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PureSync Professional 3.10.3 

Synchronize files and folders, FTP*,Backup of files and complete folders,
Control what will be synced in which direction,E.g. there are wizard and tool tips,
support for Drag & Drop of folders,Scheduler when a file has been modified,
copy e.g. only the new fotos from the camera. Though fotos that have been sorted out
but still at the camera are not copy again.PureSync Personal is free for personal use
For business use (or mixed use private and business) please order a license of PureSync Professional you may test PureSync up to 30 days prior to that.
Difference viewer to display and edit the differences of text files,Timemachine, version backup
Compress files during backup,improved explorers context menu

PureSync Professional
Supports FTP,Execute backups and synchronization as different user,
Copying of opened/locked files, For business use

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.10.3  [06-29-15]

  • New features:
    • Compoare view: now the file icons are displayed in the list (can be turned off in the global settings)
    • Ejecting USB drives, which were monitored due to jobs with 'start on file change' are then no longer blocked by PureSync
    Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync did not work with some settings
    • 'Create each time a new version of the file at the destination' did not work properly (since version 3.10)
    • Deleting folders with unicode characters did not work
    • Fixed problem moving files to the recycle bin
    • Textfilter in the compare view did not work
    • Fixed problems with MTP devices e.h. iPhones
    • Fixed problems with foto sync

Other versions : 3.10.2  3.9.4  3.9.3  3.9.2  3.8.3  3.8.1  3.7.9  3.7.8  3.7.7  3.7.6 3.7.5 3.7.2 3.7.1 3.7 3.6.2 3.6.1 3.6.0 3.5.0 3.1.6 3.1.5 3.1.3 3.1.2 3.1.1 3.1 3.0.3 3.0.2 3.0.1 3.0 2.8.5 2.8.4 2.8.3 2.8.2 2.8.1 2.7.2 2.7.1 2.7.0 2.6.10 2.6.9 2.6.8 2.6.7 2.6. 2.6.4 2.6.3 2.6.1 2.6 2.5.3 2.5.2 2.5.1 2.5.0 2.2.4 2.2.3 2.2.2 2.2 2.1.10 2.1.9 2.1.8 2.1.7 2.1.5

v3.10.2  [05-06-15]

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Automatic jobs: files were not copied in some configurations

v3.9.4  [04-07-15]

  • New features:
    • improved speed copying large files
    • improved speed copying files to FTP folder
    • little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Deleting files at the right side was not performed when complete folders have been deleted at the left side

v3.9.3  [03-23-15]

  • New features:
    • little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Delete source file after sync did not work
    • Backup of only one folder with fast compare on, did not detect when destination was deleted
    • PureSync did sometimes hang displaying the folder tree
    • AutoSync on file modification did sometimes not work

v3.9.2  [03-16-15]

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Foldernames of special foders were not dispalyed in the list
    • Setup Wizard: checkbox 'Subfolders' could not be checked, although subfolders were synced
    • fixed little bugs

v3.8.3  [01-06-15]

  • Fixed bugs:
    • english language file was incomplete which cause an (almost) empty start screen (only when english was selected as language)

v3.8.1  [10-02-14]

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Version 3.8.0 was raelly slow with some configurations

v3.7.9  [12-23-13]

  • Fixed bugs:
    • File filter with # did not work
    • Fix problem with ftp access

v3.7.8  [11-05-13]

  • New features:
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: fixed bug with filenames with 2 succeeding spaces
    • fixed some minor issues

v3.7.7  [08-11-13]

  • New features:
    Fixed bugs:
    • Binary compare had a bug (in version 3.7.6)
    • Foldernames like %AppData% are no longer expanded. Such names are only expanded id at start of a folder
    • Fixed some minor bugs

v3.7.6 [05-07-13]

    Fixed bugs:
    • Auto sync did not work with some settings

v3.7.5 [04-14-13]

