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Azureus implements the BitTorrent protocol using java language and comes bundled with many invaluable features for both beginners and advanced users:

* Multiple torrent downloads
* Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent
* Advanced seeding rules
* Adjustable disk cache
* Only uses one port for all the torrents
* UPnP sets the forward on your router
* Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications
* Fast resume
* Can set a default download dir and move completed files
* Can import torrents automatically from a set dir
* Highly customizable interface
* IRC plugin included for quick help
* Embedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)...
* Distributed Hash Table: host on it a completely decentralised torrent and/or benefit from it when the tracker is offline.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [05-22-12]

New Features:
  • Core | Initial support for portable Windows Vuze installs (see
  • UI | Toggle Fullscreen mode using Command-Shift-F (Mac) or Control-Shift-F (Non-Mac)
  • UI | Added filter mode to files view
  • UI | Added text-alignment option to column setup
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fixed version server check protocol fallback bug
  • UI | Fixed image management resource leak

Other versions :

v4.7.0.0 [10-10-11]

New Features:

  • Device | Improved Device Playback support: improved compatibility and many new devices added
  • Core | Moved some device detection code out of core
  • Plug | Removed IView, AbstractIView, SWTManager and other deprecated plugin APIs
  • Device | Button for "Do Not Transcode"
  • Device | Sidebar icon for devices that supply one
  • UI | Switched all views using IView to UISWTVIew
  • UI | Moved all non UI table refreshing code out of SWT thread (should result in faster UI)
  • Misc | Removed various left over and unused code (saved a measly 200k)
Corrected bugs:

v4.6.0.4 [03-22-11]

New Features:

  • UIv3 | Better messaging for Plus users on license expiry
  • UI | 50% faster table redraw on Windows when cell value changes
Corrected bugs:
  • UI | Fixed some dialogs that could open larger than the screen size

v4.6.0.2 [02-09-11]

New Features:

  • Core | Relocate MOOV atoms to front of mp4 files for streaming
  • Core | Allow specification of IP address restriction for device content availability
  • Core | Grab entities from RSS feed if present
  • Plug | Rate limit download speeds when play-now active to avoid disk contention
  • UI | Add 'Play Now' column for streaming
  • UI | Added visual indication to first level menu for auto-device xcode selection
  • UI | Support drag-n-drop onto classic share view
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fix rare case where torrent at top of queue doesn't start & one later in the queue continues to download
  • Core | Fix case where certain non-ASCII chars were causing metasearch config bloat
  • Core | Fix incorrect handling of reload of upnpav plugin resulting in xcodes disappearing until restart
  • Plug | Restore AV 'scanning' spinner icon
  • UI | Fix missing columns in "New" view
  • UI | Fix drag indicator when prioritizing torrents in Library
  • UI | Fix case where certain non-ASCII categories were causing azureus.config to bloat
  • UI | Fix cases where Web Search wasn't opening results in external browser
  • UI | Fix incorrect toolbar selection when in files view
  • UI | Fix incorrect handing of devices set to 'never transcode'

v4.6.0.0 [01-19-11]

New Features:

  • Core | UDP NAT Test tool
  • Core | Added device export/import feature
  • Plug | uTP support
  • Plug | Streaming playback
  • Plug | Added simple HTML view and explicit download option to device RSS feed
  • UI | Add menu link from sidebar entries to plugin options where applicable
  • UI | Option for what happens when pressing delete key or tb delete in My Torrents/Library
  • UI | Allow dropping torrent URLs onto sidebar (to add torrent)
  • Core | Prevent UDP scrape probes and DHT fallback scrape values from overriding more relevant values
  • Core | Added some more client type peer-id decodes
  • Core | Ensure piece picker file priorities take precedence over first/last piece
  • Core | Don't auto-xcode low noise torrents
  • Core | Propagate cookies across http->https redirects
  • Core | Various minor startup tweaks to increase startup performance
  • Plug | Bump up the DHT minimum supported version
  • Plug | Added option to force delayed restart on install
  • UI | Rate limit various update operations to improve performance
  • UI | Make tracker update button scrape torrents that are stopped
  • UI | Wire up play button to xcoded content
  • UI | Sidebar redesign
  • UI | Categories can now be shown in sidebar
  • UI | Filter text in Config view now gets highlighted
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fix poor perf with large peer connection count
  • Core | Pickup changes in transcode file categories
  • Core | Disable outbound UDP data connections if proxy set
  • Core | Fix reading some rare .torrent files with only UTF-8 keys
  • Core | Fix bug when loading multiple .torrent files at once when they have the same URL filename
  • Plug | Fixup names displayed during plugin load/init
  • UI | Prevent sources from being added multiple times

