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EssentialPIM Portable 8.12

This absolutely free personal information manager can store, manage and encrypt data: day/week/month/year calendar views, to do lists for keeping all your tasks up-to-date, notes (pictures, tables, any formatted text), email messages, password entries and contacts. Offers AES 256-bit encryption, MS Outlook import/export, search capabilities and versatile print features. EssentialPIM Free Portable works straight from your removable media.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.12 [12-20-18]

- Quickly add mail folders to EPIM Today by right clicking on them in Mail
- Optimized exporting of emails into PDF
- Improved synchronization with iCloud, Google Calendar and Google Tasks
- Much better scaling of email messages for high resolution monitors
- Improved operation in offline mode

Other versions : 8.1 8.04 8.02 7.65 7.64 7.63 7.53 7.52 7.5 7.24 7.23 7.22 7.21 7.2 6.56 6.55 6.54 6.53 6.52 6.5 6.06 6.05 6.04 6.03 6.01 6.0 5.82 5.81 5.8 5.57 5.55 5.54 5.53 5.52 5.51 5.03 5.02 5.01 5.0 4.54 4.53 4.52 4.5 4.24 4.23 4.22 4.21 4.2 4.02 4.01 4.0 3.73 3.72 3.71 3.7 3.54 3.52 3.51 3.5 3.23 3.21 3.12 3.1 3.04 3.0 2.8 2.71 2.7 2.51 2.2 2.11 1.95

v8.1 [10-28-18]

- Database Management window shows more information about size of data stored
- It is now possible to use bullets/numbered lists in notes field of any module
- Improved filtering on tags
- Offline mode is now a property of database, not EPIM instance
- Copy-pasting tags now works better

v8.04 [09-06-18]

- Made improvements related to working with Gmail and mail accounts
- Other bug fixes and stability improvements

v8.02 [07-24-18]

Couple of adjustments to the adaptive spam filtering mechanism
Optimizations for EPIM Cloud sync
Added ability to use the Split Cells feature for previously merged table cells in Notes
Fixed handling of email signatures containing links and pictures
Other minor improvements and bug fixes

v7.65 [05-12-18]

'Leave messages on server option' now works as expected for the POP3 type of mail accounts
Fixed couple of minor issues for IMAP accounts when receiving mail
Rich text signature will always look ok for plain text mail messages
Fixed rare synchronization issue with EPIM Cloud
Coupe of other fixes

v7.64 [04-22-18]

Much faster import of huge iCal files
Better EPIM handling on systems with multiple monitors
Improvements related to synchronization with EPIM Cloud and to synchronization of Android EPIM with WinEPIM (running on Chinese Windows)
Fixed lots of problems in Mail module
Other minor bug fixes

v7.63 [03-16-18]

Ability to clear the search box by pressing the ESCAPE button
Roll up/down sticky notes by double clicking on the title bar
UI improvements
Improved printing of appointments
Fixed synchronization of tasks priorities with Android EPIM and several other rare sync problems

v7.53 [08-14-17]

Many optimizations and improvements in synchronization with EPIM Cloud
Ability to simultaneously open mail templates multiple times
Synchronization with iPhone and iPad devices is improved
CSV export now works as expected for contacts

v7.52 [07-19-17]

Synchronization of custom recurring patterns for tasks with Android EPIM
Starred labels for emails will now be correctly synchronized across other mail clients
Event invites from Outlook should now be correctly handled in mail
Drag and copy (holding Ctrl-key) of events now works as expected

v7.5 [06-08-17]

Request read receipt for all outgoing messages
Export/import selected data into/to another EPIM database file
Feature to apply the column setup to different views
Mail (IMAP and Gmail) support significantly improved - faster, better recognition of folders
Improvement for OAuth Gmail setup

v7.24 [03-31-17]

Better integration with Gmail accounts (IMAP)
Copy and paste from Excel into EPIM's email now works correctly
The 'Auto Type' feature in Passwords should work more consistently
Optimization of the mail removal process
Synchronization of Unicode characters will work correctly with CalDAV services

v7.23 [02-24-17]

