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EEGLAB is an interactive Matlab toolbox for processing continuous and event-related EEG, MEG and other electrophysiological data incorporating independent component analysis (ICA), time/frequency analysis, artifact rejection, event-related statistics, and several useful modes of visualization of the averaged and single-trial data. First developed on Matlab 5.3 under Linux, EEGLAB runs on Matlab v5 and higher under Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X (Matlab 7 recommended).
EEGLAB provides an interactive graphic user interface (GUI) allowing users to flexibly and interactively process their high-density EEG and other dynamic brain data using independent component analysis (ICA) and/or time/frequency analysis (TFA), as well as standard averaging methods. EEGLAB also incorporates extensive tutorial and help windows, plus a command history function that eases users` transition from GUI-based data exploration to building and running batch or custom data analysis scripts. EEGLAB offers a wealth of methods for visualizing and modeling event-related brain dynamics, both at the level of individual EEGLAB `datasets` and/or across a collection of datasets brought together in an EEGLAB `studyset.` For experienced Matlab users, EEGLAB offers a structured programming environment for storing, accessing, measuring, manipulating and visualizing event-related EEG data. For creative research programmers and methods developers, EEGLAB offers an extensible, open-source platform through which they can share new methods with the world research community by contributing EEGLAB `plug-in` functions that appear automatically in the EEGLAB menu for those who download them. For example, novel EEGLAB plug-ins might be built and released to `pick peaks` in ERP or time/frequency results, or to perform specialized import/export, data visualization, or inverse source modeling of EEG, MEG, and/or ECOG data.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [09-15-11]

  • Issue date: September 13, 2011
  • SVN revision 9394 branch
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • pop_erpplot.m, fix plotting scalp topographies at the STUDY level; pop_readersp.m, fix subtracting common ERSP baseline at the STUDY level; std_plotcurve.m, minor fix for legends (SVN 9393 - Arno)
    • Update revision number (SVN 9394 - Arno)

Other versions : 9.0.X.Xb

v9.0.7.6 [09-01-11]

  • Issue date: August 27, 2011
  • SVN revision 9371 branch
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • pop_loadstudy.m & std_ersp.m, fix ICA ERSP computation bug when component have been preselected (SVN 9374 - Arno)
    • pop_precom.m, fix computing files when channels are interpolated - only some designs affected (SVN 9375 - Arno)
    • Update revision number (SVN 9376 - Arno)

v9.0.5.6 [08-02-11]

  • Issue date: July 27, 2010
  • SVN revision 9170 branch
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • std_readersp.m, std_readerp.m, fixing reading channels when they are not saved in the same order as the channel location structure. For more information see Interpolation_bug_July_2011 (SVN 9345 - Arno)
    • Update revision number (SVN 9346 - Arno)

v9.0.4.6 [03-20-11]

  • Issue date: March 18, 2010
  • SVN revision 9170 branch
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • eeglab.m, fix call to pop_rejchan.m to avoid double pop-up of new data window (SVN 9170 - Arno)

v9.0.4.5 [12-20-10]

  • Issue date: December 17, 2010
  • SVN revision 9118
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • pop_studydesign.m, disabling the 'combine' push button because the combine feature is not fully functional (SVN 9118 - Arno)

v9.0.3.4b [11-19-10]

  • Issue date: Nov 18th, 2010
  • SVN revision 1986
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • supergui.m, fixing figure aspect ratio for Mac intel 64-bits (SVN rev. 9082 - Arno)
    • newtimef.m, fixing [min max] baseline (SVN rev. 9083 - Arno)
    • std_ersp.m, fix missing indices for ERSP interpolated channels that was generating some crash - if no crash was observed the results were correct (SVN rev. 9084 - Arno)
    • Contents.m, update revision number before release (SVN 1985 - Arno)
    • std_selectdataset.m, fix processing numerical data (SVN 1986 - Arno)

v9.0.3.3b [11-16-10]

