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WinMount 3.5.1018

Winmount is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing files and disks impressively and conveniently. It's a compression tool, also a virtual disk tool ( Mount RAR ZIP MOU and CD DVD HDD images as virtual disk/folder ). The most characteristic feature is virtualizing compressed archives. That is mounting compressed archives to a virtual disk or a virtual folder without decompression, all actions are taken in a virtual path, protect hard disk, save space.
As a compression tool, WinMount supports compressing files to MOU ZIP 7Z ISO, decompressing, browsing and converting MOU ZIP RAR 7Z CAB ARJ ISO GZ BZ2 TAR WIM files. Compressed file comment and magic page is also supported.
As a virtual disk tool, WinMount supports mounting
1) Compressed archive: RAR ZIP MOU;
2) Folders;
4) CD images: FLAC, APE, WV;
5) HDD images: VHD, VDI, VMDK, WMT;
6) Microsoft WIM.
to a virtual disk or a virtual folder.
WinMount also supports make ISO from physical or virtual CD/DVD ROM.

Winmount Formats:

MOU: A highly and fastly compressed format. It's completely free, that means it can be used or published for personal, commercial or govermental purpose.
WMT: A storage HDD format, it can be encrypted, used for data storage.
WinMount is the only one to open MOU and WMT. At an appropriate time, MOU and WMT will open their API or source code.
In addition, WinMount can create a new blank RAM-disk, data will be lost after restart.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.5.1018 [10-19-11]

1.+ Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 2. - Fix some bugs.

Other versions : 3.5.0913 3.5.0719 3.5.0610 3.5.0504 3.5.0331 3.5.0302 3.5.0214 3.5.0114 3.4.1225 3.4.1208 3.4.1111 3.4.1020 3.4.0831 3.4.0804 3.3.0721 3.3.0630 3.3.0524 3.3.0428 3.3.0413 3.3.0401 3.3.0315 3.3.0209 3.3.0120 3.2.1217 3.2.1202 3.2.1117 3.2.0929 3.2.0902 3.2.0804 3.2.0624 3.2.0521 3.2.0423 3.2.0319 3.2.0227 3.2.0213 2nd-Anniversary Edit 3.1.1225 3.1.1201 3.1Beta1120 3.1Beta1023 3.1 Beta925 3.0 RC2 2.2.2 2.2.1 2.1.5 2.1.2 2.1.1 2.1 2.0.7 2.0.6 2.0.5 2.0.4 2.0.3 2.0.2 2.0 1.7 1.6.1 1.4.1

v3.5.0913 [09-13-11]

1.+ Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0719 [07-19-11]

1.+ Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0610 [06-11-11]

1.+ Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0504 [05-04-11]

1. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0331 [04-02-11]

1. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0302 [03-02-11]

1. + Enable our application for RegNow Affiliate Tracking solution; 2. + Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 3. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0214 [02-15-11]

1. + Change to new buynow URL of Regnow, easier to purchase WinMount; 2. + Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 3. - Fix some bugs.

v3.5.0114 [01-15-11]

1. + Optimized algorithm of quick mounting; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.4.1225 [12-26-10]

1. + Optimize algorithm,improved the mounting speed; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.4.1208 [12-08-10]

1. + Optimize decompression algorithm,improved the mounting speed;2. - Fix bug: ZIP multi-volume can't be decompressed;3. - Fix some bugs.

v3.4.1111 [11-14-10]

1. + Optimize decompression algorithm,improved the mounting speed; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.4.1020 [10-25-10]

1. Mount VHD with fixed size is supported; 2. Import music to Itunes from Flac virtual disk will not lost data; 3. Add a layout settings, "Show tray icon" and "Show button on the taskbar".

v3.4.0831 [09-02-10]

1. Display real-time compression rate while compressing; 2. Improve rename operation in WinMount disk; ; 3. Fix many bugs (www.winmount.com/WhatsNew.html).

v3.4.0804 [08-08-10]

1. New interface, easier operation;2. Enhance driver stability, compatible with PowerShadow and firewall;3. Unmounted disk will not remounted without commands in Win7;4. Archive in archive can be mounted in browser window;5. Support extracting NSIS package.

v3.3.0721 [07-24-10]

1. Optimize decompression algorithm, improved the reading speed; 2. More stable, solve conflicting problem with some softwares.

v3.3.0630 [07-06-10]

1. +Optimize compression algorithm; 2. - Fix some bugs.

v3.3.0524 [05-26-10]

1.Fix bug: Encrypt file names is invalid when compress files; 2. Fix bug: Unmount WinMount disk and quit from tray directly will cause crash;

v3.3.0428 [05-02-10]

1.Fix bug: Some virtual drive can't be unmounted; 2.Compress each selected item into separeted archives; 3.Shut down computer after compression.

