FastKeys 4.07

All in One Windows Automation software. Fully configurable Start menu, Shortcuts, Text Expander, Auto Complete, Mouse Gestures, Clipboard Manager, Macro Recorder and more. User-defined commands to run files, open web pages, send macros or automate anything. Incredibly powerful but yet simple to use.

Create a fully configurable START MENU to start any activity on computer. Simply touch the screen edge to call the menu.

Use keyboard or mouse SHORTCUTS to do just about anything with a keystroke. Run programs, open files and sites or make powerful scripts to automate Windows desktop applications.

Make customized abbreviations for your frequently used text. Type out a couple of letters and the TEXT EXPANDER replaces it with a whole sentence or paragraph or even simulates keyboard presses.

Intelligent AUTO COMPLETE word and phrase prediction utility with learning capability.

Simple and amazing MOUSE GESTURES let you perform common tasks or execute complex actions.

Hundreds Ready-to-use Presets, Including:

AUDIO - Control volume with a mouse wheel, switch audio device, mute, control audio or video players, search and play songs...
WINDOWS - Double Esc to close, minimize, maximize, make always on top, Alt-drag, auto resize, zoom, make transparent....
SEARCH - Fast Google and Wikipedia search, translate web pages... EMAIL AUTOMATION - Auto send email, auto replies, context aware response, auto signature...
GENERAL - Swap or disable keys, change system shortcuts, run user commands...
SEND TEXT - Write text and keystrokes with time and date variables, create user macro commands...
GAMES - Auto clicker, rapid fire, auto shooter, jump, crouch, improve accuracy in 3rd person shooters, auto fire on pixel colour, scripts for popular games (CoD, WoW, LoL, Minecraft etc.)...
UTILITIES - Clocks, timers, stopwatches, countdown timers, weather stickers, handy notes, change caps, screen capture, date&time functions...
...any many many more. More than 500 preset commands.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

4.07 [03-25-18]

- Quick find - quickly search for any FastKeys command and execute it,
- Manual Auto-Complete shortcut,
- Escape key behavior in popups improved,
- Improved DPI awareness,
- Various small improvements and bug fixes.

Other versions : 4.06 4.05 4.04 4.03 4.02 4.01 4.00 3.18 3.17 3.16 3.15 3.14 3.13 3.12 3.11 3.10 3.09 3.08 3.07 3.06 3.05 3.04 3.03 3.02 3.01 3.0 2.24 2.23 2.22 2.21 2.20 2.19 2.18 2.17 2.16 2.15 2.14 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10 2.09 2.08 2.07 2.06 2.05 2.04 2.03 2.02 2.01 2.0 1.10 1.09 1.08 1.07 1.06 1.05 1.03 1.02

v4.06 [03-01-18]

- Data encryption and password protection,
- Auto Complete adjusts to typed case,
- Clipboard Manager removes formatting by default,
- Language translation updates,
- Various small improvements and bug fixes.

v4.05 [12-31-17]

- Engine optimization,
- Language translation updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v4.04 [11-22-17]

- Preferences structure improved,
- Calculate math expressions as you type,
- Search feature added,
- Breevy import added,
- Relative paths possible in Insert Image/File contents macros,
- Further optimization of Key delays,
- Language translation updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v4.03 [09-26-17]

- New website and forum support,
- System settings updated,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v4.02 [09-02-17]

- New macro - Control Click,
- Several key delay in window focus options added to increase reliability in slower applications,
- Menu top edge zone definition added,
- Import from Excel improved,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v4.01 [06-24-17]

- Clipboard Manager - Save histroy option added,
- Multiple monitor support improved,
- Command size limitation increased,
- Chinese Simplified translation added,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v4.00 [05-21-17]

- Engine optimization
- Sound notifications
- File/Resume function - Restore data from backup files
- Improved error reporting
- Number of user variables increased
- Improved support for larger Selection Forms using scrollbar or by breaking to columns
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.18 [03-09-17]

