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GSA Email Verifier 2.99

GSA Email Verifier verifies email addresses from mailing lists, Microsoft Outlook contacts, Windows address book and a lot of other formats to determine if they are still valid. The software allows you to clean up your contact and mailing lists by removing bad emails. Additionally you probably want to remove all administrative addresses such as support(at) or webmaster(at) to which you do not want to send emails. This can be done either by our included search tool or by predefined rules which set an email automatically to valid, invalid or remove them from the list. This email validator is a very powerful and reliable multithreaded program, capable of handling large volumes of email addresses providing high speed email verification (with over 100.000 email verifications per hour). Save time, verify email addresses and keep your mailing list free of inactive addresses. You can validate mailing lists with many thousand or more emails (unlimited number). Our email validator is a very easy to use and reliable tool for all who need to check email addresses and determine if the emails are valid or not. It can also verify and clean up mailing lists to avoiding bounce back or undelivered emails from your mail box. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove undeliverable and bounced addresses because a lot of mail servers block the senders IP address for repeated sending of email messages to mail addresses that don not exist. Use GSA Email Verifier to avoid sending messages to inactive addresses. Save time and money maintaining clean mailing lists and checking the validity of recipients email addresses. GSA Email Verifier is an essential tool for email marketing and to avoid ISPs mail servers blocking or banning your email domain because of you repeatedly sending emails to non existing account holders.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.99 [10-19-18]

new feature added

Other versions : 2.98 2.97 2.96 2.95 2.94 2.92 2.91 2.90 2.89 2.88 2.87 2.86 2.85 2.84 2.83 2.82 2.81 2.80 2.79 2.78 2.77 2.75 2.74 2.73 2.72 2.71 2.70 2.69 2.68 2.66 2.65 2.64 2.63 2.62 2.61 2.60 2.59 2.58 2.57 2.53 2.50 2.49 2.48 2.47 2.46 2.44 2.43 2.41 2.40 2.39 2.38 2.37 2.36 2.35 2.34 2.32 2.31 2.28 2.27 2.26 2.25 2.23 2.20 2.19 2.18 2.17 2.16 2.15 2.14 2.13 2.11 2.10 2.09 2.08 2.07 2.06 2.04 2.03 2.01 2.00 1.99 1.98 1.97 1.96 1.94 1.92 1.85 1.83 1.82 1.81 1.80 1.79 1.78 1.77 1.68 1.67 1.64 1.61 1.60 1.59 1.58 1.57 1.56 1.55 1.54 1.53 1.52 1.49 1.48 1.47 1.44 1.43 1.38

v2.98 [04-08-18]


v2.97 [11-20-17]


v2.96 [11-16-17]


v2.95 [11-09-17]


v2.94 [02-17-17]


v2.92 [11-21-16]

new option

v2.91 [10-11-16]

better import

v2.90 [07-21-16]

better gui options

v2.89 [06-30-16]


v2.88 [06-24-16]


v2.87 [06-11-16]

unsure messages improved

v2.86 [05-28-16]

new options, better speed

v2.85 [09-19-15]

kickbox.io support

v2.84 [07-10-15]

speed improved

v2.83 [06-10-15]


v2.82 [06-08-15]

fixed on verify api

v2.81 [03-27-15]


v2.80 [02-21-15]

fix in verification api

v2.79 [01-18-15]

api improved

v2.78 [12-20-14]

speed improved

v2.77 [12-09-14]

speed improved

v2.75 [10-22-14]

verification api

v2.74 [07-09-14]

country resolver

v2.73 [07-07-14]


v2.72 [05-21-14]


v2.71 [11-01-13]

gui fix

v2.70 [10-28-13]


v2.69 [08-05-13]

new service

v2.68 [05-24-13]

new option

v2.66 [11-30-12]

better speed

v2.65 [10-17-12]

new functions

v2.64 [07-26-12]

new option

v2.63 [06-07-12]

fixed of email import

v2.62 [03-14-12]

memory exception bug fixed

v2.61 [03-11-12]

quick verification fixed

v2.60 [03-01-12]

bug fixed

v2.59 [02-27-12]

speed improved

v2.58 [02-23-12]

improved speed again

v2.57 [02-21-12]

minor bug fix

v2.53 [02-10-12]

minor bugs fixed

v2.50 [02-05-12]

new proxy list option

v2.49 [02-01-12]

minor bug fixed

v2.48 [01-30-12]