Reminders for recurring tasks function like they used to in 6.x series
Improved consistency when working with Google Mail
Optimized synchronization of custom contact fields with Android EPIM
Insert key for adding attachments works flawlessly again

v7.22 [01-21-17]

Improved Calendar's UI for high-resolution monitors
Only visible tasks in EPIM Today will be printed out
Copying and pasting appointments will not trigger their reminders
Fixed inability to print labels using certain fonts
Fixed a UI glitch when dragging and dropping mail folders

v7.21 [01-07-17]

UI adjustments for the high-res monitors
Changing font size in settings will be reflected in the calendar
Tasks printing should work correctly for all filled in fields
Links for EPIM items from outside the program should now be fully functional
Fixed coupe of minor security issues

v7.2 [12-16-16]

Notes module now has Back/Forward/History navigation buttons
Additional Contacts fields view- new tab 'All fields'
Navigation page can be minimized but still be functional
On demand, attachments can be now viewed in a separate tab
Grid lines can be assigned alternate color
Numerous bugfixes

v6.56 [11-24-15]

Added: Quick export of email messages into Windows Explorer using drag&drop
Improved: Synchronization speed and accuracy with Android EPIM
Fixed: Inability to enter contact's birthday without providing a year
Fixed: Couple of EPIM Cloud related issues
Fixed: Printing of completed appointments

v6.55 [09-23-15]

Improved: Android synchronization
Improved: Search and Replace feature in Notes
Improved: Undo/Redo actions in Calendar, To Do, Passwords
Fixed: EPIM Cloud synchronization error
Fixed: Inability to add more than 8 keywords for checking missing attachments in Mail

v6.54 [08-13-15]

Improved: Mail signature adjustment when changing mail accounts and message format (rich text HTML or plain text)
Improved: Export of contacts into vCard (*.vcf) file format, especially when exporting different contacts with similar names
Fixed: Click on the new mail icon in the system tray

v6.53 [07-15-15]

Added: Readiness for Windows 10
Fixed: Quick search in Notes
Fixed: Issue with saving mail as draft
Fixed: Text drag and drop in Notes
Fixed: Problem with Mail preview window on systems with DPI set over 100%
Fixed: Couple of iCloud sync errors
Fixed: Chinese encoding related issues in Mail

v6.52 [06-06-15]

Added: Ability to drag and drop attachments in between EssentialPIM windows
Added: New automatic update feature for easier, faster and hassle free updates
Added: Option to select which module to start EssentialPIM with (General-> Start with)
Added: New vertical view in Mail

v6.5 [05-21-15]

Added: Ability to drag and drop attachments in between EssentialPIM windows
Added: New automatic update feature for easier, faster and hassle free updates
Added: Option to select which module to start EssentialPIM with (General-> Start with)
Added: New vertical view in Mail

v6.06 [04-15-15]

Improved: Quick search in Notes
Improved: Import of contacts from CSV files
Fixed: Week view with custom number of days in Calendar
Fixed: Signature not being shown correctly in Mail under certain circumstances

v6.05 [02-06-15]

Improved: Overall optimization of the program
Fixed: Some message text encoding issues in Mail
Fixed: Status for the Deleted Items folder in Mail
Fixed: AV error in Notes when browsing through search results
Fixed: All other minor issues

v6.04 [01-20-15]

Improved: Font selection for HTML messages in Mail
Improved: Pasting of images into email messages
Fixed: Synchronization of contact fields and recurring tasks with Android EPIM
Fixed: Couple of glitches with address fields in Contacts
Fixed: Incorrect time for some tasks showing in EPIM Today

v6.03 [12-18-14]

Added: Ability to reorder Address subfields in Contacts
Fixed: Access violation error message in Mail module
Fixed: Export of Contacts into vCard (*.vcf) files
Fixed: All other known minor issues

v6.01 [11-14-14]

Added: Ability to reorder and hide address subfields in Contacts
Improved: EPIM Cloud synchronization performance and stability
Improved: Speed and accuracy of message filtering in Mail
Fixed: Access Violation error in Mail after Microsoft's KB3003057 update
Fixed: All other known minor issues

v6.0 [10-16-14]

