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luckyBackup is an application that backs-up and/or synchronizes any directories with the power of rsync. It is simple to use, fast (transfers over only changes made and not all data), safe (keeps your data safe by checking all declared directories before proceeding in any data manipulation ), reliable and fully customizable.

Backup Create a "clone" of your data at another location in no time, safely.

Backup any directory (source) to another (destination).

luckyBackup copies over only the changes you`ve made to the source directory and nothing more.
You will be surprised when your huge source is backed up in seconds (after the first time !!).

Whatever changes you make to the source including adding, moving, deleting, modifying files / directories etc, will have the same effect to the destination.

Owner, group, time stamps, links and permissions of files are preserved (unless stated otherwise). Snapshots
Create multiple backup "snapshots".

Each snapshot is an image of the source data that refers to a specific date-time.

Rolling back to any of the snapshots is possible. Sync
Sync any directories keeping the files that were most recently modified on both of them.

Useful if you modify files on more than one PCs (using a flash-drive and don`t want to bother remembering what did you use last. Keep your data safe
luckyBackup first checks whether the directories you`ve declared exist or if they are empty and warns you accordingly.

You wouldn`t want your 500GB music collection backup (that took half a day to create !!) vanish in a second if you forgot to mount the external drive that your source is in !!
You also wouldn`t want to execute an rsync command if your destination folder is in an external drive that you also forgot to mount. Simple / advanced option
The add/modify task dialog is quite simple and everybody can use it with confidence.
Hit on the "advanced" pushbutton at the task properties window and a whole bunch of other options will appear.
If you know what you`re doing change anything at will. Exclude option
Exclude any file, folder or pattern from the transfer.
You might not want to copy over backup files (*~), trash folders, system mount folders (/media & /mnt), some huge video files or anything else.

Choose from already made templates or produce your own with the cool pattern editor. Only include option
Use this option to only transfer over specific file(s), folder(s) or pattern(s) within your source directory and nothing else. Add/remove any rsync option
If you don`t like the default rsync options that luckybackup uses, add or remove any option you wish. Remote connections
Remote connections are possible, either for use as a source or as a destination. Also execute
You can execute any command(s) before or after a specific task. Restore task
Everybody wishes to never use this !!
But when this time comes, luckyBackup gives you the option to either go through a restore wizard or create a task based on an existing one for restore purposes. Simulation option
If you are unsure of the effects on your data when executing an rsync command try the dry-run option. luckyBackup will perform a trial run that doesn`t make any changes (and produces mostly the same output as a real run).
Note: The progress-bar might be misleading when using this. Profiles
You don`t have to create all tasks from scratch every time you start luckyBackup.
You can save your preferences in a .profile file and load it whenever needed. Use as many profiles as you like, export, import or duplicate them. Include option – Execution order
A separate check-box can be used to include or not a task within a profile. The option to change the execution order of tasks is also given. Scheduling Scheduling for execution of already created profiles via cronjobs is supported. e-mail email a report after a profile execution. Logfile
After all tasks execution, a logfile is created in your home folder. You can have a look at it any time you want.

A handy logviewer that displays errors in red and has next/previous buttons, is also provided. Command line mode
luckyBackup can run in command line if you wish not to use the gui, but you have to first create the profile that is going to be executed.
Type "luckybackup --help" at a terminal to see usage and supported options.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

0.4.8 [03-27-14]

  • Added option to disable TLS for email reports
  • Added some (useful) statistics at the end of a profile run
  • Added destination disk free space at information window
  • Minor modifications to "modify task" dialog
  • View of remote places is now available through the "manage backup" dialog
  • Default email options are now loaded when a new profile is created
  • Split of full email command to command & arguments
  • Changed the default exclude "system folders" from "/dev /proc /sys /var" to "/dev /proc /sys /run /var/run"
  • Safety checks of mount-points now include deeper levels in paths than /media// and /mnt//
  • Added support for vss implementation (windows)
  • Added support for nt-streams (windows)
  • Added support for e-mail notifications (windows)
  • Added various libs used for the windows port
  • Fixed issue: When one or more items were manually removed from an existing schedule list, LB would delete entries from the bottom of the list instead, when the cronIT button is pressed.
  • Fixed issue: Progress bar did not update normally
  • Fixed issue: Segmentation fault under certain circumstances, when --skip-critical is used as an argument and there exists one or more actual CRITICAL tasks.
  • Fixed issue: Confusion at task list when an item's box state changed.
  • Fixed issue (windows): Warning message regarding the changes.log files during a run

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