  • Issue date: Nov 15th, 2010
  • SVN revision TBD
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • eeglab.m, fix typo for detecting operating system (SVN rev. 9043 - Arno)
    • eeg_checkset, fix header typo (SVN 9044 - Arno)
    • gradmap, check if "imresize" from image processing toolbox is present (SVN 9045 - Arno)
    • updating the 4 Fieldtrip external functions that have to be updated manually (SVN 9046 to 9049 - Arno)
    • eegplot.m, fix problem when using very small scale (SVN rev. 9050 & 9051 - Arno)
    • pop_subcomp.m, fix rejecting default components when using pure command line call (SVN 9052 - Arno)
    • std_chaninds.m, better error message (SVN 9053 - Arno)
    • pop_loadstudy.m, automatically recompute STUDY trial information (SVN 9054 - Arno)
    • std_checkset.m, check trial information consistency across datasets and recompute if necessary (SVN 9055 - Arno)
    • std_erp.m and std_spec.m, fix inconsistent channel labels in data file when selecting a subset of channels (SVN 9056 - Arno)
    • biosig2eeglab.m, fix problem when status channel index not in channel location structure (SVN 9057 - Arno) bug 925
    • std_precomp.m, fix channel computation for ERSP design when channels are not interpolated (SVN 9058 - Arno) bug 924
    • std_spec.m, fix reading already precomputed channel data (obsolete functionality - for backward compatibility only) (SVN 9059 - Arno) bug 923
    • eeg_decodechan.m, fix decoding integer channel indices and auto-detection of integer channel labels (SVN 9060 - Arno) bug 926
    • pop_select.m, allow selecting time range in epoched dataset with no event and add warming message (SVN 9061 - Arno) bug 926
    • dipplot.m, fix minor coordintate auto-detection issue (SVN 9062 - Arno) bug 931
    • loadcnt.m, fix reading unrelevant data at the end of some file (SVN 9063 - Arno) bug 918
    • pophelp.m, removing debug text output (SVN 9065 - Arno) bug 917
    • tftopo.m, adding suport for 5 dimentional inputs thanks to Joshua Balsters (SVN 9066 - Arno) bug 914
    • compile_eeglab.m, fix to handle new external version of Fieldtrip (SVN 9067 - Arno) bug 916
    • timewarp.m, replacing function in timefreqfunc by the function in sigprocfunc and removing the first one (SVN 9068 (replace) & 9064 (remove) - Arno) bug 932
    • tftopo.m, undoing change in SVN 9066 (SVN 9069 - Arno) bug 914
    • std_readersp.m, fix inconsistent ERSP optional common baseline removal removing common baseline only for independent variables that have been paired (SVN 9070 - Arno)
    • pop_autorej.m, nogui set to 'on' by default so it does not pop up when calling the function from the command line (SVN 9071 - Arno)
    • std_createclust.m, fix name and index when creating new cluster (SVN 9072 - Arno)
    • eeg_getdatact.m, edit error message (SVN 9073 - Arno)
    • eeg_store, pop_saveset, fixed having to resave a data file twice when modifying it in a STUDY (SVN 9074 - Arno)
    • fix VidEd plugin for manual event insertion (SVN 1975-1978 - James Desjardin)
    • Contents.m, update revision number before release (SVN 1979 - Arno)
    • std_checkset.m, check that datasets with the same ICA decompositions have uniform dipole models (SVN 1980 - Arno)
    • std_editset.m, pop_study.m, fix the 'inbrain' option for dipole selection (SVN 1981 - Arno)

v9.0.X.Xb [10-15-10]

  • Issue date: TBD
  • SVN revision XXX
  • External modules: Fieldtrip (partial) SVN version 1919, BIOSIG (partial) SVN version 2540
  • Changes compared to previous version:
    • eeglab.m, fix typo for detecting operating system (SVN rev. 9043)
    • eeg_checkset, fix header typo (SVN rev. 9044)
    • gradmap, check if "imresize" from image processing toolbox is present (SVN rev. 9045)
    • updating the 4 Fieldtrip external functions that have to be updated manually (SVN rev. 9046 to 9049)

v9.0.2.3b [10-11-10]

  • Issue date: October 7th, 2010
  • SVN revision XXX
  • Major bug fixes compared to previous version:
    • mri3dplot, fix horizontal white line when plotting specific slices
    • std_precomp, allow STUDY to have non-uniform datasets with different epoch lengths (EEGLAB still enforces specific designs to have the same epoch length)
    • pop_newcrossf, fix coherence between ICs (bug introduced in version
    • pop_prop, does not require any more the field EEG.reject.gcompreject to be set
    • readegilocs, fix reading file GSN-HydroCel-257.sfp (was absent from repository)
    • eegplot, fix plotting memory mapped data when the mean is subtracted
    • pop_runica, fix merging datasets when running ICA from a STUDY (thanks Jan Kacper KamiƄski)

v9.0.2.2b [09-25-10]

