NetBalancer 8.8.1

Browse and do any internet activity comfortably even when your download manager or torrent client downloads huge files from internet - just lower their network priority with NetBalancer.

NetBalancer is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 x86 and x64.

You can use NetBalancer to set download/upload transfer rate priority for any applications and monitor their internet traffic.

Applications with a higher network priority will gain more traffic bandwidth than those with a lower one.

The main difference between NetBalancer and other traffic shaping software is that NetBalancer works with priorities, so applications with low priority won't be limited if other high priority applications don't use network.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.8.1 [08-05-15]

- Added compatibility with Windows 10; - Fixed bugs;

Other versions : 8.7.1 8.6.1 8.5.5 8.5 8.4 8.3 8.2 8.1 7.1.0 7.0.0 6.7.1 6.6.6 6.5.1 6.4.1 6.3.1 6.2.1 6.1.3 6.1 5.2 5.1 5.0 4.10 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5 4.2 4.1 3.2 2.1 2.0 1.7 1.6.1 1.3.1 1.2.0 1.0.0 0.7.0 0.6.1 0.5.1

v8.7.1 [07-16-15]

- Added rules templates; - Improved UI and performance; - Fixed bugs;

v8.6.1 [04-03-15]

- Added "Search connections"; - Improved the delaying functionality; - Fixed bugs;

v8.5.5 [01-29-15]

- Bug fixing release;

v8.5 [12-12-14]

- Added predefined priorities;

v8.4 [11-10-14]

- Added 'Custom' priority type;

v8.3 [10-17-14]

- Added Rules IP Enumeraitons support;

v8.2 [07-19-14]

- Added Block Lists; - Added ping info to mini-windows;

v8.1 [06-06-14]

- Added Country field to rules; - Toolbar's mini-form can be moved on screen; - Added traffic flow information on "Edit Rule" window; - Done lots of UI, stability and performance improvements;

v7.1.0 [06-05-14]

- Added Jitter Delay support; Improved the UI; - Fixed all known bugs.

v7.0.0 [11-01-13]

- Added cloud synchronisation; - Added automation support; - Added command line edit supprt;

v6.7.1 [07-17-13]

- Improved stability;

v6.6.6 [06-28-13]

- Added "Filter ID" to Rules; - Added IPv6 support to Filters and Rules; - Added WiFi SSID support to Rules; Improved connections detection;

v6.5.1 [03-15-13]

- Fixed bugs and improved stability;

v6.4.1 [02-27-13]

- Added some traffic stats to filters; - Improved UI performance;

v6.3.1 [02-15-13]

- Added Filters functionality;

v6.2.1 [01-27-13]

- Improved performance and compatibility; - Added new latency settings;

v6.1.3 [12-11-12]

- Added 'External Priority File' and 'External Rules File' setting to Menu>Edit>Settings; - Added 'Dropped' and 'Delayed' options along with the current priorities and limits; - Added URL option to rules; -Added 'Process ID' option to Rules; - Added 'When Idle' condition to Rules;

v6.1 [12-10-12]

- Added 'External Priority File' and 'External Rules File' setting to Menu>Edit>Settings; - Added 'Dropped' and 'Delayed' options along with the current priorities and limits; - Added URL option to rules; -Added 'Process ID' option to Rules; - Added 'When Idle' condition to Rules;

v5.2 [08-03-12]

- Added Create Rule command to processes list; - Done UI improvements; - Fixed all known errors;

v5.1 [03-12-12]

- Updated the French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian translations; - Added the first version of the FAQ; - Fixed the silent installation support; - Added a couple of command line args to setup; - Done usability improvements;

v5.0 [02-02-12]

- Added "Condition" settings to Rules; - Fixed many pesky bugs;

v4.10 [01-18-12]

- Added Down Rate, Up Rate, Downloaded and Uploaded columns to connections and rules lists; - Improved Traffic Chart, can show the traffic for a specific process;

v4.8 [12-31-11]

- Added traffic chart details; - Added traffic chart statistics; - Added traffic history saving on shutdown; - Added custom time range to traffic chart; - Other usability improvements;

v4.7 [10-08-11]

- Added IPv6 support;

v4.6 [09-23-11]

- Fixed an error in Rules that prevented them to work when the Process Name field was set;

v4.5 [09-07-11]

- Re-implemented Rules and improved performance; - Added Process and PID columns to connections list; - Improved UI performance;

v4.2 [08-25-11]

- Added Spanish and Italian translations; - Updated all translations;

v4.1 [08-11-11]

- Added traffic rules functionality; - Done performance improvements;

v3.2 [06-06-11]

- Now the priorities and limits can be automatically and regularly loaded from a local file, a windows share or a http link;

v2.1 [07-20-10]

- Fixed a bug causing NetBalancer not working after system sleep or hibernation; - Fixed the IPC connection error on system start-up; - Done some stability improvements

v2.0 [05-28-10]

Added support for multiple network adapters; Added support for 64 bit version of Vista and Win7; NetBalancer takes into account bandwidth when balancing; Now smaller network packets go with higher priority; Improved prioritization algorithm;

v1.7 [02-18-10]

- Added German translation;

v1.6.1 [09-30-09]

- Done UI improvements;

v1.3.1 [05-26-09]

- Added native support for Windows 7; - Done stability improvements;

v1.2.0 [02-25-09]

- Added limit option for all system traffic; - Fixed all known errors

v1.0.0 [01-08-09]

- Added all planned features; - Fixed all known errors

v0.7.0 [12-19-08]

-Added "Ignore local traffic" setting; -Added "Last Minute", "Last Hour" and "Last 60 Hours" menu to System Traffic Graph; -Improved performance; -Fixed all known errors

v0.6.1 [12-02-08]

- Added download/upload priorities; - Added Level Severity Multiplier; - Iproved GUI; - Fixed all known errors

v0.5.1 [11-18-08]

- First Release;

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