v3.3.0413 [04-19-10]

1. New virtual folder icon;2. Add unmount shortcut on right-click menu for virtual folder;3. Delete invalid option of virtual folder on main window;4. Repair modification error for encrypted compressed file in browse mode.

v3.3.0401 [04-04-10]

1. Over-write mode is available in extracting setting dialog.. 2. Single renamed VMDK image is mountable. 3. Fixed many bugs, see what's new page from offilical site for more information

v3.3.0315 [03-16-10]

1. Packages can be quick mounted to a same path. 2. Add MOU quick mount. 3. Optimized algorithm of quick mounting. 4. Fix other bugs.

v3.3.0209 [02-08-10]

1.Quick mount ZIP to current path as a virtual folder. 2.Skip indexing process while mounting, fastened ZIP mounting speed. 3.Add word wrapped property to comment displaying window. 4.create ISO image from WinMount virtual drive.

v3.3.0120 [01-22-10]

1. Write-back to MOU.2. Create ISO from CD/DVD Rom.3. Optimized the compression mode.4. Fixed other bugs.

v3.2.1217 [01-16-10]

1.Enhance the email feedback function.2.Fix the incorrect directory property of WinMount drive.3.Enable the hidden files to be displayed in the browser window.4.The toolbar button of buy will be removed immediately after registration.5.fixed some mounting bugs.

v3.2.1202 [12-08-09]

1.Add feedback to help menu, user will report bugs directly, login to mailbox is not needed.2.Fix bug: files couldn't be deleted after converting.3.Add prompt for denied folder access.4.Add the new feature for closing the tooltips that show file list of archives.

v3.2.1117 [11-26-09]

1.Mounted drive is modifiable, but changes would be lost when unmount. 2.Adjust some menus positions. 3.New feature of open file with notepad in the browser mode. 4. New feature for modifying file name in the archive.

v3.2.0929 [11-11-09]

Beautify interface;Optimized procedure that more stable;Optimized the algorithm of conversing LHZ format to MOU;Fixed the bug: the processing could not pause in conversion.

v3.2.0902 [09-08-09]

Support Windows Vista, Win7;Beautify interface;Optimize procedure that more stable;Add function of encryption in WMT;Fixed Excel files cannot be saved in disk image(WMT.VHD...).

v3.2.0804 [08-13-09]

1.Add “signature” in MOU file;2.Compressing in Multi-volume MOU is supported;3.Encrypting a WMT file is supported;4.Decompressing the formats of CAB, ARJ, ISO, GZ, BZ2, TAR, WIM is supported;5.Viewing RAR comment is supported;6.New kernel and more stable.

v3.2.0624 [07-19-09]

Closed filter driver that users cannot mount archives to the local disk temporarily;Fixed the bug: if the index process is not completed, unmounting will cause errors;Fixed the bug: decompressing an archive with a wrong password will cause errors.

v3.2.0521 [06-12-09]

Enhanced WMT (which is made by old version) be write-back function;Error of user-defined path of index be fixed;Fix the bug for supporting to remount more than one files after restart WinMount;Fixed other bugs.

v3.2.0423 [05-10-09]

Add “test archive” in browse mode;Simple volume of *.vmdk, *.vhd and *.vdi disk images now can be mounted;There is no requirement for the four official DLLs from VMWare when you mount *.vmdk images. The *.nrg and *.mds Audio CD images are supported;The *.msi files in mounted drive are executable;support mounting the latest *.vdi image;

v3.2.0319 [03-24-09]

Modify the icon list;Optimize program;Fix other bugs.

v3.2.0227 [02-28-09]

Create WMT is re-opened;VHD and VDI files are writable;Decompress mou,zip,rar with Right-Drag menu;Add "auto update" in option settings;Other changes in option settings.

v3.2.0213 [02-16-09]

More shell extenstions added, include file tip info and perpoty sheet;VMDK with propterty of fixed size is supported;The sub-tracked audio CD of APE, FLAC, WV, WAVE are supported;Optimize the algorithm;Fix some bugs.

v2nd-Anniversary Edit [02-03-09]

Support mounting VDI and VMDK;Add more settings in compression;Add the settings in Vista when open UAC: set or cancel association with the files;Use the new icons;Strengthen the compatibility;Fix the display error when browse the .zip;Fix others bugs.

v3.1.1225 [12-26-08]

Repair some blue screen problem; Optimize the cache when mounted RAR; Update browse mode; In browse mode, the address will display the information about the archive; Replacement of toolbar and formats association icons; Adjustment of the mount folder to folder interface;Fix other bugs.

v3.1.1201 [12-18-08]

Add function: mount folder to folder,modify .mou files;Fix bug: file can not be mounted to the folder of mounted disk,the source file cannot be delete after converted,program will crash when click browser comment.