  • New features:
    • Improved support for MTP drive
      - improved some routines
      - improved speed
      - improved suport for more devices
      - Annoying popup dialog from Windows is now answered automatically
    • some little improvements, e.g. speeded up checking renamed files
    Fixed bugs:
    • MTP drives: sometimes fodler were missing (not displayed)
    • fixed bug with rar and zip file on a network drive

v3.7.2 [02-07-13]

  • New features:
    Fixed bugs:
    • Little bug fixes

v3.7.1 [01-27-13]

  • New features:
    • At the left side you can now specify folders like:
      - C:Data*Docs
      - C:Data**Docs
      - C:DataM*Docs
      - C:Data**Docs   (** means any number of subfolders, e.g. C:Datapreject1Docs as well as C:Datapreject1
    • improved filter in the settings
    • Copying opened/locked files now works on Windows 8
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a bug password with FTP folders
    • Fixed bug copying opened/locked: UAC did appear each time when it should only be once

v3.7 [12-05-12]

  • New features:
    • At the left side you can now specify folders like:
      - C:Data*Docs
      - C:Data**Docs
      - C:DataM*Docs
      - C:Data**Docs   (** means any number of subfolders, e.g. C:Datapreject1Docs as well as C:Datapreject1
    • improved filter in the settings
    • Copying opened/locked files now works on Windows 8
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a bug password with FTP folders
    • Fixed bug copying opened/locked: UAC did appear each time when it should only be once

v3.6.2 [09-01-12]

  • New features:
    • New Dutch language file, thanks to Rene.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a bug with AutoSync
    • Fixed bug copying folder dates
    • Fxed minor bugs

v3.6.1 [05-23-12]

  • New features:
    • When accessing network paths (\serverfolder) requires username and password, PureSync will now ask for it (amd can store it)
    Fixed bugs:
    • AutoSync on Shutdown did not work in the last version
    • Wizzard: Fixed bug selecting subfolders
    • FTP: Foders where not shown with siome configurations
    • Deletions: Files were synchronised instead of deleted when only files to be deleted were found
    • Fixed minor bugs

v3.6.0 [05-18-12]

  • New features:
    • Improved support for unicode
    • Tree with all jobs: now there is a filter, press F3
    • Foto-Sync:
      Update for Canon Powershot cameras
      - improved performance on compare
    • Russian language file updated (thanks to Antony)
    • Durch language file updated (thanks to Stephan)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with FTP
    • Fixed bug in the settings -> autosync -> further rules
    • Fixed a crash
    • Fixed problem with filter
    • Fixed bugs in the Settings -> Autosync -> further rules.
    • Fixed some minor bug in the user interface

v3.5.0 [12-21-11]

  • New features:
    • Undo:
      Now a synchronisation or backup can be undone, even after PureSync has been quit.
      See settings -> miscellaneous, use Actions menu to show what can be undo
    Fixed bugs:

v3.1.6 [11-22-11]

  • New features:
    • Translate folder names are now displayed translated, e.g. C:Benuter instead of C:Users
    • Settings -> AutoSync -> Drive Ids: Now the automatic starting of a job can be restricted to certain drive ids in case 2 or more removable drive do have the same drive letter
    Fixed bugs:
    • Compress files: sometime changes were regoghnized although there were none
    • Windows x64: SysWow64 folder was used when System32 was specified
    • fixed some little bugs

v3.1.5 [11-02-11]

  • New features:
    • Folder which are symbolic links can now be excluded
    • Multiple email addresses are now allowed
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: file dates in october were some not retrieved correctly
    • Fixed problem with starting PureSync on some systems
    • Fixed crash on some Windows 7 systems (well the crash might occur once, but then no longer)

v3.1.3 [09-05-11]