  • Issue date: September 23rd, 2010
  • SVN revision 9032
  • Major bug fixes compared to previous version:
    • pop_envtopo, fix accessing data when comparing 2 datasets
    • std_precomp, fix component indices for ICA cluster ERP and spetrum computation (some ICA component might have been missing but the computation was accurate)
    • std_erpplot and std_erspplot fix pairing bug leading comparisons to always use unpaired statistics. This was true for both ERP, ERSP, ITC and spectrum plotting. The command line information was indicating correctly which type of statistics was been used. This bug is specific to version 9 and was not present in version 8.
    • eeg_decodechan, fix selecting channel labels which are numerical
    • eeglab function, now add path to eeglab/functions for memmapdata object
  • Major improvements compared to previous version:
    • pop_readegi and readegilocs accept custom channel location file. pop_readegi allows to select a location file in the GUI.
    • pop_saveset, new option to allow saving big files in Matlab 7.3 file format

v9.0.1.2b [09-17-10]

  • Issue date: September 16th, 2010
  • SVN revision 8991
  • Major bug fixes compared to previous version:
    • erpimage, avoid rare error when statistics toolbox is missing
    • newtimef, enforce symmetry of ERSP axis by default
    • dipoledensity, fix the function folder detection and the associated and the Bug in Fieldtrip (Fieldtrip repository was updated accordingly).
    • pop_eegplot, fixed electrode range for ICA components leading to wrong component indices being displayed
    • std_readersp, fix common ERSP baseline subtraction (when selected in GUI)
  • Major improvements compared to previous version:
    • std_plotcurve, added possibility to plot difference and standard error (command line only)
    • std_preclust, better detection of incomplete or inconsistent studies
    • added function std_dipoleclusters
    • allow numerical types in function std_getindvar

v9.0.0.2b [09-08-10]

  • Issue date: September 7th, 2010
  • SVN revision 8991
  • Major difference with previous version:
    • pop_clustedit, fix scalp map button not enabled
    • topoplot, fix scalp map not plotted in color
    • minor header edits

v9.0.0.1b [09-04-10]

  • Issue date: September 1st, 2010
  • SVN revision 8989
  • Major difference with previous version:
    • pop_editset fix bug 826
    • scanfold.m, can now process "functions" folder (there was a name conflict with Matlab)
    • setfont.m, fix setting specificaly specific handles (labels or title)
    • rmart.m, fix header and processing channel labels bug 848
    • pop_precomp.m, std_precomp.m, std_erp.m, std_spec.m, std_ersp.m, fix removing component cluster from data
    • std_selcomp.m, fix selecting the component for plotting
    • runpca2.m, fix keeping return n pc not k bug 850
    • pop_select.m, fix selecting channels by indices from the command line bug 878
    • eegplot.m, fix non functional zoom option for events bug 879
    • loadtxt.m, fix numerical conversion and reading data sheet with empty cells bug 828
    • biosig2eeglab.m, fix channel location conversion bug 829
    • pop_rejepoch.m, fixed problem when all trials are selected bug 832
    • pop_rmdat.m, now supports selecting multiple event types bug 833
    • finputcheck.m, fix processing empty argument when limits are set
    • gauss3d.m, fix 3-D standard deviation calculation crash bug 846
    • rejkurt.m, fix normalize option for 3-D data bug 852
    • pop_runica.m, now puts channel type selection in command history bug 837
    • fdr.m, fix minor numerical problem bug 838
    • pop_editset.m, fix read float 32 data bug 826
    • pop_iirfilt.m, now supported for STUDY (can filter all the datasets of a STUDY) bug 826
    • pop_plotdata.m, fix abnormal figure position arrangement
    • minor issues or help inconsistency fixed in rejkurt.m, gauss3d.m, histtoexe.m, remart.m, mapcorr.m, runpca2.m, rmbase.m, eegh.m, getkeyval.m, eegplotgold.m, eeg_lat2point.m, eeg_matchchans.m (bugs 841 to 861).
    • pop_chanedit.m, fixing "EEG.chaninfo" update for command line calls bug 838
    • eeg_epochformat.m, now can export event structure as a table. We will soon add a menu to EEGLAB to support this functionality bug 862
    • eeglab2fieldtrip.m, fix crash for datasets with no channel locations bug 872
    • runica.m, fix slow down because of a misplaced "drawnow" command bug 881
    • std_setcomps2cell, generate error (as an option) if cell in design do not intersect with any of the datasets given as input
    • eeg_checkset, fix missing ".ref" field for datasets from very old versions of EEGLAB
    • std_ersp, fix giving channel labels as input
    • std_precomp, enforcing to use a design that reaches all datasets to perform pre-clustering
    • std_makedesign, removing spurious character in subjects and independent variable values so they can be used in filenames
    • pop_rejchanspec, allow for upper and lower threshold
    • eeg_chaninds, allow ignoring missing channels
    • pop_rmbase, fixed problem when using empty data sample point range
    • VisEd plugin, fixed adding events manually to dataset with no pre-existing events
    • fmrib plugin, perform filtering in double precision and recompiled 64-bit mex files
    • std_spec, allow concatenating continuous datasets in STUDY and processing boundaries of the concatenated datasets
    • eeg_interp, do not reorder channels when interpolating a single channel and fix the history command
    • pop_interp, fix the history command
    • pop_resample, now checks event consistency after resampling
    • pop_chanedit, fix command line call problem when using code from history
    • spectopo, remove warning for not rounded boundaries
    • eeg-dipselect, fix call to new version of sourcedepth in Fieldtrip
    • std_preclust, fix error when processing continuous data and when processing a design with more than 1 condition
    • all admistrative STUDY function, allow processing independent variables with numerical values
    • about 15 EEGLAB pop function were updated to use the eeg_getdatact function to access ICA components
    • erpimage now accepts input of the size 1 x samples x trials
    • eeg_getdatact now accepts "samples" and "reshape" as input
    • eeglab function has updated help message and help menu
    • help functions now do not use the "text" variable any more (this was generating crashes in very specific circumstances).
    • eeg_getdatact does not crash for accessing ICA activities for a dataset that has not been saved
    • timefreq.m, fix FFT frequency array. Because of a trick to speed up the function, FFT frequency have been inaccurate from the period of June 2009 to this present release. This problem only occurred when selecting custom window size (not using the default window size which is a power of 2). Frequencies where overestimated by a factor of 0% to 50% (the exact number depending on the size of the window). It is unlikely you experienced this problem. bug 874
    • statcond.m, a problem remains with the bootstrap function for paired data. The permutation function should be used instead. This problems arises because of resampling method we used and leads to overestimation of significance by a factor of about 2 compared to permutation (0.05 would turn to be 0.025 using bootstrap). We have not found a solution yet for this problem but have placed a warning when you choose to use bootstrap in the graphic interface. Bootstrap for unpaired data is functional and recommended.