v4.5.1.0 [10-11-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Monitor available JVM memory and warn user if it is running out and auto increase (Windows only)
  • UI | Support opening .vuze files from URLs
  • UI | Allow setting of JVM direct memory max from UI (Windows only)
  • UI | Added 'protocol' column to peers view
  • UI | Expanded state of Sidebar entries are now remembered
  • UI | (Windows) Added Closeable Games sidebar entry
  • Core | Changed the trigger for upload rate bias when unlimited upload and inactive downloads
  • Core | Permit export of all search templates
  • Core | Reduce debug messages for connection-refused type tracker errors
  • Core | Reduce version-check timeouts to prevent version server errors from adversely affecting Vuze
  • Core | Be more tolerant of large PEX messages as clients are sending valid exchanges that exceeded our old limits
  • Core | Improve detection of devices
  • Core | Report better error messages for failed plugin installs
  • Core | Add alert details to alert log
  • Core | Log plugin load-at-start state to diagnostics
  • UI | Better handling in in-client browser for search engines and (blocking) pop-ups
  • UI | Device status column now reports when a file is being copied to the device
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fixes to superseeding mode
  • Core | Fixed up disabling of UDP tracker protocol and added option to control UDP probing
  • Core | Fixed bug involving switching search template from manual to auto mode
  • Core | Immediately drop incoming connections for stopped downloads (they used to persist and timeout later)
  • Core | Fixed bug whereby add-for-seeding torrents with reorder-piece file mode and move-to dirs resulted in download being marked as incomplete
  • Core | OSX - handle UTF-8 BOM in plist
  • UI | Sort column editor available table correctly
  • UI | Fix case where sidebar doesn't display properly at startup
  • UI | Changing name of Device should now be remembered
  • * | Fix various Null Pointer Exceptions

v4.5.0.4 [09-04-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Allow multiple primordial UDP handlers
  • UI | Ability to auto-send crash logs
  • UI | Members of the Beta Program now get a Sidebar entry which will one day have useful beta information
  • UI | Improved languages change detection so more of the text now shows in the new language (unfortunately not all)
  • UI | (Windows) Bigger click area around the "X" in the Library's filter box
  • UI | (Windows) Triple click in search box now selects all the text
  • UI | Replaced "Remove And.." menu tree from Library's content menu with "Remove..." entry that gives you the same options. Two related configs are in Options->Files->"File Deletion"
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | (Windows) Fix drive detection/removal when multiple drives get added/removed at once
  • Core | (Windows) Fix drive with letters D: H: L: P: T: X: not being detected when plugged in while Vuze was running
  • Core | Fixed some hard drives incorrectly being added as a Device and shown in the sidebar
  • Core | (OSX) Add additional (new?) crash log directory to crash log generator (
  • Core | (OSX) Fixed two cases where main window would not show after clicking the dock icon
  • Core | Don't open files with write-access unless required
  • Core | Ensure new profiles are picked up when xcode plugin reloads
  • Core | Correctly sequence plugin events to ensure that listeners see the correct plugin state
  • Core | Delete .vuze files when subscriptions are removed
  • UI | (*nix) Fix table cells not getting click events (affected triggering the "New" column's state)
  • UI | Fix case where scrolling right in a table view (Library) didn't draw the newly visible columns
  • UI | Fixed some cases where column re-ordering was not being remembered
  • UI | Fix Help->Check for Updates not notifying user there were no new updates found
  • UI | Fixed visual problems with Tracker Status column when "Don't Scrape Stopped" is enabled
  • UI | Fixed Queue and Stop not working on Torrent menu and right click of Sidebar's download's details item
  • UI | (OSX) Fixed bug where a false double click was registered when Vuze did not have the focus and you single clicked on a row in the Library
  • UI | Fixed subscription name and count on Sidebar not redrawing when either changes

