Disk Drill 2.4.415

Disk Drill can recover your data from virtually any storage device. Whatever storage device you lost data from, if you can connect it to a Mac, Disk Drill can scan it and recover your lost data. Even if you're currently having issues accessing your hard drive or external device directly, there's a possibility our free data recovery software for Mac OS X can rescue data from it. Disk Drill means recovery for all major file types and file systems.

With Disk Drill you can scan and preview your lost files for free. Disk Drill says NO to expensive data recovery in a lab... you don't have to buy anything until you are 100% sure that your data is recoverable. You can scan your drive or any other storage device and preview your files with Disk Drill Basic, it's completely free! Once you are sure that your files can be recovered, you can quickly upgrade to Disk Drill PRO or Expert to get your data back. However, additionally, if you install Disk Drill Basic before you any data was lost, Disk Drill's data protection algorithms will let you recover your data completely and for free!

Did we already say Disk Drill lets you protect data and never lose it again? Disk Drill does even more! Its several free data protection features really set it apart from others. Once you have these features enabled, you'll never have to worry about accidental data loss again: Guaranteed Recovery invisibly makes copies of deleted files and folders you put in your Mac's Trash; Recovery Vault keeps records of all metadata for deleted files, so that they can quickly be recovered with names and file locations intact without occupying additional space on your Mac; S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring warns you of hard drive trouble before (!) it fails.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.4.415 [02-12-15]

* new: file signatures added into Deep Scan algorithm, among them... SWIFT source codes (XCode), MPO (Multi Picture Object File or simply stereo images), TAR.XZ (XZ Compressed Tar Archive), RDB (Retrospect Backup Set), OPJ (OriginPro 8 files)
* new: Fuse for OS X version 2.7.5 integrated
* improved: modal windows behavior during DMG backup
* improved: some UI texts updated and polished

Other versions : 2.4.414 2.4.409 2.3.398 2.2.384 2.1.378 2.1.376 2.0.362 2.0.356 2.0.349 1.8.214 1.8.210 1.8.207 1.8.203 1.8.194 1.4 1.3.118 1.3 1.2 1.1 1.0.68 1.0.66 1.0.55 1.0.52

v2.4.414 [12-28-14]

* new: Deep Scan learns new file signatures, including SVG, XMCD and IBANK
* new: "Allocate Existing Data" scan method is now available for free in Disk Drill Basic
* new: narrow down to smaller found items in scanning results by using "less than" option in addition to "over" in list filters
* more...

v2.4.409 [11-05-14]

* new: disk space visualization - easily locate space drainers and get rid of them - FREE!
* new: recoverable files can now be previewed in hex mode
* new: mounted disks and disk images can now be ejected right from Disk Drill
* new: lost partitions are now automatically expanded into readable file structures in scan results
* new type of scan "Allocate existing file system data" shows existing data on a drive using Disk Drill's unique reading algorithms
* more...

v2.3.398 [08-12-14]

* Disk Drill 2.3 looks better on ultra-sharp Retina displays, as we upgraded all graphic elements to become retina-ready
* new: Disk Drill learns several new file types for its Deep Scan recovery method: FCPEVENT (Final Cut Events), NRW (Nikon Raw Image File), PEM (RSA Private Key), PUB (RSA Public Key), VDI (VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image for static disks only), QBB (QuickBooks), DPDOC (Digital Performer Document)
* new: drive blocks reading indication when scanning for more detailed activity visualization
* improved support of EXFAT within Deep Scan
* updated: Rebuild option is no longer available for system-reserved partitions to prevent alteration of restricted system data
* improved: MPEG files recovery including erroneous detection of multitude of smaller MP4 videos
* improved: overall UI and click-zones optimization

v2.2.384 [04-01-14]

* more signatures added into Deep Scan based on user requests: .VCF (vCard files), .TEX (LaTeX Document), .LYX (LyX Document), .1CD (Russian Finance 1C:Enterprise 8), .WEBM (HTML5 WebM Videos), .BOK (Economacs File), .EBML (Extensible Binary Meta-Language), .PGD (PGP Disk Image, high recoverability if stored without fragmentation), .HWP (Hangul Word Processor), .X3F (X3F SIGMA Raw images)
* new: HFS+ Catalog File Rebuild recovery algorithm redesigned and polished
* improved: data retrieval from unpartitioned disks
* improved: visual feedback of the data copying progress on large files
* improved: data recovery session file associations

v2.1.378 [01-28-14]

* new: Deep Scan recovery method learns .TAX file signatures for TurboTax software
* new: Disk Drill monitors for updates of Fuse module to prevent potential issues
* improved: Deep Scan finds more lost HFS+ partitions after formatting
* improved detection and reporting of hard drive I/O errors
* improved visual feedback in Disk Drill's UI when mounting recoverable files as a separate disk
* improved filtering of unusually large FLAC files in recovery list after scanning

v2.1.376 [12-04-13]

new: partition directory can now be written directly on the scanned disk
additional disk image formats can now be attached in Disk Drill: .raw, .dd and .img
new: extended disk health monitoring for I/O errors (internal drives only)
new: internal Disk Drill's daemon (responsible for Recovery Vault, S.M.A.R.T. stats and Guaranteed Recovery) is now 64-bit ready
new: Deep Scan and Quick Partition Search will now find lost NTFS partitions
Deep Scan learns new file signatures: EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile), LNK (MS Windows Link), DPX (Cineon image file)

v2.0.362 [07-11-13]

new: totally redesigned S.M.A.R.T. menu-bar indicator + disk space monitoring
improved: better visual identification of recoverable files in scanning results
improved: already recovered files are marked green if you get back to scanning results
improved: size detection of recoverable parts of large files
improved: identification of corrupted volumes
improved: software activation for Disk Drill Expert users (no need to activate it on every Mac you run it on)
fixed: saving session into a read-only folder
fixed: file names duplication based on EXIF info
fixed: some random crashes reported or found in the lab
Localization improvements

v2.0.356 [05-30-13]