  • New features:
    • Backup: Keep versions of a file: now the max number of files to be kept can be defined
    • Improved the context menu in the file list (e.g. exclude folder, file, extenstion)
    • Added dutch as language for the user interface (thanks to Rene)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Wizard did hang on some machines when displaying the folders
    • Fixed problem with restoring files (restore mode: with some configurations no files were displayed)
    • Settings -> Auto-Sync -> further rules: dialog did was not shown on some systems
    • Fixed problems with umlauts in FTP folder
    • Fixed minor bugs

v3.1.2 [07-22-11]

  • New features:
    • Backup: Keep versions of a file: now the max number of files to be kept can be defined
    • Improved the context menu in the file list (e.g. exclude folder, file, extenstion)
    • Added dutch as language for the user interface (thanks to Rene)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Wizard did hang on some machines when displaying the folders
    • Fixed problem with restoring files (restore mode: with some configurations no files were displayed)
    • Settings -> Auto-Sync -> further rules: dialog did was not shown on some systems
    • Fixed problems with umlauts in FTP folder
    • Fixed minor bugs

v3.1.1 [07-13-11]

  • New features:
    • Conflicts (file was modified at both sides): now a hint and options to solve the conflict(s) is/are shown, even when the job was started automatically
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with the drive IDs
    • Files to be deleted to a user definabel folder: the setting was not saved
    • Drive letter was changed for no reason
    • Fixed priblem with drives from the host in Remote Desktop (D on ...)

v3.1 [06-18-11]

  • New features:
    • Undo is now possible after quitting PureSync and for multiple steps back (only Professional Edition)

v3.0.3 [05-20-11]

  • New features:
    • now mp3 and midi sounds can be played
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with [date] in destination paths with / as date separator (e.g. with english or spanish settings)
    • fixed problem with multiple backups when modifiying the destination path

v3.0.2 [05-12-11]

  • New features:
    • Improved speed for detecting moved folders
    • Added the Thunderbird Lightning default calendar to the predefined backups
    Fixed bugs:
    • Scheduled jobs: fix bug that prevented the job to start
    • Network drives were not shown in some systems
    • FTP:
      - sometimes the internal cache did have old data
      - fixed problem comparing modified file with same size
      - fixed problem copying from multiple FTP folders to one location
      - fixed problem with (long) paths with spaces in it.
    • Fixed problem with special ASCII characters in filename
    • Fixed problem with ### in the path
    • Fixed problem with asiatic systems with the language file

v3.0.1 [04-30-11]

  • New features:
    • Now file which have been moved AND modified can now be detected.
    • Done changes for windows user defined font size (e.g. 110 %)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Detecting moved files did sometimes not work properly
    • Fixed problem excluding folders
    • Fixed some minor bugs (e.g. display, keyboard)

v3.0 [04-20-11]

  • New features:
    • Copying opened file now working in all Windows versions since Windows XP / Windows Server 2003
    • Email: now PureSync can send an email with the log after a job has been finished, wither always or only in case of an error.
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with paths/filenames with exakt 260 characters

v2.8.5 [02-25-11]

  • New features:
    • Improved copying large files
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Delay when starting a job automatically did not always work
    • Fixed another problem with @ in folder names

v2.8.4 [02-21-11]

  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • PureSync did hang when accessing network paths when they were not accessible
    • Fixed problem with mapped network drives, when they were not accesibvle
    • Automatic Sync/Backup when pluggin in a drive did not work properly
    • Fixed bug with starting PureSync.exe multiple times with the same job

v2.8.3 [02-09-11]

  • New features:
    • Added filter to exclude files smaller than x bytes
    • Now a command line/executable can be started prior to starting the job
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug with the filter (display)
    • Fixed problem with @ in file or folder namens when copying to a ftp folder

v2.8.2 [01-30-11]

  • New features:
    • Now the file creation date can be copied as well (Settings -> special) which is now the default for backups
    • Exluding of folders: wildcards (* and ?) are now allowed
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with chinese windows (license did not work and some dialogs had no/wrong textes)
    • Fixed bug in the setup wizard when clicking back to the tree views to select folders
    • Fixed problem with the installation on Windows 2000
    • Fixed some minor problems

v2.8.1 [01-01-11]