v4.5.0.2 [08-11-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Prevent device manager initialisation in classic UI
Corrected bugs:
  • UI | Setting files to 'delete' state corrupting internal view of a torrent's files
  • UI | Added reworked progress column to library view by default in place of completion date to allow file manipulation from that view
  • UI | Consistently show the file-expand twisty

v4.5.0.0 [08-06-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Improved logging
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Search edge case

v4.4.0.6 [06-11-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Improved logging
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Search edge case

v4.4.0.4 [05-09-10]

New Features:

Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fix PEX bug
  • Core | Fix "Error Running Veto Check" error
  • Core | (*nix) Fix client not launching after launched once
  • UI | Fix late-loading sidebar entries not auto-opening

v4.4.0.2 [05-07-10]

New Features:

  • UI | (OSX) Prep client for SWT 3.6 (M7 and later)
  • UI | (OSX) Use Java calls for moveToTrash and showInFinder
  • UI | Double click in library view on incomplete downloads no longer invokes the launch manager for permission
  • Core | Added some new message types to help diagnose connection speed issues
  • Core | Removal of various useless debug generation
  • Core | Use UTF-8 for debug files
Corrected bugs:
  • Plug | If EMP is disabled fall back to default player
  • Core | Fix deadlock condition in devices view
  • Core | Prevent single key failure from exiting select result processing
  • Core | Fix deadlock when download stopped while move-on-complete in progress
  • Core | Various fixes to handle restarts with non-ascii user directory name
  • Core | Ensure plugin verification works with internationalised plugin dir name
  • UIvz | Fix bug where toolbar was hidden with no way of showing it
  • UIvz | Fix bug where DVD Burn sidebar entry would reappear after removing it and restarting
  • UIvz | When doubleclick in Library is set to show details, don't show AntiVirus warning
  • UIvz | Fix OSX case where client could not be started due to old SWT version
  • UIvz | Fix case where there was nothing downloading, but the download spinner in the sidebar was still present

v4.4.0.0 [04-10-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Feature manager
  • Core | Added mechanism to add virtual devices
  • Core | On-demand media analysis
  • Core | Added a few hooks to ease third party use of code
  • Core | Added means to hook into content launch operations
  • Core | Allow devices to be specified as 'no xcode required'
  • Core | Added option to prevent IP filters being cleared on reload
  • Core | Re-attempt torrent download via magnet if possible
  • Plug | Added mechanism for a cache-plugin to reserve pieces for their cache-peer
  • Plug | Added mechanism for plugins to specify executable properties of installed files
  • Plug | Added method for testing if move-on-complete actions are active
  • UI | Toolbar support for selecting files in file-view
  • UI | Feature Manager UI
  • UI | Better Drag&Drop indication on sidebar
  • UI | Better pop-out/pop-up supression from Search Results pages
  • Core | Added ability to add xcodes in stopped state
  • Core | When there's only one transcode profile available, don't allow user to make a (non-existant) choice
  • Core | Added country-code to version server response
  • Core | Don't push direct file reads through the file cache
  • Plug | Allow plugins to force their columns to be visible
  • Core | Allow the removal of transcode jobs to be vetoed
  • Core | Take USB detection off init thread in case it hangs
  • Core | Added download property to allow force and direct deletion to be specified
  • Core | Enforce update action ordering
  • Plug | Added swt info to update check to allow different plugin versions for different swt
  • UI | Limit max torrent file size to prevent bad behaviour when large files dropped onto UI
  • UI | Truncation percentages shown for xcode to avoid useless ".0"
  • UI | Restructure Sidebar/Tab system into a common MDI structure
  • UI | Some dialogs now switch Ok/Cancel to Cancel/Ok on OSX
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fix 'no space' display for offline downloaders
  • Core | Fixed opening torrent from Finder bug under OSX 10.4
  • Core | Magnet download of large torrent files speed up
  • Core | Resource downloader was firing complete events twice sometimes
  • Core | File channel support for 2GB+ files
  • Core | Update pending files in xcode view when files deletes
  • Core | Fix relayout bug in status bar
  • Core | Fix various places where linked files were being ignored
  • Core | Fix rare case where Donation window was popping up too often
  • Plug | Ensure that reloaded plugin's message resources are loaded
  • Plug | Ensure installation failures are reported
  • UI | Extend cell refresh logic to include those with refresh listeners
  • UI | Fix rare case where table sort order is incorrect after raid data updates
  • UI | Patch case where Vuze prevents Windows 7 from shutting down
  • UI | Fix buttons having ugly BG on Win7
  • UI | Fix some columns not showing up in "All Torrents" views
  • UI | Fix clipboard menu not working for some columns (Torrent Name Column)