v3.1Beta1120 [11-21-08]

Add the feature: mount to folder;Fix the bug: Mount VCD, the file cannot be read;Modify the algorithm of compression that more stably;Change the name of virtual disk to mounted file name;Fix other bugs.

v3.1Beta1023 [10-28-08]

In browser mode: you may modify archives and save the modification;Support writing-back VHD files, creating WMT and new virtual disk.

v3.1 Beta925 [09-28-08]

1. New kernel that the features more stable;2. Three "view mode": Mount/Browser/ Compress, you may select it from "Option"->"View" in main interface;3. You may set the path of "Index Directory" from "Option"->"Options";4. Fix the bug: WinMount will get an error when mount the encrypted-name files;5. When compress multiple files with WinMount, if the files do not exist,they will be skiped;6. WinMount will be exit not minimize to tray when click "close" button;7. Fix other bugs.

v3.0 RC2 [07-24-08]

+ Increase the pop-up menu when right-click the blank space in "mount"mode;- Fix the bug : program will crash when click "unmount all";- Fix the bug : click "buynow" but no respond in Vista;- Fix other bugs.

v2.2.2 [03-05-08]

-- Fix the bug of "Auto run the mounted driver";- Fix the bug of mounting SFX archives;- Fix other bugs.

v2.2.1 [02-17-08]

- Fix the browser error of dragging ". exe" and "office files" into WMBrowser; - Fix no-responding error of double-clicking some applications in WMBrowser; - Fix some image files cannot be mounted; + Add a reminder when exit WinMount, if there are some mounted.

v2.1.5 [12-04-07]

WinMount V2.1.5 released on 2007.11.23
+ Add "delete history" in WinMount settings;
+ Support mounting VCD format;
+ Add classic theme,you can select "Skinned frame" in WinMount settings;
+ Add "update and overwrite mode" for decompression;
- Fix some bugs

v2.1.2 [10-18-07]

WinMount V2.1.2 released on 2007.10.18
+ Support mounting img format
+ Add “Exit” setting in the “File”, and you can exit WinMount from the main menu
+ Add the function of “Load mounted drives when WinMount restart”
+ Add “Term history” in the “Flies”
- Fix some bugs

v2.1.1 [10-16-07]

WinMount V2.1.1 released on 2007.10.11
+ Add a checkbox which users can set whether WinMount as a Windows start item during the installation.
- Fix the bug that crashes when right click on the physical drive
- Fix some bugs.

v2.1 [10-09-07]

WinMount V2.1 released on 2007.09.30
+ Add function of compression.
- Fixed some bugs.

v2.0.7 [09-20-07]

WinMount V2.0.7 released on 2007.09.18
+ Support extracting multi-volume zip and multi-volume 7z archives;
+ Add some hotkeys;
- Fixed some bugs.

v2.0.6 [09-10-07]

WinMount V2.0.6 released on 2007.09.06
+ .Iso was renamed .rar also can be mounted ,
- Fix some bugs.

v2.0.5 [08-30-07]

WinMount V2.0.5 released on 2007.08.29
1.Add the "Minimization when running" item on the setting dialog.
2.Fix some bugs.

v2.0.4 [08-22-07]

WinMount V2.0.4 released on 2007.08.20
1. The new feature which enable you cancel the mount progress was added.
2. Fix the bug which Password dialog maybe covered by the animating mounting dialog.
3. Add the "File Open Error" prompt while the archive cannot be mounted.
4. The writing-back function overwrites the WMT file if it does already exist on the disk.
5. The bug of mount RAR archives with password was fixed.
6. Several other bugs were fixed which makes WinMount more stable.

v2.0.3 [08-12-07]

WinMount v2.0.3 released on 2007.08.09. + support mounting wmt format. - Fixed some bugs.

v2.0.2 [08-06-07]

WinMount v2.0.2 released on 2007.08.03. + large compressed archives disappeared problem sovled. - Some rar archives can not create index. - Fixed some bugs.

v2.0 [07-18-07]

Employ original dynamic decompression technique in dealing with RAR; Fixed some bugs

v1.7 [06-11-07]

Setup WinMount version 1.7 now without unintalling old version.Your computer have to be restarted if you want to try the latest feature of WinMount.Now, Winmount has supported solid and multivolume RAR files.

v1.6.1 [05-21-07]

Ver 1.6.1 update: support mount more DVD-ROM image file format such as ISO CUE/BIN CCD BWT MDS/MDF CDI NRG PDI B5T ISZ

v1.4.1 [04-05-07]

Ver 1.4.1 update: * Add new function list ZIP or RAR file with WMBrowse * Fix a bug, contents error on some large file in RAR * Fix a bug, command line only accept full file path * Fix a bug, some multi-character filename display error

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