  • New features:
    • Plugging in an USB drive which is mapped to a folder and to to a drive is now detected
    • Updated help
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed crash on Windows Server 2008
    • Fixed bug with the new context menu
    • Fixed bug with date filter with date formats with -, e.g. YYYY-MM-DD
    • Fixed some small bugs

v2.7.2 [10-03-10]

Version 2.7.2  2.10.2010

  • New Features:
  • FTP: added global settings for proxy and ftp mode
  • Updater verbessert
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed problem copying read only files if destination is read only
  • Filter settings sometime were not stored
  • Fixed some other little problems

v2.7.1 [09-20-10]

Version 2.7.1  17.9.2010

  • New Features:
  • Autocompare: now showing tray icon, status window or main window is possible
  • Copying of multiple files to the clipboard is now possible
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bug installing the license
  • Fixed bug with the foto sync
  • Text filter (in the compare view) did sometimes not work

v2.7.0 [09-16-10]

Version 2.7.0  14.9.2010

  • New Features:
  • New autosync/-backup possibilities: e.g. when waking up from suspend, or when a command line returns a certain string, e.g. ping
  • Actions after the sync/backup improved, e.g. a sound can be played upon success or failure
  • A global log is now written with the status of the last executed jobs
  • Improved settings dialog, e.g. added listboxes
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Deleteting old files with filter (e.g. deleting all *.tmp files older than x days) did not work
  • Echo mode: removed folders in the source were not deleted at the destination
  • FTP: newlines were always converted when downloadiung at not only for text files
  • Transfer files to another computer or system: ficex problem when 2 or 3 destination where used

v2.6.10 [09-04-10]

Version 2.6.10  2.9.2010

  • New Features:
  • Added spanish language (thanks to Enrique!)
  • added support for folders with more than 260 characters (if supported by the file system, only Windows Vista or newer)
  • added an undo, so that overwritten files can be restored
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed problems with server paths (\..) with automatic syncs/backup on shutdown/logoff
  • Fixed problem with Foto-Sync with target folder withs file dates
  • FTP: File filter did sometimes not work
  • fixed some little bugs (e..g. user interface)

v2.6.9 [08-11-10]

Version 2.6.9  .8.2010

  • New Features:
  • Added an option(settings -> Special) to disable the creation of tmp files
  • Fixed bugs:

v2.6.8 [08-06-10]

Version 2.6.8  4.7.2010

  • New Features:
  • Now in the filter button bar there is a field to filter by size (in advanced mode) to directly change the file size limit (no new compare required)
  • A new compare is no longer required after modifying the date filter in the filter button bar
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed problem with the installtion
  • Detecting renamend folders did not work after the 1st backup/sync
  • Sometimes folder were not selected in the main window (compare view) in the dropdown tree
  • Fixed some minor bugs (display)
  • Sometimes autosync were not started

v2.6.7 [07-14-10]

Version 2.6.7  .6.2010

  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
  • FTP: fixed bug with large files (> 2GB)
  • the tree was not displayed in the compare view to edit fodler 1 or 2
  • tray menu did sometimes not appear

v2.6. [07-06-10]

Version 2.6.6  27.5.2010

  • New Features:
  • PSY file can now be write protected
  • PSY file in the progrma folder are now found automatically
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Screen update did not work properly .e.g. with filter
  • Foto-Sync: copying only newer filed did not always work
  • Binary compare of large files always returned true
  • ignore diff of e.g. 60:00 did not work. Improved detecting timeoffsets due to day light saving time/summertime

v2.6.4 [06-13-10]

Version 2.6.4  11.6.2010

  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed a crash
  • With some configurations newer files but with the same size were not copied

v2.6.3 [05-31-10]