v4.3.1.4 [02-10-10]

New Features:

Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fixed bug whereby HAVE_ALL messages were failing to set the last bit of the bit-flags

v4.3.1.2 [02-02-10]

New Features:

  • Core | Added .vuze file format to trigger a search operation
  • Core | Disable IPv6 under Windows by default, as it needs Java7 to work properly
  • Core | Added system property to disable instance manager
  • Core | Give user friendlier error message when offline-downloader disconnected
  • Core | Auto-dump threads if shutdown takes > 30 seconds
  • UI | Permit deletion of classicaly shared content from download/seeding views
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Wait until sid registered before attempting pairing test
  • Core | Various pairing HTTPS fixes
  • Core | Fix missing 'logout' button when paired with no authentication
  • UI | Windows - Vuze now pops up if closed to system tray and user launches exe
  • UI | Fixup some Remote Pairing dialog edge case bugs
  • UI | OSX - Fix sidebar animations sometimes not animating
  • UI | OSX - Text in table views are now the correct color (white) when selected
  • UI | Protect against case where Main Window's stored dimensions area invalid or stupidly small
  • UI | Fix invalid thread access and NPE when closing pairing dialog
  • UI | Fixed case where status bar was blank after deiconifying

v4.3.1.0 [01-27-10]

New Features:

Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fixed bug where compact file types could lead to spurious 'file length too large' errors

v4.3.0.6 [01-13-10]

New Features:

Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Fixed bug where compact file types could lead to spurious 'file length too large' errors

v4.3.0.4 [11-21-09]

New Features:

Corrected bugs:
  • UI | Prevent main window from popping up when adding a torrent and "Add Torrent Silently" set
  • UI | Ensure that the correct progress reports are passed to listeners
  • UI | Fixed bug whereby the destruction of the torrent-open window was cancelling torrent download dialogs
  • UI | (OSX) Fixed bug where scrollers on some mice would cause table to blank
  • UIvz | Handle magnet links within internal browser
  • Plug | Improved the fallback lookup service by passing the all params
  • Plug | Verify that downloaded torrents are valid before passing to caller

v4.3.0.2 [11-20-09]

New Features:

  • Core | Support per-url config for http seeds and max_speed setting
  • Plug | Start of a fallback magnet lookup service
  • UI | Clicking on dock icon always opens main window
  • Core | Parse hex-encoded magnet URIs too
  • Core | Immediate-close option for tracker socket connections
  • Core | Return IP address instead of DNS names for external seeds
  • Core | Support more non-conformant RSS feed dates
  • Core | Auto-speed bias towards min ping times rather than pure average
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Reverted socket handling to initial 1.6 fix status to fix with network binding/stall problems
  • Core | Added option to disable all IPv6 support and defaulted to 'disable' on OSX as some users experiencing crash when enabled
  • Plug | Don't cause all dht torrents to perform an 'announce' when 'pause-all' selected
  • Plug | Webplugin config section override was using the wrong variable prefix
  • UI | Fixed name column sort
  • UI | (OSX) Fixed opening .vuze files when client isn't running
  • UI | Fixed table view not loading (showing gray area) sometimes
  • UI | (Windows) "Open Containing Folder" in default "folder association" app
  • UI | (*nix) Fixed name column blanking
  • UI | (OSX) Fixed Password option hanging UI
  • UI | Fixed sidebar font sizes (mostly for *nix)
  • UI | (OSX) Opening .torrent file when "Add Silently" is enable should no longer activate the main window
  • UI | Fix losing cursor indication on Sashes (and other widgets)
  • UI | Sidebar now accepts dropping torrents