Improved: Integration with EPIM Cloud
Fixed: Search in Attachments Manager
Fixed: Printout for paper organizers (A5 paper size)
Fixed: Some minor issues related to EPIM databases opened from Dropbox
Fixed: Error for certain types of templates when creating Labels and Envelopes

v5.82 [07-04-14]

Improved: Integration with EPIM Cloud
Fixed: Search in Attachments Manager
Fixed: Printout for paper organizers (A5 paper size)
Fixed: Some minor issues related to EPIM databases opened from Dropbox
Fixed: Error for certain types of templates when creating Labels and Envelopes

v5.81 [05-07-14]

Improved: Password protection of the older EPIM database files
Improved: Some UI inconsistencies in options
Fixed: Couple of glitches with STARTTLS connection security for SMTP servers
Fixed: Some synchronization issues with EPIM Cloud
Fixed: Problems with Chinese hieroglyphs in some cases

v5.8 [04-17-14]

Added: EPIM Cloud
Added: Quick print feature (right-click on any item)
Added: Password generator remembers last settings
Improved: Scaling up of UI when using custom sizing options in Windows
Fixed: Numerous minor issues

v5.57 [09-11-13]

Improved: EssentialPIM main window handling on systems with two or more monitors
Improved: Handling of recurring to dos
Improved: Compatibility with some rare SMTP mail servers
Improved: Handling of email attachments
Fixed: EPIM running in the background after existing the program in some cases

v5.55 [06-13-13]

Added: Ability to have additional properties in Templates ("Custom message" and "Run program" form the advanced Reminder settings)
Improved: Some parts of UI for large fonts in Windows
Fixed: Calculation of duration for To Dos without due dates
Fixed: Other small issues and performance problems

v5.54 [05-10-13]

Improved: Performance of the reminders window
Improved: Synchronization of appointment reminders with Android version of EPIM
Fixed: Issue with mail rules for fully downloaded messages on IMAP accounts
Fixed: All other minor issues found since previous version

v5.53 [04-18-13]

Improved: Minor tweaks in Outlook and Google synchronizations
Improved: UI handling in Mail module on Win XP
Improved: Handling of tables in mail
Improved: Contacts sync with Android devices
Fixed: Contacts and Password groups sync with iOS devices

v5.52 [03-24-13]

Fixed: List index out of bounds error when EssentialPIM started up with Windows
Fixed: All Unicode related issues for all modules
Fixed: Inability to attach files to email messages
Fixed: Couple of errors related to Android and Google synchronizations
Fixed: Several other minor bugs

v5.51 [03-10-13]

Improved: Import of vCard files
Fixed: Unicode related issues (tag not found error)
Fixed: The file is already opened error when working with Dropbox
Fixed: First day of week in Week view not being shown correctly
Fixed: All other known minor issues

v5.03 [08-24-12]

Added: Automatic text color inversion for dark categories
Improved: The way categories are being shown (due to popular demand)
Improved: Android and iOS synchronizations
Fixed: Error restoring EssentialPIM from the notification area (system tray)

v5.02 [08-01-12]

Improved: Synchronization with EssentialPIM for Android
Improved: Moving of notes within a tree with the manual sorting feature turned on
Improved: Synchronization of contact groups with Google Contacts
Fixed: Table properties in Notes

v5.01 [07-17-12]

- Improved: Robustness of Android and iOS synchronizations
- Improved: Synchronization with Outlook
- Improved: Spell check for words with apostrophes
- Fixed: Couple of issues related to database conversion from the previous versions of EPIM
- Fixed: Synchronization with Google on program exit

v5.0 [07-10-12]

- Synchronization with Android and iPhone/iPad
- Most windows are independent now from the main program window (you can open several dialogs)
- It's now possible to mark email messages with stars
- Support for multiple SMTP servers and identities in Mail
- New letters bar in Contacts

v4.54 [02-08-12]

Fixed: Import of email messages
Fixed: Disappearing notes in To Do
Fixed: Some issues with data filtering in To Do
Fixed: Copy-paste of Unicode contacts
Fixed: Couple of AV error messages
Fixed: Many other minor omissions

v4.53 [01-18-12]

