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VueMinder Pro 2019.01

VueMinder Pro is a Windows calendar program that helps you organize your schedule with events, tasks, notes, and contacts. Data is color-coded and presented in a variety of attractive and customizable formats, including Day, Week, Month, Year, List, and Timeline views. VueMinder also provides an option to integrate a semi-transparent calendar with the Windows desktop - enabling quick and convenient access to your schedule.

VueMinder's data can be securely shared with other computers over a local network, printed using a variety of template styles, and exported. By default, data entered in VueMinder will be stored locally and will be completely private. VueMinder also provides the ability to sync your data with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCalendar (ics) files or URLs - enabling you to keep your Windows calendar in sync with almost any mobile device.

Reminders for events and tasks can be scheduled to pop up on the screen or to be sent via email, SMS, or phone. Popup reminders can also be customized to include text-to-speech summaries, formatted descriptions, music, web pages, and more. Many other useful features are also provided, such as word-wrapping of event and task titles, background images for dates, automatic backups, and the ability to easily establish and view links between data items.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2019.01 [02-21-19]

-Added ability to sync with any number of Google accounts.
-Added option to send email reminders through Gmail, connecting using OAuth2.0 instead of SMTP.
-Added a Links column to the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists.
-Added an option to view dates and times in separate columns.
-Much more

Other versions : 2018.02 2018.01 2018.00 2017.04 2017.03 2017.01 2017.00 2016.10 2016.08 2016.07 2016.06 2016.05 2016.04 2016.03 2016.02 2016.01 2016.00 11.3.1 11.3.0 11.2.9 11.2.8 11.2.7 11.2.6 11.2.5 11.2.4 11.2.3 11.2.1 11.2.0 11.1.1 11.0.5 11.0.4 11.0.3 11.0.2 11.0.1 11.0.0 10.1.9 10.1.8 10.1.7 10.1.6 10.1.5 10.1.4 10.1.3 10.1.2 10.1.0 10.0.1 10.0.0 9.1.3 9.1.2 9.1.1 9.1.0 9.0.3 9.0.2 9.0.1 9.0.0 8.4.1 8.4.0 8.3.1 8.3.0 8.2.1 8.1.3 8.1.2 8.1.1 8.1.0 8.0.1 7.4.3 7.4.2 7.3.0 7.2.1 7.1.0 7.0.2 7.0.1 7.0.0 6.0.1 6.0.0 5.5.0 5.4.0 5.3.3 5.1.1 4.4.1 4.0.1 3.09.0319 3.09.0301 3.09.0223 3.09.0201 3.09.0104 3.09.0102 2.08.1211 2.08.1123 1.08.0906

v2018.02 [11-21-18]

-Added the ability to change the position and format of title text when printing.
-Added the ability to define tasks that repeat after a specified number of hours.
-Added an option to include event completion status when syncing with Google Calendar or iCalendar.
-Other improvements and fixes.

v2018.01 [03-23-18]

-Improved popup reminder window to include right-click menu for snoozing/dismissing.
-Improved Print window and List Views to include previous and next year date ranges.
-Improved Event Editor to show Description tab by default.
-Corrected hotkey for showing the main window.
-Other bug fixes.

v2018.00 [01-04-18]

-Added the ability to decline meeting requests that are synced with Google Calendar.
-Added an option to export only selected events to an ICS file.
-Improved the Desktop Calendar to restore previous location when switching between monitor configurations.
-Many other improvements and corrections.

v2017.04 [08-18-17]

-Improved email reminders and meeting notifications to include images that were added from a local drive or network.
-Corrected text scaling.
-Updated the Dutch translation.
-Other minor corrections and improvements.

v2017.03 [08-08-17]

-Corrected exporting to iCalendar (ics) files. The exported files couldn't be imported into some other calendar apps.
-Other minor corrections.

v2017.01 [01-31-17]

-Corrected syncing with Google Calendar. In some cases, events were becoming improperly locked.
-Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.
-Other minor bug fixes.

v2017.00 [01-29-17]

-Added the ability to import or sync with any local Outlook account.
-Added the ability to create/delete/rename contact groups.
-Added an option to sync contact deletions with Google and to switch to 1-way syncing.
-Added options to override the Details Pane colors.
-Many other improvements.

