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WhatsApp Pocket for Mac 6.9.0

WhatsApp Pocket for Mac lets you extract and recover WhatsApp chat history from your iPhone and the iTunes backup with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy to view and read your chat history. Have important WhatsApp chats that you want to save? Or accidentally deleted a crucial message? WhatsApp Pocket solves these issues and many more!

WhatsApp Pocket for Mac automatically detects and loads the backups stored on your computer, it lets you extract data including messages, photos, videos, voice memos, location data, contacts and favorites. Additionally, the program can help to recover WhatsApp chat messages without backup with ease.

With its internal search, you can type in keywords to find particular messages you need. Besides, it converts contacts information into VCF file so they can be easily imported into outlook or webmail.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

6.9.0 [12-18-18]

1. Save the date of the media files to when sent or received in WhatsApp; 2. Support to preview the pdf document when exporting the whatsApp chat to the html file; 3. Fix the bug some contacts image can't display in the product.

Other versions : 6.9.8 6.9.6 6.9.5 6.9.1 6.8.0 6.5.0 6.4.5 6.4.0 6.2.0 6.1.0 6.0.0 5.3.5 5.3.0 5.2.0 5.1.0 5.0.2 5.0.1 5.0.0 4.9.0 4.8.0 4.7.5 4.6.5 4.6.0 4.5.2 4.5.1 4.5.0 4.4.6 4.4.5 4.4.0 4.3.0 4.2.0 4.1.0 3.8.7 3.8.6 3.8.5 3.5.5 3.5.4 3.5.3 3.5.2 3.5.1 3.5.0 3.4.0 3.3.0 3.2.0 3.1.0 3.0.0 2.5.0 2.1.0 2.0.0 1.6.2 1.6.1 1.5.1 1.5.0

v6.9.8 [11-20-18]

1. Fix the bug that WhatsApp call history can't read; 2. Support to display the gif and sticker in chat; 3. Optimize the html file;

v6.9.6 [10-14-18]

1. Fix the bug that WhatsApp call history can't read; 2. Fix the bug that the memory is too high when modifying the attachment date; 3. Support the new macOS Mojave and iOS 12;

v6.9.5 [09-19-18]

1. Improved recovery of WhatsApp iCloud backup data; 2. Add batch convert opus files to wav files tool; 3. Fix the error when the free storage of the computer is not enough;

v6.9.1 [09-12-18]

1. Support the new iOS 12 version and new WhatsApp version; 2. Adjust some UI detail in product;

v6.8.0 [04-30-18]

1. Support the new iOS 11.3 and WhatsApp 2.18.41; 2. Fixed the bug that media files does not load in WhatsApp chat; 3. Fixed other product bugs and customer feedback.

v6.5.0 [01-30-18]

1. Support to export all starred WhatsApp messages in one single message; 2. Fixed the crash bug during the scanning; 3. Fixed other product bugs and customer feedback.

v6.4.5 [12-27-17]

1. Support to read WhatsApp iCloud backup in High Serria; 2. Fixed other product bugs and customer feedback.

v6.4.0 [09-20-17]

1. Support the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iOS 11; 2. Fixed the memory bug when exporting media files to the computer 3. Fixed other product bugs and customer feedback.

v6.2.0 [06-09-17]

1. Add the functions to convert opus file to wav file in product menu bar; 2. Fixed the bug in exporting Timeline backup chat 3. Fixed other product bugs and customer feedback.

v6.1.0 [04-11-17]

1. Fixed the bug stuck in 78% during the scanning; 2. Fixed the bug in reading Timeline backup contact 3. Extract whatsApp media files by different file types. 4. Fixed the customer feedback.

v6.0.0 [04-02-17]

1. New UI; 2. Improve the recovery of the deleted WhatsApp message 3. Add WhatsApp Call history function 4. Modify the date of the WhatsApp media files 5. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.3.5 [02-21-17]

1. Fix the bug when scan from iOS device; 2. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.3.0 [10-25-16]

1. Fix the bug with about scanning the big WhatsApp chat content; 2. Improve the scanning speed´╝îit will be faster than any previous version; 3. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.2.0 [09-15-16]

