Spell-Mell End user license agreement

The Spell-Mell User License

The following is an agreement between us (AHA! Software Inc.), the
author and publisher of Spell-Mell, and you, its user. If you are not
willing to abide by the terms of this agreement, you must not install
the program, and must remove from your computer any files extracted
from the distribution archive.

You may use the evaluation version of Spell-Mell as long as you
choose. There are no time limits. However, not all features of the
game are available in the evaluation version. Upon registration you
will receive a code that can be used to convert the evaluation
version of Spell-Mell to the full registered version, with all parts
of the game permanently enabled.

The evaluation version of Spell-Mell prominently announces itself as
such each time the program is run. Until you have purchased a
registration code for Spell-Mell, the evaluation version is the only
version you may legally possess.

You are allowed and encouraged to give the evaluation version of
Spell-Mell to other individuals, provided that you give them the
entire contents of the archive you downloaded (or otherwise
obtained), with no files removed, added or modified. You may repackage
the archive onto floppy disks as long as the contents remain intact
as just stipulated.

You are also allowed and encouraged to upload the original archive,
exactly in the form you yourself obtained it, to a bulletin board
service or other software library.

You are also allowed and encouraged to publish the original archive,
exactly in the form you yourself obtained it, as part of a software
collection on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or the like, provided that no
individual disc in the collection contains more than three games by
AHA! Software Inc., unless by explicit permission of same; and
provided also that the documentation accompanying the collection
clearly and prominently states that the software is for evaluation
only, and that a registration fee is required in order to unlock its
full capabilities. Notice of inclusion in CD-ROM and similar
collections, by email or in writing, is requested but not required.

You are NOT allowed to distribute any individual file or files from
within the archive, or from the installed program, whether or not you
have registered your copy. If you have registered the game, you must
take reasonable precautions to prevent your registration code being
used to operate a registered copy on more than one machine at one

Spell-Mell is provided "as-is". No warranties of any kind, express or
implied, are made as to it or any medium it may be on. AHA! Software
Inc. will provide no remedy for indirect, consequential, punitive or
incidental damages arising from it, including such from negligence,
strict liability, or breach of warranty or contract, even after
notice of the possibility of such damages.

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