reset config fixed

v2.47 [01-23-12]

improved one option

v2.46 [01-21-12]

new option

v2.44 [01-19-12]

scheduled verification

v2.43 [11-23-11]

improved excel import/export

v2.41 [10-12-11]

import improved

v2.40 [09-15-11]

bugs fixed

v2.39 [09-08-11]

bugs fixed and minor gui improves

v2.38 [07-28-11]

ability to use command line options

v2.37 [07-05-11]

ability to use command line options

v2.36 [06-15-11]

improved some import functions

v2.35 [06-06-11]

proxy HELO behaviour fixed

v2.34 [05-23-11]

added documenation in pdf

v2.32 [05-21-11]

added documenation in pdf

v2.31 [05-20-11]

added documenation in pdf

v2.28 [05-17-11]

improved speed when using proxy lists

v2.27 [05-13-11]

improved speed when using proxy lists

v2.26 [05-12-11]

improved speed when using proxy lists

v2.25 [05-10-11]

small display bug fixed

v2.23 [05-03-11]

new option for fixed smtp server

v2.20 [04-28-11]

ability to export from clipboard

v2.19 [04-19-11]

ability to export from clipboard

v2.18 [04-14-11]

ability to export from clipboard

v2.17 [04-07-11]

ability to import from clipboard

v2.16 [04-05-11]

proxy import from file

v2.15 [04-04-11]

full simulate bug fixed

v2.14 [04-02-11]

bug in export fixed

v2.13 [03-31-11]

bug in export fixed

v2.11 [03-28-11]

import of full simulate list

v2.10 [03-16-11]

import of full simulate list

v2.09 [03-09-11]

duplicate email clearing improved, sort by domain

v2.08 [02-27-11]

improved email verification

v2.07 [02-18-11]

improved email verification

v2.06 [02-15-11]

improved email verification

v2.04 [02-13-11]

new option to skip certain smtp servers, other options for blocking messages

v2.03 [01-20-11]

new option to skip certain smtp servers, other options for blocking messages

v2.01 [12-31-10]

fixes one minor bug in ip interfaces

v2.00 [12-04-10]

ability to use more than one ip interfaces

v1.99 [11-02-10]

new csv format export, new options, date-column

v1.98 [10-11-10]

backup files get written to different files when more than one instant is running, new option to shuffle emails

v1.97 [09-28-10]

backup files get written to different files when more than one instant is running, new option to shuffle emails

v1.96 [08-30-10]

new options, better verification due to optimized message parsing

v1.94 [08-24-10]

new options, better verification due to optimized message parsing

v1.92 [08-11-10]

quick verify function, new retry options, better proxy tester, edit option for emails

v1.85 [08-03-10]

EXPN command will be performed if possible

v1.83 [07-24-10]

EXPN command will be performed if possible

v1.82 [05-16-10]

EXPN command will be performed if possible

v1.81 [05-04-10]

improved speed

v1.80 [04-28-10]

auto load of backups, minor bug in status clear fixed, speed of verification improved, time calculation improved

v1.79 [04-25-10]

fixed bugs in win7/vista restrictions

v1.78 [03-12-10]

fixed bugs in autosave

v1.77 [02-02-10]

autosave feature, big speed improve on deleteing items

v1.68 [01-18-10]

ability to filter import

v1.67 [08-17-09]

ability to filter import

v1.64 [02-28-09]

better import of outlook and outlook express emails

v1.61 [02-18-09]

the verification speed has been increased

v1.60 [01-27-09]

bug with 2+GB import files fixed, speed increased

v1.59 [01-13-09]

fixed minor bugs

v1.58 [01-11-09]

added a new option (use verify or not)

v1.57 [12-18-08]

added a new option (use verify or not)

v1.56 [11-26-08]

fixed a big bug that keeped the previous version from working correctly

v1.55 [11-20-08]

fixed some minor bugs

v1.54 [11-01-08]

fixed some minor bugs

v1.53 [09-16-08]

better email extraction algo

v1.52 [08-25-08]

fixed a small mem leak

v1.49 [08-03-08]

fixes a small export bug, better support for excel files

v1.48 [07-24-08]

better support for excel files

v1.47 [07-12-08]

verification speed increast, minor bug fixed

v1.44 [06-26-08]

one major bug fixed, improved speed

v1.43 [06-21-08]

auto load of status texts if present in import format

v1.38 [06-11-08]

cookies from IE firefox and netscape will be used in case a login or password was stored there

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