- Enabled column sorting of Phrase files and Wordlists,
- New Auto Complete option - Send raw text,
- 'Show suggestion when you type' option is no longer dependent on Auto Complete module being active,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.17 [02-21-17]

- File/Append function - import data from FastKeys settings file,
- File/Import - import data from delimited text/Excel files or AutoHotkey scripts,
- Auto Complete - Include descriptions option added,
- System files upgrade,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.16 [01-16-17]

- New macro - Conditional text substitutes,
- Clipboard Manager - Allow duplicates option added to Preferences,
- Two digit year variable added,
- Auto Complete raw behavior fixed,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.15 [12-04-16]

- Adjust to typed case option added to Preferences - allows disabling case sensitive abbreviations,
- Resolved punctuation issues with US International keyboard,
- Enable/Disable options added to main menu,
- Engine upgrade to AutoHotkey 1.1.24,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.14 [11-06-16]

- Font setting for a command field added,
- New scripts added to Library,
- Language translation updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.13 [09-26-16]

- Assign custom icons to menu items,
- Random text generation syntax support (Spintax),
- Optimized mouse gestures for left hand use,
- Spanish language translation added,
- Language translation updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.12 [09-04-16]

- Enable/disable multiple entries from the context menu,
- Spanish common words Wordlist added,
- Language translation updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.11 [07-04-16]

- General functionality improvements,
- Added: Swedish translation,
- Bug fixes.

v3.10 [05-23-16]

- Added: Usage statistics,
- Added: New macro - Insert Command Code,
- Improved error reporting,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.09 [04-12-16]

- New: User defined variables,
- Improved typed case adjustments in Text Expander,
- Dutch, Slovak and Russian language updates,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.08 [02-27-16]

- "Display suggestions as you type" behavior improved,
- Advanced Text Expander preferences - Key Delay setting,
- User preferences updated,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.07 [01-19-16]

- Multiple selections available in more command types,
- Description prefix in multiple selection dialogs,
- Copy to Start Menu option,
- Column sorting,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.06 [12-24-15]

- Improved Auto Complete word recognition,
- Brazilian Portuguese translation update,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.05 [11-26-15]

- New: Show Text Expander suggestions as you type,
- Shift added as a trigger key,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.04 [10-31-15]

- New: Input Selection Forms - create powerful customizable templates for interactive input,
- Auto Complete optimization,
- Drug names wordlist added,
- Many small improvements,
- Regular bug fixes.

v3.03 [08-31-15]

- New Macro: Insert Another Command - reuse the same text or actions
- Windows Information Utility - get detailed information about open windows and controls
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v3.02 [07-17-15]

- Improved language support in Auto Complete,
- Wrap popup menu items,
- Clipboard Manager - hold shift key to paste without closing,
- Arabic translation,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v3.01 [06-08-15]

- Improved file content paste control,
- Improved DPI text scaling,
- Library search function,
- Relative file/folder paths,
- Slovak translation,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v3.0 [05-17-15]

- Rich Text formatting,
- Manual text input fields,
- Embeded file contents,
- Cursor position field,
- System variables,
- More Start Menu options,
- German translation,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.24 [03-14-15]

- Multiple substitutes can now be used from other modules,
- More UI parts made resizable,
- Start Menu not triggered if left mouse button is held,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.23 [02-23-15]

- Resizable user interface,
- Progressive disclosure of advanced options,
- Free rearrangement of modules,
- Window class names properly recognized,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.22 [01-20-15]

- Several small improvements,
- Run as Administrator option added,
- Bug fixes.

v2.21 [12-24-14]

- Added: Send HTML formatted commands,
- Added: Start Menu font settings,
- Several improvements,
- Bug fixes.

v2.20 [11-24-14]

- Fully customizable Start Menus,
- Break menu into columns,
- Show clipboard items in the menu,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.19 [11-09-14]

- Expanded font and color options for popups and menus,
- More control over the Auto Complete suggestions behavior,
- Basic text formatting from a context menu,
- Additional user preferences,
- Bug fixes.

v2.18 [10-26-14]

