Crossdown Game Edition End user license agreement

Use of Crossdown Game Edition constitutes your acceptance of the following terms set forth
in this license agreement.

(1) You may use the Crossdown software on any number of computers and duplicate
the master disk provided that said use is restricted solely to yourself and
said duplicates are only in your possession. Printed materials accompanying the
software may not be duplicated.

(2) Crossdown Game Edition is copyright © 2000 by Sam Bellotto Jr. and is protected under
United States copyright laws.

(3) Copyright owner warrants that Crossdown will perform as specified in the
documentation and is reasonably free from defects and bugs at the time of
purchase. Master disks determined to be physically defective within 30 days from
date of purchase will be replaced at no cost to you only if software failure
was not due to accident, abuse or misapplication on your part.

(4) Copyright owner will not be held liable for any consequential, indirect or
incidental damages as a result of using Crossdown. Copyright owner's liability
for any such claim may not exceed the price of the software.

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