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The design philosophy behind Attribute Changer is that file and folders have different properties in Microsoft Windows. It’s possible to have different attribute settings and date or time stamps for a folder than the files inside the parent folder. Attribute Changer handles this by completely separating the processing. It’s for example possible to batch recurse all folder objects only while not modifying the files inside the folders. This gives you complete control over your files and folders. File and folder properties tabs give you access to a powerful set of features to modify attributes, file and folder case as well as date and time. Processing can be monitored in realtime with Attribute Changer and a Simulation mode is available to get a detailed output of what might get changed. More advanced settings include filters to restrict the processing on files and folders based on certain criteria, such as a date range, files with a defined set of attributes or folder and file name wildcards. Attribute Changer is a real swiss knife when it comes to modifying date and time stamps, apply a new date or time, add an offset to any part of the date, generate random time stamps or just synchronise different dates. Attributes – Every file and folder in Microsoft Windows has assigned a set of attributes and many of them can be modified with Attribute Changer. Attributes are represented by three-state checkboxes to toggle between Set/Reset/Leave as is. System and Hidden attributes are sometimes altered by a virus or trojan, hiding your data. Using Attribute Changer, you can make your data once again visible and accessible.

Date and time – Microsoft Windows has no built-in feature to modify date and time stamps on files or folders. Attribute Changer offers a powerful set of features, such as applying new date and time values, doing arithmetic operations and even only applying partial updates on date and time. Photo time timezones can also be corrected if necessary. The most basic operation is to set a completely new date or time value on a file or folder. It’s possible to modify the Created, Modified and Accessed date and time properties. On photos, the EXIF date and time information can be changed as well. During this operation, it’s still possible to only update a specific part of the date or time, such as seconds and day for example while all other parts remain intact with their old values. Very granular updates can be performed on files and folders. More advanced options include the possibility to adjust date and time using offsets. For example, a date can be adjusted using positive or negative offset values. Random date and time can also be generated on a set of files and folders … simply specify the time or date range and Attribute Changer will do the rest. It will take care that Accessed > Modified > Created. All these operations can be combined with synchronisation features. As an example, it would be possible to copy the file’s Created date and time into the Accessed property. A common task is for example to have the Created, Modified and Accessed date the same value as the date stored in a photo.   Other – Not always it’s a good idea to perform operations on all files or folders. Attribute Changer can restrict the resulting working set by using filters. Several criteria can be used to include or exclude files and folders, such as attributes, file size, date and time ranges. Wildcards are also supported in file and folder names. Filters are configured individually for files and folders. Attribute Changer logs all operations in realtime while processing files and folders. A detailed report is available when clicking on the More button in the graphical user interface, displaying the old and the new values. For the nervous, it’s possible to activate a Simulation mode. Attribute Changer will process files and folders based on the criteria, but no changes will be applied. The modifications can be reviewed in a detailed logging window. Some options can be tweaked in Attribute Changer to suit your working habits. For example, it’s possible to store some attribute, date and time presets and reloaded them whenever Attribute Changer starts.

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