Improved: Some UI tweaks for enlarged system fonts/DPI
Improved: Visual representation of multi-day tasks in Calendar (month view) on crowded days
Fixed: The "database file needs consistency check" message after system restart
Fixed: AV error when restoring EssentialPIM from the system tray

v4.52 [12-24-11]

Fixed: Printing of appointments
Fixed: Message duplicates on IMAP accounts
Fixed: Restoring of items from Trash
Fixed: Many other minor issues found since last version

v4.5 [11-23-11]

Added: Various Passwords module improvements
Added: Compress command for each IMAP folder
Added: Email now can be received through proxy server
Added: Unicode support for attachments
Added: Passwords printing
Improved: New font for EssentialPIM overall interface
Improved: Attachments toolbar

v4.24 [07-30-11]

Improved: Selection of recipients for email messages (double click on a recipient to add)
Improved: Search speed in Notes
Fixed: All minor issues since previous version

v4.23 [07-13-11]

Improved: Export/Import features
Improved: Automatic database checking and fixing mechanisms
Improved: Database closing procedures on computer shut downs on Windows 7
Fixed: Couple of known bugs to improve performance, stability and security

v4.22 [06-15-11]

Improved: Faster opening and less RAM consumption for medium and large database files
Improved: Some UI optimizations for large fonts in Windows
Fixed: Couple of issues related to editing read-only events in network databases
Fixed: Various bugs since last version

v4.21 [05-27-11]

Improved: User experience when working with to dos in To Do bar in Calendar
Improved: Speed of opening database files that became slow when first opened with EPIM 4.2
Improved: Integrity of content loading (pictures, styles) for email messages
Improved: Speed of processing message rules in Mail

v4.2 [05-20-11]

Added: Week numbers on left-side calendar
Added: Recurrence rule for To Dos (Workdays)
Added: New view for attachments (Large icons, Small icons, Details)
Added: Ability to use the "Send to->Mail recipient" context menu in Windows
Added: Option to remember set date in Schedule Table view

v4.02 [01-31-11]

Improved: Words wrapping for to dos in EPIM Today and in To Do bar in Calendar
Improved: Tabs and spaces are now being correctly shown for appointments and to do
Improved: iCal files import
Improved: Handling of birthday reminders
Improved: UI when using large fonts in Windows

v4.01 [01-11-11]

Improved: Cloud synchronization performance
Improved: Words wrapping for To Dos in EPIM Today
Improved: Right-click options for images in email messages
Improved: Contacts module loading speed
Fixed: Quick search in Contacts
Fixed: Password fields order in the lower window

v4.0 [12-25-10]

Added: New module - Password manager
Added: Undo/Redo functions
Added: New options in Calendar (show only work hours, auto scale)
Improved: Module selection bar
Fixed: All known issues since last version

v3.73 [09-16-10]

Fixed: Mixed Classic and Wide views in Mail
Fixed: Access Violation error in Free version when typing appointments directly in Calendar
Fixed: Multiple problems with Notes tab in Contacts
Fixed: Some HTML email formatting issues
Fixed: Inability to use mouse wheel in EPIM Today

v3.72 [09-03-10]

Added: "Hide completed" right click option for To Dos in EPIM Today
Added: "Save as Appointment" right click option for To Dos shown in To Do bar in Schedule
Added: Save confirmation message after editing contacts
Improved: Check spelling speed in email messages

v3.71 [08-19-10]

Improved: Rendering speed when switching to To Do or Notes modules
Improved: Loading time for Rich Text email messages
Fixed: "Transaction is not active" error when editing recurring appointments or contacts’ birthdays
Fixed: "AV" error when emptying the Deleted Items folder in Mail

v3.7 [08-10-10]

Added: Option to switch on/off the From /To date filters for Table view in Calendar
Added: All tab for Contacts (can be switched off in Options)
Added: You can now choose for a contact not to remember its last open tab (set up in Options)
Added: Ability to change case of selected text using Shift+F3

v3.54 [06-13-10]

Added: Additional check for correctness of recurrence patterns for appointments and to dos
Added: Korean (EUC-KR) encoding for email messages
Improved: Reminders aren't being shown for completed appointments and to dos anymore

v3.52 [05-05-10]