- Multiple Start menus,
- Context command menu,
- New built-in date and time variables,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.17 [10-01-14]

- Tabbed interface for organizing and grouping items,
- Tab context menu to easily add, rename, delete and move tabs,
- General improvements,
- Bug fixes.

v2.16 [08-22-14]

- Text Expander option to enable Phrase file abbreviation,
- Improved pop-up lists behavior,
- Auto Complete option - don't delete string,
- Improved application context Gestures - only one is fired at a time,
- French, Japanese and Portuguese translations,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.15 [07-11-14]

- Improved international keyboard layout support,
- Russian and Dutch translations,
- New shortcuts and menu items,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.14 [06-21-14]

- New: Macro Recorder functions,
- Duplicate command,
- Copy, Cut, Paste commands,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.13 [05-15-14]

- Auto backup function,
- New Phrase and Wordlist file menus,
- Medical abbreviations and terms,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.12 [04-25-14]

- Expanded Clipboard Manager preferences,
- Number shortcuts for selecting popup items,
- Command size limitation removed,
- New Phrase and Wordlist file menus,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.11 [04-11-14]

- New: Clipboard Manager,
- New: Advanced shortcuts,
- Hungarian and Slovenian translation,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.10 [03-15-14]

- Added: Start menu - bottom edge option,
- Engine optimization and improved performance,
- Send Clipboard paste in all modules,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

v2.09 [02-13-14]

- Regular improvements and bug fixes.

v2.08 [02-02-14]

- Expanded Start Menu options,
- Nested folders and files in Start Menu,
- Configurable recent items in Start Menu,
- Phrase file and Wordlist file browsing improvements,
- Regular improvements and bug fixes.

v2.07 [01-13-14]

- Interface localization enabled,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.06 [12-30-13]

- Portable version support,
- Expanded quick-add function,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.05 [12-12-13]

- New module: Mouse Gestures,
- Text expander: default prefix and clipboard paste method,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.04 [11-21-13]

- File management system,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.03 [10-28-13]

- Improved international characters support,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.02 [10-18-13]

- Text Expander - one abbreviation can trigger multiple substitute actions,
- Text Expander - manual confirmations,
- Multiple window context sensitive definitions,
- New user preferences,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.01 [09-20-13]

- Fully-fledged editor with syntax highlighting,
- Drag/drop, Undo/Redo,
- Context sensitive help,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.0 [08-29-13]

- New Auto Complete module,
- with Launcher and learning capability,
- Module activation,
- Many new user preferences,
- New program appearance,
- Added wordlist files,
- Various improvements and fixes.

v1.10 [07-12-13]

- Added: Additional user preferences,
- Added: New preset commands,
- General improvements.

v1.09 [06-15-13]

- Added: Phrase Files and Wordlists,
- Added: Full Unicode support,
- Start menu sensitivity optimization,
- General speed improvements.

v1.08 [06-11-13]

- Added: Auto Complete with automatic learning,
- Added: Introduction of Phrase Files,
- Added: New spell-check languages and wordlists,
- Added: Expanded user preferences,
- Added: Start menu - left screen edge option,
- Added: New command presets,
- Fixed: Several improvements.

v1.07 [05-12-13]

- Added: Quick-link shortcuts,
- Added: Recent files/folders preset,
- Added: Text Expander: advanced cursor positioning and multiple abbreviations,
- Added: Multiple screen support,
- Added: Auto version update,
- Added: Several improvements,
- Fixed: Minor issues.

v1.06 [04-10-13]

- NEW: Universal spelling auto-correct in any application (English, French, German)
- many improvements,
- minor issues fixed.

v1.05 [03-21-13]

- NEW: Text Expander can now run any type of commands,
- auto internet update,
- many new settings,
- minor issues fixed.

v1.03 [03-09-13]

- new presets added,
- few issues fixed.

v1.02 [02-28-13]

Many new presets added!

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October 5, 2014

"This is a great macro recorder and launcher application. Very useful and uses minimal memory. Recommended."

by Harald for 2.17 version

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