AWRC Pro 13.3

AWRCP (Atelier Web Remote Commander PRO) is a much boosted edition of our flagship product, now more than 10 years old (AWRC). AWRCP adds important features users have been requesting for years, namely capability to record sessions, can access and control RDP/TS sessions, unicode support, 64-bit remote access to 64-bit computers, more detailed information about running processes, listing of installed programs and others (more than 100 additions).
Of course, AWRCP does everything its ancestor does, just does it better and faster. You don't need to install any software on the remote to run AWRCP in there. This turns the software particularly useful for accessing remote machines without any previous preparation. AWRCP has all sorts of tools for remote management, audit and help, still we keep adding new tools all the time as if AWRCP were not already the most feature-rich tool you can find.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

13.3 [07-01-18]

Maintenance release with important bug fixes, Policy changes and detection of CPU advanced features

Other versions : 13.2 13.1 13.0 12.7 12.6 12.5 12.4 12.3 12.2 12.1 12.0 11.7 11.7.2 11.6.1 11.6 11.5 11.4 11.2 11.1 11.0 10.5 10.4 10.2 10.1 10.0.9 10.0.1 9.5.0 9.4.5 9.4.1 9.3.9 9.3.8 9.3.7 9.3.6 9.3.5 9.2 9.1 9 8.05 8.00 7.54 7.53 7.51 7.50 7.07 7.01 7.0 6.2 6.0 5.59

v13.2 [04-29-18]

Maintenance release with important bug fixes. Also Disable and Enable Ctrl-Alt-Del.

v13.1 [02-16-18]

Manintenance release with importnat bug fixes.

v13.0 [09-14-17]

Ipv6 information grids, imporoved screem, mouse and keyboard handling. Reduced memory footprint and many others.

v12.7 [03-27-17]

New full 100% SIMD-powered memory data move engine

v12.6 [02-09-17]

Improvements and fixes for registry editing and mouse handling

v12.5 [08-31-16]

Important improvents and fixes

v12.4 [06-22-16]

IPv6 support and new information grids.

v12.3 [04-21-16]

Image compression Improvements and other.

v12.2 [03-12-16]

Additional Forensic features, Full Proxy support, Teaks and fixes.

v12.1 [01-11-16]

Important fixes. Read release.txt in distribution.

v12.0 [12-11-15]

Many new features.

v11.7 [11-18-15]

Includes forensic tool which evidences unsafety of letting Windows save our passwords.

v11.7.2 [09-26-15]

Fixes for Full Screen mode.

v11.6.1 [04-20-15]

Mapped drives for the currently logged on user are now available under the File System tab.

v11.6 [04-17-15]

New image compression engine that provides both faster compression and significant reduction (50% or more) in the remote agent CPU usage.

v11.5 [02-17-15]

Various important fixes, namely in mouse double clicking.

v11.4 [12-20-14]

Various important fixes and improvements on functionality, performance and security

v11.2 [08-18-14]

Various important fixes and improvements on the Services and Text Chat windows.

v11.1 [07-23-14]

Relaxed restriction on Registry Edition. Various fixes.

v11.0 [06-11-14]

Remote Registry view and edit. Audio Streaming capabilities, including voice chat

v10.5 [02-17-14]

Windows 8.x/Server 2012 remote awareness changes, improvements in the File System View

v10.4 [01-28-14]

Can show full desktop on multimonitor systems

v10.2 [10-23-13]

Better recorded movies and multiple fixes.

v10.1 [09-25-13]

Compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012R2

v10.0.9 [08-20-13]

Full-Screen View fixes

v10.0.1 [07-15-13]

Can access and control RDS/TS Sessions and Citrix XenApp applications

v9.5.0 [04-03-13]

Improvements in Logging, Movie Recording, Download, Upload, Zip and many others

v9.4.5 [03-20-13]

New scaling option, new Authorization Request options and other

v9.4.1 [01-22-13]

Faster refresh rate and fixes

v9.3.9 [07-25-12]

Added support for Single Computer Licenses, allowing reduced price.

v9.3.8 [07-21-12]

Special Keyboard Keys simulation. Modifications on the tool bar.

v9.3.7 [07-15-12]

Keyboard fixes and locales issues fixes

v9.3.6 [07-06-12]

Fixes, Windows 2003 Black screen when RDP locks desktop

v9.3.5 [07-02-12]

Fixes, New features including Wake-on-LAN

v9.2 [06-12-12]

Fixes, New features in Processes Information

v9.1 [05-31-12]

Fixes, New feature: Monitor information

v9 [05-25-12]

Record, Remote Console, Unicode, Installed Programs

v8.05 [02-07-12]

Optimizations and small fixes

v8.00 [12-01-11]

Zero-configuration Simultaneous connections

v7.54 [04-21-11]

Fixes for New fast engine

v7.53 [04-20-11]

Fixes for New fast engine

v7.51 [02-24-11]

New fast engine, presence icon, fixes.

v7.50 [02-22-11]

New fast engine, presence icon, fixes.

v7.07 [09-17-10]

Fixed DEP issues and other bugs

v7.01 [01-16-10]

Multple monitor support, Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows 7, other fixes

v7.0 [01-02-10]

Multple monitor support, Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows 7

v6.2 [02-06-08]

Option for local logging of connections

v6.0 [04-17-07]

Update for Vistaand many new features

v5.59 [04-17-07]

Fixed an issue with Symantec AV

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