v4.3.0.0 [11-14-09]

New Features:

  • Core | Added support for UPnP based offline-downloader services
  • Core | Obfuscated lookups for the DHT to prevent leakage of key values during lookup stage
  • Core | Support copying of .mp3 and .wma files to PSP
  • Core | Implementation of a piece-reordering file manager
  • Core | DHT replication controls
  • Core | Initial pairing support
  • Core | Parse seed/leecher values from subscription text if found
  • Core | Added bloom-filter persistence
  • Core | Support ".utf-8" suffix for keys in .torrent files
  • Plug | Added download-flags to Download object
  • Plug | Plugin access to subscriptions
  • Plug | Added verified plugins
  • UIvz | Added "Reset Columns" ability to some views (in Column Setup)
  • UIvz | Client now opens to last used static view, or Library by default
  • UI | Support for switching between carbon and cocoa on OSX
  • UI | Generic filter support for our tables
  • UI | Support for showing real SI values rather than just changing units displayed
  • UI | Advanced menu option for editing http seeds
  • Core | Remove replicate-on-join from DHT as causing excessive key storage
  • Core | Roll up subscription warnings when not expanded
  • Core | Improved IPv6-handshaking and reconnects with other clients (see for supported systems)
  • Core | Switch back to k-select on OSX
  • Core | Reduce CPU used for node-id calculation via MRU cache
  • Core | Remove LAN transfer totals from data reported to tracker
  • Core | Implemented port restriction for DHT node id generation
  • Core | Reduce memory/CPU by disabling the largely unused Vivaldi V2 impl
  • Core | Reduce DHT load by removing network-position derived tracking targets
  • Core | Back off the initial DHT seeding
  • Core | Use async keep-alive test to reduce thread creation on magnet download
  • Core | Change defaults for I2P and Tor networks to fase
  • Core | Support http seeds that don't support partial content
  • Core | Added option to disable TiVo support completely
  • Core | Support RSS feeds with incorrect 'summary' instead of 'description' entries
  • Core | Support trackers that returned gzipped torrents even when not asked to
  • Core | Migrate away from system-managed private keys
  • Core | Support meta-search incremental result injection
  • Core | Use cached scrape values on startup for DHT torrents to reduce thrashing
  • Core | Switch version check to use HTTP by default
  • Core | Resource resources by grabbing piecemap once during piece pick operation
  • Core | Reduce cost of handling DHT store operations
  • Core | Remove 'force write' option from random access file access
  • Core | Move a few things to use the less costly stepped-monotime method
  • Core | Re-use http connections when messaging the platform
  • Core | Don't write diagnostic files to disk by default
  • Core | Reduce small scratch file creation on startup
  • Core | Don't write tables.config every start
  • Core | If we don't have hosted content, don't write the config file
  • Core | Potentially less Tracker Announces for those trackers not supplying "min interval"
  • Plug | Reduce frequency of UPnP device specification download attempts
  • UIvz | Removed Login and Friends, Content Networks menu
  • UI | Order files in file view by torrent index if piece numbers same
  • UI | Pulled out the RSS feed generation for devices and put into common location
  • UI | Allows addition of http seeds to decentralised torrents
  • UI | Make regex matching mode more obvious
  • UI | Better "Associated Application" icon logic
  • UI | (OSX) Switch to SWT for Cocoa Framework
Corrected bugs:
  • Core | Don't reset manually selected Vuze meta search templates on load
  • Core | Removed 'watched' tag from torrents on import
  • Core | index-out-of-bounds fix when global peer limit reached
  • Core | Fix incorrect sync of scrape hashes
  • Core | Prevent unwanted selection of in-error subscriptions
  • Plug | Force UPnP operations not to use socks/http proxy when defined
  • UI | Fixed case where Open Torrents Window might erase existing files
  • UI | Fixed context menus sometimes hanging client on Windows 7
  • UI | Fix missing icons for pause/resume in all-transfers bar
  • UI | Fix invalid thread access in parameter change logic
  • UI | Fix progress-dialog feedback for magnet downloads
  • UI | Fix cases on OSX where a modal dialog box ended up under main window