v2016.10 [08-14-16]

Corrected the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists (and search results) after upgrading from a previous version. In some cases, no columns would be visible.

v2016.08 [07-03-16]

-Added a Column Chooser for the event, task, note, and contact lists.
-Improved program performance, especially when recurring events have been defined.
-Improved the Task, Note, and Contact lists to show how many items are selected.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v2016.07 [05-15-16]

-Corrected syncing updated events with Google Calendar.
-Corrected an invalid certificate error when sending email reminders from some computers.
-Corrected the display of 24-hour formatted times in the Day and Week views.
-Corrected sending test SMS from the SMS/Voice Settings.
-Other fixes.

v2016.06 [05-10-16]

-Improved the Event Editor to allow image URLs to be specified for event background pictures in the Month view.
-Corrected an error when attempting to send email reminders from some computers.
-Corrected an error when syncing with Google Calendar on some computers.
-Other improvements and fixes.

v2016.05 [04-09-16]

-Added the ability specify an interval for yearly recurring events.
-Added an option to share calendar group names.
-Improved compatibility with SMTP email servers and SSL.
-Improved performance.
-Corrected pasting images into descriptions using Ctrl+V.
-Translated to Japanese.
-Bug fixes.

v2016.04 [02-22-16]

-Added the ability to change the digital clock's color.
-Improved the Desktop Calendar to include Print and New Event buttons.
-Corrected updating of calendar subscriptions.
-Corrected sending meeting responses (Accept/Decline/Tentative).
-Corrected sharing data over LAN.
-Other bug fixes.

v2016.03 [02-01-16]

-Added an option to shade dates that are outside the printed month when using the Monthly layout style.
-Added an option to change the appearance of completed events.
-Corrected cases where duplicate events could be generated when syncing with external calendars.
-Many other improvements.

v2016.02 [01-09-16]

-Corrected intermittent error messages when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected intermittent cases where duplicate events could be generated.
-Corrected the text editor toolbar to show the current font color.
-Updated the Hungarian translation.
-Other minor corrections and improvements.

v2016.01 [01-02-16]

-Improved the icon to make the current date easier to see.
-Improved the main menu to support keyboard accelerators, such as Alt+F for File.
-Improved the text editor to include a mode for clicking links without holding the Ctrl key.
-Corrected the notification icon tooltip.
-Other fixes.

v2016.00 [12-31-15]

-Improved the user interface.
-Added 10 color-based appearance themes.
-Added the ability to archive and remove old events.
-Added the ability to merge one or more calendars.
-Added the ability to find and delete duplicates.
-Improved performance.
-Many other improvements and corrections.

v11.3.1 [11-22-15]

-Corrected printing of multi-day events when using the "Whole month without overflow" layout style.
-Corrected problems related to sharing data over a local network.
-Corrected the Event List to not scroll when an occurrence of a recurring series is deleted.
-Minor corrections and improvements.

v11.3.0 [10-23-15]

-Added an option to select the voice for text-to-speech reminders.
-Added an Office 2016-inspired appearance theme.
-Improved reliability of syncing with Google Calendar.
-Improved performance when sharing data over local network.
-Improved coloring of dates to be based on calendar order.

v11.2.9 [06-08-15]

-Translated into Korean.
-Corrected syncing with Google Contacts. The previous authentication method is no longer supported by Google.
-Corrected syncing recurring events with Google Calendar.
-Corrected to not crash when the On-Screen Keyboard is displayed.
-Other minor corrections.

v11.2.8 [04-17-15]

-Improved the Print window to recall previously specified date range settings.
-Corrected syncing with Google Calendar. In some cases, events were missing or deleted instances were appearing.
-Corrected errors that could sometimes occur when adding calendar subscriptions.
-Other corrections.

v11.2.7 [01-25-15]

-Improved readability of event tooltips and added an option to show larger text.
-Improved performance when a large number of categories, locations, or tasks have been defined.
-Corrected syncing of contact notes with Google Contacts to include line feeds.
-Other corrections and improvements.

v11.2.6 [01-06-15]