Version 2.6.3  27.5.2010

  • New Features:
  • Status windows now shows unicode names correctly
  • Jobs can now be started automatically when a program is closed, e.g. when you close Word, the documents are backuped automatically
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Backup: older files were not backuped, when files at the destination were deleted

v2.6.1 [05-19-10]

Version 2.6.1  19.5.2010

  • New Features:
  • Now the date of the folder can be copyied (without that the folder get that date of the last file copied to that folder)
  • Now multiple programs can be started after a job
  • Dialog settings: added a filter page
  • Now file older than ... days can be deleted
  • 64 bit windows: now PureSync "sees" the real system32 and not the SysWOW64 folder 
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bug in installation (Error 2753 during update, uninstalltion did not work properly)
  • Fixed some minor issues

v2.6 [05-12-10]

Version 2.6  10.5.2010

  • New Features:
  • Reorganized the settings and global settings dialogs
  • Hardlinks (junctions) are now dispalyed again in the setup wizard, in case they can be accessed
  • In the compare view, now fodler 1 and fiodler 2 can be removed and added in an explorer like tree view (like in the setup wizard). Ctrl + Shift + 1 or 2
  • Improved the setup wizard
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fast compare: did not work properly in cse folders have been added
  • Fixed some minor issues

v2.5.3 [05-04-10]

Version 2.5.3  .5.2010

  • New Features:
  • Improved wizard to transfer file to another system, e.g. in case of multiple destinations
  • The number of simultaneously executed jobs can now be defined (global settings -> user interface)
  • Deletions can now be executed delayed, e.g. for minutes, hours or days
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bug when source was an exact file
  • Exclusion of folders with spaces did not work
  • Sometimes files were not deleted
  • Fixed bug copying write protected, encrypted files
  • Fixed some other minor bugs (menu, user interface)

v2.5.2 [04-14-10]

Version 2.5.2 13.4.2010

  • New features:
  • Now for each new version of a file a new file in the backup can be created, e.g. file.000.txt, file.001.txt file.txt
  • Some some changes in the settings dialog
  • added the options 'folder 1 always wins' and 'folder 2 always wins'
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • disable menu icons by default due to crashes
  • Copying opened files did not work
  • fixed several spelling errors

v2.5.1 [04-11-10]

Version 2.5.1 10.4.2010

  • New features:
  • Jump lists in Windos 7 now supported
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • fixed a crash (on Windows 7)

v2.5.0 [03-26-10]

Version 2.5.0 build 1678  25.3.2010

  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Mirror mode was not setup correctly (option to delete files was not checked)
  • Number of files to be synced/deleted was not updated correctly
  • Fixed bug deleting files

v2.2.4 [03-06-10]

Version 2.2.4  5.3.2010

  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Some network drives/folders were not found
  • Deleted folders were not detected on some configurations
  • Fixed bug with command line parameters
  • Fixed bug with AM/PM
  • Not all empty folders were deleted

v2.2.3 [03-03-10]

Version 2.2.3  1.3.2010

  • New features:
  • Sorting the files by file size/date abnd sync direction now possible
  • Improved speed comparing files
  • Multibackup (backup with counter or date in the target path): now you can enter a comment
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bug backing up outlook files
  • Copying to server network path was slow
  • Deleteing empty folder 1 or 2, did delete at both side
  • Windows 98/ME: fixed bug dispalying the file list
  • Fixed bug copying files to FTP folders
  • Foces was grabbed on autosync
  • Diff viewer command line: filename 2 was appended twice
  • Tooltips were wrong

v2.2.2 [02-03-10]

Version 2.2.2 2.2.2010

  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Fixed a crash

v2.2 [01-27-10]