New Deep Scan signatures: DS2, RAF, MDB, EFA, TS
Completely Redesigned UI
HFS+ Catalog File Rebuild
Universal Partition Search
Scan for Lost HFS+ Partition
Mount Scanning Results As Disk
S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring for External Disks
Export Forensics Data
Remount Partitions As Read-Only
Free Space Displayed

v2.0.349 [05-02-13]

Completely Redesigned UI
HFS+ Catalog File Rebuild
Universal Partition Search
Scan for Lost HFS+ Partition
Mount Scanning Results As Disk
S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring for External Disks
Export Forensics Data
Remount Partitions As Read-Only
Free Space Displayed

v1.8.214 [03-20-13]

new file signatures: CS (Visual C# Source Code File), PSS (Password Saver File), KEYCHAIN (Mac OS X Keychain File), KDBX and KDB (KeePass Password Database)
new: Quick Scan speed was increased on most disks
Internal stability improvements
improved: updating Disk Drill becomes more fluent
improved: low-level Guaranteed Recovery algorithms on non-root disks
fixed: Disk Drill not responding after failing to save Deep Scan recovery results
fixed: a number of issues when updating the app
a few bug fixes

v1.8.210 [02-26-13]

new file signatures: CS (Visual C# Source Code File), PSS (Password Saver File), KEYCHAIN (Mac OS X Keychain File), KDBX and KDB (KeePass Password Database)
improved: resolved several minor compatibility problems with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
improved: compatibility with Notification Center
improved: default selection of file types for Deep Scan in Preferences
fixed: Disk Drill not responding after failing to save Deep Scan recovery results
bug fixes and other improvements

v1.8.207 [02-04-13]

improved: reconstruction of large NEF files (Nikon RAW image files)
improved: Recovery Vault's internal algorithms
improved: detection of faulty hard drives
fixed: Unknown SMART temperature format error
fixed: several reported crashes and exceptions

v1.8.203 [10-31-12]

new: AddressBook's databases (.abcddb files), where Contacts.app stores its data, are now correctly recovered and renamed by Deep Scan
improved: detection of disk being unmounted by Disk Utility
improved: overall stability of recovery algorithms
fixed: possible crash when sessions from older versions of Disk Drill (specifically 1.8.199) were loaded
fixed: more crashes gone

v1.8.194 [07-17-12]

new - Deep Scan updated with the new known file signatures
improved - recovery of MXF files that contain video
improved - recovery of DNG raw images
improved - stability of Guaranteed Recovery protection features on heavy loaded protected folders
fixed stability of Guaranteed Recovery

v1.4 [08-10-11]

Deep Scan now recovers ORF, FFF, IPA, MMAP, RVT, FP7, ENL; Added: free Guaranteed Recovery: creates invisible copies of deleted files, works as a missing "Recently Deleted" feature in Mac OS

v1.3.118 [05-12-11]

Deep Scan: now capable of reconstructing new formats: SKP (SketchUp Document), ARW, SRW, PEF, SXD, SXI, SXW, ODG, ODP, ODS, KEY (iWork Keynote), PPTX (MS PowerPoint), NUMBERS (iWork Numbers); Deep Scan: now finds lost HFS journal and uses it to recover files and even their original names

v1.3 [04-12-11]

New: Final Cut Pro files (.FCP), .MPG, Raw Video Image Files (.R3D), ICS, EMLX, ISO were added to the list of known signatures of Deep Scan; new: better bad blocks detection, plus editable list of detected bad blocks, so you can omit them while scanning

v1.2 [03-23-11]

New: a number of additional file types can now be recovered with Deep Scan; new: quick Scan is now available for HFS+ partitions; new: Disk Drill is able to search for lost partitions; new: you can "Attach non-mountable disk images" when Disk Utility cannot mount a DMG

v1.1 [02-27-11]

NEW: new Deep Scan algorithm; File support: many of files signatures added to known ones (NEF, CR2, MOV, PAGES, PST, AI and others); Scan sessions: recovery and scanning sessions management; Save failing disks: any media can be backed up into a mountable DMG image for further scanning and recovery

v1.0.68 [01-11-11]

- updated: Recovery Vault module included is newer
- enhanced: a lot of internal algorithms are more stable now
- enhanced: some texts are now more accurate
- fixed: another bunch of bugs fixed

v1.0.66 [12-22-10]

New: multi-selection in scanning results
Improved: items filter in scanning results is now reset on every new scan to prevent user confusion with the list of found items
Improved: Disk Drill will now correctly reopen its window if you click the dock icon

v1.0.55 [10-26-10]

New release

v1.0.52 [10-02-10]

New release

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