-Corrected a problem with the "Add Google Calendar" command not adding the selected calendar to VueMinder.
-Corrected pasting events, tasks, and notes that have links to other items.

v11.2.5 [01-02-15]

-Added Greek translation.
-Added option to control who can delete events in a shared calendar.
-Improved performance when sharing calendars.
-Improved entering SMS reminder recipients to allow filtering by partial name.
-Corrected performance when deleting categories.
-Other fixes and improvements.

v11.2.4 [11-16-14]

-Added Catalan translation.
-Added the ability to export contacts to the Google Contacts CSV file format.
-Improved time picker to reduce scrolling.
-Corrected publishing/exporting deleted instances of recurring events to ICS files.
-Other bug fixes and improvements.

v11.2.3 [08-10-14]

-Added a Russian translation.
-Added a Sync Now button to the Sharing Options.
-Updated to use the latest Google Calendar API.
-Corrected syncing with MySQL Server. In some cases, VueMinder would freeze or duplicate events would appear.
-Other corrections and improvements.

v11.2.1 [07-19-14]

-Added support for entering times using a 24-hour format without a colon (example: 1630).
-Corrected problems when sharing calendars over a local network.
-Corrected calendars that are 2-way sync'd with ICS files to not become read-only.
-Corrected Duration column sort order.
-Other minor fixes.

v11.2.0 [06-22-14]

-Translated to Polish and Croatian.
-Added the ability for shared calendars to also be published or synced w/ Google Calendar.
-Improved reliability of calendar sharing when simultaneous changes are made or changes made while offline.
-Corrected syncing of categories, locations, and priorities.

v11.1.1 [05-04-14]

-Added an option to not include reminders when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected syncing of event locations when calendars are shared through MySQL Server.
-Corrected a problem with tasks not appearing in the task list on the Desktop Calendar.
-Other minor corrections and improvements.

v11.0.5 [03-04-14]

-Improved the task tray icon to make the date easier to read.
-Corrected duplicate instances of recurring events when importing or subscribing to an ICS file.
-Corrected a DST problem syncing with Google Calendar in the GMT+00 time zone.
-Corrected meeting requests when sent as email reminders.

v11.0.4 [02-23-14]

-Corrected daylight savings time problems when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected events appearing at the wrong times when imported from some ICS files.
-Corrected calendar colors not importing from ICS files.
-Corrected recurring event deletions/variations in exported ICS files.

v11.0.3 [02-17-14]

-Added the ability to send meeting request reminders.
-Added the ability to schedule email/SMS reminders after events or tasks are due, instead of only before.
-Corrected a problem waking from sleep mode to send email/SMS reminders.
-Corrected exporting/importing ICS files.
-Minor corrections.

v11.0.2 [02-11-14]

-Added the ability to copy/paste mailing addresses in the Contact Editor.
-Added a right-click menu for data fields in the Contact Editor.
-Added an option to show a Location column in the popup reminder window.
-Added an option for voice reminders to speak each letter of acronyms.
-Bug fixes.

v11.0.1 [02-03-14]

-Corrected a problem with some computers being unable to sync with Google Calendar.
-Corrected a problem with some recurring events not syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected a problem with SMS reminders not being sent to all the specified recipients.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v11.0.0 [01-26-14]

-Added the ability to automatically sync with Google Contacts.
-Improved the Contact Editor to support multiple email addresses, phone numbers, and other data types with custom labels.
-Improved selection of email, SMS, and phone reminder recipients.
-Improved Google Calendar sync.
-Much more.

v10.1.9 [04-21-13]

-Improved the 'New Event for Contact' command to include the contact as a default recipient for any email, SMS, or voice phone reminders.
-Corrected a problem with multi-day events overlapping other events.
-Corrected problems related to recurring events when publishing and/or subscribing.

v10.1.8 [04-05-13]

-Added default settings for event titles and recurrence patterns.
-Improved the day tooltip/details to indicate recurring events.
-Corrected syncing of reminders with Google Calendar.
-Corrected publishing of calendars.
-Corrected printing the Monthly layout when fonts are larger than 100%.

v10.1.7 [03-16-13]