Improved: Default selection behavior in the table views when marking items as complete or deleting them
Fixed: Error when replying on email messages with empty styles in headers
Fixed: List index out of bounds error when synchronizing with Google Contacts

v3.51 [04-21-10]

Improved: Font set for rich text is preserved when replying to plain text messages in HTML format
Improved: Handling or message pane when maximizing and minimizing EssentialPIM while being in Mail module
Improved: Handling of quoted text when replying to messages in HTML format

v3.5 [04-12-10]

Added: Import of email messages from Outlook
Added: Duration display for to dos (in status bar)
Added: 2-week view in Schedule
Added: Possibility to insert Horizontal Line in Notes
Added: Automatic check for new versions
Improved: Search and Replace dialog in Notes

v3.23 [02-04-10]

Fixed: AV error on exit
Fixed: problem with vertical split line in Notes
Fixed: To Do column width not remembering its position in EPIM Today
Fixed: Redo action in Notes when dealing with bulleted lists
Fixed: AV error when synchronizing Notes with MS Outlook
Fixed: some database conversion errors

v3.21 [01-05-10]

Fixed: Error reading password property field
Fixed: AV error when typing directly into Schedule
Fixed: Dynamic SQL error when editing existing and/or creating new mail accounts
Fixed: Invalid data conversion error for some database files
Fixed: Adding new mail folders when logged in not as Admin

v3.12 [11-21-09]

Fixed: Signatures in HTML messages
Fixed: Schedule category filter
Fixed: Some forwarded messages crashed EPIM
Fixed: Pictures in the mail messages
Fixed: Chinese language in Mail module
Fixed: Displaying imported messages
Fixed: Reminder window

v3.1 [09-28-09]

Added: Spell Checker for Notes
Added: Adding user icons to Notes
Added: Rich text Paste into Notes from Web (optional)
Improved: EPIM Today is now much faster
Improved: Mail logins/passwords are no longer depend on a computer

v3.04 [07-29-09]

Added: Search on Assignee field in ToDo
Fixed: Freezing on mail check
Fixed: Several mail threads issues
Fixed: Work on low screen resolutions
Fixed: Saving pictures in Contacts
Fixed: Default font setting in Mail now works for replies as well
Fixed: Default font setting in Notes

v3.0 [07-10-09]

Added: Mail module (supports POP3, IMAP)
Added: Color coding of To Do's and Appointments in Table views according to their categories
Added: New Print reports for paper organizers- for Classic and A5 sizes
Added: Option to turn off/hide modules you don't need
Added: New columns for To Do & Schedule

v2.8 [10-29-08]

Added: now you can select what categories to show in EPIM Today
Added: category of Tasks and To Dos displayed in EPIM Today
Added: ability to make Task completed straight in Today module
Added: feature to scroll through days, weeks, months and years using new arrows in Schedule

v2.71 [08-23-08]

Fixed: problem with setting up a password on some databases created with previous EPIM versions
Fixed: iCal importing issues with non UTF-8 characters
Fixed: Unicode exporting problem in Contacts related to TXT files
Fixed: dates, which are now being shown in EPIM Today and Schedule modules

v2.7 [07-09-08]

Added: To Do bar in Schedule module
Added: Hide completed events option
Improved: reminder and repeat icons
Improved: additional way to select what categories to show
Improved: some parts of the interface

v2.51 [04-16-08]

Fixed some 2.2 -> 2.5 database migration errors
Fixed print preview in Notes
Fixed Schedule print preview minor bugs

v2.2 [02-15-08]

Added option to print selected text in Notes module
Added "Do not print headers" feature for Notes
Added new view for attachments in Attachments tab*
Added ability to manually be re-arrange To Do’s on screen*
Improved backup procedure

v2.11 [10-24-07]

Added insert date&time buttons into Notes module
Fixed transaction not active error
Fixed Schedule printing
Fixed search in Notes
Fixed vCard export/import
Fixed Week view print, which now has weekdays and days
Fixed To Do print, which now honors "Hide completed" filter

v1.95 [12-01-06]

Added Unicode support for iCal export/import
Added DTSTAMP tag when exporting iCal files
Fixed bug with inability to search using Unicode characters in Notes
Fixed error with incorrect sorting of notes if the Auto arrange option was not turned on

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