v9.0.0.0 [07-26-10]

  • Issue date: April 27th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_5beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix spectopo for ICA channel indices
    • fix pop_importdata for importing float data file
    • added non-parametric method to fdr.m
    • fix 'eeg' argument for pop_loadset.m
    • fix plotting component ERPs using pop_plotdata
    • fix component colormaps (which were too dark) in pop_topoplot
    • fix error for basic filtering in Matlab 2010a

v8.0.3.5 [04-29-10]

  • Issue date: April 27th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_5beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix spectopo for ICA channel indices
    • fix pop_importdata for importing float data file
    • added non-parametric method to fdr.m
    • fix 'eeg' argument for pop_loadset.m
    • fix plotting component ERPs using pop_plotdata
    • fix component colormaps (which were too dark) in pop_topoplot
    • fix error for basic filtering in Matlab 2010a

v8.0.3.4 [04-08-10]

  • Issue date: April 7th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_4beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix spectopo for channels containing NaN
    • added 'trialindices' parameter to eeg_getdatact
    • Fix deleting last channel in GUI in pop_chanedit
    • Fix time selection when time does not start at 0 in continuous data in pop_select
    • Removed the annoying warnings in Windows 7

v8.0.3.3 [04-01-10]

  • Issue date: March 25th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_2beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix comparing ICA ERP components when not all channels are included (thanks Mads Dyrholm for code fix)
    • better help message for the pop_autorej function that automatically reject bad epochs
    • in pop_reref, EEG.ref is not a supported field any more. Nevertheless, since it is present in some dataset, we made it reflect the current referencing state.

v8.0.3.2 [03-26-10]

  • Issue date: March 25th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_2beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix loading rare file type using pop_loadva (Brain Vision Analyser)
    • fix processing rate .xyz channel location files
    • fix performing spectral decomposition on dataset components when only a subset of channels are selected
    • fix loading channel labels for EDF and BDF files when only a subset of channels are selected
    • better checking of channel structure in eeg_checkset
    • fix function history for pop_erpimage when processing event type containing spaces

v8.0.3.1 [03-22-10]

  • Issue date: March 21th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_3_1beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fix pop_eventstat error message when no event type are provided as input
    • fix font on the main graphic interface under Mac OSX
    • fix single trial computation for std_spec on continuous data
    • new functions to check STUDY data files when a study is loaded

v8.0.2.1 [03-10-10]