Version 2.2, 26.1.2010

  • New Features:
  • New wizard to transfer files to another computer or user. Paths are modified for the target system if required, e.g. C:Users instead of C:Documents and settings. Details.
  • MTP drives: Improved speed reading folders
  • Now on Windows 7 and Vista known networkdrives are shown 
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Frixed crash on Windows 7 and Vista when quitting PureSync
  • On some Vista systems the menu was black
  • Tmp files were not deleted when copying files with asiatic characters in the file name
  • MTP drives: creating folders did sometimes not work
  • fixed several minor bugs, e.g. in the protocol

v2.1.10 [12-16-09]

Version 2.1.10, 15.12.2009

  • New Features:
  • improveed speed copying to NAS and server drives
  • the menus are now in MS Office 2007 style
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Tabs in the global settings had wrong order
  • Fixed crash on Windows 7
  • context menu for groups did not work
  • adding folder from server (\serverolder) did not work via drag & drop

v2.1.9 [11-19-09]

Version 2.1.9, 17.11.2009

  • New Features:
  • Now all syncs/backups of a gropup can be started with 2 clicks
  • now deleting empty folders is now possible for either folder 1, folder 2 or both
  • When compressing files, file tpyes can now be excluded, e.g. zip. rar. bin etc
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • some tmp file were not deleted
  • automatic sync/back:  times betwen 0:00 and 0:59 were nmot accepted
  • Option 'shut down windows' did not work on automatic sync/backup
  • fixed problem copying large files (>500MB)
  • Fixed problem reading folders from MTP devices

v2.1.8 [11-02-09]

Version 2.1.8, 2.11.2009

  • New Features:
  • UNIX line feeds can now be converted to DOS/Windows new lines and vice versa (when down-/uploading from/to a FTP server)
  • Now subfolders with a specific name can be excluded, e.g. 'bak'to exclude all bak folders.
  • Deleting of files and folders is not logged
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Comparing: sometimes there was a endless loop
  • Fixed problem with daylight savings (summertime) with FTP
  • Fixed bug when uploading to a FTP server in case  the destination folder did not exist
  • Fixed bug with automati backup: scheduled backup/sync was not started when the computer was not powered during the scheduled time.

v2.1.7 [10-07-09]

Version 2.1.7, 6.10.2009

  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Tmp-files were sometimes not deleted (in case the file was write protected)
  • fixed minor bugs

v2.1.5 [08-30-09]

Version 2.1., 10.8.2009

  • New Features:
  • Filenames with Unicode characters (e.g. asian):
    - Compressing and decompressing files is now working
    - Backup/synchronization with drives that do not support unicode (e.g. FTP) is now working
  • Automatic backups/synchronizations can now be scheduled for logoff or shutdown (on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7)
  • Now the user interface in available in norwegian (Thanks to Inge!)
  • Checking the filenames for case can not be turned off.
  • Organize-Window: now in the context menu you can select to start a sync/backup in a new window/process.
  • Now you can define up to 3 destination folders (for only one source, backup only)
  • Added the submenu 'Goto' (in the Edit menu)
  • Setup wizard: Improved definig the destination with year, month etc. in the destination folder.
  • Cut and Copy with files/folders is now possible (but only one file/folder per copy/cut)
  • Added some shortcuts to select files e.g. Ctrl + Shift + A to select all conflicts
  • Solved problems and fixed bugs:
  • Windows Vista with SP 2.: Fixed bug: PureSync did not start on
  • Windows 7: fixed crash
  • Fixed little problem with the focus
  • Fixed little bug: texted for the buttons in the button bar were wrong
  • Fixed bug: compare file start with a date did not work properly
  • Fixed bug: no error were displayed when compressing a file failed
  • Fixed bug: compressing a single file did not work
  • Fixed bug: copying files with unicode characters did work but PureSync reported an error
  • Fixed bug: list with only one file did not show the filename etc.  correctly
  • Fixed bug with automatic synchronization (did not start, or did start sometimes multiple times)
  • Fixed bug: On Windows Vista/7 the tray icon tooltip was show each start

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