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Ping Monitor is a free automatic tool for tracking connections to hosts, located in the local network and Internet. It detects connections statuses by sending regular pings and analyzing responses. If pings to host are failed a defined number of times in a row, application detects and reports a connection outage.

Ping Monitor can work in 24/7 mode to track the connections states and calculate connections statistics, which is reported on the main application screen. Displayed parameters for every host include monitoring time, uptime percentage, total number of detected outages, percent of passed pings and ping statistics. This information can be used to evaluate the quality and stability of the connection.

In addition to monitoring features, Ping Monitor offers an extended notifications and reporting functionality. You can configure the application to report connection loss, restore events and ping statistics as messages in a System Tray or to send corresponding notifications by e-mail.

If required, you can extend functionality of the application and setup custom event handlers for execution on connections loss and restore events. Any command or executable file with optional command-line parameters can be defined as the event handler. Also it's possible to activate special terminate actions when connections to all monitored hosts are lost or cannot be retrieved during defined period of time. This feature allows you to make shutdown, reboot, hibernate and logoff operations on the computer where Ping Monitor is launched.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.2 [07-23-16]

Version 5.2 introduces the new functionality of the Professional edition, so the program runs as a Windows service and keep monitoring when you close UI or log off from Windows. This version includes other improvements and bug fixes.

Other versions : 5.1.2 5.1 5.0.1 5.0 4.7.19 4.7.17 4.7.16 4.7.15 4.7.14 4.7.10 4.7.8 4.7.7 4.7.6 4.7.3 4.7.2 4.7.1 4.7 4.6.8 4.6.6 4.6.4 4.6.3 4.6.2 4.6.1 4.6 4.5.1 4.5 4.4 4.3.1 4.3.0 4.2.5 4.2.1 4.1.1 4.1.0 4.0.0 3.1.0 3.0.1 2.1.2 2.1.1 2.0.0

v5.1.2 [04-01-16]

Version 5.1.2 includes a few bug fixes.

v5.1 [03-30-16]

Version 5.1 allows changing headers and footers in the reports, increases the precision of uptime and downtime percentage calculation, includes other improvements.

v5.0.1 [10-24-15]

Version 5.0.1 adds the option to export outages information and includes a few bug fixes.

v5.0 [09-23-15]

Version 5.0 offers new user interface that displays uptime and ping report statistics on charts. Also this version can generate automatic reports in different formats.

v4.7.19 [08-08-15]

Version 4.7.19 becomes compatible with Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.6.

v4.7.17 [02-02-14]

Version 4.7.17 supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2

v4.7.16 [05-28-13]

Version 4.7.16 adds a placeholder for the connection status change time, includes a few bug fixes.

v4.7.15 [05-16-13]

Version 4.7.15 includes a new look and feel, optimizes memory usage, includes bug fixes.

v4.7.14 [11-09-12]

Version 4.7.14 includes options to sort and filter hosts by their connection statuses, and includes other improvements and bug fixes.

v4.7.10 [09-25-12]

Version 4.7.10 adds options to sort hosts IP address and filter hosts by statuses. This release also includes several bug fixes.

v4.7.8 [09-08-12]

Version 4.7.8 includes several bug fixes.

v4.7.7 [08-16-12]

Version 4.7.7 includes the improved skin chooser UI and several bug fixes.

v4.7.6 [08-14-12]

Version 4.7.6 includes the improved skin chooser UI and several bug fixes.

v4.7.3 [05-30-12]

Version 4.7.3 includes improved monitoring pauses handling, UI improvements and several bug fixes.

v4.7.2 [04-24-12]

Version 4.7.2 becomes compatible with Windows 8 and .NET Framework 4.5; includes few bug fixes.

v4.7.1 [03-14-12]

Version 4.7.1 provides compatibility with .NET Framework 4.0, includes an option to reset UI layout and other small fixes and improvements.

v4.7 [02-25-12]

Version 4.7 includes new features that allow to define monitoring time intervals, repeat repeat e-mail, balloon and sound notifications, add custom sounds for sound notifications and include other new features and improvements.

v4.6.8 [12-14-11]

Version 4.6.8 includes new type of custom action, includes notifications for On First Connection and On First Connection Failure events, optimizes system resources usage.

v4.6.6 [09-09-11]

Version 4.6.6 displays the Last Outage column in the table hosts view, fixes a potential application hang while starting the monitoring process on Windows Vista and above.

v4.6.4 [08-30-11]

Version 4.6.4 includes support of internationalized domain names, provides integration with Windows Power Management settings to prevent switching computer to a sleep mode when monitoring is active and includes other improvements.

v4.6.3 [08-26-11]

Version 4.6.3 includes support of internationalized domain names, provides integration with Windows Power Management settings to prevent switching computer to a sleep mode when monitoring is active and includes other improvements.

v4.6.2 [06-26-11]

Version 4.6.2 includes system memory usage improvements, updated Help and the fix for outage length calculation.

v4.6.1 [06-02-11]

Version 4.6.1 comes with improvement host status decoration to display a different icon for indeterminate state and resolves the problem with wrong detection of connection status change.

v4.6 [06-01-11]

Version 4.6 allows to export application log to CVS and XML files. It enables host adding by IP range and includes other improvements and bug fixes.

v4.5.1 [03-31-11]

Version 4.5.1 fixes problems with Connection Restored, Connection Establishment event handlers and resolves other issues.

v4.5 [02-17-11]

Version 4.5

v4.4 [02-11-11]

Version 4.4 offers sound notifications, highlighting of hosts connectivity problem, hosts import/export and other features.

v4.3.1 [11-13-10]

Version 4.3.1 includes bugfixes for problems with application start up and shut down.

v4.3.0 [10-28-10]

Version 4.3.0 comes with new auto-stop host monitoring options, calculation of ping deviation, other improvements and bug fixes.

v4.2.5 [08-22-10]

Version 4.2.5 includes improved support of IPv6 addresses, resolves problem with Live Update, that does not work on Microsoft Windows XP and earlier, and includes other bug fixes.

v4.2.1 [07-03-10]

Version 4.2.1 resolves potential application crash on start up in some environments and includes few other bugfixes.

v4.1.1 [06-05-10]

Version 4.1.1 contains restructured e-mail options in the application preferences dialog. Also this release resolves problem with application crash on stop monitoring and includes other fixes.

v4.1.0 [05-02-10]

Version 4.1.0 offers an ability to start and stop monitoring individually for every host. It also extends options for host configuration. And introduces a feature to reset ping statistics without stopping the monitoring process.

v4.0.0 [03-03-10]

Version 4.0.0 offers an ability to track connection to multiple hosts in parallel. It provides an extended monitoring information including live ping statistics and reports shortest and longest outage time, if outages were detected.

v3.1.0 [10-14-09]

Version 3.1.0 includes a new option in preferences to allow automatic launching of host monitoring on start up. This version allows application options changing when host monitoring is activated. It also contains few other improvements and bugfixes.

v3.0.1 [09-13-09]

Version 3.0.1 includes an update for integrated help to fix broken links and typos

v2.1.2 [08-14-09]

Version 2.1.2 contains improved ping notification that provides detailed ping statistics or a reason of ping failure. This version provides integrated help as part of the distribution. It also includes over 10 new improvements and fixes.

v2.1.1 [07-25-09]

Version 2.1.1 introduces an automatic check for update feature at application startup. This version also contains Ping Timeout minimal value set to 10 milliseconds and fixes for Live Update and notification features.

v2.0.0 [07-04-09]

Version 2.0.0 contains a set of improvements and bugfixes.

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