1. Support the latest iOS 10 and iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus; 2. Re-sort the contents of the chat by date; 3. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.1.0 [07-07-16]

1. Added select the corrupted backup to scan; 2. Add WhatsApp chat hex data function; 3. fixed the recovery of the WhatsApp deleted messages; 4. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.0.2 [06-13-16]

1. Added extract videos from WhatsApp iCloud backup; 2. Fixed the bug when exporting iCloud media files to the desktop; 3. Fixed the customer feedback.

v5.0.1 [05-21-16]

1. Fixed Timeline bug; 2. Fixed the bug when exporting the media file to the desktop; 3. Add infor about the .opus audio file can't play.

v5.0.0 [05-17-16]

1. Fixed Whatsapp Chat messenger bug, bring WhatsApp Messenger to your Mac computer; 2. Fixed WhatsApp Timeline bug; 3. Fixed customer feedback.

v4.9.0 [05-14-16]

1. Add Whatsapp Chat messenger function, bring WhatsApp Messenger to your Mac computer; 2. We redefine WhatsApp Timeline; 3. Fixed customer feedback.

v4.8.0 [03-28-16]

1. Fixed scan large WhatsApp content message bug; 2. Support latest iOS 9.3 version; 3. Fixed customer feedback.

v4.7.5 [01-17-16]

1.Fixed scan WhatsApp deleted message bug 2. Fixed customer feedback.

v4.6.5 [11-17-15]

1. Supports the latest version of WhatsApp; 2. fix encrypted iTunes backup bug.

v4.6.0 [08-11-15]

1. Supports the latest version of WhatsApp; 2. Bugs fixed.

v4.5.2 [05-28-15]

Minor bugs fixed

v4.5.1 [05-15-15]

Fixed a bug may cause crash in scanning device

v4.5.0 [05-13-15]

Allows to preview audio messages and videos in the conversation

v4.4.6 [05-08-15]

Fixed a bug with avatar display in OS 8.3

v4.4.5 [04-11-15]

Supports the latest iOS 8.3.0

v4.4.0 [04-09-15]

Add Check for Update module

v4.3.0 [03-25-15]

Allows to open voice and video messages in an exporting file.

v4.2.0 [03-21-15]

Bugs fixed

v4.1.0 [03-12-15]

Added the WhatsApp Timeline module

v3.8.7 [09-25-14]

Minor bugs fixed

v3.8.6 [08-07-14]

Minor bugs fixed

v3.8.5 [07-10-14]

Minor bugs fixed

v3.5.5 [06-19-14]

Minor bugs fixed

v3.5.4 [06-11-14]

Minor bugs fixed

v3.5.3 [05-26-14]

Minor bugs fixed.

v3.5.2 [05-13-14]

1. Optimized the avatars in the group chat. 2. Minor bugs fixed.

v3.5.1 [04-29-14]

1. Allows to scan lost data without backup. 2. Fixed minor bugs

v3.5.0 [04-25-14]

1. Added "Select All" checkbox. 2. Optimized the process of loading messages.

v3.4.0 [04-14-14]

1. Allow users to see and listen to voice messages; 2. Allow users to select multiple files to save; 3. Fixed minor bugs.

v3.3.0 [12-14-13]

Fixed an issue when registering

v3.2.0 [12-05-13]

Improved performance in recovering deleted chats.

v3.1.0 [10-28-13]

Allow users to extract the chat log from their i-devices directly

v3.0.0 [10-23-13]

Allow users to extract the chat log from their i-devices directly

v2.5.0 [09-27-13]

Allow users to preview media files and fix minor bugs.

v2.1.0 [08-23-13]

Fixed some issues

v2.0.0 [08-21-13]

Allow users to recover WhatsApp messages without backup

v1.6.2 [08-01-13]

Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when switching backups

v1.6.1 [06-26-13]

Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash

v1.5.1 [06-19-13]

Major Update

v1.5.0 [06-17-13]

Major Update

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