v4.2.0.8 [08-30-09]

New Features:

  • Core | Drive Detection for Devices for OSX (for PSP devices)
  • Core | Factory option to allow switchable unchoke algorithms
  • UI | Less CPU usage for Seeding Rules
  • Core | Only create the transcode directories when required
  • Core | Allow OSX platform component to be updated properly
Corrected bugs:
  • UI | Fixed Speedtest not working
  • UI | OSX 10.6 support (opening torrent from file)
  • Core | OSX 10.6 support (not getting data from connected peers)
  • Core | Fixed deadlock during UI initialisation

v4.2.0.4 [07-10-09]

New Features: Core | Subscription options for auto-starting auto-downloads Core | Support for sharing .vuze files Core | Added support for adding categories to transcoded content Core | Added default transcode dir option Core | Support for keep-alive and more gzip on web contexts Core | Added percentage complete and eta to content descriptor UIvz | UI displays while core initializes Plug | Plugin interface to the search functionality Changes: Core | Added another non-standard RSS date format Core | Allow HTTP seeding for simple torrents without knowledge of file name Core | Keep log files open rather than continually opening and closing them Core | Improved reporting of 'no disk space' errors for FAT32 Core | Improved logging performance Core | Support for updated via installer as opposed to incremental updates Corrected bugs: Core | Work around for broken socket handling on freebsd7.x Core | Recover from borked transcode queue config Core | Fix xml stats export with undefined characters Core | Support >2GB resource downloads Core | Fixed HTTP seeding when switching content on a keep-alive connection Core | Fix tracker announcer to pay attention to user options correctly Core | Multi-file torrents were borked in content directory UI | Set speeds in bits/sec when bits/sec display is selected

v4.2.0.2 [04-13-09]

New Features: None.Changes: None.Corrected bugs: UI | Fix wrap on category buttons UI | Fix rare case when last sash position in My Torrents wasn't being obeyed UI | Remove device toolbar when device feature not avail Core | Fix hang on startup with some UPnP devices Plug | Force decode of HTTP headers to lowercase using ISO8859-1 charset to fix matching error in Turkish

v4.2.0.0 [03-23-09]

New Features: Core | Devices UIvz | UI for Devices panel, individual Device panel, Device chooser, and Device Profile Chooser Plug | Transcoding Changes: None.Corrected bugs: Core | Fix IP binding error when performing a NAT test under Vista UIvz | Fix some notifications not getting pulled

v4.1.0.4 [03-02-09]

New Features: UI | Donation Window Changes: UI | Updated Translations

v4.1.0.2 [02-09-09]

New Features: UI | Config option for max stalled seeding torrents (was hardcoded in 4100) Changes: Core | Remove various debug-spew Corrected bugs: Core | Fix null-pointer-exception when initiasing old categorised shares Core | Remove accidental invocation of the get-networks Vuze RPC when running in classic UI Core | Remove null-pointer-exception in TCP connection manager Core | Fix subscription auto-download with sites where supplied referer caused error UIvz | Click area for Friend's "chat thought bubble" was wrong, preventing click to chat in some cases UIvz | Fix share of vuze content (users could only share non-vuze content) UI | Column Setup visual fixes for gtk UI | Revert category buttons to working state UI | Fixed memory leak in All-Peers view UI | Fixed resource disposal in config view causing some status bar icons to not draw

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