  • Issue date: March 9th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_2_1beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • remove colorbar in std_chantopo and std_plottf when threshold is set (there is no need for colorbar since the output image is binary). Also adjusted the figure geometry based on the number of groups and conditions.
    • std_chantopo, std_plottf and std_plotcuve now remove blank conditions/group (before they were plotted as an empty pannel - now the figure is reduced in size).
    • fix std_erspplot for single subject study
    • new feature to plot several channels as colored dots when the threshold is set (in topoplot) and std_chantopo (see picture below). This is easier to read and more correct than using interpolated maps.
    • std_readerp and std_readersp: fixed history for reading single trials for multiple subject (when reading mutliple subjects single trial data, the function was not accurately remembering the origin of the data - which is useful when the user want to load a single subject). It proved that this functionality works though (concatenating single trials for all subject before computing statistics
    • std_stat: fixed default output
    • tftopo: allow plotting complex input
    • fixed fdr.m when empty input

v8.0.0.1 [03-07-10]

  • Issue date: March 6th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_0_1beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • fixed the statmode and maskarray parameters in both pop_erspparams and pop_statparams
    • fixed figure positioning for std_chantopo
    • fixed condition x group statistics for std_erspplot (ERSP study plots)
    • fixed computation of ANOVA interaction in std_stat (std_stat is a recent function that incorporate all statistical study methods)
    • fixed threshold and interstat ploting in std_plottf, std_plotcurve and std_chantopo

v8.0.0.0 [03-05-10]

  • Issue date: March 4th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_8_0_0_0beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • modified almost all STUDY computing and graphical interface functions to accommodate single trials. Single-trial may now be computed and saved on disk. They may be used to perform statistics in any of the design (group by condition) previously used to compute statistics on subject only. Note that storing single-trials time-frequency decompositions on disk can rapidly lead to several gigabytes.
    • programmed a new pop_statparams function that is common to all pop parameter functions (having a single function simplifies book keeping)
    • made the default y-axis plotting limits for plotcurve better fit the data.
    • fixed eeg_interp if channels are missing in the interpolation structure
    • allow newtimef to reaply spectral transformations.
    • added different methods for computing spectrum in std_spec
    • fixed saving channel labels in std_spec
    • new function pop_rejchanspec to reject channel based on spectrum data

v7.2.11.22 [02-08-10]

  • Issue date: February 5th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_11_22beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • std_erpplot.m, std_specplot.m, std_erspplot.m, std_chantopo.m, std_plotcurve.m, std_plottf.m update figure titles
    • new function std_figtitle handling figure titles for functions above
    • plotcurve.m fixed auto scaling and curve color
    • MP clustering plugin, fixed warning; other minor changes

v7.2.10.22 [02-03-10]

  • Issue date: January 28th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_10_22beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • FDR.m fixed multiple comparison problem when not setting a threshold (problem introducted Jan 19th in revision
    • loadeeg.m fixed memory allocation (thanks Emmanuelle Toglioni)
    • std_erp.m fixed problem with unique trial epoch (when subject only have one epoch)
    • std_stat.m fixed computing FDR for Anova interactions

v7.2.10.21 [01-28-10]

  • Issue date: January 27th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_10_21beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • pop_loadbv (Brain Vision) fixed for reading ASCII files
    • eeg_checkset fix for computing ICA matrices in cases the data contains NaN
    • pop_chanedit fixed the history call for looking up channel location file

v7.2.10.20 [01-27-10]

  • Issue date: January 25th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_10_20beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • ERPIMAGE function upgraded by D. Groppe. ERP significance area now uses correction for multiple comparaisons. Improved ERP aspect. optional use of gaussian for smoothing (instead of moving average).

v7.2.9.20 [01-22-10]

  • Issue date: January 19th, 2010
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_9_20beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • allowed to change the color scale for plotting component topographies
    • fix runica for rare bug of 0 rank (numerical innacuracy created by Matlab itself) bug 801
    • fix pop_eegplot for processing datasets with components not using all data channels bug 799
    • fix call to cellfun for older matlab function bug 804

v7.2.9.19 [01-18-10]

  • Issue date: December 15th, 2009
  • Tagged in CVS as: EEGLAB_7_2_9_18beta
  • Major difference with previous version
    • changed typo that was preventing the use of Neural Networks in pop_clust bug 790
    • fixed frequency limit bug in pop_rejspec bug 760
    • fixed reading channel labels in pop_fileio bug 793
    • added missing plugins (BVA export, CTF import, ERPSS import, VisEd plugin for editing events in EEGPLOT)
    • better GUI aspect ratio in some cases under MAC
    • fixed updating EEG structure when calling pop_eegthresh from main GUI
    • fixed default lower frequency (3 Hz) for STUDY computation of ERSP

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