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Crossword Compiler End user license agreement


This demo version may be used for evaluation purposes only.

The demo version of Crossword Compiler can be freely distributed over the internet
in an unchanged form.

Purchase of a single Crossword Compiler licence grants a non-transferable
licence as follows:

1) You may use only one copy of the software on a single computer.
You may use the software on a different computer only if you first
delete all files installed by the setup program from the first computer.

2) You own all copyright on puzzles that you create using the program

3) You own all copyright and distribution rights on all files exported by the program
based on puzzles that you have created.

4) You may use the Crossword Compiler applet files on one web site.
You may have as many users as you like using the applet on that one web site.
You must not modify the applet files in any way, and the applet must be
displayed at the default exported size so that copyright notice is fully visible to
people viewing the applet. Additional licences must be purchased if you wish to use
the applet files on more than one web site.

5) All rights of any kind in Crossword Compiler which are not expressly granted
in this License are entirely and exclusively reserved to and by Antony Lewis.
You may not rent, lease, modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile,
disassemble or create derivative works based on Crossword Compiler or the
Crossword Compiler applet files.

Note: Multi-user licences are available, and the above licence then applies for the number of
licences purchased. Customized versions of the applet are available if (4) does not meet your


Crossword Compiler Copyright © 2013 by Antony Lewis. All rights reserved.

This software, and all accompanying files, data and materials, are distributed 'as is'.
Antony Lewis can accept no responsibility for damage directly or indirectly resulting
from the use of, or inability to use this program. Antony Lewis disclaims all warranties,
express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability
or fitness for a particular purpose.

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