-Added an option to show tooltips when hovering over events in generated web page calendars.
-Improved performance.
-Improved phone reminders with an option to press 9 on the keypad to repeat the reminder.
-Improved emailing of events to automatically include any attached files in the email.

v10.1.6 [02-23-13]

-Translated to Armenian, Czech, and Norwegian.
-Improved the Weekly print layout with an option to span a single week across multiple pages.
-Improved the daily recurrence pattern to support intervals up to 999 days.
-Corrected selection of an end date for a recurring series.
-Minor corrections.

v10.1.5 [02-11-13]

-Added a "Quick Color" command.
-Added the ability to lock items so they can't be accidentally edited or deleted.
-Added an appearance theme that looks similar to Office 2013 and Windows 8.
-Improved performance.
-Improved editing of start or end times.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v10.1.4 [01-18-13]

-Added toolbar buttons for copying and pasting item appearances.
-Improved the display of contact information in the Details Pane.
-Added the ability to print contact information.
-Improved the mini calendar to show a box around today's date.
-Corrected an error when entering times via keyboard.

v10.1.3 [01-12-13]

-Translated to Chinese (Traditional).
-Improved time picker.
-Improved deletion of events from calendar subscriptions.
-Improved handling of past reminders in a recurring series.
-Corrected item links to show details.
-Corrected snoozing of reminders.
-Minor corrections and improvements.

v10.1.2 [01-01-13]

-Translated to Finnish.
-Added ability to sync with Outlook 2013.
-Improved popup reminders to make snoozing easier.
-Corrected copying/pasting of events, tasks, and notes.
-Corrected syncing of individual event colors with Google Calendar.
-Many minor corrections and improvements.

v10.1.0 [12-01-12]

-Translated to Italian.
-Added an option to adjust the tooltip size.
-Added an option to warn when snoozing a reminder past the event's start time.
-Improved/corrected the behavior of tooltips.
-Improved the mini calendar tooltips.
-Improved the Details Pane to list events on the selected date.

v10.0.1 [11-19-12]

- Improved the event tooltips to be less intrusive and allow easier enabling or disabling.
- Corrected the default snooze time of reminders to match the snooze time previously specified.
- Corrected opening of recurring events from the Today summary.
- Other minor corrections and improvements.

v10.0.0 [11-13-12]

- Translated to Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, more
- Added full screen mode (press F11)
- Improved Details Pane to show Today summary
- Improved content of tooltips, Details Pane, and popup reminders
- Improved text editor to support tables, lists, clipart, etc.
- Fixed bugs

v9.1.3 [06-23-12]

-Added a search button to the Desktop Calendar and task tray icon menu.
-Improved Google Calendar authentication and offline operation.
-Corrected problems syncing recurring events from Google Calendar.
-Corrected snoozing and dismissing of recurring event reminders.
-Minor bug fixes.

v9.1.2 [05-29-12]

-Improved Google Calendar syncing authorization.
-Corrected syncing with Google Calendar after creating a new recurring event in VueMinder. The event was sometimes duplicated.
-Corrected missing events in the Upcoming Events list on the Desktop Calendar.
-Minor corrections and improvements.

v9.1.1 [05-20-12]

-Improved reliability of calendar sharing over local network.
-Corrected a number of problems with Google Calendar syncing.
-Corrected high CPU use while offline or connection is blocked by a firewall.
-Corrected dismissing secondary reminders.
-Corrected web page output to include date colors.

v9.1.0 [05-01-12]

-Added ability to select background images for dates.
-Added new options for overlaying calendars in day, week, and month views.
-Added color sidebars to show item categories or priorities.
-Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v9.0.3 [03-06-12]

-Improved printing to default the date range based on what is currently displayed.
-Improved the popup reminder window to accept Alt+S and Alt+D shortcuts for snoozing and dismissing.
-Corrected a number of problems related to Google Calendar syncing.
-Many other corrections and improvements.

v9.0.2 [02-22-12]

-Corrected a number of Google Calendar syncing problems.
-Improved snoozing of multiple reminders when closing the popup reminder window.
-Corrected resizing of events in the Day and Week views.
-Corrected undoing (Ctrl+Z) event deletion.
-Corrected auto-sorting of contacts when filtering.

v9.0.1 [02-13-12]

