations
* Access attachments blocked by Outlook (.exe, .chm, and more)
* Retain the attachment icon on emails for sorting and display purposes

With DetachPipe you can either select which emails to process, or via DetachPipe's menu, choose a folder (and subfolders) to process.
You can ignore attachments smaller than a given size, and/or recent emails.
Attachments can be restored at any time (individually, by selection or by folder).
By default, DetachPipe uses the complete Outlook path to determine where to save. You have complete control over where DetachPipe stores attachments - you can use placeholders to generate a new filename with text like the subject, sender, date, filename and more.

Also includes 12 month FREE use of a 50MB email attachment account at
Also integrates with DropBox for online storage.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.0 [03-22-16]

Improved auto-detach!

Other versions : 7.8.1 7.7 7.6.6 7.6.2 7.6.1 7.5 7.4 7.3.3 7.3 7.2 7.1.2 7.0.4 7.0.3 7.0.2 6.7.7 6.7.6 6.7.4 6.7.3 6.6 6.5.5 6.5 6.4 6.3 6.2 6.0.14 6.0.12 6.0.11 6.0.10 6.0.6 6.0.5 6.0.4 6.0.3 6.0.2 6.0.1 6.0 5.9.5 5.9.3 5.9.1 5.8.20 5.8.18 5.8.16 5.8.13 5.8.10 5.8.9 5.9 5.8.7 5.8.5 5.8.3 5.8.2 5.7.9e 5.7.9c 5.7.8 5.7.7 5.7.6 5.7.3 5.6.6 5.6.5 5.6.4

v7.8.1 [11-07-15]

* Added [category] and [categories] placeholders to allow categories to be
added to the generated file path.
* Fixed startup errors.

v7.7 [03-12-15]

* Fixed intermittent XML loading/saving error on x64 systems.
* Cloud services for uploading files, DropBox etc.

v7.6.6 [02-04-15]

* Now copes with FormsInfo file being locked by virus scanner.
* Handles missing system functions under Windows XP.

v7.6.2 [12-05-14]

* Now detaches and re-attaches in the same order as originally, especially
important for RTF emails where the attachments can be in the text.
* New Folder properties sheet (for folder right-click, Properties)
* Fixed defaulting of Previous Path in Prompt on Detach dialog

v7.6.1 [11-27-14]

* Added support for hiding unwanted icons.
* New Folder properties sheet (for folder right-click, Properties)
* Fixed defaulting of Previous Path in Prompt on Detach dialog, especially
useful when detaching multiple files from one email.

v7.5 [10-24-14]

* New ‘short form' for embedded links.
* Error logs now created in a consistent location - Users\AppDataRoamingDataMysticDetachPipe
* Fixed errors on Outlook awake from sleep.
* Improved screen refresh on multi-email operations.
* Improved detection and display of non-English code p

v7.4 [10-02-14]

* Now can uncompress files in-situ.
* Progress dialog is now resizeable and has counts of the errors and warnings.
* Fixed startup bugs on multiple mail stores where IMAP was used.

v7.3.3 [08-30-14]

* DetachPipe now has its own Ribbon tab in Inspector view -
leaving more room for normal icons.
* Fixed the Retain Attachment Icon not working properly.

v7.3 [07-18-14]

* Re-released for Outlook 2013 with new ribbon, menus, bug fixes etc.
* Better integration into right-click folder menus.

v7.2 [06-25-13]

* New option to Save Incoming or Outgoing attachments automatically -
previously the options were Detach or Delete.

v7.1.2 [02-01-13]

Fixed error with some dialogs crashing on close.

v7.0.4 [01-06-13]

Fixed x32 and x64 Redemption DLL overwriting each other under Windows x64, Outlook x32.

v7.0.3 [01-01-13]

Dual x64 and x32 release, for Office 2013, 2010 and 2007. Fixed installer for Outlook x32 under Windows x64. Fixed installer registration of Redemption DLL under Windows x32.

v7.0.2 [12-30-12]

Dual x64 and x32 release, for Office 2013, 2010 and 2007. Fixed installer for Outlook x32 under Windows x64

v6.7.7 [09-07-12]

Resolved problem with AutoDetach when Outlook starts and AutoDetach events have been missed

v6.7.4.1 [09-01-12]

Windows now remember their size settings, Actions now do not occur twice if multiple Outlook windows are open.

v6.7.6 [08-28-12]

Fixed problem where buttons only worked the first time they were clicked, but not on subsequent times.

