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File and Folder Watcher 3.9

File and Folder Watcher continuously watches a folder or group of folders for new files, and then triggers a custom action, such as running a second program with the new files. Files are processed only when completely written - perfect for huge files such as video. Incoming files can be grouped together or processed individually.

File And Folder Watcher Can Be Used To:

* Pre-process photo shoots with Photoshop Droplets as images are taken
* Download data from FTP sites and folders
* Watching incoming folders for new files
* Automatically distil PDF files
* Data mine incoming files with TextPipe Pro, also from DataMystic
* Process email attachments when they are saved to disk (with DetachPipe)
* Load new files into a database
* Quickly and easily trigger business processes when files are created
* and much more.

File Watcher can process only those files that match a filespec (e.g. '*.txt;*.html') and ignore all other files that might arrive at the same time. It can also watch multiple folders at the same time (subfolders are handled with a checkbox).

File Watcher can also prevent triggering new actions while an old action is still running.

It can also be run as a service to keep it running even after system restarts or possible server crashes

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.9 [12-12-13]

Now the polling interval can be set (previously was pre-configured at 60 seconds)

Other versions : 3.8 3.6 3.5.1 3.5 3.4 3.3.3 3.3.2 3.3.1 3.3 3.2.2 3.2 3.1 3.0 2.9.3 2.9.2 2.9.1 2.8.1 2.8 2.7 2.6.6 2.6.3 2.6.2 2.5.9 2.5.8 2.5.7 2.5.4 2.5.1 2.5 2.4

v3.8 [09-05-13]

* Now sets environment variables FILE, FILENAME, NAME, EXT, PATH so that batch
files can examine and use these values.

v3.6 [04-19-13]

* Dual x32 and x64 release.
* Fixed bug where Browse for Folder did not handle Unicode characters.

v3.5.1 [09-07-12]

Fixed bug in file processing that could make File Watcher hang.

v3.5 [07-14-12]

FTP poller now supports subfolders.

v3.4 [06-08-12]

Network connection dropouts no longer trigger new files on reconnection.

v3.3.3 [12-07-11]

Changed FTP to use PASSIVE mode semantics by default.

v3.3.2 [12-05-11]

Fixed handling of initial files for FTP and Network Polling sites

v3.3.1 [12-03-11]

Fixed 'error cracking url' with FTP locations, and FTP wildcards

v3.3 [11-11-11]

Action, Network/Polling and Live Log now support Unicode filenames.

v3.2.2 [11-09-11]

Fixed bug which left the NoFiles process running if it could not be started properly (e.g. wrong command line etc), and hence no new processes could be triggered.

v3.2 [11-04-11]

New %EXT% macro to insert the file extension.

v3.1 [10-26-11]

New [Test] button to test your action script, now can run a command if no files arrives in a given timeframe

v3.0 [10-18-11]

New [Test] button to test your action script, Now can run a command if no files arrives in a given timeframe

v2.9.3 [06-30-11]

Fixed working dirs for start menu short cuts.

v2.9.2 [11-11-10]

Fixed bug with polling routines not passing Unicode filenames correctly, hence they never matched the wildcards.

v2.9.1 [10-20-10]

Unicode changes, %PATH% now can be used to specify the path of the triggering file

v2.8.1 [05-17-10]

Monitoring of FTP locations now supported.

v2.8 [03-28-10]

Now can poll remote locations if file events do not occur (this happens when the remote system does not implement the file event API correctly).

v2.7 [03-13-10]

Now handles log files that don't have a full path specified.

v2.6.6 [09-24-09]

* New option to automatically process existing files when FileWatcher starts

v2.6.3 [09-16-09]

Now double-quotes all %FILE% filenames for you

v2.6.2 [08-31-09]

New option to Minimize the action being run - to prevent it interfering with the desktop

v2.5.9 [04-13-09]

Now records the exit code of each process, process groups of files together and more

v2.5.8 [12-13-08]

Now adds a timestamp to each log line. Now handles directory names as well.

v2.5.7 [05-30-08]

Now adds a timestamp to each log line. Now handles directory names as well.

v2.5.4 [05-08-08]

New option to wait for exclusive file lock before processing a file

v2.5.1 [03-25-08]

/HIDDEN now hides to the icon area, and /MINIMIZE just minimizes.

v2.5 [03-05-08]

Now minimizes to task bar

v2.4 [02-11-08]

Now confirms that a file has been fully written before processing it, and detects updated and deleted files

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