-Added the ability to zoom the calendar via the Ctrl key and mouse wheel.
-Added support for scrolling the Details Pane by using the mouse wheel.
-Improved the appearance of events.
-Improved the popup reminder window to match the font size of associated events.
-Minor fixes and improvements.

v9.0.0 [01-25-12]

-Added the ability to sync tasks with Google Calendar.
-Added many task management improvements, such as the ability to define subtasks.
-Added an option to view an additional reminder when an event ends.
-Added an option to wake the computer to send SMS, email, or voice reminders when scheduled.

v8.4.1 [08-27-11]

-Added keyboard shortcuts for accessing input fields and buttons.
-Improved syncing of reminder with Google Calendar.
-Corrected a problem with the Details pane sometimes showing incorrect text.
-Corrected the Upcoming Events area of the Desktop Calendar to show the number of days until an event.

v8.4.0 [08-22-11]

-Added ability to sync with multiple Google Calendar accounts.
-Improved software performance and reduced memory use.
-Improved toolbar buttons in editor windows to have keyboard shortcuts.
-Improved calendar subscriptions to allow default reminders on new events.
-Many other improvements.

v8.3.1 [07-23-11]

-Improved and corrected the handling of reminders for recurring events.
-Improved the sum duration in the Event List to also show the total number of days.
-Corrected a problem creating all-day recurring events.
-Corrected a problem when opening a webcal link.
-Other minor corrections.

v8.3.0 [07-18-11]

-Added the ability to create and link new events, tasks, or notes directly from the Contact Editor.
-Added a new appearance theme.
-Improved the Upcoming Events area of the Desktop Calendar.
-Corrected intermittent performance problems and Google syncing issues.
-Many other corrections.

v8.2.1 [05-27-11]

-Added the ability to save the calendar to a web page.
-Added voice reminders sent to any phone number.
-Added a voice (text-to-speech) popup reminder setting.
-Added optional password protection of data.
-Improved reliability of calendar sharing on local network.
-Improved SMS reminders.

v8.1.3 [03-03-11]

-Added a formatting option for recurring event occurrence numbers.
-Corrected problems with reminders not appearing when expected.
-Corrected problems sharing calendars over a local network.
-Corrected fading of events after a reminder is dismissed.
-Other minor bug corrections.

v8.1.2 [02-16-11]

-Improved performance and reliability of calendar sharing over LAN.
-Improved actions for running an external program, opening a file, or URL upon event or task start.
-Improved drop-down calendar, category, priority, and location lists to show associated colors.
-Many bug fixes.

v8.1.1 [01-31-11]

-Added privacy option to hide event/task details in Day/Week views.
-Improved performance.
-Corrected problems dismissing and snoozing reminders.
-Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected problems with sharing calendars over a LAN.
-Corrected popup reminder previews.

v8.1.0 [01-26-11]

-Added the ability to specify an exact date/time for reminders.
-Added support for importing vCalendar(vcs) files.
-Added processing of webcal links that are clicked in a web browser.
-Corrected stability problems and other odd behavior.
-Corrected processing of reminders.
-Many other fixes.

v8.0.1 [01-03-11]

-Corrected calendar sharing over LAN.
-Corrected task list refresh problem on desktop calendar.
-Corrected text editor keyboard shortcuts.
-Corrected exporting events to Excel.
-Corrected printing of Yearly and Weekly layouts.
-Corrected printing an event from its editor window.

v7.4.3 [10-22-10]

-Added a Google Calendar sync option to include reminders.
-Added an option to always show an icon on the task bar.
-Improved performance of Google Calendar syncing.
-Corrected a number of Google Calendar sync problems.
-Corrected row heights in the List View when using large fonts.

v7.4.2 [10-10-10]

-Added a dark gray appearance theme.
-Corrected a problem when snoozing or dismissing a reminder while other reminders are also displayed.
-Corrected an error message that could sometimes occur when snoozing a reminder.
-Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar.

v7.3.0 [08-28-10]

-Added creation of events directly in the calendar by clicking and typing.
-Added a Week view to the Desktop Calendar.
-Added a "mini" Desktop Calendar mode.
-Added multiple email/SMS reminders for events and tasks.
-Added ability to import/export notes and tasks.
-Added theme editor tool.

