Fiddle is a tool that is really powerful and that enables logging of the HTTP traffic between a browser and the internet. All the HTTP packets can be seen and intercepted. Fiddler is used by developers, security consultants, and also for debugging purposes and can be used too to optimize application communications through HTTP.

Fiddler enables debugging of web apps and inspection of all HTTP traffic and also HTTPS. You can set breakpoints to intercept specific HTTP traffic (incoming ang outgoing). Another functionality is the ability to use a event-based scripting system that can be extended using any Dot Net compliant language.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [01-09-14]

Improved ImageView
Improved TextWizard

Other versions :

v2.4.5.8 [12-12-13]

Improved ImageView
Improved TextWizard

v2.4.2.6 [01-27-13]

Improved ImageView
Improved TextWizard
Many bugfixes

v2.4.2.4 [12-05-12]

Protocol Violation list
Improved Performance
Enhanced AutoResponder
New layout option (View > Layout)
Enhanced Fiddler Options dialog
Various bugfixes

v2.4.1.1 [09-28-12]

 Added Encodings panel to TextWizard
Support Triple-click in the Scratchpad
Improved EnableLoopback utility
Update contact addresses
Various bugfixes

v2.4.1.0 [08-31-12]

Improved Timeline
Improved AutoResponder
Enhanced HTTPLint
Various bugfixes

v2.4.0.6 [08-18-12]

 Improved performance
Improved screenshot
Improved Composer
Improved QuickExec
Improved AutoResponder
Many bugfixes

v2.4.0.0 [07-09-12]

Improved JSON decoder
Many bugfixes

v2.3.9.9 [06-12-12]

Implement HTTP->FTP Gateway
Improved Authentication support
Improved request encoding support
Improved HAR import
Enhanced AutoResponder
Improved WebSocket support
Various bugfixes

v2.3.9.3 [03-04-12]

WebView supports all font types
Full TLS Extensions support
Improved Script Engine
Improved Performance
Various bugfixesVersion - Released 1/23/2012

v2.3.8.5 [01-27-12]

Enhanced Performance
Enhanced Inspectors
Important bugfixes Version - Released 10/20/11

v2.3.7.4 [12-23-11]

Major rewrite of HTTPS/WebSocket handling
Add File Upload to Composer (nee Request Builder)
Add Capture FTP checkbox
New overloads to BindUIColumn and AddBoundColumn to indicate column should be sorted numerically
Expose Original Session ID in Comments field when reloading SAZ file
Add HTTPS-decryption process filter
Add POST and quotationmark-encoding support to WCATExporter
In HTTPS-decryption, if we can't get the certificate, don't fail entirely, instead treat as a blind tunnel.
Add "Save and Open as Local &File" context menu
Enhanced File Exporter
Add FiddlerGotRequestHeaders and FiddlerGotResponseHeaders timers
Add HostList class for faster and more standardized handling of Hostnames.
Add "Run Filters now" to Filter's Action button.
Add more XML code description attributes
Enhanced AutoResponder
sTunnel field converted to property with correct accessors [Breaking change]
Various bugfixes

v2.3.6.7 [11-05-11]

Various bugfixes Version - Released 10/4/11

v2.3.6.4 [10-08-11]

Request Cookie Inspector
Automate firewall exemption
Inspect in New Window command
Improved Inspectors
Troubleshooter for Filters on the Help menu
Various UI improvements
Various bugfixes Version - Released 6/22/11

v2.3.4.4 [06-27-11]

Tweaks for Firefox 5
Assorted bugfixesVersion - Released 6/16/11

v2.3.4.2 [06-18-11]

New features on the AutoResponder tab's context menu
Improved support for Apple iOS HTTPS Interception (requires add-on)
JSON Inspector
Assorted bugfixesVersion - Released 4/24/11

v2.3.3.3 [04-30-11]

 Add !dns [hostname] and !nslookup [hostname] to list DNS info to Log tab
Add !listen PORT [CERTHOSTNAME] to QuickExec
Add audio/video/font/silverlight/flash/HTTP-POST Session icons
Revamp a few toolbar icons
Enable +/- latency adjustments using AutoResponder
Add fiddler.ui.inspectors.request.alwaysuse and fiddler.ui.inspectors.response.alwaysuse preferences
Changed "Remove Un-Marked" to ignore breakpointed sessions
Added fiddler.ui.CtrlX.KeepMarked and fiddler.ui.CtrlX.PromptIfMoreThan # (to replace CONFIG.iPromptBeforeClearAll)
Add Screenshot toolbar command, including delay option
Delay-Create FiddlerScript file behind pref "fiddler.script.delaycreate" defaults to true
Add IE10 User-Agent to default rules
Add AlwaysFresh option to Performance menu
Add fiddler.requestbuilder.followredirects.max preference
Add actInvertSelectedSessions() with hotkey of CTRL+I
about:network is now a synonym for about:connectoids
Add support for SELECT @REQUEST.HEADER VALUE, use * to test for existence or "*" to match on a literal star.
Various bugfixes

v2.3.3.0 [04-14-11]

Improved AutoResponder with latency and per-rule editor
Add support for QuickLinkMenu and QuickLinkItem
Various bugfixes

v2.3.2.7 [04-04-11]

Allow save/load of session content to FARX file, using compression if needed
Added "Open URL" to AutoResponder rules menu
Add "11" to Options > Font Size dropdown; enable CTRL+Plus, CTRL+Minus, CTRL+0
Set the mouse cursor for the interactable panels on the Status Bar
Support sequential requests via # token in RequestBuilder
Don't trim a User-Marked/Commented session
Add "Remove Un-Marked" to toolbar menu
Update _replaceVirtualHostnames to update request line for CONNECT tunnels
Fixed the directly-specified Proxy script handling code; added preference
Fix AutoResponder's Connect+AlternateURL scenario
AutoResponder now emits detailed 404 error if session has a process ID or was generated by Fiddler
Update installer for Win7+ You must use "Turn Windows features on or off" in the Control Panel to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 for Windows 7+

v2.3.2.3 [02-13-11]

 Improved Performance
Improved AutoResponder
Improved support for Windows Phone emulator
Edit preferences with about:config
Various small improvements
Lots of bugfixes

v2.3.0.5 [10-06-10]

Various small improvements
Lots of bugfixes

v2.2.8.6 [04-06-10]

Added -viewer switch for new "view only" mode
Improved Filters tab
Improved Request Builder
Improved FiddlerHook for Firefox
Various bugfixes

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