AnEasyCalc End user license agreement

User license agreement:
1.All rights on the program "AnEasyCalc" belong to Steamwater Labs.
2.The current version v., presented as stand alone exe-file and described below, is free.
3.The program is distributing " AS IS" (without any obligations and warranties).
4.You may use that demo-version unlimited time, or register the full version with license key.
5.That key may be received from Steamwater Labs, only, and consider that the full version will work on computer, where this Demo was installed. That means that the Demo must be installed first. It can be upgraded to the full version, after that only.
6.Note, that having a license you are not an owner of the program, and have limited rights to use it. Restrictions of rights are described below.
7.You can not disassemble, modify or analyze the code of the program in any case.
8.You can not sell or provide the program or access to the program to third person for rent or free, as any kind of service
9. Accepting that agreement means that you understand and agree with all its terms.

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