v7.2.1 [07-01-10]

- Corrected processing of reminders in calendars that are not visible.
- Corrected the main window to properly minimize to the task tray when Windows is started.
- Corrected the Backup window to allow a browsing for a backup folder.
- Other minor bug fixes.

v7.1.0 [05-14-10]

-Added the ability to undo/redo changes
-Added a 'Column' layout mode to the Week View
-Added the ability to view and navigate whole months in the Month View
-Corrected problems with sharing calendars over a local network
-Other minor improvements and bug corrections

v7.0.2 [04-24-10]

-Improved the customization of event appearances.
-Corrected some intermittent problems when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected error messages when importing from Outlook.
-Corrected problems with recurring events sometimes being duplicated when changed.
-Corrected List View refresh.

v7.0.1 [04-16-10]

-Corrected error messages when syncing with Google Calendar.
-Corrected error messages when creating new contacts.
-Other minor bug corrections.

v7.0.0 [04-10-10]

-Improved calendar sharing over a local network, allowing easier configuration, offline mode, and permissions.
-Improved the layout of the main window to support simultaneous calendar views.
-Added the ability to pin notes to dates.
-Improved contact management.
-Added desktop calendar themes.

v6.0.1 [01-16-10]

- Added a "Now" button when displaying the Day and Week views. This button will make the current date and time visible in the Day/Week views.
- Improved the Day and Week views to automatically scroll to the current time when the current date is selected.
- Other minor improvements and corrections.

v6.0.0 [12-09-09]

- Added the ability to sync calendars with Google Calendar.
- Added the ability to pin desktop alert reminders, similar to sticky notes.
- Added the ability to create meeting requests using a "New Meeting Request" menu option.
- Added an option to set the highlight color of the current date.

v5.5.0 [11-13-09]

- Added the ability to display and filter events and tasks based on associated calendar, category, priority, and location.
- Added the ability to group calendars in the Calendar List.
- Added the ability to prioritize events and tasks.
- Improved searching.
- Improved run-time performance.

v5.4.0 [11-06-09]

- Added real-time calendar sharing over a local network.
- Added notification of conflicting events
- Added a "Calendar View" print style. This will print the calendar exactly as displayed in the Day/Week/Month View.
- Added a "Reset Filter" option to the Event List's "Filter" button menu.

v5.3.3 [10-03-09]

Corrected a problem with reminders not being shown or processed for calendars that are not visible.

v5.1.1 [08-28-09]

Improved application load times and runtime performance. The application should load approximately 50-60% faster than previously. Delays when opening the Event Editor or Calendar Property windows should also be reduced.

v4.4.1 [06-23-09]

Added an option to exclude events that are older than a specified number of days when importing/exporting, subscribing/publishing, or syncing with Outlook.

v4.0.1 [05-10-09]

Added the ability to customize where each pane of the main window is docked.

v3.09.0319 [03-24-09]

Added the ability to easily import/export events from/to Microsoft Excel formatted files.

v3.09.0301 [03-03-09]

Added a button to the Actions tab in the Event Editor window to make the current event settings the defaults when creating new events. Also added the ability to restore current event action settings to previously specified default values.

v3.09.0223 [02-27-09]

Added an option to the Calendar Properties window to choose whether to apply appearance settings to all events, including events that were previously modified with custom appearances.

v3.09.0201 [02-04-09]

Improved event list to show events using the corresponding calendar appearance settings. Also fixed problems when the same calendar is both published and subscribed and contains recurring event variations.

v3.09.0104 [01-11-09]

Added a new desktop alert reminder type that can be automatically snoozed.

v3.09.0102 [01-02-09]

Added a new desktop alert reminder type that can be automatically snoozed.

v2.08.1211 [12-18-08]

Minor Update

v2.08.1123 [11-25-08]

Minor Update

v1.08.0906 [09-07-08]

1) Fixed a memory leak in the reminder window.
2) Fixed the minimum width of the reminder window when multiple reminders are displayed.
3) Adjusted reminder column widths to show more of the event title when the reminder window is at its minimum width.
4) Updated the help documentation.

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