v6.7.4 [07-30-12]

Windows now remember their size settings

v6.7.3 [07-16-12]

Better detection of empty selection and ensuing warning message.

v6.6 [05-22-12]

New ribbon interface

v6.5.5 [05-18-12]

New ribbon interface

v6.5 [03-26-12]

Attachments with Content Ids are now no-longer considered embedded attachments and will not be ignored when the 'Ignore Embedded Attachments' flag is set.

v6.4 [03-13-12]

Product registration key can now be removed

v6.3 [02-22-12]

Fixed AutoDetach not re-triggering, Fixed 'Process a Set of Folders' not working with embedded attachments.

v6.2 [02-08-12]

New facility to update attachment links when they are moved on disk. Added FolderPart0-9 to break down the folder path.

v6.0.15.1 [01-14-12]

Updated third-party Redemption.dll.

v6.0.14 [12-19-11]

Changed handling of Inbox to ensure that all emails get processed.

v6.0.13.1 [12-13-11]

Fixed install error

v6.0.12 [11-25-11]

Fixed crash when replying to a meeting request or other non-mail item.

v6.0.11 [08-19-11]

Scheduled Detach now initiates start time correctly. Improved installer

v6.0.10.1 [07-25-11]

Scheduled Detach now initiates start time correctly. Improved installer

v6.0.10 [06-30-11]

Scheduled Detach now initiates start time correctly.

v6.0.6 [04-30-11]

Added new registry key to disable to the Outlook 2007 warning about opening attachments from unsafe locations.

v6.0.5 [03-16-11]

Fixed various macros not removing special filename characters like :/?*

v6.0.4 [02-22-11]

DisableUpload setting has now shifted back to the Registry (from settings file in User Profile).

v6.0.3 [02-18-11]

Now ignores invalid dates when handling Inbox, More translatable strings.

v6.0.2 [02-15-11]

Improved Inbox handling

v6.0.1 [02-10-11]

Inbox now rechecks emails that are 125 seconds old (previously 65 seconds) to prevent emails that arrive out-of-order from being skipped.

v6.0 [02-02-11]

Custom Incoming Detach Folders can be added by the user, and custom AutoDetach Folders - even on different schedules!

v5.9.5 [12-08-10]

Fixed 'setting file missing' error message on first run.

v5.9.3 [11-19-10]

Now can disable the DropBox integration prompt that occurs on startup.

v5.9.1 [11-11-10]

New Unlink option to disconnect emails from their attachments, integration with DropBox

v5.8.20 [08-18-10]

Changed mask fields so that they do not auto-resize due to display problems.

v5.8.18 [07-20-10]

Fixed handling of slashes in url mask locations.

v5.8.16 [07-15-10]

Fixed AutoDetach not triggering if left unattended.

v5.8.13 [03-04-10]

Timing changes to fix Inbox processing. New option to run AutoDetach every XX minutes

v5.8.10 [03-01-10]

New timing option to re-scan the Inbox for new items that arrive out of order.

v5.8.9 [02-06-10]

Now re-attaches files immediately when you Forward an email, and removes the links immediately when you Reply.

v5.9 [01-01-10]

Now re-attaches files immediately when you Forward an email, and removes the links immediately when you Reply.

v5.8.7 [10-22-09]

Now removes special characters (x00-x1f) from generated filenames

v5.8.5 [10-01-09]

Now handles FW: and FWD: and other forward indicators

v5.8.3 [08-31-09]

Fixed problem where zipped detached files could not be reattached if zip numbering was used to prevent name conflicts.

v5.8.2 [07-30-09]

Worked around Outlook 2007 bug to remove links when an emailed is replied to

v5.7.9e [05-11-09]

Fix for Sent Items processing

v5.7.9c [04-14-09]

New placeholders, easier to use

v5.7.8 [01-09-09]

Fixed field alignment problems with main settings window

v5.7.7 [11-25-08]

Fixed date processing error with getting only new items from Inbox.

v5.7.6 [11-01-08]

Better recovery from installation corruption, with registry error detection.

v5.7.3 [10-08-08]

Now shows a reason code for folders being skipped - default item type is not emails.

v5.6.6 [09-15-08]

DisableUpload registry entry now also disables the large attachment tab.

v5.6.5 [08-03-08]

Contact Item attachments now can be restored

v5.6.4 [07-16-08]

Empty folders are now deleted when you re-attach attachments, bug fixed and GUI improvements

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