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Perfect Keyboard, Professional Edition 8.6.2

Why type the same phrases again and again? Why mistype? Why not let the computer do repetitive and boring tasks? Why not have macros working in any Windows application?

Perfect Keyboard is an award-winning, time-saving utility running under the Windows operating systems. The program allows a user to create a file of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, clipboard entries, scripts, etc. and use them in any application just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or pressing a hot-key (key shortcut). The Perfect Keyboard supports macro recording (keyboard and/or mouse events) so that user can simply record macros rather than program them. The Perfect Keyboard scripting language (300+ commands) allows one to insert time and date, activate a window, launch applications, manage files and directories, work with clipboard, download files, format text and more. Creating macros do not require any programming skills thanks to visual editing tools.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.6.2 [09-26-18]

Hotkeys related problem fixed, command to set default printer was improved.

Other versions : 8.6.1 8.6.0 8.5.0 8.4.2 8.4.1 8.4.0 8.3.8 8.3.7 8.3.6 8.3.5 8.3.1 8.3.0 8.2.5 8.2.0 8.1.0 8.0.7 8.0.6 8.0.5 8.0.0 7.6.9 7.6.8 7.6.7 7.6.6 7.6.5 7.6.4 7.6.3 7.6.2 7.6.1 7.5.5 7.5.4 7.5.3 7.5.2 7.5.1 7.5.0 7.4.8 7.4.7 7.4.5 7.4.0 7.3.8 7.3.0 7.2.6 7.2.0 7.1.1 7.0.0. 6.31

v8.6.1 [07-18-18]

New system variables added, several fixes.

v8.6.0 [06-29-18]

Many new options added, macro commands improved, many fixes and smaller improvements.

v8.5.0 [03-25-18]

French language,clipboard macros improved,new command added,search/replace improved,many fixes.

v8.4.2 [02-06-18]

Dead key characters bug fixed, Windows short time freeze on some macro command errors fixed, hot-key issue when multiple macro file is open was fixed, fixed an issue with saving a new file for the first time, and more.

v8.4.1 [01-10-18]

Text shortcuts made more reliable in Windows 10 universal applications; Macro recorder fixes; Macro command to delete file(s) fixed; Help file improved; Several smaller changes and fixes.

v8.4.0 [12-06-17]

Right-click on macro file tabs opens a menu to close the file or to open its location; "minimize" button behavior changed; searching improved; many fixes.

v8.3.8 [10-23-17]

Fix for a problem with hotkeys introduced in previous version.

v8.3.7 [10-08-17]

Macro recorder fixes, macro group enable/disable fixes, "wait for image" macro command fixed, macro scope fixes, text shortcut fixes.

v8.3.6 [08-04-17]

Fix for "excel cell get" command to work properly with time values; Fix for image capture in "wait for" command; Fix a problem saving macro file on Windows shutdown; Keystrokes performance improved; Improved running macros from hints window.

v8.3.5 [04-30-17]

New 'data_crypt' command, encryption added to several commands, EXE file generator improved, some macro commands fixes, help fixes.

v8.3.1 [02-13-17]

Macros trigger faster, auto-save improved, several commands improved.

v8.3.0 [01-19-17]

Added an option to "wwwopen" command to open a new tab in Internet Explorer, improved performance, macro debugger fixes, drag & drop improvements, several smaller fixes.

v8.2.5 [12-14-16]

Added options to save/load images from/to clipboard directly to file, added configuration for generated executable file, added a window displaying mouse position, several fixes.

v8.2.0 [10-05-16]

A new "xml find text" command, text shortcuts fix, several commands improvements, improved installation, admin rights handling, syntax auto-complete fix, and more.

v8.1.0 [07-20-16]

Fixed a problem with inserting current clipboard content, multiple smaller fixes, several new commands, a new Windows Service trigger, new clipboard related system variables, improved support for multi-monitor systems

v8.0.7 [05-10-16]

Import of macros fixed, command fixed.

v8.0.6 [04-19-16]

"e-mail" command fixed, a few UI improvements

v8.0.5 [04-04-16]

Added a command that allows to search in text using regular expressions; Added an option to search in macro groups; Other commands improved; Several bugs fixed.

v8.0.0 [03-08-16]

Macro text paste function fixed, Windows 10 related fixes, fixed problem with macros running in separate process.

v7.6.9 [11-09-15]

Macro text paste function fixed, Windows 10 related fixes, fixed problem with macros running in separate process.

v7.6.8 [03-15-15]

Unspecified fixes.

v7.6.7 [11-25-14]

_vActivateWindow system variable fix

v7.6.6 [11-12-14]

Drag&Drop fixes, macro description bug fixed, idle time trigger fixed, macro file association fixed, command fixed, and more.

v7.6.5 [04-05-14]

Text insertion through clipboard is faster; installation changes, several fixes

v7.6.4 [01-03-14]

Clipboard commands and operations are optimized to retrieve plain text faster; Installation improvements;

v7.6.3 [08-20-13]

Some fixes.

v7.6.2 [07-23-13]

A few major fixes.

v7.6.1 [04-22-13]

Several usability improvements and many fixes.

v7.5.5 [11-19-12]

Auto-save file improved, mouse recorder fixes.

v7.5.4 [10-15-12]

Many fixes and improvements in triggers and commands, significant macro recorder improvements, improved macro playback, extended logging functionality and more...

v7.5.3 [06-25-12]

Added multi-line edit field option to command.
Added a "from" field to command.
Added "wait for web browser is loading" option to command.
Several fixes.

v7.5.2 [05-16-12]

Several fixes,

v7.5.1 [05-05-12]

Improved lock mode feature; new version notification improved; new commands added; several fixes,

v7.5.0 [02-25-12]

Performance improved, new commands and existing commands improvements, usability improved, keyboard triggers improved, HTML export improved.

v7.4.8 [02-17-11]

Image find commands improved, wildcards support for windows identification, form command imrovements, UI improvements, macro toolbar fixes, more commands improvements.

v7.4.7 [07-11-10]

Shared macros improvements, commands fixes, macro playback optimization and more.

v7.4.5 [04-05-10]

Significantly improved "send macro text through clipboard" feature, New "How to send macro text to target application:" option, command extended with "port" and "SSL" attributes so that the command now can send e-mails using GMail SMTP server, Expressions evaluation fixes, ...

v7.4.0 [12-16-09]

Run macro as admin option added, find image command improved, UI improvements, several bug fixes.

v7.3.8 [07-05-09]

Several improved features, speed improvements, many fixes....

v7.3.0 [05-09-09]

Various macro commands improved, macro syntax checker improved, keystrokes sending is faster, and more...

v7.2.6 [02-24-09]

Office clipboard fix, change multiple macros at once improvement, hot key added, many other fixes...

v7.2.0 [11-21-08]

German language added, UI simplified, macro execution speed improved, many other improvements and fixes.

v7.1.1 [08-18-08]

Multilanguage support, commands to capture screen/window area, improved web form filling, improved macro recorder, many bug fixes.

v7.0.0. [02-09-08]

New UI, many new commands, AES encryption, remote macro call, and more...

v6.31 [11-28-06]

Macro commands fixes

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